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  1. Wait, why is the server down

  2. I thought minimap was allowed if, there is no radar, and you are not using it to metagame. Because that's what I was always told. Has something changed?
  3. Claiming our Birthright

    Cohan would silently growl at the news. Like Hazurk(@HONOR), he remembers all the crap too. He remembers the attempted 'free the delf slave', that he just simply said no to. He secretly kept his blade sharpened due to the incorrect comments towards his late-mistress. ~~~~~ Kotturra'Braduk wondered if she had a new toy to throw off the wall.
  4. Show Your Pet Thread

    Gimme a while to find all my pictures- I have many pets :U
  5. I love your profile picture. I have watched almost all the videos.

    1. Will (TauFirewarrior)

      Will (TauFirewarrior)

      Why aren't you spooked by the skeleton?

    2. Quintessential


      Because I love the skeleton :U He is a cool dude. I forgot the name of the series though, otherwise, I would rewatch it.

  6. Necessary Changes To The Rules.

    They should turn off pvp in an area so people wont get pugsied, that way you have to rp it out. The pvp can be turned on and off in that area by a staff member if both sides agree. This way you can't run up to your mortal enemy and down them and act like you had rp. Also, a nation should be allowed 1 CB raid per month. This CB raid would have no counter raid. So like, if the Humans CB raided the Dwarves, the dwarves couldn't counter raid that raid- they'd have to wait until the Humans go on a raid where counter raids are allowed.
  7. The Final Day

    Kotturra facepalmed, waking from her sleep by the screeching. "Yub Yub, Braduk iz ruyned." ~~~~~~~ Cohan raised an eyebrow, still not knowing what was even going on. He went back to his harvesting.
  8. I keep getting timed out from the server this morning-




    My wifi adapter lied to me- you were  supposed to give me fast wifi.

  9. [GM] The case against Child GMs

    +1/2 I've seen too many circle jerks when it comes to power. Not only in LOTC. This is why if I wanted to apply for any staff position- no matter how insignificant- I plan to wait until this summer when I'm 18. Even though I am more mature than most 18-year-olds. I would have also wanted to have lots of training because I do NOT like to make mistakes. I want to be very certain and steadfast in my decisions with no doubts. The reason I would wait until I was 18- was so that when I applied.. I would already have the maturity, but now I would have the age to back it up to whoever views my application. While I consider age a large factor, it's not the entirety of it. I believe that Age and Maturity are different things- and therefore I see no reason to bar a young player from being on staff, but only if they have the mental capacity and maturity to handle the position. They also need character, for they are applying to be leaders of a server- and many people look up to their leaders whether it's apparent or not. Thus, if a leader is misbehaving because he or she is not truly fit for the position- what does that say to the players? Age should be a part, but Maturity, Character, Mental Capacity, and Self-Control must be a part of this. You must be willing to punish your friends, even if they hate you afterward. Maturity needs to be a HUGE part! I know from experience; while I am not 18 yet- everyone has told me my maturity is well beyond my age. Another example is a student at my school, I will refer to her as Poppy in this post. Poppy is 18, but she has the mental capacity and maturity of an 8-year-old. I do not kid around when I say this: She likes Justin Bieber, screams at any insect whether it's drawn or fake or real- and hears everything wrong and overreacts to everything. She hates us all because we don't like her- Would she be fit to be a GM? No, not at all. Her behavior towards others is to make her enemies miserable, or anyone who doesn't like her. Poppy is unfit and would stumble around, not accept any training, and would ultimately abuse power. All because whoever accepted her application- accepted her... an 18-year-old with no maturity, over a 10-year-old with tons of maturity.
  10. A New challenger approaches!

    Kotturra growled at this notice, she did not think Vruk was fit for Wargoth. She personally liked Gilgamesh being the Wargoth. She muttered under her breath, "Dat dumb zkah iz gunna git hemself flatted." She whistled innocently before removing a notice of it posted by the clanless blargs, and the notice found its way into the bonfire inside. ~~~~~~~ Cohan dropped some cobblestone into the donation chests, looking up to the noise. He raised an eyebrow- It was none of his business anyway since he didn't know of Braduk issues, being only concerned with the affairs of Yar. He shrugged it off and returned to work like a good slave.
  11. If I can't get ahold of my logs, am I allowed to ask a gm to get ahold of a copy of MY LOGS from the minecraft?

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Fireheart


      Depends on the situation, filing a report should be a last resort that comes after talking to team management and I think you are jumping to a very big conclusion that is a couple steps beyond what you need to do now. Which is asking a GM for assistance. They are there to help you and make the experience on the server safe and fair, not hurt you!

    3. Quintessential


      If a gm is refusing to help me for no apparent reason, should I go ask a different gm? One with a nice-track record?

    4. Fireheart


      You're having the wrong mindset in that if a GM doesn't give you the answer you like you are gonna report them or go to a different GM. The latter being against server rules. Before asking more questions go to a GM and find out! Good luck!!

  12. Lore Amendment: Plants Can't Have Babies

    Plants can't have babies? *ahem* why do the plants have genitals. Anther Stamen Filament Stigma OVARY. OVULE. Nectary Sepal Plants bear things like people do. I wouldn't go as far as to say a plant spreads its legs and pops out a bouncing baby sunflower. I would say they should do something more 'magical', for example, my favorite cartoon character- Thumbelina- came from a flower. I'm thinking they should come just as this small seed or unblossomed flower, about the size of a flip phone- and then it just grows. After all, plants bear seeds and fruits. They especially produce seeds... to increase their population. This is a fantasy server to some extent, but it's also should be realistic to an extent :^)
  13. [Denied][GM App] Horton decides to give it a try

    Your memes sometimes make me unhappy. But, we need a gm that isn't a human or anything like the others.
  14. I might not be as active for the next couple days. This is for a couple of reasons, 1. I need to get back to my sleeping schedule for school


    2. I'm making two, maybe three, cool texture packs.

    I recently have been taking an interest in those who are colorblind. Since I could not find any texture packs that fell within reasonable standards- I'm making my own.


  15. Need Some Clothes.

    I have a new orc character coming out, she's female. I have the naked skin- I need someone to skin some nice orc clothes for her. Make her tough. Pm me for the skin. I'll edit this post to add more information..