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  1. I don't understand, if people powergame call a gm or report them? If you're unprepared to do that why are you complaining?
  2. "A one man cult who don't even show their face publically is no threat to me." says Ser Felix.
    1. char-char~


      c'mon dude sometimes these things are harder than you'd expect


    2. Sporadic


      cheeky bastard

  3. "**** off you're not even relevant and tried to kill a member of a foreign nation without your Kings approval. Master ofshadows? And what the **** is Ulgaard?" asks Felix Fitch.
  4. "Erm excuse me but your Rex and shamans saught to spread the plague and blight across the entirety of Vailor, even killing Phaedrus when he spoke out against it. He was one of the few who spoke out against it the rest followed like sheep. If an 'antagonist' destroyed Vailor nobody would have a problem with seeing them into extinction, why are you any different?" asks Felix Fitch.
  5. "Erm.. you seem to forget your kin destroyed Vailor and your nation was destroyed as consequence in the following realm." says Felix Fitch.
  6. "They did." Says Felix Fitch, having witnessed the event from the dais.
  7. [[MCName]]: OldTortoise Name: Felix Fitch Knighted by: His Imperial Majesty, Peter Sigismund Reason for Knighting: Loyalty to the Empire Liege Lord: His Imperial Majesty, Peter Sigismund Lands: N/A Are you willing to affirm/reaffirm your vows of chivalry and fealty to Emperor and Empire?: Yes Coat of Arms: N/A
  8. "I also smell your blood which will soon cover my axe." says Felix Fitch.
  9. "Didn't you come grovelling at the emperors feet begging to be given our land because 'you were dying because of spiders'" asks Felix.
  10. "Erm... I don't believe fixing somebodies hand is being in bed with another. Also Zoey was never cloaked or masked. She was running around the city and every time we aproached she said 'Bye' and dashed off through us until she was surrounded and decapitated. Hardly innocent when she fought in several warzones including the Norland warzone and then called herself the Warrior Empress." Says Felix Fitch, Zoey's killer.
  11. i thought the crashes were fixed?

  12. "Scratch that name off the list, shes dead now." Says Felix Fitch.