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  1. "So much for no Empire." says Felix Fitch.
  2. I mean honestly if you're going to own a city made of wood and logs why do you expect for it not to be victim of arsonists? But yea if you can't be on all the time thats fair, deal with it when you can and then fix the damage if anything happens. Theres no reason why you couldn't do this and why people can't arson places, the only reason is because you're too lazy to spend time rp'ing the aftermath and repairing the damage.
  3. You can't own a city and expect for no villain rp to be done there.
  4. "So they're going to try recreate the plague?. Hey that goblet is awfully familiar to a cultist who continously spoke about Alifer, a mystery indeed, but a mystery that shall be solved." says Mukar.
  5. "You said those who pulled away from Oren would be fine and look now." says Felix Fitch.
  6. "Yea er Suticans, Orcs, Dwarves and Snow elves won this, not Courland. But hey I guess that means Westerlands and Lorraine are involved no?" says Felix Fitch, having escaped.
  7. Within the Orcish city of San’Tor sat a much small civilisation. A village based around two multi-coloured mountains, a single path swirling around the largest of the two with houses dotted alongside it. It was simply another day within the Kharajyr village of Canahedo. A bunch of kharajyr sat within the hot springs of the village, each yearning for the soothing warmth and steam. There were many visitors to the village on that day, and Ascended, a goblin and many others. The day was going smoothly, kharajyr kittens danced and played happily amongst the grass, workers going about their duty and priestesses teaching the younger generation. However a loud boom broke the peaceful serenity of the village. It came from the ocean which sat close to them. A large crowd then gathered atop one of the two mountains, the tops of their houses and Muun’Light Lookout to see the cause. As the group and its visitors gaze darted across the ocean before finally being drawn towards a distant orange glow, a glow of which would begin to increase in size as if it was getting closer. Growing concerned, the group then descended to the mesa beach to observe the approaching object. It was a ship, albeit a ship on fire and in ruin. After spotting this they then returned to their lookout posts before a shout is heard from the gate. “Can I have entry, I am being chased!” A raspy voice called out to the inhabbitants, and quickly they formed around the gatehouse and provided the old man entry. He then disclosed to them that he was chased by cultists and the burning ship was his. But before either party had a chance to say anything else, an arrow flew past, narrowly missing a kha’Leparda. “Quickly! Retreat into the barracks now!” A voice yelled out, it was Mukar, the Sage of the Temple of Metztli. He swiftly lead them into the barracks and locked the gates. After heading to the larger hall and distributing weapons to those gathered to defend their home they would then head back towards the barracks gate. Only to find that a large party of cultists had broken into the city and had started to break the barracks gates and delving deeper into the village. However the Sage ordered two to stay behind, a Goblin by the name of Jitz and a Kharajyr named Kavari. They were to stay behind and charge out into the attackers when they saw the much larger group of inhabitants attack the cultists from behind. The Sage then lead the majority of the party down a hidden tunnel and out of the mesa mountain side. Silently they would make their way over to the wall, of where a ladder had been set up. They sat silently, a few feet away from the cultists but unseen and unheard. Before finally a warhorn blasted throughout the land and the large party leapt upwards and into the large band of cultists trying to break into the gate. Almost instantly after the warhorn had been blown, the gates to the barracks then dropped open. The two warriors charged out head on whilst the larger group flanked the band of cultists. They were outmatched and one by one the cultists fell. However this would only be a start to their battle. Two kharajyr known as Zinawr and Astrawla continued upwards to the village square whilst the others celebrated their victory, however the celebration was much too short to have. Both Zinawr and Astrawla called out for aid as the square had been overrun by the cultists. The much larger group would once more charge with their blades held high and after a short while, the cultists were defeated once more. But as the group then diverted their gaze to the larger mountain, they would see that the cultists were occupying the path that wrapped around it. “There are cubs in the bathhouse!” Yelped out a frantic Zinawr as the group quickly composed themselves and formed back into ranks and ascended up the path. Quickly flooding into the bathhouse to ensure the cubs safety they were met with a much larger band of cultists and were forced to fight. The cultists had managed to bring down an Ascended known as Kalviin, however the band of both kharajyr, Smoeni and Orc managed to save him and put an end to the cultists which occupied the bathhouse. Two kittens were brought out unharmed but visible distraught by the proceedings that had transpired. After ensuring the two kittens were put into a place of safety, they then ascended further up the path where they met with a smaller group of cultists. The large band of defenders surged forward and easily struck them down, but much to their dismay the cultists had planned for such an eventuality and a huge party climbed over the top of the mountain and descended down into the unsuspecting defenders, many were pushed from the path however not killed. The Smoeni leader was struck down and severely injured as the group withdrew and prepared for another charge and charge they did. With their swords held high they engaged the larger band of cultists and after a short while later, they were defeated. After having defeated the majority of the cultists they could easily make their way further up the mountain path, striking down the odd stray cultist as they did so before finally approaching Jakarra’s abode, a place in which the cultist leader had took refuge. They swung the courtyard doors open and flooded inside, slaughtering the cultists which stood guard. The Sage unlocked the doors of Jakarra’s abode and allowed the defenders entry and they quickly filled the small fortress. Each would slowly ascend the ladder before reaching the top, and after a short battle the leaders were killed. However a smaller band of cultists that remained followed them up the path and filled the courtyard. A brave kharajyr warrior, known as Kavari leapt down from the fortress’ roof and onto the cultists. She brought many down before the others could arrive to aid her. Then smoke began to rise from below, the cultists had set many buildings on fire and so the group hastily made their way down into the square and used their helmets as make-shift buckets and shields in an attempt to smother the fires. However the battle had took its costs, and not many were able to help with this due to exhaustion. Though, after a short while the fires were put out, leaving charred remains into several buildings and charcoal and soot covering parts of the path. The Sage then descended to the cultists boat and gathered many trinkets and treasures from within before bringing them back up to the city. They riches were shared out evenly amongst all present, a token of their victory. “Victory!” Called out the Sage, followed by most present as they cheered and celebrated their victory. In the eyes of the Kharajyr, Absyyl had attacked and Absyyl had failed. For now however... ((I’d like to give a huge thank you to Cjmate8/Shambleau for hosting this event for us. It was very fun and I speak on behalf of everybody who participated, we enjoyed it very much.))
  8. Felix would note that Alifer is extremely dumb if he hasn't noticed the very ghoul allowed to roam within Courlands palace.
  9. "But you've forgotten the part where the wood elves, high elves, snow elves and dwarves turned up because of... well who knows why." says Felix Fitch.
  10. An aviary plugin will suffice.
  11. How come Birdnerdy was banned but Keaton was not. They did like.. exactly the same thing.
  12. happens to me a lot, a refresh should fix it though.
  13. Why delay the warclaim an entire day because the devs are contempt with keeping a very faulty fast travel plugin that nobody asked for?

  14. Most people hate me but I have yet to actually get killed due to this ooc hate lol. I've been in places where people despise me, on my kha, and yet nobody has attacked me because of it yet.