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  1. I mean you're literally arguing on your LT app about what people think of you and think of your ability to be a proficient member of the LT team. If you actually want to be accepted, you should probably stop. This is not the salem witch trials, this is people providing their experiences in response to your app so that the LT lead may take it into consideration when considering to accept or deny you. It would be very stupid not to have these people provide and share their experiences with you.
  2. Moongazing was an aspect of Muun'Trivazja that allowed for the user to look into the past, future and present. I do believe you refer to Muun'Trivazja, which is the magic as a whole. As foreverginger has explained above, we made it avaliable for everybody to have the ability to learn it. But there is a thing on this server called 'roleplay.' We do not just touch any old random person who walks up and goes 'magic pls.' We were very selective, due to the fact that in the past, halfway through teaching a student they would stop playing or go inactive.
  3. The first original magic was created by Geoboy66, I was not around at that point. With this lore it was only avaliable to kha yes. However Fury_Fire, Foreverginger and a few others decided to do a rewrite because it needed refining and updating further to allow for non-kha to be able to learn it. Whilst yes, it did become avaliable to non-kha, it was not my job to hand it out like candy. I would teach those who would actually devote their character to it and not just for the sake of making it as common as void magic. Geoboys lore was not shelved, it was simply written. Fury_fires was shelved after a discussion with the LT for multiple reasons, such as inconsistencies and general inactivity. I'll explain why it was inactive. This was mainly due to the fact we were finding ourselves an actual place to settle and start teaching from, not that you would know this. I didn't actually write any of the lore, only assisted Fury_Fire, yes I made a rewrite but that got denied but that was not to develop my own character. So I do ask of you, next time you respond to me, please educate yourself on the matter before trying to get smart but making yourself seem very silly. You know which lore post I refer to, I refer to the lore post which targetted Oren. Also, if a staff member is abusing their position you either: - Report them to an admin - Report them to their team lead - Make a ban report. However you seem to have failed to do all three so I do ask that you don't reference that in the future as you did nothing to try prevent or stop it from happening.
  4. I mean you're kinda proving peoples points when your being so passive-aggressive to peoples honest opinions and feedback. I'd hate to see how you would react when you get negative feedback by other LT members (if you were on the team) about lore you wanted to be accepted but wasn't.
  5. Haha, it was shelved because of inactivity, I explained to them the reasons why and they're happy for us to do a rewrite. And I don't know if you recall, but there were and would probably be users of the magic that aren't affiliated with the kharajyr group. Nor does this magic target a specific group, as a lore post of yours aimed to do. If Zarsies has done this then why didn't you report him at the time?
  6. I mean yea you made a somewhat good lore post, but I feel you will just abuse this position to push and have your own lore accepted that will literally just be for you and benefit you, and your general attitude and my past experiences with you. So -1 from me.
  7. Mukar grumbles as he hears the news from both Nani and J'Dul. "Of course. Much like J'Dul and Joor. A traitor who switches dieties whenever the need arises, the need for power and nothing more. Metztli is ever forgiving, but not for those who switch dieties so often, but perhaps there is room. But he will not get any sympathy nor forgiveness from Mukar, that is for certain."
  8. "But the Ascended played a key part in Iblees destruction, you didn't. Besides Iblees is gone. Regardless if you want to wage a war on all dieties and followers of these dieties then Mukar should head back out into the desert to investigate these cultist activities and attacks on that strange camp Alifer mentioned." says Mukar as he sets of on his investigation.
  9. Purge.
  10. "He was a Prince and yet traveled without a guard or protective armour. Some would say it wasn't very intelligent." says Felix Fitch.
  11. "If you know who did it then seek an extradition." says Felix Fitch.
  12. "Not like they'll care." says Felix Fitch
  13. "The assassin wasn't even a northman or part of the North. He basically came to get himself killed so a war could be declared. Kind of like when the Staunton tripped over a rock and killed himself and Courland declared war." says Felix Fitch.
  14. They can turn down your idea if they want to. And personally attacking the head et actor is not gonna get you lore accepted.
  15. As long as you don't use this to empower your own personal crusades, sure.