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  1. Even so I'm pretty sure that Hou'zi worshipped Hou'Shen as if he were a god and did not follow Metztli, meaning she would not embue the hou-zi with the magic in the first place.
  2. If a diety created magic for you then its diety magic though
  3. The way of the moon sounds similiar to old chronoshapping which was removed and disallowed to be in any future rewrites. However how would you still be able to use this magic as most hou-zi actually condemn and hate Metztli, and to use diety magic you have to follow and believe said diety but most hou-zi do not do that.
  4. Ri'Bukkahkoj cackles and informs Jakarra and his warband of this one man slaving guild so that the kharajyr slave race can enslave the slavers. @Max 'the Warrior-Prince'
  5. "Who are you?" asks Felix Fitch.
  6. Felix Fitch smiles, the deserters of the empire will surely be punished.
  7. Why was a legitimate roleplay thread locked what the ****. You don't lock or shut down threads because the opposing parties do not agree. If the war is not valid then the warclaim won't allow or deny the warclaims, not shut down threads asking for payment to a crime.

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    2. A Moongazer

      A Moongazer

      I mean, somebody expressing their hatred towards a race and wanting them to pay for it shouldn't be locked because the oposing side does not agree. That is what the war team is for. If he posts a warclaim the war team can decide if its legitimate or not. He hasn't posted a warclaim however.

    3. Chorale_


      It's different because a peace treaty was signed between the two nations a while back. 

    4. Jake!


      as well as broken rules such as meta-gaming may be in play.

  8. Nobody should be given permission to hack wtf Why are the dev team allowed to permit players to use hacked clients and then when somebody obviously uses it to troll, they are simply unbanned. What. If that was kincaid or eddy they'd be gone in a heartbeat without chance of appeal.
  9. do you test your **** before implementing it on the server? fix pollar bears please and spawn pollar bears people have lost, back.
  10. Why update so early when like no resource packs or mods have been updated :(

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    2. The Elfen Lie

      The Elfen Lie

      Eh, stuff like MPM is just cosmetics. I have forge working with optifine, a chatlog mod, and a minimap mod.

    3. A Moongazer

      A Moongazer

      what about resource packs?

    4. The Elfen Lie

      The Elfen Lie

      I personally don't use them.

  11. why do parrots not spawn naturally?
  12. they don't spawn naturally?
  13. "If they tried they would be incredibly stupid. That is obvious at the attempted siege the dwarves of Urguan did on the Krag. Oh many of the defenders were ex-orenians or northeners so I mean..." says Felix Fitch.