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  1. Who won

    1. _Jandy_


      Norland took the big L

    2. Freischarler


      jesus dont say that its super cringe and you dont even understand the reference 

  2. The Silver Sohaerate of Haelun'or

    Bukkahkoj emerges from his reclusive hovel, making the trek to Haelun'or to see if it is worth staying around this time.
  3. Its literally ******* rp holy ****, probably every nations ill not knowingly let any form of undead creature in their land for very obvious reasons excluding Devirad and thats where you and your special guild can go surely?
  4. You actually didn't address anything I just said. If a spook is part of your guild you have no room to literally cry about nations letting you in, it is rp afterall and if you want land RP IT. Also an example of undead being in the ranks of guilds or nations. In Anthos at the second battle of the cross roads it was initially oren vs urguan, however when both armies reached the crossroads it was discovered urguan had the black scourge with them, and with that within 15 minutes almost every other nation rallied and came to the battlefield to fight urguan and the black scourge, they didn't cry about it so why do you?
  5. Then that is literally their fault for having an UNDEAD in their ranks knowingly, like literally you can't be that stupid and complain ooc'ly because nobody will let you in because undead are a part of your group. Also what kind of undead, because things like ghouls shouldn't be in guilds for very obvious reasons, I hope said undead is rping the lore properly.
  6. Er, why do you associate centralising rp as one big tavern, because if you believe that then you've clearly never seen centralised rp and furhter proves my point. Guilds are run perfectly fine in nations, get a house or two together then expand, rp with stewards n' ****, rp with leaders and make a compromise, its not hard to do at all. If you want your own land outside of a nation for a group of 5 people then **** you've gotta put effort into it like every nation in 6.0 has to secure their place, god forbid you've actually gotta rp and organise people to gather materials
  7. Why must every single guild have their own special place to decentralize rp from another map yet again? Nations will obviously allow guilds to run in their cities why does everybody need their own land?
  8. A Disaster Unseen

    "God's wrath." Says Felix
  9. Freebuild tile rules poll

    NO ******* FREEBUILD
  10. Talk with the player before staff???

    Hello what rule did I break to warrant my post being removed? @Nate1450
  11. Cold Winds Rising

    "Look like they're norlanders and warhawkes to me, not snow elves." says Felix Fitch.
  12. Atlas Launch Guidelines

    what nations are getting tiles?
  13. Atlas Launch Guidelines

    Renatus and Marna getting land?
  14. And so we stand, once more

    "The Coalition?" Replies a real knight.
  15. GM App Dragonayr :)

    ur glitched armour tho.