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  1. ImperialTortoise

    The Pontifical Enthronement of 1693

    Humpfry knelt before the High Pontiff.
  2. ImperialTortoise

    On Schism

    “Good luck enforcing this with no support, you schismatic dog.” said Humpfrey
  3. ImperialTortoise

    On The Anti-Pontificate

    “You are a madmen and were a vacate Pontiff, everybody knew this. The only people propping you up are raevir heretics.” stated Humpfrey.
  4. ImperialTortoise

    The College of 1694

    Humpfry casts his vote.
  5. ImperialTortoise

    [Rule Proposal] Player-to-Area Ratio for Structures

    Arbor is an example of this. Way too big of a city for hits populace.
  6. ImperialTortoise

    The Faith of Rosenyr

    “You are misinformed, he was angry about the supposed murder of three clergymen who went there to convert them.” said Humpfrey.
  7. ImperialTortoise

    The Aesopian Manifesto

    September Prince is a **** eventline and it should not continue.
  8. ImperialTortoise

    On Imperial Godhood

    Humpfrey sighs.
  9. ImperialTortoise

    THANIUM BOMB: Why it should be left un-voided

    Ridiculous lore team destroying roleplay yet again. Literally what do we even need you for, you destroy more rp than you create.
  10. ImperialTortoise

    Divine Imperial Command: The Pontifical Throne

    Archbishop Humpfrey taps his chin and convenes the college of bishops!
  11. ImperialTortoise

    "A Better Haense For All"

    Humpfrey spits.
  12. ImperialTortoise

    Christmas Update Suggestion

    I remember the last Krugsmas event in Anthos where it was stopped half way through cause the et got lazy.
  13. ImperialTortoise

    As He Lay Dying

    Archbishop Humpfrey hears of the news and puts together a choir and dances.
  14. This ring road is absolutely retarded. Just create a road from ct to each plot, its that simple.