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  1. pretty banging stuff man, so ******* sick seeing his story and being there for his time alive. missed you a **** ton too big dawg.
  2. A young man sat in his bare room, clinging to the letter that was handed to him, reading over his mention. He bit into the knuckle of his finger as he shoved the letter into his coat, swinging the door wide and moving for the exit of the Ruberni castle, grabbing his cowl and moving off, muttering beneath his breath, "I swore to protect her and I failed. How could I?" All the while, he set off towards the Druids, making sure his protection of another was secure, even if it was too late for Ophelia, it wasn't too late for the one he loved.
  3. yo anyone got a vr headset, if so what games do you recommend? 

    1. Nathan_Barnett36


      your momma is a good game

    2. Jake!


      im calling ur brother

    3. Quavinir_Twiceborn


      VRchat is pretty great but its best to do it with a friend. Additionally, Beatsaber if you can get some custom songs on it.

  4. Rahtol Wick quickly began packing for travel, deep within the residency of Rubern, "A bit more time to prepare would've been kind." He grumbled.
  5. Rahtol Wick scratches his head, "What did they do wrong?" He questioned, the only anti-racist of his family.
  6. me when i see you with an elixir of longevity
  7. Character Name: Rahtol Wick Character Age: 21 Position: Detective IGN: JEEGK Timezone: CST
  8. yeah and now im gonna throw rocks at you :/
  9. bro no one has said anything yet chill
  10. cant wait till i ******* kill you unrelated. super cool lore tho keep it up mordu
  11. Within the icy confines of the south, a letter arrived to a castle hidden within the frozen tundra, given by a visiting relative. A boy sat upon one of the many balconies that were blanketed with snow, reading over the letter again and again. In a slow moment of realization he muttered the words, "Beat me to it, Pepper." following was his tiny laugh, "We each have our own lives to live, live yours to the fullest, Cajsa." The tears which he wished to hold back stung in the cold. "We will see each other soon." The aforementioned father figure sat within the darkness of an open doorw
  12. do you like me? [ ] yes [ ] no :3
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