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  1. Quality guy, v good builder +100
  2. Laeth drops heavily into a seat as she receives the news along with the letter, the Halfling sized mug in her hand falling with a loud crack, the noise falling on deaf ears however. Her fingers tighten around the parchment, tearing it in places as she desperately murmurs; "No.. No.." "Haelun.." She murmurs softly, tears dripping down her cheeks. Her knees would be pulled to her chest, the elf cradling the note for several teary hours.
  3. Ign: Areln Job desired: Chef Rp name: Laethesia
  4. Reserved pls until I get onto my computer also ur skins are great Edit: FORM: Username: Areln Outfit or Fullbody: Fullbody, but without a face Ref: http://imgur.com/a/Ra8IX Description: An alex skin of Faieya, but without a face or hands please! In the ref thing, the coat should be a little more open, with the trousers, boots and shirt from the second picture underneath. Also could you possibly add a hood to the coat, far enough forwards to cover her ears? Proof Of Payment: https://gyazo.com/739195fc14fa63e9379147d2c8c839dd (Optional) Item of bribery: I can offer 1 (one) cow, free of charge (Optional) Cute birb: http://imgur.com/a/lEXCQ
  5. The news of Lhindir's death would arrive at Veris quickly, Laethesia just catching the last thread of gossip concerning it. A heavy exhale escaped her person as the words flooded her mind, floating into her every thought and concept. Every boat and cart ride she took home seemed to last an age, until she finally paced along the warm sandy desert once more. She cast a glance to her house as she passed it, lingering for just a moment before continuing on her aimless wander. The sun was beginning to go down, her gaze tilting towards the pinks and oranges of the sky as she spoke aloud. "I know you didn't approve. No one did." She paused briefly, her steps coming simply to a halt. "And I know you pit us children against eachother, t' fight for your favour." Her voice'd become unsteady, a tinge of sadness to it by this stage. "But you were still my maln. I'm sorry."
  6. Damon Delevoye would hear the commotion from around the tent, a sorrowful silence taking over his person as he'd linger behind the leaving group. The elf would soon retreat back to his room to gather up an armful of items, with a soft murmur of; "Grandhaelun.." only for him to hurry out a few moments later, tears pooling in his eyes. --- Those exploring the forests nearby Leyu'celia might spot a small shrine erected at the base of a large oak, pearly white ribbons tied to the trees branches and lacing around its trunk. A plaque carved into stone would lean against the trunk, adorned in ribbons and covered with bouquets of flowers. It'd read: "To the best Grandhaelun and family member a person could ask for, I hope you find peace."
  7. Student app MC Name: Areln Character's Name: Laethesia Character's Age: 54 Character's Race: Elf What magic(s) will you be learning?: Druid communion and control Teacher's MC Name: Archipelego Teacher's RP Name: Kasfer Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: Nah Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yep! Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/154764-druidic-sa-laethesia/ Applied and was accepted, but I went inactive so it got unaccepted. New teacher, so new app!
  8. An elf named Laeth leaves a note; "How much actually is the farm, though? Also where is it? Give more information!" ((Is it in it's own region?))
  9. go 4 it
  10. Character art shop! So I'm trying to learn how to draw and all that jazz, and I was told that ppl make shops for practice, so I'm copying that idea basically. Btw, as I'm still learning, these aren't the best quality, hence their prices. Also! I will only b accepting five requests at a time (tho I doubt i'll need that many spaces) 50 minas per character, another 50 for a background and plus 50 for full body. (Accepting all chars, including orcs, khas and the like) Stuff about ur char: Race: Gender: Skintone/hair/eye colour: Clothes: Pose: Bust/Full Body?: Misc stuff about them: Minecraft skin: Reserved spots: (Finished first 5 requests 29.07.17) 1. Devvy 2. Hero_ 3. Chorale_ 4. Harrison 5. Thaelab Examples: http://imgur.com/a/gtN9l
  11. So tbh, I forgot I actually had a skinshop until like a couple of days ago! Also forgot I had a bunch of requests left, so I thought I'd finish them all up before closing the shop. All of these requests are free, as a sort of apology for the ridiculously long wait, even tho they miiiiight not b relevant anymore. So anyway, enjoy the skins, and sorry again! PoochieMoo http://imgur.com/a/Q7i8X Aqua Vita http://imgur.com/a/MeEu1 Jentos https://imgur.com/a/wLfVK Rayna Star http://imgur.com/a/izQ4s Read previous post! Assassinofawsome http://imgur.com/a/a86zr Fury_Fire http://imgur.com/a/9bvcb ItsOnlyChis http://imgur.com/a/LepWJ Space_Matrix http://imgur.com/a/zUcSn Trenchist https://imgur.com/a/BpsO1 Niraith https://imgur.com/a/Ntnnf DrinkPesticide http://imgur.com/a/oWRDj
  12. Mirrill'bel sends a letter to promise her attendance.
  13. Seems like a hardworking dude +1
  14. Laethesia would scribble out an application, humming sea shanties to herself as she dons a very sailor-like hat. Username: Areln Character name: Laethesia Character's race and age: Elf and 50 Skill sets: None Major Nation Affiliations: Veris Skype: Areln (HarleyX)
  15. Hey, I'm unsure, but do i pay you before or after the skin commission is done?

    1. Glocky18


      after, usually to avoid any kind of scam

    2. SuperDuckyGamer


      Hi unsure, I'm dad.

    3. Dragons


      What glocky said, p much