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  1. Princess Elizabeth Maria heard word of this, shaking her head in disapproval. "Must Courland suffer more heartbreak? He isn't unfit for the Lady Ariana and they love deeply..." she said to her lady in waiting. A frown composed of despair casting across her young features. "If I could go back, I'd elope with my true love."
  2. YES! Best RP hubby by far and also a genuine sweet heart. I can't see a more competent fit for the position! Best wishes, Ollie! <3 +1
  3. Treeeeeeee fiddy!

    1. -=*KiwiAlice*=-



  4. Waving her tree fiddy into the air. "It deal! King ****** mine!" Areona screams!!!1!! leizbath says with confidence “I'll give ya fi fiddy! Fi fidddyy!" shouted next, the hand waving the mina in a sack about in the air.
  5. leizbath says “IT mine now, boi. "
  6. [[ +1, Completely agree.
  7. Are we having a staff rebellion now too?

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      when is there not one

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      We're actually having a raff stebellion, very different.

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  8. Princess Elizabeth Maria dazed out into the horizon after hearing word of her mother's passing. For what wroth had come to deepen an already broken heart. It seemed all her life had been a game of ending happiness. From a love lost, a caring and loving father dead, but now, her last and precious parent too to join part in the Seven Skies. The princess did not weep, nor smile. Simply allowed the satire of what her life had become to settle. "May you find happiness with papa now, mama. GOD save the Queen!" she screamed off of a balcony. A soft murmur, almost a whisper, concluded her speech. "May God save me..." [[ http://imgur.com/a/JhkLq
  9. Usually don't fight in warclaims, but I'm postponing my nail appointment for this s***fest. 

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      get ya nails done, treat urself


      actually i propose that the entire dwarf nation gets their nails done saturday

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      I said postpone, not cancelled. Can't have ratchet nails now.


      I propose that House Ruthern and the entire rebellion get their nails done after all the clicking they'll be doing tomorrow.  

  10. Princess Elizabeth Maria Staunton continued her various prayers. For the Houses that have caused her family such pain due to their inhumane and drastic actions. Now learning, they have no reason, yet claim they fight for such. Elle remembers the Grand Princess in a time like this, for when her mother was kidnapped forcibly, the flower crown given by her was crushed by one of the men's boots.
  11. Princess Elizabeth Maria Staunton weeps for her mother, Queen Lisette's captivity as she prayed to GOD at night for his mercy upon them. "Please," begged a Princess to her Creator. For this child has already suffered a loss from one parent and does not fathom another, her mother, next.
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9rPQ1duCPc Hidden Beneath the Shadows In life, everything is looked upon. Even if the eyes are the crystal of GOD himself must look upon it. Yet, in this night, the 16th of Snow's Maiden in the year of 1612; the eyeful observer was one of which many could still consider a child. Sounds of the rebellion raged at the Courland gates. Bellowing it's fear to instill it in the hearts of men, women, and children who awoken from their slumber, now, laying cold in a once warm bed. Men, bewildered like beast for prey, somehow managed to break through. Elizabeth Maria sat upon the dais, reading a novel on the likes of love, as any girl dreams. Only if she knew that her dreaming would forced to be ceased by the horrors stored in the monster which battered her home's door. "Elle, now! We must go, now I say!" Cried her mother, the late Queen of Courland, Lisette Henretti. At Lisette's flank was the new Queen consort, Marie, distraught. The men neared. Sounds of their chargers that they mount scraped upon the Earth's surface. But they weren't nearly close enough to get them. For levels of doors and ferrum gates blocked them from trespassing onto holy ground- the Palace of Curon. They ran and ran; through the moat and into the bleak forest at dawn they ran. Not leaving a trail of sound to their movement or footsteps. Once entering their safe house, each window shutter- locked. Doors down to cabinets, locked. Elizabeth Maria was obedient to instruction and this, is what had saved her life. Beneath the bed was a cubby hole crafted into it's fine wooden making. The chisel in it's eloquent design making inside to out made it almost impossible to discover. The Queen hid the young Princess in it and the trio waited. For word, for hope, but, for an end to this rebellion. In reality, which they learn, they waited for the evil to muster through the night. Bursting down doors one by one to make it up to the second story of the safe house. Door by door, pound by pound with laughter that impersonate cohesive drunkards. The two Queens stood strong, awaiting their demise. A small hole allowed not only air, but sight of what was happening. The princess witnessed first handed the man handling of the two Queens in cruelty. Men only to be titled 'swine'. Grabbing the women forcefully to take them away in considerable and substantial exertion. Away in the night, the bodies, noise, and peace had left. For only their acts of malice remain to haunt the lands. Demonizing a fear into the mind of a Princess of what would happen to her last living parent. What ushers a man in the eyes of many, to conclude such dishonorable acts? Frigid satire, isn't it? How the King of Lorraine sits in his palace, at peace in his decision to turn a betraying back to his sister. The power of his sword left idle in hand, and it's use? To support the enemy of his his crowned Queen-consort and sister. Now, Queen Marie is stolen away in the depths of darkness into the night. Little does he know, his living, breathing nephew, a heir, now grows without his mother. Regret may not feed the King's vocabulary, but a snake will be casted into the flames of Iblee's breath and history will teach the nephew of his own uncle's actions. Hours passed, time slower than molasses. Finally, Elizabeth Maria crawled from beneath the hiding comforts. Cloaking herself, running into the night to her be reunited with her Uncle, Frederick, in his keep. Yet, as the men think they have won or gain by feeding off of the weak. A contradiction stills a heart that cannot be tame to such. For a strong woman accepts the war she has been through and will go through, and is ennobled by her scars. Ethical good shall prevail, but for only a battle has been won, but not the war.
  13. Princess Elizabeth Maria would be resting in her bed, left where the holy works of healing had been done. "I am eternally grateful forever and always." she looked to her mother, kissing the hands which the Queen used for prayer.
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      fake propaganda!!!!!!! wtf do u mean fake propaganda thats exactly, undeniably, and irrefutably what happened! This is some donald trump level alternative facts **** going down smh smh


      still love u tho

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      Let's not go as far to compare Wapples to Trump... that's just... malice. Haha, love you too

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