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  1. "Maybe, Brother...." Aryen glanced down from the nose bleeds towards Lefkos' position.
  2. Arthur pondered in his thought, an inked quill within his grasp, soon beginning to do his best and write slowly; "Truthfully, against a dishonorable opponent, I'd begin by making prayers, though, offering no hesitation to continue the battle in any way possible to keep myself breathing for the next ongoing days. Giving up has never been the answer, nor will it ever be." The message was written out with clear mistakes on larger words, and many other things, like grammar and punctuation - clearly not the work of a novelist!
  3. MC Name: JakeFSF How long you’ve played Lotc: Two years Character Name: Arthur la Croix Race: Human Where you hold residence: Currently, no where. Ranger or Knight: Knight Skype: jakester4575 The reason for joining: Hoping to bring back military rp in my life, probably the most enjoyable thing I've done How active you think you are within a week: Well, I'm homeschooled with nothing to do, so very. Anything else?: nope
  4. I as well lost someone important to me yesterday - you really don't know what you're missing till it's gone.
  5. : 0
  6. bazi-boy i just want afflicted back
  7. these br jokes are just cold......

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    2. Humanistic


      I love u still Jake, Ban Reports are childish as **** that are presented by people who are insecure with their role-play and don't know how to cooperate with the other party. It's a game get over it.

    3. h e x

      h e x

      wow i really want to get these bad rule breakers banned from sweet and pristine lord of the craft experience.

    4. Jake!


      @Humanistic you're saying it as if IIIII posted the BR ;/

  8. leric 2.0
  9. get banned kid

    1. Jake!


      alright, listen here, kiddo, you're gonna get the BR next bucko....

    2. KiwiAlice
    3. Humanistic
  10. Ibar's expression grew sour quickly upon hearing in of Crumena's departure, packing his belongings from the Order's keep to venture to who he once called "educator".
  11. garbage boy stink man will be teaching his other frost harlot
  12. garbage boy stink man is me
  13. MC Name: JakeFSF RP Name: Aryen Race: Hgih Elf Discord (For communication and rallying): already in the discord Do you have teamspeak? (You will need to be on teamspeak during battles): sure Timezone (EST, GMT, etc.): EST Professions: I breathe, and do magic Do you swear loyalty to Veris, and it’s reigning High Prince: Yeah, sure