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  1. Kef

    [Arcane] [Voidal] Water Evocation

    It's quite interesting to explore the utility that Water-Evocation offers, also proper clear redlines! Good read!
  2. Kef

    Just got accepted Stream

    I'm a simple man, I see Mystery, I click.
  3. Would it be possible to conjure a rock type creature, bind it and forge a rune onto it?
  4. I know Kid_, I said I'll stay quiet here, BUT! I'm sure a position in the Staff suits you well, I know you as a really organized person, plus you know the demand of the players, especially the new ones. I was surprised when I held the Ratiki Event in Belvitz that you and the other group of veteran players let the new players join the event first, kudos for that. Best of Luck on your application, although I'd say you fit much better into the Application team... +1
  5. A very dedicated roleplayer, I'm sure Pink will suit Nafari well!!! +1
  6. Kef

    [Final Update] The Turning of the Seasons

    Great Event Line! Was Happy to join and participate in doing Events! Props to Aesopian for providing such a exciting piece of lore. #wonklove #worldwidewonk #wonkevent
  7. A man in black armor served a platter of cannoli in Dunshire, offering one to each visitor. Altough his apperance in armor seems grim his tone seems calm, yet loaded with sorrow "For the halfling that can even eat a fully fledged mercenary under the table!" he raised the platter and stayed for a while to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and serenity that only the halflings will ever know.


  9. the slave thing needs to stop, unless it is some weird fetish, then sorry for kinkshaming ^^'

    1. Ougi


      if u want it to stop why wont u do something lol

    2. Kef


      good idea


  10. Heavy snow fell over the capital for several days, and the rain caused most open fires go out. Only a few moved through the streets, whether because of the weather or the rumors that went around inside the buildings. The heavens were crying, the dark cloud cover made people uncomfortable with visitors to the city. Hope was there, atleast for those who held their eyes open. The Eye of the Storm allowed the sun to let its sunbeams onto the earth for a while, but it did not last for very long it seemed. How long will the weather continue, and why at a time of unrest in the capital ... Is it only a bad joke of fate? What is the cause of this cursed weather? Anyway, one thing is clear, the investigation and the search for the murderers has brought a lot of evidence on the tables, now it remains only for the righteous to prey on the evil that lurks, and for justice to strike upon the perpetrator.
  11. Kef

    Cloud Temple Weekly: Issue #1

    In a pile of trash a head popped up, much akin to that of a lesser Ratiki. "SQUEAK.. Much SQUEAK!" it then hopped back into a tunnel, hoping to find another treasure to deliver into the depths of Atlas!
  12. Kef

    A Plague Lingers