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  1. Quintessential


    Matthias blinks.
  2. Quintessential

    A Dragon’s Journey

    Matthias blinks, unaware of the impact this will leave on heart of history.
  3. Quintessential

    Out With The Old

    Matthias cries over the loss of Father Grandpa. He mistook Father Humpfrey for Grandpa due to Antanios calling Humpfrey, “Father” Elizaveta Sarkozic is heart-wrenched at the loss.
  4. Quintessential


    Aw man, I'm going to miss you. I only just got to know you too. I'm very grateful for you being in LOTC, especially since you were one of the few orcs I have mad respect for. You've made a big impact on this community, and I only hope it won't be soon forgotten. Disc: Language#1688 I haven't played runescape in forever.. but it's better than Sherwood Dungeon.
  5. Quintessential

    What is CCP?

    The Late Prefect Antanios Rutledge signs the cross from his view in the Seven Skies.
  6. Quintessential

    A Open letter to Nottingham And Atlas

    A mysterious person would chuckle.. “He’s bigger than ye though.”
  7. Quintessential

    A Open letter to Nottingham And Atlas

    Antanios nods.
  8. Quintessential

    Returning player: What changed?

    Welcome back, you’ve missed an entire map. (Vailor, Axios, we’re on Atlas) Skills were removed along with our main core plugin, Nexus. I have no idea how to alchemy, I believe you have to roleplay it, provide roleplay to staff, and staff spawns it in?’ Nah, you can breed each pair of animals only once every restart. You have to /vote to get monkbread. Your first vote of the day gives you bread. Uh.. political landscape.. It’s interesting! We’ve currently developed Parliament for the Empire of Man. (oh, the Holy Orenian Empire fell.. join CCP). Peak hours I believe are about 4 PM EST and onwards until it teeters off to about 2 AM EST. (EST IS GMT -5:00) This is when most people get out of school and play until bedtime. Freebuild is a bit of a doozy. We have an event line that’s currently destroying cities. Political RP is a bit snakey, don’t know why. Orcs have lost (BOTH) their nation tile, twice. (Thanks Pond.) --San’kala was lost twice, once to elves once to humans. --San’Gorka was lost to humans. Norland came back in another form. Adria is strong once again (We had a place called Brelus in Vailor, we have a place called Belvitz now) High elves are still as snobby as ever. Wood elves just vacated their entire Dominion to move to a new place called Gladewynn. One time, in Axios, it was The Server versus Flays. An entire server against a house.
  9. Quintessential

    Belvitz Maer Elections, 1694

  10. Quintessential


    Blago don’t leave me >:I You’re the one of the few people I’m not scared of- --at least I have you on discord-- I’m glad I met you in Axios Addio.
  11. Quintessential

    They Strung Up A Man.. They Say He Murdered Three

    ((Oh yay! I was one of the three.)) Antanios’s bloodied cane sat in the library, before it was retrieved later on.
  12. Quintessential


    Antanios waits patiently, as he’s pretty sure 6-7 people now voted for him. Meanwhile, he paid for everyone’s drinks in the tavern. Not understanding how the citizens of Belvitz can let bullies win.
  13. Quintessential

    Community Meeting

    When will /vault be opened? Is it possible for higher up VIPs to get more /vault space?
  14. 〘 A Good Man for Good People 〙 [] [!]Antanios Rutledge grips his trusty cane, using it to hobble himself over for another campaign in his beloved Belvitz 〘〙〘〙〘〙〘〙〘〙〘〙〘〙 Setting: Belvitz, Grand Harvest, 1692. Antanios, since his first Parliament session, experienced many things. Some hectic, some interesting, but all special. He realized he had the knack for parliament. Elections were coming up, and one thing was for sure. Holy, beloved Belvitzia needed a Prefect. So he gripped his cane, a reminder of his tenacity and loyalty to Belvitz, that he would hold onto the threads of life itself in order to serve. Antanios Opal Rutledge’s entire life was Belvitz, and its citizens. So, equipped with his trusty soapbox from previous elections, he spoke. “I see the needs of our beloved duchy, and more than ever I want to serve. Ever since I became your prefect, I helped to build your public mines, I designed and built the expansion of the Ducal retinue under approval, and I continue to plow fields to prepare for the oncoming frost; so that our citizens may have food for their families, and firewood to warm their homes and meals.” “I will always fight for ye, and I raise my legacy to do the same. If you let me, I will represent you in Parliament. Vote for Morality, something that IS good.. not because something simply sounds good.” “A good man is more valuable than a good idea.” “What is good? The Common Civic Party, the Common Sense Party. The Good Man for the Good People Party. I do not judge you by your class, nor do I judge you by your skin color, we are citizens of Adria. We bleed the same blood, we serve the same empire! My focus is on bettering Belvitz, because we all can admit that we deserve better, the very people and the very citizens deserve better!" I helped to build and pay for our public mines. I designed and built the approved extension of the Adrian Ducal Retinue building. "I promise good, and it’s backed up by my good record. I do what I can to help." Even now, whether I am your prefect or not, I am fully funding Court Chaplain Charles of Nauzica’s project to provide education to the future generations of Adria, and if anything disastrous were to happen I offer to lend my hand to help rebuild. He is a good man, and I know he will go far. I will still serve and protect you, no matter what the outcome. When it comes to Adria I strive to put our citizens first. I strive to provide our citizens with what they need. In Parliament I vote for more power to the vassals. I vote for free trade. I vote to oppose burdening taxes. “Will you vote for someone who will always look after Belvitz? We shall make ourselves great, then we can make the empire greater!” So, with his trusty soapbox, Antanios Opal Rutledge stepped off. He picked it up, and he went about his day. Cause at the end of the day, he was an Adrian, and he was proud of that more than anything. 〘〙〘〙〘〙〘〙〘〙〘〙〘〙 “ Remember, when you Root for Rutledge.“ “ You also Root for Adria.“ 〘〙〘〙〘〙〘〙〘〙〘〙〘〙 OOC: If this formatting spergs out I might just put it to the left. Okay y’all, lets have a friendly election here. I don’t want Adria coming to punches over this.
  15. Quintessential

    Adria Mines

    Antanios Rutledge is finally happy that citizens could use the mines, cause that was a key he was using in his campaign.