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  1. Gwynnestri frowns, as she was seeking out Bishop Karoly so she could become a nun. “I never did get to reconcile with him.”
  2. [!] A letter lofts into the senate hall. Senator Gwynesstri Elwitt Green has tendered her resignation from the Imperial Senate for good. Only those who knew what happened, would know why.
  3. Wilheim is still excited about being an uncle to his newborn nephew!
  4. "You honestly must not care to do research. If you gave an ounce of shite, you'd see Vivaca's past letters from the war. The letters of her supporting Oren during the war? She fought for Curon to return to the empire, and fought against Angelo's betrayal." [!] Attached is an old missive of when Angelo made Curon rebel. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/188054-ecstasy-of-liberty/?tab=comments#comment-1750620 "But of course, you wouldn't care. Why run against my sister when you can simply just order a mercenary company to make my nephew MOTHERLESS!" Wilheim slammed his fist down, angered. He left it as an open letter for all to see.
  5. "Good sir, if I advocated for violence then I would have challenged you to a duel to the death. The duel which you have declined would not have ended in bloodshed, it would have been to whoever fell on his arse first. Curonia is a tolerant place who values a person's independence. It's hard to see what you value when you write it in needlessly long blocks of words. If you wanted to appear stronger, then perhaps you should have gotten more straight o the point. What exactly do you stand for? If you stand for nothing Cav, what'll you fall for?" "Your opinion on my father is invalid since you have never met him, dined with him, or even shook his only hand. Do you know why he abdicated? In the end, he abdicated because he knew he could serve his fellow man in a better way than as a prince who was told to stay in the castle. He went back to manning the gates that kept his people safe. If you took one step into his life, you'd see what he has sacrificed. The man lost his arm because he refused to renounce Curon. He was a man who fed the orphans, tutored amateur medics, and taught any children how to read and write. We lost our mom in 1728, leaving him to raise five Southeron children on his own. You talk about the sacrifice of men, but you haven't served enough to know what sacrifice truly is. Dying for your kingdom is easy sir, living everyday for it is harder." "An honest man is within his principles.. but you talk as if Matthias Rutledge had no principles." Wilheim replies.
  6. Wilheim posts an open letter the candidate, pinned for all to see. "Check your facts, records indicate that Serenity Matthias Rutledge ruled ABLY during his time in the War of the Two Emperors. His time was before my sister was even born, and you have no right to judge her on that. You've insulted my late father's honour, a man who did nothing but sacrifice himself for others and strive to make medicine better for all. How dare you feel free to kick his name in the dust because he is dead? You have no honour, and I challenge you to a duel of the fists. I shall not beat you to death, for my father never sought to kill another man." "You brag about being educated in the way of Helena's people, let me remind you that this is CURON. This isn't Helena, and we will not fit so easily to the Helenian life you have so known. I stand for my sister because she has Curonian values.." "You sir, have none."
  7. “Well ****, and just when we were starting to get progressive.” Shau sighed, before handing to his buddy Samson. @ouch_kun
  8. This is neat, I've been looking for a reference drawn of my sci-fi oc if the offer is still good! 😊
  9. Language

    Gun Plugin

    Just rename your crossbow to flintlock
  10. I don’t think he deleted it, I believe some staff have access to edit posts
  11. mmmmmm I didn’t help I just listened because I thought N had done some shady shiz like in the past with manipulating guys to fall in love with them and do shiz don’t kill me please
  12. Language

    Technical Update

    I could see C working if it was set up kind of like Axios. To set it up any other way might be fishy, because what if you're pvping and you accidentally run into the area that TPs you? Nice thing about Axios is you could just stand on a boat for five seconds and get moved. Unless you do it like Vailor, where you had to right click the warp signs instead. If C is an option a few months down the road, then I think we can wait a few months. I was told that banners and item frames were starting to make up for a lot of the lag. Why not just disable item frames for now? Give everyone a week or so to collect their stuff from item frames, and then disable item frames. You could do the same with paintings probably, armor stands. Observers tend to cause lag, as my build server experienced during a week of Redstone. Just remove them too.
  13. Upon Alex's arrival to the Seven Skies, he would definitely be greeted by a tight embrace by Antanios; a man who died so gruesomely in Belvitz. He didn't need his cane to walk, but all he did was hug onto his friend and son-in-law for a long while, refusing to let go and trying so hard not to cry. Eventually, Antanios let go and held Alex by his shoulders at arm's length, looking him over. "Akhi, let us go watch the world together. Your sister is here, and I'm still waiting for my son." "Come, come! You can watch your children, and your nieces and nephews... I can't believe you kept that bow all that time."
  14. “For shame! We needed another woman in the Senate..” Gwynn sighed.
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