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  1. Quintessential

    [COMMISSION LIKE NO OTHER!][My Friend's Art!]

    I will admit, while a lot of the reference is furries, and this artist is probably one I would recommend to the Kha and Hou-zi, Avy does an amazing job with humans too!
  2. Quintessential

    [COMMISSION LIKE NO OTHER!][My Friend's Art!]

    Avalanto's Twitter has more artwork on it if you would like to get a better view of their work!
  3. Quintessential

    The Passing Of Catherine

    Matthias didn’t drop the letter, he never even seen it coming in! This is the first time a bird hasn’t slammed into his face when delivering a letter!
  4. Quintessential

    The Passing Of Catherine

    Matthias is too blind to see the letter drop nearby. He passes it by it and never knows about what has come to pass. Oh well, why mourn for someone who no longer loved you? Sure, he would have been sad, but what is there to live for if you mourn former lovers? Edit: (1 am est) When Matthias finally found out, his knees collapsed under him like bricks. He let a loud sob of grief for his childhood sweetheart and former fiance, covering his face as he wished he could cry all the tears in the world. He couldn't, for his tear glands were all but gone when his eyes were stolen. "My firefly is dead! I only wish I hadn't been so bitter to her- if I knew she was going to leave so soon. I-I could have kept her alive, if only she didn't leave." He would softly crumble the missive, and hid away in his bedroom, cocooned in his blankets.
  5. ‡‡ Methods of Contact for Commission Discord: Avyrice #3407 Twitter: @Avyricee (Twitter has more art to view as well!) Real money only! No minae! (I'm sorry for the small images) Head Shot : $10 Half Body : $16 Full Body : $22 +$5 for coloured Head Shot : $16 Half Body : $25 Full Body : $30 +$10 for each additional character Head Shot : $25 Half Body : $36 Full Body : $45 +$10 for each additional character Backgrounds can be simple or flat for no extra charge Head Shot : $32 Half Body : $45 Full Body : $60 Illust. (w/ complex bg) $70 - $90 +⅓ orig. price for ea. additional chara. Two-Sided Sheet (Left) $45 It can be a front and back too. Ask about additions. Original Sheet (Right) $57 Includes a full front, two chibi outfits, mouth and eye view, as well as a back segment. $45 This is guaranteed to have a half, full, and a headshot. Additions are up to Avalanto! (Trust me, you’re going to love the work!)
  6. Quintessential

    The Curonian Ball of 1712

    Matthias, hesitantly, wonders if he should use this opportunity to finally leaves the borders of Adria, to fully step into this new world he was forced into. He blindly reached for his old fancy coat, feeling the familiar fibers between his scarred fingers. No. It’s too soon for him to leave, not with this.
  7. Quintessential


    Matthias blindly claps at the sky... but he was really trying to get a super annoying fly!
  8. Quintessential


    Matthias remains in a prison cell, still.
  9. Quintessential

    Un Vers Méconnu

    Another Adrian mourns, having so many loved ones lost.
  10. Quintessential


    If the man could have heard this comment, he would have thought the fond memories about the four Ault children. (Don’t metagame this, you dorks.) As a toddler, he had peeked upon Detrich when he was still swaddled in the fair Artumee’s arms. As a clumsy lad, he met Deon, who motivated him to be a soldier in the first place, he was the very reason to become a soldier. As a young man, he met Dresden, who he still owed a drink. He remembered seeing an adorable little girl, but never found out her name. He chuckled upon these simple and pure memories. Deon was the best. He shook himself from these fond memories that he missed from Belvitz and Ves. He then commented about his own house. “Ah, I am glad my house burnt down! I rather hated the color cyan. The city wouldn’t give me permission to paint the house a better color.” “I am quite mad though, I was holding a horse for a friend that got snatched during the razing.” “I planted those Adrian fields myself, it’s such a shame that now they won’t produce any more food even for the passing homeless.” “I will miss most of all, the school.. So many children enrolled this term, and were eager to learn how to read and write. I do not know where else to go to teach them medicine and literacy! Who will teach the illiterate?! Ah, poor Timeo! He was to donate books to the school! Oh! I wish I could have seen the masterpieces he was to write, they would have blessed many children.” The man frowned, before messing with his limited edition Timeo de la Baltas Painted Action Figure.
  11. Quintessential


    So you basically cut off his... dingly wingly?
  12. Quintessential

    [Lazio] Charter Application

    The Token Black Man signs.
  13. Quintessential


    The Adrian named Matthias still mourns the loss of his son that he found murdered on the Adrian road. He refused to let go of his boy’s corpse, just praying that the boy would just.. wake up. He didn’t think it was bandits, but perhaps enemies that scavenged the burning city for survivors. After all, how was he to know?
  14. Quintessential


    The injured man, now covered in the blackest soot and dirty bandages, mourns as he cannot find his son anywhere.
  15. Quintessential

    The Archbishops Response

    Shau, the mali’ker who was once plagued with an illness during the transition Arcas, is grateful for the order’s help in improving his health.