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  1. Quintessential


    (You might need to update this)
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    The Catch 22 of Dealing with Raiders

    Yeah but baby it still aches :') best female Rex(if not the first cause I haven't heard of any previous females, yet.)
  3. Quintessential

    The Catch 22 of Dealing with Raiders

    In my defense, I didn't realize other orcs were in Belvitz when I joined Saint Emma, but apparently that's different from the red cloaks so yIPPEE. As for orcs, I could tell you that the entire community is just foamin' at the mouth and wanting elf-wars. So it's getting a little hard to keep them held back. Trust me, if the leadership just let loose on the reins, it would be hell of a lot worse. I have a reason to despise wood elves on my orc, as well as many others. Most of us share this reason ,which was recorded as common knowledge, y'all killed our ever beloved Rex U'la'Yar. That got me upset both rply and oocly, since I felt like I lost a close friend. Vengeance can come without logic! It may not be logical to fight when we really can't, but I guess it's just a process of mourning, no? I think the only elf I enjoyed playing was Cohan the delf. However I still have a wood elf that's from Athera, but nothing was more fun than being with orcs. However, this is just my opinion and my two cents. My brain is actually fried right now from many English Grammar quizzes. I still can't remember when to who/whom.
  4. Quintessential

    [RECRUIT] The Braduk Clan

    ]x[ The Braduk Clan ]x[ “Ghash Nagraufom” - “The Fire Rises” Braduk; A name whose history is revelled in blood and brutality. Our legend of the Orcish race tells of giants, dark and grim. The bond of these brothers and sisters defied time and blood, and their souls were ablaze with the fire and the passion of their time. With the swiftness of their judgement, and the ephemeral of their mercy, these brothers and sisters shared a bond with the creatures of the desert. These creatures were rhinos, gigantic as well as intelligent. These desert beasts became one as steeds with their Orcish counterparts, utilizing their needle-sharp horns and their armor-thick hide, the rhinos shook the earth as they rode into battle. The Braduk clan started in Aegis by the first son of Braduk, Baderkuk. Baderkuk’s father was a hero, famed and praised for saving thousands of orcs after the Clash of Clans war. Braduk went on to found Kenuk, a city state that came to be known as one of the greatest Orcish settlements. It was during this time that they befriended and rode the rhinos of the many deserts. The calls of these rhinos intimidated lowly mortals like children midst a thunderstorm in the darkness of night. Since birth, those who are known as Braduks have gruesomely paved their way through history. From the glory days to dark days, our history contains the names of legendary Wargoths; these orcs led the clan to glory, a nation which progressed under these, Asulon’s ‘Blood Talon’ Mokrag, Anthos’s Ghazkull, and Vailor’s ‘Iron Rhino’ Kahn who once ruled as Rex. Yet now, the pure-blooded line of Braduks dance dangerously closer to extinction. As the world descends into darkness and chaos, a return beckons for the fabled and powerful giants of Braduk clan. Braduk and their rhinos rise once more. ]x[ MEMBERS ]x[ ] LEADERS [ Wargoth: Kotturik’ Braduk (1_Language_1) Being a Wargoth means you are the overall leader of the clan, and their word is final. This position was usually reserved by the biggest and strongest orc, but due to the thinning bloodline, that cycle had been broken by a previous Wargoth, Lukra’Braduk. Clan Father: Kahn’Braduk (the1bow) While the Clan Father is an elder, they are the leading lorekeeper, a trial keeper, and a rhino gifter of the clan. They have nearly equal say to that of the Wargoth, and a Clan Father’s advice is always heeded and taken into heavy consideration. Warmachine: The position of Warmachine means you’re the second-in-command. They are able to carry out tasks that are not deemed worthy enough for the Wargoth’s attention, as well as disciplining the other clansmen. However, a Warmachine’s first priority is to protect the Wargoth at any and all costs. Those who take this title must be sworn in by an ancient oath in the old Braduk tongue. Warboy: Upon receiving your position as Warboy, it means you’ve taken up a position of technical tinkering. The Warboy is responsible for all things ‘techie’, such as contraptions and the like. However, the Warboy is also tasked with being a secret overseer. They track and hunt down those who have wronged the clan. ] ELDERS [ The elders are orcs who have been a part of the clan for a long time. They’ve shown great knowledge and wisdom of the clan’s history. Meanwhile, they are like guides and mentors to younger orcs, and new clansmen. Elders are the only ones that can challenge the Wargoth. Kahn’Braduk ] CLANSMEN [ Bloodline: (Updateable) Kahn’Braduk Jolagh’Braduk Kotturik’Braduk Vruk’Braduk Orgoth’Izig (Traitor/Ex-Clan, but still bloodline.) “Bloodline” Braduks are the tall, dark-green-skinned descendants of the legendary Braduk, which was mixed along with the intelligent Olog hero Kudo, who cuckolded Baderkuk. This is where their height came from, bloodline Braduks used to range up to 10 ft, but due to the generational decrease, most blood-Braduks are now 8'6 or below due to the thinning of blood throughout generations. It was thought that the only children came from Kahn’s line, but with the return of Jolagh, hope has shown that someday, other bloodline orcs may wander out of hiding, and a new generation of the Braduk cubs would be born. Normal: (Updateable) Duk’Braduk Most of the Orcs that now apply to this clan are not descended from the bloodline, since many of the Braduk bloodline have been thinned and scattered by the old-aged cycles of attrition and desertion. It has become necessary for the ranks of leadership to be more open towards the non-bloodlined Braduks. ]x[ CLANS LAWS ]x[ The clan precedes everything else, even you. Each and every Braduk clansmen is a sworn sibling to one another, brothers and sisters that are to be willing to lay down their life for the other when the time comes. Never forget those who have wronged or betrayed us. Never forget those who have aided or blessed us. If you betray, rob, or murder your brothers and sisters, you will be terminated accordingly, in the same manner. Never put your personal wealth, or own possible gain of political standing or power, or anything else, above the clan. The clan precedes all. Never disobey your superiors, and never challenge them without due/proper cause. Always remember the Iron Rhino, we are from the Iron Uzg, so always show Iron will and Iron strength. Follow the code of Krug til death and on. ]x[ PUNISHMENTS ]x[ All punishments can be issued at the discretion of the Wargoth. Blood Taloning: The offender’s ribs are individually broken through a large cut in their back, then the lungs are removed from the body and stretched along the shoulder blades in order to make makeshift wings while the victim is restrained in a ‘T’ formation while on their knees. The cause of death is suffocation. This form of punishment was the favourite method of the fabled Braduk-Wargoth, Mokrag’Braduk. Decimation: If any group or party of orcs disobey their superior(s) inc combat, or in any given task, such as the act of decimation will be carried out. The group at fault shall be lined up, and every tenth Orc is chosen. The chosen Orc is then bluntly beat to death with clubs by the other orcs. If the group or party is small, or one orc, the whole clan themselves will beat the entire group. However, this act of punishment has not been carried out for a long time since the lack of clan members. Flaying: In this method, the said offender will be flayed. Whether it is fatal or not depends on how severe the crime or offense was. Crucifixion: The said offender will be nailed through his wrists, and Achilles heels to a cross-shaped wooden structure. They are left to starve or bleed out. This causes long-term torment as they die, because the nerves in the wrist cause one to feel on fire. The position makes it hard to breathe, the Orc must push themselves up to breathe, which agitates the wounds even more. Only when the body is completely rotten, then it may be taken down. Skrote’n: This punishment is reserved for males, specifically ones who won’t bare childen. Should said male commit an act of great offense against the Braduks, said offender has their testicles removed. This is so they cannot breed and spread their treachery further. Uihnce: Reserved for the worst of the worst, for the most heinous of crimes, this punishment is one of the most ancient Braduk punishments. In front of the entire clan, the scumbag must take hold of his own Golok - an ancient weapon given to him/her upon bonding with a rhino - drive it into their stomach, slice it open, and allow their innards to fallout. Therefore, committing suicide. ] TRADITIONS [ Ponytails- A Braduk, no matter their preferred hairstyle, will usually grow out a long ponytail from the crown of their head down, braided or bound with calfskin or blue cloth. The ponytail is only to be cut off in the event of humiliating defeat. Some Braduk males may shave all of their head aside from the ponytail - however, females tend to have more variety, but the common style is having an undercut beneath the ponytail. History Keeping- Unlike most clans, whose accounts of their history are absolutely oral, the Braduks make a habit of creating long-lasting, written records of their clan legends on large, leather skins, while adorning them with illustrations. As a result, the Braduk histories are far more detailed and well-remembered than those of other clans, dating back to their founding in Aegis. These histories are also important in determining how best to follow the third and fourth clan laws. Initiation- If a clanless Orc wishes to join the Braduks, they must be complete numerous initiation tests. These tests can vary from obstacle courses, to riddles, but usually include a klomp with an Elder of the clan (which they usually do not win). These tests are not about if the Uruk completes the tests, but the way they complete the tests, which will later be looked over by the other Elders of the clan. If all aspects are pleasing and show good qualities in the Orc, they will be sworn into the clan by the Wargoth. The Initiation Verse- The Wargoth asks the the Orc to hold out his klomping, or dominant, hand and starts to say the verse. He or She then places a cloth in the Orc's outstretched hand, lighting it with a flint and steel. At the end of the verse, the Chieftain sprinkles a small bit of 'Braduk zand' into the fire, which causes it to flare up, turn purple, then die down. At the end, something similar to "Welkum tu da Bradukz bruddah." which is usually said by all attending. "Da Bradukz am awl bruddahz am ziztahs, iv nub bai blud, den bai hart. Ib latz behtrae latz bruddahz, latz zuwl, agh da zuwl ob awl latz kubbehz wil buhrn en da Nefah liyk da kluwf duz en latz hand." Choosing Ceremony- At the age of six, or when a recruit joins the clan, a Braduk must receive his or her Braduk rhino steed. A bond must be cemented, for they are as much a brother as an orc. This is the tradition: The orc will enter the rhino pen where many unbonded rhinos are residing. Then, a rhino must take interest in the orc. It cannot be forced. Once a rhino has found interest in the orc, the two will engage in a klomp, a show of strength. If the orc can successfully mount the rhino, he or she will go on to name it. From then until their deaths, the two will be bonded. Carrying of the Golok- During the choosing ceremony, a new Braduk is thrown a short ceremonial machete with which they cut a ‘Z’ shaped mark into their rhino’s cheek - the rhino creates the same mark on the Braduk with its razor-sharp horn. Thereafter the Braduk will carry the machete with them for everyday use and possibly in combat (although it would be inferior to most battle-purposed weaponry), generally worn strapped to the belt or small of the back horizontally in its sheath. Should the terrible day come where the Braduk is guilty of an incredibly severe dishonour he or she will be expected to perform the punishment of Uihnce with it, as detailed earlier Giving out of the Rudis- A Rudis is a short wooden sword earned by an orc of the Braduk clan once they have achieved a great and glory filled deed. Whether it be an immense service to the clan, the slaying of a beast or taking many lives in a battle, an orc will be given this wooden sword by the Wargoth, who would have inscribed the story of as to why it has been earned, on the blade. ] SPIRITUALITY [ Like many Orcs, Braduks are steadfast to their beliefs in the Spirits, and interactions they might have in the mortal realm. The most prominent is the spirit of war, blood, and murder. The name of that spirit is Enrohk. The Braduks served him faithfully for many centuries, some of their language making up the standard phrase which invokes his interest during a sacrifice. The last Chosen of Enrohk was the Iron Rhino Kahn’Braduk, the mighty Rex and previous Wargoth in Athera. His greatsword, War Maker, is with Enrohk’s blessing and remains in the possession of the clan. Braduks also engage in the worship of their ancestors, such as their namesake Braduk and his son Baderkuk, who was mentioned earlier as founding the clan. This also includes the common reverence of past Braduks in order to honour their memory, and hope to draw on their strength from the honoured Braduks in Stargush’Stroh. Stargush’Stroh is the afterlife for Orcs, and is believed to exist at the top of the spiritual plane. The Braduk clan often erect shrines in honour and depict the names of deceased Braduks. Not only is it the Braduks which were well-known for their history, but also Braduks who have recently died. When a Braduk dies, their remains are cremated on a pyre, and then scattered. However, Braduks who obtained a legendary status amongst the clan during their lifetime, usually have their burned bones placed in a large stone urns, and integrated in elaborate tombs. ] CELEBRATIONS [ ] UNDER REVIEW [ Blood Talon Celebration: This is a day to honour Mokrag’Braduk, one of the glorious and honorable, the greatest Braduk to ever have lived. He is known as the Blood Talon, and this annual festival honours his life, deeds, and ultimately honours his sacrifice. His sacrifice is the reason that Braduk clan exists today. Kenuk Feast: This day of feasting celebrates the end of the “Village Wars” between the feuding arms of Braduk’s family, as well as the start of their peace. Various competitions which test strength and dexterity will be held throughout the day, prizes range from mediocre to more vaulable. Zpidhammah Day: This celebration is named after Braduk’s weapon which he used in the Village wars. Zpidhammah Day is a a celebration of the founder of the Braduk clan; his life, and his honourable death in battle immortalized in a mostly joyous occasion. Klomps held, feasts had, and stories told to the cubs from the knowledgeable Elders. ]x[ CLAN LORE THREADS ]x[ Overview of Clan History Https://www.lordofthecraft.net/topic/112251-the-rhinos-history/ History of Wars of the Clan Https://www.lordofthecraft.net/topic/119187-war-stories-the-braduks/ Lore of the Braduk Rhinos Https://www.lordofthecraft.net/topic/91744-lore-braduk-rhinos/ Overview of Bloodline Braduks Https://lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/14697-ooc-bloodline-braduks/ Previous Braduk Thread (Including Info on Specific Bloodlines) Https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topc/128780-the-braduk-clan/ ] OTHER THREADS [ Previous Braduk Clan Post Https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/128780-the-braduk-clan/ Https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/151150-the-braduk-clan/ Https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/159917-the-braduk-clan/ Https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/166136-recruiting-clan-braduk/ ]x[ RECRUITMENT INFORMATION ]x[ Considering joining the clan? You can join in one of three ways: Approach the clan on your current character and ask to join. You will be tested, and if found worthy will be inducted into the ranks. Create a new character that is a returning Braduk. You can either have your character be a Braduk who was previously in the clan, or the (possibly adult) child of one or two of them born outside the clan. After testing for traits of cowardice and divergent behaviour, your character will be re-inducted. Be born into the clan. Start from childhood and work your way up. Please keep in mind that any orcs claiming to be bloodline Braduks must get expressed and full permission. Anybody who did not get permission will be forced to change out. To join, approach us in-game, or post here in the thread. If neither works, you may message me here on the forums.
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    REGISTRATION: Name and Clan- Kotturik of Braduk Current Rank- Wargoth (Iron'goth)
  6. Quintessential

    Lockezi's Lore Master Application

    Very extensive lore knowledge. Would +10 I've known/been around this boyo for quite sometime as I become more aware in Axios. He was always kind and had a heart, he was fair and unbiased when I dealt with him. He was approachable, you could just slide into his pm's with a sCREEEECH and he'd either say 'hi' or screech back. When I roleplayed with him, I felt like someone capable was behind the character.
  7. Quintessential

    Seeking a Player to Play Orcish Child!

    it's listed as FEMALEEEEE (I'm okay with a guy playing it, depends. I'm just used to YOU playing male characters so it's going to be weird seeing you play a female!) IT'S NOT ASSUMING IF YOU KNOW THE TRUTH- IT'S AN ASTUTE OBSERVATION ❤️ Okay I gotta stop talking and let people apply if anyone does.
  8. Quintessential

    Seeking a Player to Play Orcish Child!

    Sweet friend, it's a female. If you wait, I have a male that has a better skin ❤️
  9. Quintessential

    Seeking a Player to Play Orcish Child!

    Blago is that really you- whatchu you doin' here? Don't be posting unless you applyin'
  10. Quintessential

    Seeking a Player to Play Orcish Child!

    Hi! I'm looking for a player to play my new daughter, please read her details below to see if you are interested! Description of Character A yellow-ish brown female Orc, firstborn of the red Rex Shakul'Gorkil and of the green Wargoth Kotturik'Braduk(bloodline). This new kub has green eyes and black hair. She is going to belong to the Gorkil clan. The kub is very likely to grow tall, as she is a mix of 8'2 and 8'7. Character Name Zralah’Gorkil You will receive skin upon due time and acceptance. Application What’s your MC Name? How long have you been a part of this server? Have you played an Orc before? Have you ever been interested in playing an Orc? How much do you know about Orcish culture? Would you feel comfortable on your own? Please post the application in the comments!
  11. When is the server coming back up? :<

    ALso I need a link to lotc discord.


    ~Antanios Rutledge

  12. Quintessential

    [Braduk] Prime Time

    x ---------------------------------x x ---------------------------------x After sitting with the revered Kahn, renowned since his 'Iron Rhino' days, Kotturik'braduk returns to her blarg to scratch down words on a large parchment. Which she of course nailed in a place for all Braduk to see. This is what it reads. "Mi bruudahz, wi iz biig, wi urr ztronk, but wi urr dyin' out. Ouur legasi iz importint, zu wi muzt ztand unyted, wi urr lozin' de bluudlyne!" "Uther klans hayv died uut, wazhed awae intu de parkhment uuf histori. Thiz muzt nuut hapin' tu uz bruddaz! It iz tyme fuur zumune in pryme tu bryng bakk Braduk to itz pryme! Az wi muuv tu ouur nuuw plase, wi neyd tu bi proacktiv. It iz.. a krushal tyme fuur uz. I wuntz tu leed lats all!" "Zu mi iz taking uuver az lats Wargoth.” Kotturik'Braduk stepped away from where she had nailed her parchment, satisfied with her work. She looked forward to a new dawn for her clan, a good and fulfilling dawn. (OOC: English Translation For Orcs Who Don't Want To Mentally Translate This)
  13. Quintessential

    The End of Konrad

    The one and only Betka Nzech dabbed and cried in a dark corner. With her son.
  14. Quintessential

    [Fae Addon] Korkul

    I'm sorry Sloth, but once again you've come up with something cliche, however I do have to give you props for trying. Not many things are original in this world anymore. I would love to be able to play a Cervitaur, hopefully someone writes something good enough to get them unshelved.
  15. Quintessential

    [Final Update] The Turning of the Seasons

    ((Sweet, can't wait to participate.))