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  1. JasperJohn

    Im quitting LOTC

    goodbye my favorite pvp goon you were one of my favorite GMs when you were a GM
  2. JasperJohn


    dang man, i’m so sorry this happened. I tried playing runescape a bit ago but i don’t know much about it, but I hope you find people to play with and stay happy 🙂
  3. JasperJohn

    [Denied]Tornado___'s Game Moderator Application

    You may not like how he acts sometimes out of being a GM, but I can say that even when he did act like a child a bit after his GM stuff (most gms end up acting bad after they quit when the nerves wears off) that Tornado was a really really good GM and I felt really sad when he left the team. +1
  4. JasperJohn

    The Plinkett Test

    oh dude i was just watching plinketts reviews of star wars ahahahahah
  5. JasperJohn


    😞 rip
  6. JasperJohn

    Seeking an apprentice

    A child sat in the NEW-New Mos le’Harmless Cantina in Carolustadt. He began to write a letter to the woman. It’s written amateurishly at best. “Dear Dr. Zatanaes. Hello. I would like to learn what you have to teach. I like to learn new things, yes.” I would make a good apprentice because I do not know a lot. Thank you miss. Please send me a letter back or find me in the cantina if you pick me. Sincerely, Job.”
  7. JasperJohn

    A Strange Character Request

    hewwo miwster i’ll plawy yur waif, pwease add me on discword: ‘sexigurl243#6969’ ;_) see u ther big man
  8. JasperJohn

    [✗] [server appeal] charlemagne

    You have alted in the past week, I don’t know why you even posted an appeal. Your ban is extended until July 28th 2019. Low effort appeal.