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  1. "Yet you fail to produce any evidence of any of this." says Felix Fitch.
  2. Should never have been removed. +1
  3. "Well I think we learn to never trust Dunamis again. Also they've been paid with a dead horens minas somehow, to fight Lorraine." says Felix Fitch
  4. However there is no point talking as you have already made up your mind. If you were talking to him you should've left it in the main ban appeal place not denied, as talking may resolve the issue. You should have a verdict/response before you move the appeal.
  5. Well then the staff are lying to us once more as they are saying you were a part of the decision making.
  6. Yes well there is actually no message that tells you who removed your status or post you have to assume from the people who recently viewed your profile. He asked in ooc if it was you who removed his posts but was banned less then a minute after. You should also give an explanation in his ban appeal instead of just moving it into denied and disregarding everything said.
  7. He was asking why it was hidden in the first place and you kept removing it, if you remove somebodies post, thread or comment they deserve to know why.
  8. wtf when did this new rule come into place. Dozens of people have posted ban appeals on behalf of others as a result of they're account being gone wat
  9. they literally just deleted his ban appeal lol
  10. Still waiting for that thread by the staff team they said they were gonna post in relation to this warclaim. Okay but kincaid is, sadly, banned and no longer in charge of anything to do with that. Just because he was okay with it being taken over does not mean we're prevented forever from retaking it, thats not how **** works. I also applaud your attitude as Game Contributer, execelent work.
  11. hi wat crime?
  12. yo @LadyRebecca pm me ur skype so I can discuss the forum warning with u pls

    1. LadyRebecca


      I don't add people on Skype anymore. You can choose to message me here on the forums or over Discord. My Discord tag is LadyRebecca#8880

  13. They've told us time and time again 'We're not an antag' yet they're being treated like such. Having magic plugins custom made for them, now they're having their region protected from warclaims, a region which many undead rp within and can plot and use as a base to attack others from yet we can't remove them? They've literally made threats to every nation who want to fight them that they'll be destroyed and now we can't destroy them? What.