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  1. @Pigs_Might_Fly isn't returning to death allowed if you live there?

  2. Mine World Reset? Warclaims Reset?

    If a fort is completely surrounded why does Lucas have any ground to even deny that term... how is he meant to get several armies over mountains and through dwarves land to two force him in time, he's completely surrounded and along, as literally nobody could live there anyway as there's no farms to make food as he's surrounded and no shelter. It's an empty settlement with like 5 frostbeards in it as the rest are in Jornheim. Unless of course they wanna join Lucas and not be able to defend Jornheim as there's no way to get back.
  3. The Axionite Assembly of Axis Powers

    "What plot would that be?" asks Felix Fitch.
  4. The Axionite Assembly of Axis Powers

    "I fail to see how wanting the Frostboards, whom are nothing more than a bunch of squatters, out of Orenian territory is seeking out the destruction and subjugation of soverign nations and desire to expand its borders, you literally sit on Oren land. You speak of destroying foreign nations yet this is like the sixth frostbeard rebellion against Urguan that wishes to replace it, you're clearly deranged. Besides signatorys group have literally raided, killed orenian citizens or commited crimes in oren even before any war. I shall list them. Norland, that would've been somewhat suprising if they hadn't literally been raiding us every few elven days with orcs years before even the notion of war. Again, orcs who literally sat just off the human cart hub to abduct people trying to go to Adelburg and raided consistently before any war, I don't even know why that is up for debate. And again, several warhawkes joined in on these raids attempting to obscure themselves behind blue cowls. I don't even need to explain. Alongside his clan, commited acts of terrorism within Adelburg including blowing up Adelburg gates, heisting market stalls and raiding. Other then wanting its land back, you've not listed any of 'Orens crimes against the denzizens of Axios.' Please do." says Felix Fitch.
  5. Felix sets out to hunt the only crimson priest he knows whom proclaim themselves of Norland, Alifer Amice.
  6. Not to mention Adelburg is on a raid cooldown.
  7. [Trial]StokedOff's GM Application

  8. [Denied] Pureimp10's FM App

  9. zoey ama

    Was Zoey a trap?
  10. Shiny Orange Eyes

    "Right... pillaging and destroying halfling villages then eating its citizens is honourable now?" asks Felix Fitch.
  11. Felix Fitch sets out to hunt Alifer the Crimson.
  12. Shiny Orange Eyes

    "Orcish culture is literally about killing and enslaving. Eating halflings and the like. You adorn your city in skeletons and dead bodies of many of the slain innocent slaves yet you claim you weren't happy that you claimed so many lives when Orgon destroyed the realm due to your factions." says Felix Fitch. "I don't know if you're brain dead or something but no nation stood against the orcs when they were worshipping Orgon why do you speak as if it was literally only Oren. However Oren sought to eradicate the orcs as punishment for destroying a realm, you know like every other person would. Strange you see it justified only to destroy what skygods call an 'antagonist' when they destroy a realm but not the orcs? Oren sought to punish the orcs for their actions and the skygods protected them, its really that simple. Oren has never been there when it matters... hmm you seem to forget countless warclaims Oren held against Setherein and the Black Scourge, even reclaiming Lenfarthing for the halflings. You seem to forget when Oren proceeded to lay conquest to Urguan when they sided with the Black Scourge, you forget Oren aiding Urguan taking back their caves from Iblees, you forget Oren setting up camps and playing a key part in the battle for the Red realm where the Decterum lined up on the trebuchets and destroyed each and every individual corrupted blood shard in order for the rest of the realms army to proceed forward towards Sethereins keep. I could go on but you're brain dead so you theres no use." says Felix Fitch.
  13. Shiny Orange Eyes

    "I mean.. Iblees destroyed the realm so you hate him. Orgon destroyed the realm and you worshipped him, you're no different than iblees worshippers." says Felix Fitch.