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  1. How to end a Plotline the Right way.


  2. Kef

    Motherland's used skin auction

    Why not sell them IRP?
  3. Kef

    Mystery Tries Again For ET! (Event Team Actor App)

    The most important thing about Mystery is, that he’s very level headed. I’d say the greatest challenge for the ET is to stay above the general meandering and pondering to provide a healthy soil for roleplay to come up with. My boy definetely has that. All in all he is a very pleasant person. He might be a goof sometimes, but that doesn’t hinder him from doing superb Roleplay. Also, seeing how he cites Sutica so often. There’s nothing wrong with that. Sutica is known as a RP hub, it is a good place to start and the whole playerbase can benefit from plotlines in the diverse nation. Big ol’ +1.
  4. Kef

    Who do you look up to?

    @BathRugMan Showed me how builds are probably the most important part in immersion when it comes to Roleplay. He’s also very chill and does superb roleplay! Best Builder IMO
  5. Kef

    Soul Trees Remastered! Free DLC!

    didn’t read lol!
  6. My Mystery Man, proud of ya. There’s not much I need to say about Mystery, he’s very well versed in his Roleplay and has managed to draw alot of Players together. He knows People, and he knows even better how to entertain and Keep roleplay going at a reasonable pace. Seeing how active he is, and also how much Talent he has, Mystery is definetely top choice for the Event Staff. a big ol’ +1 and a o7 for good measure.
  7. Yesterday I saw new players banditing and thieving from other players. It made me very sad 😞

    1. Raomir


      why is that sad?

    2. Kef


      To think their focus drifts towards general villainy as soon as they are on the server means… well, I don't really know, they've chosen to do so, they might as well enjoy it. Just quite sad for the players that actually want to engage in villainy but find that most villains are shameless personas created to abuse some loopholes in our community-guidelines.

  8. You're motivated… that's a big +1 in itself. Some well meant critique: The Crown Event It is indeed a fascinating idea, clearly inspired by Aesopians great events. Yet, we do not need Idea-machines on the team. We can come up with such ourselves, or often use lore that is already available to us. In your Event 'concept' there is not much specified. It is creative, yes!, but does it suit to a large scale event? Ask that yourself. Elder Made Event Trees, No trees! I must admit, making something appear and seeing how players react to it in a more or less random environment is very exciting, yet many players will not except such. Often times such events have no longevity, or any substance. Players could just be working to get rid of it, or see it as a quick measure to get loot. Still, the idea of maintaining weekly rewarding events is not too farfetched, and a strong point in your app! Dungeon Events This is a tough one! A random event set in a dungeon environment is destined to fail. It will simply be too much of a burden for you as an event actor alone. You did not mention teamwork or perhaps having the support of others players in the event. Simply loading it with puzzles andor jumpquests will result in it being a one-shot sort of thing, where players, and most definitely you will lose motivation. But don't fret, you might not know these complications at first… now you know! The other Events All trough out your application, your creative writing skills shines trough. It also seems that you like planning ahead, perhaps scheduling an event for each day of the week! This is very much a good start, and probably what every Event Actor should strive to achieve. Still, I think more RP can help you figure out what players truly like. Try to lay your focus on roleplay and actually read trough the lore. I'm sure with your writing skills and the great compendium of lore LotC has you will make a superb staff member. For the next app, try to keep it simple and plain, yet intriguing and roleplay driven. Heads up and Good Luck on your next application!
  9. Kef

    [Event Team] Management Update, Event Zones

    I had my first Event with Malgonius, he's top notch. Also, congrats my friend!
  10. This is my home(boy) don't mess with it.

  11. Kef

    [✗] Star Forging [Artificing]

    10 / 10 lore, thank you !
  12. Kef

    Teachers Wanted!

    Application: Mc Name: D4NNA Discord: KefKong/D4NNA#6850 Timezone: CET RP Name: The Hermit Race: Human Age: 100+ New Subject Idea: Support Magic Subject: Philosophy Prior Experience: N/A