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  1. “I’m gone for one Assembly...” Donnie huffed in disbelief, scratching at his cheek.
  2. You have time to write up this post but still don’t have time to watch YLIA. :// Keep pushing on, Claire.
  3. “A fantastic accomplishment, Brothers.” Alwyn praises from the other side.
  4. i don’t know what was actually wrong with the chat system we had? were you bored or something? i’m genuinely curious
  5. “liquid brain”
  6. Donnie signed the lorraine cross, looking up to the blue sky above “Keep Prince Myre company up there, Ser Mercer.”
  7. Donnie sat next to Bottle swinging a jar of water around, “This is Darius’ brain. He’s got a liquid brain. Hahahahahaha! Haha!”
  8. “nice try, poo-brain” georgie kovachev comments from beyond the grave.
  9. **** you also this is technically your second leaving post
  10. Donnie sends in his information with a plus 3!
  11. A dragon frowns, not remembering signing any pact of the sort.
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