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  1. If I can't get ahold of my logs, am I allowed to ask a gm to get ahold of a copy of MY LOGS from the minecraft?

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Quintessential


      If a gm is refusing to help me for no apparent reason, should I go ask a different gm? One with a nice-track record?

    3. LifeforceIsMana


      You're having the wrong mindset in that if a GM doesn't give you the answer you like you are gonna report them or go to a different GM. The latter being against server rules. Before asking more questions go to a GM and find out! Good luck!!

    4. Aranao


      rather inappropriate i would say my ego is harmed

  2. Lore Amendment: Plants Can't Have Babies

    Plants can't have babies? *ahem* why do the plants have genitals. Anther Stamen Filament Stigma OVARY. OVULE. Nectary Sepal Plants bear things like people do. I wouldn't go as far as to say a plant spreads its legs and pops out a bouncing baby sunflower. I would say they should do something more 'magical', for example, my favorite cartoon character- Thumbelina- came from a flower. I'm thinking they should come just as this small seed or unblossomed flower, about the size of a flip phone- and then it just grows. After all, plants bear seeds and fruits. They especially produce seeds... to increase their population. This is a fantasy server to some extent, but it's also should be realistic to an extent :^)
  3. [Denied][GM App] Horton decides to give it a try

    Your memes sometimes make me unhappy. But, we need a gm that isn't a human or anything like the others.
  4. I might not be as active for the next couple days. This is for a couple of reasons, 1. I need to get back to my sleeping schedule for school


    2. I'm making two, maybe three, cool texture packs.

    I recently have been taking an interest in those who are colorblind. Since I could not find any texture packs that fell within reasonable standards- I'm making my own.


  5. Need Some Clothes.

    I have a new orc character coming out, she's female. I have the naked skin- I need someone to skin some nice orc clothes for her. Make her tough. Pm me for the skin. I'll edit this post to add more information..
  6. Krugmas in Santegia

    "I wonder if the Saint Krug earlier today was the real one.." ((IGN:HandsomeQuint RP:Sterre Hagelijn))
  7. Make an Orc for 6.0 - Here's Why!

    Even if you're not an orc, being in their community is fun too! I'm a slave but I swear the orcs have rubbed off on me. You treat them right, they treat you right. This is a region where RESPECT is absolutely required. If you want a second family, one that you can escape to.. you'll find it in the orcs. Careful though, you mess with my family- Cohan gunna hunt chu down and pillage yer village. <3 ((I'm so protective of my friends and families, lmao.))
  8. Lock's FM Application

    +1 because they is a cool dude... Nah, Lock just has a nice personality that would do well in this sort of position. I was a curator of my own community, and if he were in my community he would fit the requirements for one of the top candidates.
  9. PSA Vault Closing Date

    I need to schedule an appointment with one of the vault techs to get one of my trophies signed as an rp item. I was supposed to get cloaked to sign it for the enderchest but we're never on at the same time.
  10. Introducing the Vault!

    Can I bring over head shop heads, and banners that were hella-hard to make?
  11. {A notice is nailed to boards across most populated cities.} To any who take the time to read this, this bounty is very simple. I will pay 800 minas for a certain Kha. They must be alive. They have insulted the honor of me and my friend, and humiliated her in front of bystanders and friends. I seek revenge to console her troubled heart. I am going to make this brief, even though they are not worth 100 minas- my desire to make amends allow me to spare a total off 800 minas. If a job is well done, I might even pay a tip. I cannot reveal their name in the post, for they might flee and ruin my efforts. Again, easy bounty, 800 minas, with the chance of more minas. {Contact Information} You will go to the orcs, and at the end of the bridge, there is a chest under the bridge. You will drop a note (Book) of your contact info, and where I may send a bird for further contact. I will check it every day. 800 Minas. Simple Bounty. ~Signed by the Silent Slave ((OOC)) Here's a picture of the chest by the bridge off the boat. ((Yeah its that chest that says SECRET DROP OFF.))
  12. [Denied] [Trial]Leap1Ghosts' Second GM Application

    I agree with Leap1, because all the encounters I've had with Nurple so far have been nothing but toxic. I remember even hearing about some staff being upset with you. Let's recount the many times you've been banned? I'd rather not start counting, because you've had just far too many to push it onto someone else and seem innocent. I know that tatic, you can't fool me. Now on onto Leap, while I haven't interacted with him as much as everyone has- my interaction was enough to say this. +1 Now on onto Leap, while I haven't interacted with him as much as everyone has- my interaction was enough to say this: Leap1 is a good candidate for the gm application, and from what I've seen- (We were in a couple of dungeons together, Horton Navire was my friend and I died in that event.) - This is a dedicated player, who knows how to act the way they need to be. They are fair in just more than roleplay, Leap1 is someone that is-- proper for situations.
  13. Back in the days (irl), you weren't supposed to shoot someone who was unarmed. (Y'know, cowboy codes.)


    There should be a rp law (not a server rule) that basically says "You can't attack someone who isn't armed." 

    1. 1.
      equipped with or carrying a weapon or weapons.
      "the security forces are armed with automatic rifles"
    1. a thing designed or used for inflicting bodily harm or physical damage.

    Now, unless I'm gonna use a wooden hoe to defend myself- I'm not really armed. A hoe isn't a thing designed to inflict bodily harm or physical damage unless I give it that purpose. (IE: Bashing your head in with a hoe would make the hoe a weapon... but if I'm carrying a sword that is stone, iron, or any material except wood..- now the sword is a weapon because it was designed specifically to inflict damage.)


    Now I'm not saying that it should be enforced to the point of calling for a gm. I'm saying it should be one of those code of conduct laws.

    Like how a knight should follow chivalry, or a king should follow comitatus, or how a proper lady shouldn't be showing shoulders- That kind of stuff. Another example would be shooting someone in the back.


    +1 if you think I should expand on this.

    1. Space


      black lives matter

    2. CheapTrick


      i have no arms :(

    3. Quintessential


      Someone +1'd me, so I'll expand.


      People that would be exempt from this code of conduct would basically be like, orcs, or highway robbers, or villains. Of course, villains and robbers-- upon capture-- have a higher chance of receiving a harsher punishment.


      Weapons: A sword that's made out of anything but wood, pikes, or lances.

      Ranged weapons count if it's like a snipe attempt, but like- they can't do much damage rply when it's like a upclose. That's like trying to knock someone out with a punch from an inch away.