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  1. whats your favorite play

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. AgentMemory


      Super Bowl 42. 1:15 in the 4th. Manning to Tyree.

    3. Urara


      A Doll's House, Heinrik Ibsen

    4. SquakHawk


      the hanged kings tragedy

  2. Hi again. :)

    1. JokerLow


      glad to be following your profile, hi

  3. you're right. Too many people think they're the protagonist, ignoring that I am the protagonist.
  4. Hi everybody! 

    1. snoopie12


      Hi there! How are you doing? 🥰

  5. WILLOW HOLLOW! I loved being a halfling bartender (scroll down to my advertisement haha) and this: my little guy even got a sprite
  6. It’s been ok, I have been reading books, hanging out online, i recently got tested for covid
  7. Where does character development come from? What drives a character? There is no more of a driving force than one’s own “internal combustion”; their psychological drive. Why does conflict occur? Let’s examine the bandit. A bandit initiates, if written well, not just as a plot device to create conflict, but for a purpose such as wealth. The need for wealth is the consequence of a character’s economic status, but where does the economic status come from? The bandit’s economic status comes from their material origin. So, if you can boil down a bandit down to their mat
  8. Nazorean was great because I have the most emotional attachment to him and because I put all my energy into playing him as best I could, to the point where it was very hard for me to RP him because he was too depressing and I have a problem with not being able to take a step back sometimes. Yes, Daels are very cool
  9. Hello, I’ve been here for five and half years now. I only just realized this. I joined Lord of The Craft in 2015 on March 3rd when I was eleven. I am now seventeen. I have known many people on LoTC and it has been very interesting and has definitely shaped me. I have been banned many times, been a moderator twice, been a community team member, and a roleplayer of varying quality. I have played for long periods, and been gone for long periods. I have played many characters: Nazorean, Fygmor the Blind Boy, Crispin the Acolyte, Talar the Dim, Lylion Khainlen (Larry Kringle) the Vandor
  10. Anybody interested in an LOTC book club? 

    1. Crevel


      I’m curious about how it would go so I’m kinda interested. I’m reading through the Harry Potter series for the first time this year and I’m dazzled by how much doesn’t make it to the movies. I’m up to Order of the Phoenix.

    2. JasperJohn


      I’ve never read Harry Potter, but the movies were good

  11. Hi everybody, what are your favorite books? 

    What books are you currently reading?

    1. Xx_BloodStalk_xX


      i like captain underpants. especially the flip-o-rama part.

  12. What are your favorite books? Where do you get inspiration to roleplay? Who are your favorite characters on the server and why?
  13. I think there’s a fundamental disconnect between combat and story in LoTC. We’d do better to have a permadeath system where every fight is important and a moderator presides over every fight. Making it so people must choose their character’s battles wisely as their character would, and the same for the bandits who would be robbing people who would not want always to kill people. 

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    2. 𝕾𝖙𝖆𝖗𝖌𝖚𝖘𝖍


      PK should only be enforced through Suicide, Warclaims or Story PK Event. I last recall Adam Barnett force PKing his Kha due to lore complications not that it matters now with Kha and Metzli being dead. I think mods already take enough heat from the annual rewritten rules they enforce though. I agree there seems like complicated clashes between both Story (Event, RP) and Combat (PvP, RP). Regardless, Story and Role-Play have always held the strong arm of the server function, but due to many types and ambitious rulings of combat, players versus players are mostly watching their backs in regards to rules more than they have fun pursuing a fight.


      In the end, Cloud Temple monks will revive you no matter what fight you get in whether it’s a duel, brawl, skirmish, or war. Revival from death isn’t something that is usually reflected on combat rules, because you may have been grieved of belongings but you aren’t driven to ruin and the life is still intact from which you can recover most of the time very quickly. Though at that point it is solely your choice to PK your character or not.  Much hysteria from combat I think comes from interruption of personal RP, being uncooperative, or being captured, but battle nevertheless is something that rallies great activity whether in defense or offense.


      story and combat should both have an equal place on the server, because both are huge reason for great activity spikes. 

    3. SquakHawk


      from personal experience on multiple other servers with first-death (mechanically or rply) is PK, it’s a very different experience.

      Caeldor, Valenor, Mirai, Hollowguard, Caelum, and so on; first death, to a PK. I found that these servers, while boasting smaller playerbases (≥100) did have a much higher quality of rp. The intended effect of having people value their character decisions more made it much more interesting; I recall on Caeldor, despite being a renowned swordsman, marshal, and the like- there was still a very real fear behind every decision. Will I die? Will I slip up? Hollowguard much the same; Despite being an easy fight and under a combat system i’d written, I’d my hand cut off. I didn’t win the fight heroically, I didn’t plead mercy or anything; I just ran. **** like that was incredible for character development. It literally lead to countless hours of roleplay of insecurities, relearning to fight irp, dealing with the backlash of the marshal having their hand cutoff by a bandit-leader. It was incredible

      Though I much miss those days I cannot say it was perfect. There was squads (mainly droves from bigger servers like RoK or LOTC) which did pose issue; I recall my favorite being someone’s dwarf from LOTC who quote “I am 512-0. I have never lost a duel on this character.”. 

      Days gone and things passed, I think the more casual system on LOTC has benefits and drawbacks. Given the size of the communities and the server, it’s just differing ideologies. Story PKs exist for nearly every event now, and I’m happy with that. I think I’d be upset dying to “dirty cancer” @Callum (b itch) who /sneak’d up to me in curon and whispered ((pvp)) before counting down. Like i’d said- benefits, and drawbacks.

    4. JasperJohn


      I think that you guys make fair points, but my main reason for believing that moderators or a similar group would look over combat is that it would make combat an event in the character’s life. This would decrease the amount of overall crappy combat because there would be consequences, and increase the stakes for your character to avoid combat like you would avoid combat in real life. Death should be a very harsh consequence and important moment for your character, so to create a PK-Event system it would create an atmosphere of higher quality roleplay, I believe, and make people care more about every moment in their character’s life. 

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