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  1. Matthias can’t wait to enter the melee.
  2. Matthias tediously signs on behalf of the people.
  3. ~ = [ Pact of Gold and Green ] = ~ Issued and Confirmed from the Curonian Embassy to Ves Assembly on 10th of Sun’s Smile, 1720. _____________________________________________________________ On this day, the 10th of the Sun’s Smile, the Prince of the Golden City of Ves and the King of Curonia, do agree to execute this peace treaty, and all the articles contained herein, with nothing less than the full extent of their authority, under the governing laws and morals of their respective realms, in their intended spirit and meaning, to remain in full effect for the foreseeable future, terminating only upon the mutual consent of the signatories or their successors. _____________________________________________________________ ARTICLE I - Both parties shall enforce a strict non-aggression pact, under all circumstances. ARTICLE II - If both parties consent, this treaty may temporarily ascend into a full defensive alliance. ARTICLE III - A policy of free trade and travel shall be enacted between the two nations. No customs shall be applied to any exchange between the two nations. The citizens of both nations shall be permitted to freely and safely travel within the borders of both nations. ARTICLE IV - Both parties shall deliver justice to any party charged with or convicted of any crime by either state. The surrender shall only take place upon evidence of criminality according to the laws of the territory the criminal is found. This extradition may only take place if the facts of the crime would justify his commitment for trial if the crime or offense had been committed in the state where they are apprehended. This article is null if it would violate another treaty, pact, or alliance. ARTICLE V - If either party is found to be in violation of this pact, all articles shall remain in effect, so long as sincere diplomatic efforts are taken to peacefully resolve the dispute, according to the aforementioned articles. ARTICLE VI - Both parties agree to meet and possibly expand this treaty in four years time. If no agreement is reached, the current terms of the treaty shall remain in effect. _____________________________________________________________ Signed, His Royal Majesty, Pierce I of House Devereux the King of Curonia, Duke of Curon & Umbra, Count of Cyrilsburg & Avalain, Baron of Arisan, Blackreach, Rivia, & Vasile, and Lord of Bear Mountain & Blackden His Serenity, Matthias Othan Rutledge, Prince of Ves.
  4. “Ves is having an assembly already. It has been planned long before this imperial court.” Matthias grunts, not being able to attend.
  5. Matthias sighed. "Doctors already knew about this. Nothing new here." He goes back to writing his second medical book.
  6. cue charles_the_bald’s rap on Axis Diss Track
  7. ((Noooo! Not another Aelthir! The first one was my favourite.))
  8. Antanios sips his cup of peach tea next to Will, not minding the smoke.
  9. Yeah, I was getting into editing that next part. Thanks for sending a proper rebuttal. I just don’t see why one side should be punished alone... Like, what’s a good example. Different platform: Had a player named A that was legal, was lied to by another player named B. B said they were age of consent.. but after it was too late, A found out that B was lying, and A regretted everything so hard that A got sick to their stomach. A tried to apologize, B spread it. A was banned from the platform, and B whined and whiteknighted. B still continues to repeat the process. Now if this happened on LoTC, what would happen?
  10. I tried to read it all, but too white and not colored.. Read most of it, but I have a question? (I’m sorry if the answer is somewhere in there, but like, hurts my eyes to read the entire thing.. might buy some shades for it later.) Should we not, in some cases, also blame the minor? There have been cases where it’s the minors going after older guys, lying about their age, and leading them on. Then when something doesn’t go the minor’s way? They leak, whine, and pretend to be the victim. Women have two faces, mind you. There used to be a person in LoTC, don’t remember their name, but they’d specifically lure people into ERPing with them, and then leak all the logs to public and then, (if I remember correctly), go to the gms and go “Look GMs! A dirty erper! Ban Ban Ban!”.. So not only would the victim be embarrassed and shamed for a mistake, but the victim’s trust is now broken and their reputation is never the same. Wouldn’t be surprised if the lurer caused someone to suicide over that.
  11. "I only rushed it because I was afraid I was going to die before it got ratified.." Matthias would mumble to his finger monkey, Pablo. Pablo would screech softly before crawling into Matt's hair to fluff it.
  12. ((Cool, you guys confuse me when using 'races'.. also hi Mog!))
  13. Matthias, having lost all his friends and most of his family, hopes to join his father Antanios in the skies soon.
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