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  1. 8th of Sigismund’s End, 1685 A Thesis on Losing Faith and Abandonment Neophyte Humpfrey Oh Brothers and Sisters, faith is the unquestionable loyalty and reverence to the almighty GOD. Faith is what motivates the common man in his actions, it is what guides our path of holiness and piety. Faith is the light at the end of a dark tunnel, once you reach it you are free from the shackles of mortal pain. One may begin to lose their faith when questionable things happen in their life, perhaps a loved one has passed, or perhaps war rages. You might ask, if GOD is omnipotent, then why does this happen? Well my brothers and sisters, this happens because all are given free will, the choice to do as they wish, if you are faithful you will refrain from sinful acts. It is important to remember that lost faith can be found, it can always be found. It is through good deeds that you find faith again. It is important to provide yourself with active tasks to help others, ease your worries and thoughts by confiding in others. Do not dwell on negative thoughts and ‘what-ifs’, this will do nothing but continue to stir the cauldron. There is no salvation outside the church. My brothers and sisters, it is critical that you remember there is a grand different between losing faith and abandoning it. To abandoned ones faith for another is to brand yourself an apostate. No sin goes unseen by GOD. “And to ye Sons of Harren I admonish: There is no refuge from the sight of GOD. For He sees all things, and no sin is hidden before him, even in the darkest realms." - Owyn 4:7 The word of GOD is true, only with faith and obedience to GOD may your soul be granted passage into the seven skies. Apostasy means that your soul cannot reach the seven skies, instead they are damned to the void for eternity. GOD sees all your sins, so you need not deny them. Only through confession, and following the sacraments can you achieve absolution and passage to the seven skies.
  2. why does like 95% 7.0 have to be freebuild like wtf way to ruin another map


    1. Chaw


      first time i agree with a barnett

    2. DarkElfs


      Agreed oddly enough. I want free build gone. It's why they're barely any central rp at times and some groups are never to be seen less during massive events anymore. 

  3. ImperialTortoise


    Full Name: Thorley Fitch Year of Birth: 1658 City of Primary Residency: Carolustadt, Legion Barracks ((MC Name: OldTortoise
  4. ImperialTortoise

    [Deity] Lagara, Goddess of Lein Hahnu

    The main people who wrote this lore are those creatures, damn no need to be greedy.
  5. ImperialTortoise

    The Sun Over Yatl

    The Church hastily prepares an emergency food create in the Imperial Capital in order to feed the Haensetian populace and prevent a famine!
  6. ImperialTortoise

    Musings upon Darkness

    “The leadership of the failed Saint Peter became apostates, they have shown their true colors at last.” remarked Humpfrey.
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    2. Dewper


      think it could be ok to do a poll ingame to see who wants freebuild

    3. Burnsy__


      def main():
           dev = tofuus
           while dev == tofuus:
                print(’Tofuus is my favorite dev.’)

      Infinite loop bb.

    4. Coloping
  7. ImperialTortoise

    LotC Talkshow: Thoughts on 7.0 live! Sunday Oct. 14th

    Will freebuild ever be removed in its entirety if the majority of the community wants it to be, as seen here.
  8. ImperialTortoise

    Do you want freebuild in 7.0?

    The wilds? Regardless territories will probably work similar to nexus plots, which also ruined the map. The majority of the new man is wilds, that is actually ridiculous. The poll clearly shows what the community wants.
  9. ImperialTortoise

    Do you want freebuild in 7.0?

    Simple, answer the poll. Let us see what the community wants.
  10. ImperialTortoise

    7.0 Annoucement!

    Yet again you are making the majority of the map as freebuild wilds, this will end up exactly how our current map is. Literally all you need is a seperate island for freebuild like in Anthos and be done with it. You're going to ruin yet another map.
  11. ImperialTortoise

    Armbands = Nazi's now.

    Reporting for duty.
  12. ImperialTortoise

    Armbands = Nazi's now.

    Absolutely ridiculous, these 'offended' players may merely walk away from players who wear them, should they grow so offended. And whatever happened to not letting OOC influence rp? You're forcing players to change their uniform in rp because people are offended ooc, I'm sorry but this is an rp server, you're not gonna like all rp you see.
  13. ImperialTortoise


    "Maybe that man who comes from their order will stop stalking the crown prince and his son now." said Thorley, tired of having to ward of the creep over and over again.
  14. ImperialTortoise

    Rollbacks and More Rollbacks

    Speak to a steward (lithiumsedai is probably best) and they'll get that fixed for you.