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  1. In his dorm, which he now shared with a new recruit, sat a young man with the military missive. Wilheim is glad to see such a skillfully made military post, but he’s sad that he didn’t finish any posters for it! He continues to read the missive, before blinking when he saw the Kaedreni Grenadiers. “I didn’t know that was a thing, I’ve been gone for a while.” He goes to fill out the next part, just to remind the army he's still in there. FULL NAME: Wilheim Othan Elpyne Rutledge AGE: 22 RACE: Southernos-Highlander RELIGION: Questioning REGIMENT OF CHOICE: 1st Brigade ((MC name)): 1_Language_1 ((Time zone)): EST / GMT -5:00
  2. Can I give them $5 paypal?
  3. Matthias Rutledge has a back-up lute, Timothee should remember that from the time Matthias tried to learn the chords with him while blind.
  4. “What is Christmas? Last I checked, we had something called Krugsmas.” Matthias stroked his greying beard, wondering what he should get for his grown children and his new wife for when Krugsmas came around.
  5. Language


    “It is good that the men of Oren are not barbaric enough to return the gesture to the children of parents in the AIS.” An elderly man replied to the winds, rubbing back his damp face at the news of the missive. “The children rest in the Seven Skies, prancing with many other innocents among plush fields... and their murderers will have no comfort in the Seven Skies, but will only find suffering upon suffering after they die.” “I’m supposed to be neutral, but it is hard not to be neutral when the other side slaughters CHILDREN. If I were a barbaric man, I would have tossed their expectant mothers into their frozen lake. So be it, that if any AIS man steps into my homeland, I shall treat them how I treat others who harm children. Only to the mothers and children of the AIS, to whom I show mercy.”
  6. Matthias is happy to be married to his new wife, Kamilah. They were both of the Farfolk race, even though their sub-cultures differed between Southernos and Qalasheen. He reflects on the wedding from the time in his home, sitting alone while his wife slept. The Southernos looked over to his loyal dog who waited at his feet for a pet or two. “Don’t look at me like that!” Matthias snapped softly at the dog, who by all means, tilted her head and kept staring. “I didn’t much care for the clergyman’s interjections, nor his attitude.. I’m glad he did the wedding.. I don’t know why I made it public, marriage is a sacred thing, and she was embarrassed by all the guests..” The elderly man sighed with a groan of defeat, resting his head on his hand. “The clergyman thought we looked like siblings.. I wonder if that was the worse insult of all.”
  7. Matthias Rutledge grins wide in joy, as this entire time he thought Lady Lithren was deceased. He cannot wait to see his pseudo-aunt and let her meet all his children. He remembers fondly when Lady Lithren used to babysit the children, how they loved her black crow feathers. But at this part, Matthias’ smile wrinkles into a frown. He sends a reply on the winds. “I’m sorry to say, but Uncle Alfius is deceased. His grave is next to Helena’s church, resting in peaceful silence.” The man then proceeds to let the rest of the family know of the upcoming festivities. @YPJgamer1999 @PapiZapii @frog @tgrt @ecolite @Benelux
  8. Elizaveta Nicéphore, nee Sarkozic, mourns the loss of her only son. With her despair, she edges closer and closer to the edge of the roof. “My boy, I’ll see you and your father soon! Nothing above family!” And with that, Elizaveta soared from the cold rooftop. The cold air brushed through each strand of her greyed hair, her dress fluttering against gravity. What felt like forever, was only a few seconds before she hit the ground, and died upon impact. All that was felt for her was a moment of pain when she hit the ground, for death overtook the old woman quickly. She got what she wanted, eternal reunion with her son, and with her darling husband.
  9. From the comforts of his home in Curon, Matthias hopes that the newspaper will keep his new wife anonymous, so she will not be targetted by the war. He sets down the paper so that he could pick up his cup of green tea. The aging man went to take a sip, before stopping and looking into the cup. “How did the newspaper know that I purchased green tea for my wife when I first met her?” His lips stretch into a smile and then out came a laugh. “I guess green tea is too common. What a coincidence! Habibita was freezing from the weather, so I bought her a few cups of Green Tea to warm her up..”
  10. I love all your artwork, mon peluche!
  11. Matthias tries his best to rebuild the housing as fast as he can, but as an old man.. he's only got one arm. He keeps designing each section of the desolate housing, having to use a paperweight to hold down the blueprints for the lack of his right arm.
  12. Language

    Public Reports

    I think it's nice to read reports sometimes, mostly just so you can see a track record of a player that you might like to know about. People like to be in the know. Some players just want to read the drama of a player report! 😂
  13. Matthias still feels offended at this section. He doesn’t want milk, the man wants brown sugar.
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