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  1. Quintessential

    [Fae Addon] Korkul

    I'm sorry Sloth, but once again you've come up with something cliche, however I do have to give you props for trying. Not many things are original in this world anymore. I would love to be able to play a Cervitaur, hopefully someone writes something good enough to get them unshelved.
  2. Quintessential

    The Turning of the Seasons

    ((Sweet, can't wait to participate.))
  3. The cool think about pking your character.



    I can still use him for roleplay in Virtual Space (Which is a community in my favorite app, Amino.)

    And I feel like he's more alive there because it allows me to utilize him in many ways. 

    It helps me not regret pking him, he's getting more character development there than here!

  4. Quintessential

    Imi's Tailoring shop

    IGN:Quintessenial_ Skin details: My upcoming character is a ginger, so I wanna put her in something nice but simple since I'm not creative.. I'm thinking just a pale blue.. not tooo much off the shoulders. References: https://imgur.com/a/qZz8o ((You're looking for the simple dress at the bottom, I wanna see if I can make #2)) Skype (for communication): Th'RabbitRyder (MindProbe/Hot_Hands) xezzari ((I apologize for the long name.) Discord: Thanksgiving Leftovers #1688
  5. Quintessential

    RALLY OF YARS [Recruitment]

    ((The formatting makes me tempted to PK and make a Yar.))
  6. Quintessential

    Questioning Waghchief Zhag'Yar's honor: Honor Klomp

    Kotturra'Braduk wonders why the Gorkil just won't sod off. Perhaps she needed to leave another pair of severed balls on his doorstep. After all, what are rivalries for? OOC Picture
  7. Quintessential

    Lobby Server!

    Tythus, Blago....... Don't log onto LOTC on Friday. I'm tempted to pay /someone/ and give them my log-in info for some... 'Administrative Pugsy' >:U ((I loved the lobby tho.)) ((Blago watch out boyo-))
  8. Quintessential

    Automatons, Animii

    I mean I don't like the sound of some of it. But shooot. It's automatons. I don't wanna be a spirit though, so I don't fancy the sight of a true pk. Although that's just for spirits. I just wanna be some kind of autonomous robot... Like those Chuck E Cheese band robots, but if they could walk around and talk to people. Let me go around and murder people as a robot, please :> Ahem, I don't care whether it's a joke or not. I just really love robots.. Really love them.
  9. Quintessential

    Automatons, Animii

    Yes please, I've been looking for an excuse to play my favorite automaton in the world- *SQUEEEEE* +1,000,000
  10. Quintessential

    War Release

    I am scared. What if like, half my friends are on the rp side. The rp side seems toooo safe. Who wants to spend time rping out warclaims. But the pvp side is like, great, rules are even lessened. I can see many pugsies and many people whining.. I'm not even going to carry crap on me now. It's like, RP side, seems too safe. and like, PVP side, seems too dangerous. I just thought we were gonna have a normal realm like we used to do and just a war server for wc's like how we did for the short period in Axios with /warsend
  11. Quintessential

    [PK] The Ultimate Slave

    ((Are you kidding me, Yeah I've played Cohan for like 1 year IRL. He was like 50-something when he was first taken... and died at 104.)) Oh shut up, It's my favorite scene cause she KILLS HERSELF. That dumb shovel. XD
  12. Quintessential

    [PK] The Ultimate Slave

    〘The 4th of the Deep Cold〙 〘1652〙 ⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄ ⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄ The honorary continued up the steps, the steep, cobblestone-steps until he emerged from the cave. The light shined upon the War Nation. Cohan, the Nixie honorary, clenched his fist before letting out a sigh. Nothing he could do. He gently snapped his fingers in a small tune, before heading down towards the city gates. The dark elf recently heard about a new shop opening, and to be fair, Cohan was interested. Upon completing his way through the doors to get out, Cohan lifted his head- noise. He trotted up to the slave auction area, spotting Zhag and about four humanoids. Two of them were visibly wood elves- yuck. Cohan hid his sneer, but then replaced with a smirk. Zhag had been dealing with this seemingly impossible group. No matter how much they were yelled at, Zhag could not get them to scram. The humans wanted to see the city, and were offering up the two elves as gifts for sacrifice. Cohan gently tapped on Zhag, and he leaned down, lending Cohan a hand. Cohan traced words on Zhag's palm, before Zhag nodded in approval after a while- convinced, Cohan's plan was devious. The humanoids were baffled, only excited to now see the city- and a sacrifice. Cohan hid his dagger behind a friendly grin. He motioned gently for the party to come in, and they followed eagerly. When they into the main area, they let go of one of the elves. A male elf, red hair, oak-colored skin, the name didn't matter. Cohan reached down and jerked the Mali up by his red hair, dragging him towards the bowl in front of Yar. The Mali barked at him as if this hurt his ego. Cohan let go, scribbling out words on a piece of paper. He handed down to the elf and it was read aloud. "Your life is forfeit, I kill you in the name of my late-master and previous Rex." The elf shrugged it off, spouting a remark, along the lines of- "Okay okay, you're gonna kill me because you believe he was the best." An angry huff came from behind as Zhag barked, looking sternly at the sacrificial welf. "Ug twiggie- maybi laht shuuld ztup guezzin' her gend'r-" The wood elf rolled his eyes, about to spout off another remark before the move was made. Cohan sheathed his sword inside the wood elf, his nose scrunching in disgust as he rotated the blade and tore it from the disgusting body. He grabbed ahold of him by his red locks, holding him by the head before giving him the lack thereof. The body fell from the severed head, and the bowl was filled with the blood. Zhag decided to scoop up the other wood elf, and take him to a corner and take the worthless life. Cohan spun his sword around, sliding it into the sheath. The humans were excited, they loved the city and the sacrifices. They eagerly followed Cohan up to the tavern, where Cohan had lured them into hitting up the hookah a few times. This made things easier for him to manage. They stumbled over towards, the humans named Uthberic and Tasslehoff. They wanted to become slaves, Cohan's grin grew- along with his lust for blood. Cohan motioned that for Uthberic to become a slave, the human needed to roll up his sleeve. Uth gladly rolled up his sleeve, unaware of the process as he jumped over the counter to hold his arm out to the dark mute. Cohan smiled, gently taking hold of the arm. He suddenly jerked the human onto the ground, sitting on top as he pulled a red, hot branding iron from the fire and positioned in his hand. Uthberic was going to be Cohan's first slave. Lucky for Cohan, he had to sacrifice his first slave to Krug. Tasslehoff, as drugged as ever- raised his hand in a giddy laughter. "Me next!", the human gave a big grin- while Zhag just kind of huffed, annoyed. Cohan left Tasslehoff with the tall orc, leading his blonde slave out of the tavern. Uthberic did not seem in too much pain from the branding and was baffled because Cohan was still holding on. They walked for a short while, when Cohan suddenly stopped- his grin growing into a devious sneer. He tugged Uthberic forth with a strong momentum, wielding a sword as he gritted his teeth. Uthberic looked down at the sword, blinking once or twice before he like of realized- coming here was a mistake and a regret. The blonde slave cleared his throat. "It looks like one of us is going to die here today." He frowned, clenching his fist. "You better give me your best, because I won't be going easy on a bemoaning darkie." Upon hearing his, Cohan hissed- tossing his sword aside- his back turned to Uth. Cohan suddenly twisted his body around, socking the human in the law. Uthberic anticipated such a sudden move, using his hand to shove away and deflect Cohan's hit. The dark elf continued the flow of momentum, his back up against Uth's chest- sending his elbow into the human's stomach. The human stumbled back, dashing for Cohan's sword. Cohan slid towards the sword, hooking it over his foot- and using his foot to fling it farther away. The sword clanked down, wedging itself in front of the entrance to the hot springs. The two stared at each other in anger, Cohan huffed before silently growling with his sharp teeth. Uthberic charged, lunging at the mute and knocking him to the ground. Resistance was wrestled back and forth. Dominance was between push and pull. Cohan lunged his head forward, going for a bite- but was met with a headbutt. Zhag had rushed over, coming upon the duo- Cohan hissed at him, his stone-cold glare warned Zhag to not interfere. Even though, Cohan was losing. Cohan kicked the human off, done with this playfight. The dark elf pulled out his dagger, attached with a small string to his waist. He slashed his blade at Uthberic, you could hear the air being ripped as the polished blade ran through. Uth threw his helmet up like a shield, the dagger bouncing off with every dancing slash. The human growled and swung his helm, smacking Cohan in the face. Cohan turned and backhanded the human like a *****. Before getting thrown to the ground. By now, Zhag had already killed Tasslehoff- watching as he'd been told- surprised and shock at the anger in Cohan's eyes. Cohan crawled for his dagger, before Uth pulled his back by his ankles. The dark elf rolled onto his back, before pulling the string attached to the dagger. He got up, lunging for the human and knocking him down. Cohan was on top, he finally did it- the dagger was inches away. Uthberic struggled against the hand, two forces pushing against. Cohan feinted, pulling Uthberic closer and biting on. Uthberic knocked him in the head, wresting the dagger from Cohan and wielding it himself. Zhag began to sprint into action, running forth at Uthberic just as he let the dagger be sheathed in Cohan’s neck. The human leaned down to Cohan's face. Uthberic grinned, "You fought well and with honor, it is a good way to die." Cohan couldn't help but grin, before Zhag grunted as he ripped the human off and dead-ass chucked him towards the ground. Zhag stomped forwards, before the human jumped over the bushes and fled. The orc began to run after him, but turned back towards Cohan, stomping over to kneel next to him. Cohan looked over, his face blank- before his lips grew into the largest grin. A guttural sound rose from his throat. Laughter, audible! Loud, joyful and crazy at the same time. Suddenly it stopped with a gasp, Cohan was confused, how was he able to speak? He looked over at Zhag, who didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Cohan left out a small sigh, blinking once or twice. Zhag didn't know whether Cohan was lying about being a mute, or if the spirits granted him a momentary voice. Cohan softly cleared his throat. "I failed, I guess- I was never good enough- to be an orc." He groaned, holding at his neck- a puddle of fruit punch already growing. Cohan took a sharp breath in. "Please tell her, I'm sorry.” He gave another grin, starting to laugh before choking on the blood. He coughed and hacked, he struggled to breathe- he looked down at the city. Cohan gasped for air until he gasped no more. His body sank, and Zhag reached over, his hand trailing down from Cohan's forehead. He silently grumbled, "Laht doez nub wuunt tu be ag uruk.." ⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄ O happy dagger This is thy sheath. There rust and let me die. ⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄ ⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄⑄ ⑄⑄⑄Memorable Screenshots⑄⑄⑄
  13. Quintessential

    Magic in Combat - Ideas

    1. I love your picture. 2. Idea: IF someone rolls 1 out of x (whatever they need to roll out of) If they roll 1, they self-destruct.
  14. Wait, why is the server down

  15. I thought minimap was allowed if, there is no radar, and you are not using it to metagame. Because that's what I was always told. Has something changed?