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    A crusader reads over the missive before showing it to his fellow ordermen and clergy.
  2. [GM Team,WD team, ] [The Sad Truth of the new rules for freebuilds]

    Just remove freebuild?
  3. Condemned and Wanted 1655

    Walter, a young and THIN orderman begins the hunt for the two.
  4. In Nomine Dei, 1655

    "Deus Vult!" exclaims Walter.
  5. An Open Response to the Pontifical Writ of 1655

    "Two knights accompanied members of the clergy to protect them along the road. Not 'many knights'." Says Walter as he prepares for holy war.
  6. Pontifical Writ of 1655

    "Deus Vult!" Exclaims Walter as he prepares for holy war.
  7. "The Adylith Solution" [Human Summit]

    "If he broke an oath to the church then he should be trialed by the church, not you." states Walter.
  8. A Challenge

    "Cowardly." states Felix Fitch, saddened he will not be able to watch the fight.
  9. A Challenge

    "Doubt he'll accept it. He'll probably just ignore it." says Felix Fitch, eager to watch!
  10. Festival of Friendship (2/16-2/24)

    "What the ****." says Felix Fitch, planning to soil friendships!
  11. Wolf's a Shaman

  12. An Open Letter to Azoth Hawksong

    "Curon is defending the Ascended? The same Ascended which forced the gate, in Malins island, open and unleashed Gazardiel? They were warned not to open it yet they forced there way through and did so." says Ser Felix.
  13. The Massacre of the Fallen Sage

    Ser Felix heads to the palace to inform Heinrich and King Mauer of the ascendeds crimes against the wood elves whom have a church in their city! @Zhulik @RobertGoodwill
  14. A Letter to the Descendants

    "Didn't the Ascended literally release Gazardiel despite multiple warnings not to mess with the portals and gates, they did so anyway." says Felix Fitch.
  15. [Denied]yoppl's GM Application