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  1. JasperJohn

    Farewell! :)

    Hello everybody and goodbye. I don’t have a big interest in this server anymore or multiplayer roleplay. I hope you all continue to have fun, I had a lot of fun for a long time. I know this isn’t the most dramatic goodbye post or the most passionate, but I hope you know that I really did have fun and I really did like playing with a lot of you. I have nothing more to contribute to the server and the stuff I do contribute I fear wastes my time and the time of others, not that my time is too valuable. I’ll be back another time, maybe, if I ever get interested again. I’d like to thank all the people I roleplay with presently and in the past, those being the forest dwarves, the shades, the enchantry, the ascended, the paladins, the druids, the dominion, the orcs, the halflings, and especially the Adunians. Have a nice day everybody, don’t forget I was here, or do if that’s your thing. I leave you with two good songs! 🙂
  2. JasperJohn

    Moderation Update Log - February

    i mean kill the source of the problem, the logs in the pits
  3. JasperJohn

    Moderation Update Log - February

    remove log pit?

    1. JokerLow
    2. JasperJohn


      good song  and really nice music video

  5. JasperJohn

    The End of The ET & The New Team System

    me 🙂
  6. JasperJohn

    Hand Cannons; Firearms

    heck yeah brother +1