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  1. “The man who called for violence tends to be the violent outcast of the canonists. Shame.”
  2. “Ah, the daughter of Valera.. I haven’t heard of her in a while. I hope the wedding goes well.” Matthias prays that the wedding goes smoothly, and reflects on Valera (nee Carrion).
  3. Matthias mourns the loss of Cassian, and thus adds another name of the people Matthias will see when he finally passes.
  4. “Well ****” muttered Matthias when he finally heard. He sighed and wrote down Bjolfr’s name in a journal. “Uncle Bjolfr is gone.. Who else is going to test my allergies now?”
  5. ((I never saw the Census in Curon other than like once.))
  6. ((I don’t think enough people filled out the census...))
  7. Matthias doesn’t understand how Haense could have 31%, he wonders if they meant 3.1%
  8. Matthias Rutledge bought a yellow candle, setting it on the nightstand next to his bed. He reached over with the small flame, lighting the wick and blowing out his match. The man moved to sit on the ledge of his bed. He got up, grabbing his cane as he began to hobble over to his desk. The Southeron pulled out his journal, flipping to the next blank spot. Matthias, sometimes called ‘Starlight’ by Madallaine, jotted down Maddie’s name in his journal. It was another loved one that he would get to see when he got to the Seven Skies… but he never thought that her name would end up in the book. He rubbed his face, silently crying out as he laid his head against his journal. Matthias didn’t know what to do anymore, the man was broken.
  9. (Please do not metagame this information) (Posted on behalf of my friend.) 『History of a Cherub』 Madallaine Rutledge, nee Dering 1689 - 1727 Mother of Five Former Princess of Ves Madallaine Dering was born in 1689 as the eldest daughter of her strange family. It wasn’t until 1705 that she abandoned her family home in Carolustadt at the age of sixteen. It was for the best. After the Vaeyl ran humanity to the continent of Arcas, Madallaine Dering found her way to Ves. At that time, Ves still claimed the name of Duchy of Adria. Hired by the d’Montelliano as a handmaiden, it wasn’t until 1710 that Lady Anastasia Lanova, a fellow handmaiden at the time, introduced Maddie to one of the local guard, Lieutenant Matthias Othan Rutledge. The two began to hit it off, especially since they had things in common. They were both born the same year, liked blueberries, and both of them had an interest in medicine. This fondness for one another was significant, especially when the city of Ves suffered a sacking in 1711 and its title of Duchy dissolved. Madallaine and Matthias hid out in Fenn’s tavern, working with their gracious staff. Fast-forward to 1712, Madallaine Dering received a job by Prince Myre as the palace’s chief cook. She worked to provide her best and lived in the castle during her employment. It was an effort, of course, with the city being almost entirely in ruins. Everyone was hard at work, re-sowing the fields, rebuilding the walls, and cleaning the soot from the streets. Things were looking up for them, especially with Matthias’ proposal. Madallaine, out of joy, said yes. The knot was on the 20th of Snow's Maiden, 1713. Despite the ongoing war, the newlywed couple lived peacefully as a patrician family and often hid out in the town of Thalor with Madallaine’s brother, Alex Dering. Alex was the eldest child of the Dering family and was the first one to abandon the family at the age of eight. Alex was a close friend of the first generation Rutledge family, which was even before Matthias and Madallaine existed. Together, the newlywed couple hid under false names. Madallaine took the name Adela al-Masafir, and Matthias took the name Abbad el-Hasen. In Thalor, on the 18th of The Amber Cold, 1715. It was hours on end until the first coos of a child sounded from the bedroom. Madallaine nee Dering gave birth to her first child, Valerie Adela Rutledge. She was a darkened child, inheriting Madallaine’s piercing blue eyes, and obtained dark brown hair. A few years later, Madallaine asked for another child. Instead of one, she got two. On the 9th of the Snow’s Maiden, just before Matthias ascended to the throne of Ves, Silas and Seth Rutledge were born. Twins. Silas was the eldest by a minute, but both twins also inherited Madallaine’s blue eyes and Matthias’s black hair. They obtained light skin, which begs the joke of them not being related to Matthais. The next day, Madallaine ascended to Matthias’ side, as the Princess of Ves, 1718. Together, they ruled ably, and in 1719 Ves gained independence. Together, they opened talks with the Curon council and ratified the Pact of Green and Gold; however, the reign ended in 1720 when some of the local Drumm advocated violent dissent. The Principality of Ves was in disarray. The Beet Boys plagued it, only to run out and then by the Caer Bann. The Caer replaced the guard and began to violently mistreat members of the Rutledge based on racism and false claims. For their safety, the Rutledge family moved to Curon in 1721. Life in Curon seemed like a well-wanted break in the usual chaos of Ves. Matthias took a job as a doctor, and Madallaine took the role of a stay-home mother. She adored teaching her children, and it wasn’t until 1722 that their final children would be born. Vivaca Adhara and Wilheim Othan were the only children that would not come to know Ves. For the family, Ves was off-limits unless accompanied by either Madallaine or Matthias. Vivaca Adhara inherited Matthias’ dark skin, brown eyes, and hair color. Wilheim Othan inherited Madallaine’s light complexion, blue eyes, and hair color. Life was looking up, and the family was prospering in a community that appreciated them. The family finally focused on their unique religion and passing it on to their children. In Curon, the children were finally able to develop how they chose. Valerie, like Madallaine, gained a quite the knack for cooking. Seth, who was the quiet child-like Matthias, gained a love for books, and eventually read every single book in Matt’s study. Silas gained the goal of becoming a knight and began to look around for a liege to squire him. Interestingly enough, Vivaca took on the fierce personality of her grandmother Rivain, thus becoming a handful. Wilheim remained the most undecided child, not having any known interest. Things changed rapidly. Madallaine fell sick with a mysterious illness, and her health declined. Her fiance did his best to lessen her symptoms and spent many sleepless nights looking for a cure. The situation worsened when Matthias sustained a crippling injury to his left knee and needed a brace to walk. There seemed to be no cure, and the worse came. It was a chilly night, and the couple were preparing for bed when the pain struck, it was time for Madallaine to go. As a final wish, Madallaine asked for Matthias to recite a prayer from her childhood. Matthias grabbed her hand tightly between his, taking a few moments before he softly spoke. Madallaine died later that night, surrounded by all her children. It was only time before the news spread about Curon. “Till death do us part, they say. I say I will love you until this life to the next. And if the net life won’t grace me with you, I will still love you till the next one, And the next, and the next, Till death finally, give up on us.”
  10. “How fitting! To give away Guise to only get it back a few years later.”
  11. Matthias quietly fills out the form, then realizes something was off. Matthias thought to himself. “Am I truly just a painted white person?”
  12. Matthias Rutledge remained at Auda’s side, wiping away the sweat, or helping him to breathe. Even after Auda was retaken by Allah, Matthias remained at the bedside, still quietly mourning the loss of another father-figure. He made a mental note to add Auda’s name to the list of people that Matthias would meet again in the afterlife. ”Rest well, elder.. you've truly earned a peaceful rest.” Matthias Rutledge remained at Auda’s side, even after he passed from the world, and remained until he was pulled away at the saint’s hour of twelve.
  13. This referring to Katarama’s e-girl army that likes to scream about feminism 👀
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