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  1. Matthias secretly tucks away his book on Samranism for another day, while he embarks to study this new religion!
  2. Gwynnestri, a rather ample-busted ginger lass, quietly sips her tea as she listens to the gossip of the other ladies that are drinking tea with her. This was her way of hearing the news in a more fun way, over tea. Of course, men wouldn’t understand the meaning of ‘Tea’; because they don’t drink tea with the ladies of the town!
  3. ((Yeah but I didn't think people were going to have such dirty thoughts. Speaks a lot to our generation that we think there's a dirty motive behind intentions or a sexual joke behind each phrase.))
  4. ((Smh why are you all getting dirty thoughts about this-)) ((He legit just wants someone to live out the rest of his life with)) ((But y'all just assume 'REE MARRIAGE MEANS SEX AND ELDERLY PEOPLE SEX IS HORRID')) ((Lemme just remind you... your grandparents had to do the diddly-do once upon a time in order to have your parents, and then your parents did the same thing to have you!))
  5. Matthias is sad now, and begins to remove the posters. "50."
  6. Dad has a head injury and he no longer cARES. THE MAN IS JUST LONELY.
  7. [!] A few posters were put in the imperial cities, though it was a small poster because someone didn’t want to be so outright. An Elder’s Simple Request to Remarry. My name is- [!] The rest of the poster seems ripped off, perhaps in despair.
  8. Ponce, a pigeon endowed with a plume of fluffy feathers, set off with a letter for Dima Slasgravad. It dropped a letter in the Ruskan’s presence. “Good sir, I would shake both your hands, but I only have one. It has been a while since I heard or seen the word ‘Godan’ or ‘Godani’ used. I’ll cut straight to the point, you seek employment, and Curon seeks employees. I would sure hope a capable man like you would be unafraid with our closeness to enemy lines in this stressful time of war. Your choice of employment would be yours. Whether helping us with our military or helping us collect materials for a few projects. Godani be with you, with whatever offer you choose.” The letter would be signed at the bottom in cursive, Matthias Rutledge, Secretary of Curon’s Homeland.
  9. format: MLA Ign: 1_Language_1 discord: Language#1688 reference for skin: will dm when you pm me, but basically “old man clothing” favorite food: tuna noodle casserole.
  10. Matthias set a paper-weight down on his parchment, to keep it in place since he no longer had a right arm since he wrote with his left. “I am Matthias Rutledge, I’ve been a practitioner of medicine for as long as I can remember. I can provide you with a few books, show you how to make salves and pastes, and provide you with a medical kit.” “However, I’m too old of a man to make the journey to Talon’s Grotto, my leg brace would break down and leave me stranded in the forests. You may come to Curon under my permission, provided you wouldn’t cause trouble.”
  11. Language


    Matthias uses his left hand to tuck this missive away into a book, filled with all the other Horatii missives. He enjoys reading these.
  12. [!] It’d been quite a while before the doors to the Varoche Hall swung open, resulting in dead silence. There he was, Matthias Othan Rutledge. Except. . . something was off. Yes, it was physically him, but something internal was different. The hope in his eyes were gone, his happy and caring personality turned into one of sorrow. His left hand gripped onto a letter, as well as a wooden crutch, and he leaned on his metal leg brace for support. His right leg was in a splint, a bulky one at that. Instead of combed-back hair, Matthias’ hair was combed to cover his entire forehead. Dark bags rested under his eyes. He didn't care if he’d just interrupted a debate. Matthias limped forward, almost unable to stand, let alone walk competently. His brace clicked rather loudly with broken grandfather clock noises. Matthias approached the center table and tossed the letter onto it. He cleared his throat, clearly having trouble speaking. “I-I regret to s-say, I. . . have to step down. Thank you for having me.. I'll miss you all.” The old man gently motioned to the letter and said nothing else. After a few seconds of dead silence, Matthias abruptly turned around towards the door, his right sleeve carelessly whipping around to the body motion.. because his right sleeve was empty. The old man limped out, his crutch ominously thudding against the hard floor until the doors to the senate hall shut behind him; Matthias was gone. [!] The letter contained his resignation, though he wasn’t aware that being on the G.G. privy would eventually remove him anyway.
  13. Matthias had to step out an hour before Vivaca handed out her bill. The aged senator came down with a rather nasty and guttural cough, and won’t be returning for a bit; however, he left his best wishes with his daughter! [!] If Matthias could not make it back in time, then his vote would be counted as an abstain for lack of presence.
  14. Matthias is happy to see Grandma Klaudia return!
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