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  1. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ she literally has a gun to my head. +1
  2. I don't like the idea of this, more like fix the application.
  3. "That woman was really black..." Aryen commented to himself, overhearing the news.
  4. mine are not all women, im sorry
  5. enjoying pocket edition! XDDD
  6. "Aenor... Aenor... Aenor! Congradulations!" Xilath Athri nods briskly, offering him a Sirame Salute
  7. yeah, uh, when am I getting added? :D
  8. "What could go wrong?" Asked a high elf. Username:KaiserAryen Character Name: Aryen Race: High Elf Age: 200 something
  9. hey, dude, jasper is a great character! @Kinslayer
  10. "Maybe if someone ever took up my citizen request that I put in MULTIPLE TIMES." An angered high elf bellowed at the top of his lungs. ((I realised this was under rp, this is also a cry for ooc too
  11. bring this homie along!
  12. i appreciate u <3
  13. MC Name: KaiserAryen (When I receive the chance, I'll be changing it back to JakeFSF) Skype Name: jakester4575 Timezone: CST Age: Seventeen Do you have Discord? (you need to): I do have it, yes. Do you feel that you have a solid grasp on our lore and an understanding of the application standards?: I indeed believe that I hold the knowledge of the lore needed, and the understanding of what I must be able to do. I also fully believe that I understand these standards. Why do you want to be an AT member and do you have the ability to work and collaborate with others?: I seek to assist LotC from its recent problems, to make sure that the new player base that comes in does not bring harm towards the server. In time, I wish to perform a number on the server, so that I can make it greater than what it is already made out to be. I also hold the power of working well with others, answering questions that a new player may have, assisting them in any way, shape, or form, and guiding them on a path of a great RP experience. My motives have not changed since my last run on the AT. Beyond reviewing whitelist applications, what ways do you think you would enjoy helping new applicants?: I believe I would enjoy assisting them through stuff as character development, learning the ropes to the RP server, assisting them with commands and such, etc. Simply bring assistance to them through the little things I can, including helping with applying in WS chat and whatnot. How do you think the server’s application process could be improved?: Scenarios would be a great come back to get well-rounded applicants to the server, so they hold a grasp of the basic needs of the server like emoting and whatnot. Other than this, I believe the application now holds fine. Is there anything else you would like to add or that we should know about you?: Not other than I'm a swell guy! :D Tell me a joke: Afflicted lore! Just a joke, I miss the Afflicted lore and I want it back...
  14. : ) Character Portrait Sketch, Polished, or Color: Color Color Details (if applicable): er, white? I guess. Character Name: Arthur la Croix Age: 80 something but he looks like he's in his late 20s Gender: Male Race: Azdrazi Link to Character's In-Game Skin (optional): http://i.imgur.com/bej6LIM.png Flowery Physical Description: A broad human with a well-trimmed beard, serpent eyes, and rounding horns on each side of his head Clothing (this will only be visible from the shoulders up): Darkish purple pauldrons. Pictures/References: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/31/03/b5/3103b51dd39a455d791b77a1c596adc7.jpg This only goes for the hair!!! Other: ty zossy :D D D