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  1. I still miss the days my $200 VIP granted me the benefits of a free pillar ): Pog tho
  2. (Art by Zezhou Chen) The Arcane Focus has been an important tool in the arsenal of a Voidal Mage since the beginning of time. It eases the strain of connecting to the void and allows one to evoke the chaotic elements of the void from a safe distance. Most objects may be imbued to be used as a casting focus. Arcane Focuses requires a [MA] in Voidal Magic to create. A mage must have access to an Obelisk or Tear in which they imbue the chaotic energy of the void into their desired Arcane Focus. They do not require an ST signature. Wands - Spells are conju
  3. This video is just validation for all of us not to feel bad about rping on minecraft and its working I loved it
  4. Thank god. Now get the players access to paid LC and then we'll be in the golden age.
  5. A older aheral dressed in a large black coat with its collar a bit too high over his face quirked a brow at the statement. "Suppose we've been reduced to the ways of savage humans if this is allowed - though who am I to judge." He commented aloud in his home away from the silver city. "Least they're not wearing powdered wigs yet."
  6. Hey if you want my unprofessional opinion I would say you might want to format your lore for each hex a bit more.. informative. Explanation: Mechanics: Redline per elemental Hex: It would help us digest the concept better, we're not very big brained.
  7. Alright, fine. Take my +1.
  8. I can't wait to do speed- oh sorry I mean't *checks notes* Aureum Capturam
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