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  1. Tox

    The Womping Wizard's Forum Moderator Application

    I didn't want to but they put a gun against my head I swear I SWEAR
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    The Womping Wizard's Forum Moderator Application

    idk man you gave me a warning back in like 2015 because my posts formatting was bad... idk about you.... watching you............. NEVER FORGET............
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    Prospering Silver

    Sarrion vomits at the sight of Klaus vomiting.
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    LotC Patch 6.2a: SkeletonKey

    It gives an emote that the door is left ajar when you use it and im p sure it gives one to someone whos on the door when they fix it so they know
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    LotC Patch 6.2a: SkeletonKey

    oh my GOD YES
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    Arcane Incantations

    Arcane only, as it be odd to mix it with other magics whilst its primary use is for arcane / voidal magics.
  7. Tox

    Arcane Incantations

    See my reply above to superduckygamer on why it's lore submitted. Thanks for the feedback though!
  8. Tox

    Arcane Incantations

    No where is it stated you need an MA. It says you need an MA to cast the magic you're casting. Vaynth explains it in better detail. I literally put in several places this is OPTIONAL. The reason why it's being lore submitted is because it's an optional replacement to ears twitch silent casting etc. It also does not hurt to have base lore on incantations that the LT can add on or use if they ever alter the way magic works. Thanks for the feedback both of you!
  9. Tox

    [PK] The Immortal Lies to Rest.

    "Damn, one less ascended to bully.. one I actually didn't mind as well." Sarrion frowned overhearing the news, his words sarcastic as always.
  10. Tox

    Arcane Incantations

    Your opinions are valued and I'm sure nothing else can change them. Personally, I think it's fine to have lore backing different changes and aesthetics it's not really a huge deal. Thanks for the feedback!
  11. Tox

    Arcane Incantations

    Because why not! it's nice to have some backing for stuff.
  12. Tox

    Arcane Incantations

    Foreword: Words have power, let this be the power to move a nation to sheer victory or charm an audience with a fine tale. This also comes in terms in the arcane arts, Arcane Incantation is an art of stringing together an ancient language comprised to represent direction and meaning to the soul and guide the creation of a spell with ease. Typically incantations are done with three base words: the catalyst which dictates the power behind a spell, the element of the spell which directs the element being brought forth and finally the shape of the spell such as a bolt or ball. For each school of magic there is a book of incantations to be weaved together. Incantations are said in an ancient tongue of many names commonly known today as the ‘Arcane Tongue’ as the chants work only with voidal magic. Nobody knows the origins of the language, perhaps ancient scholars of old or even the creatures of the void itself created it. One of the hardest languages to master and understand the Arcane Tongue is one of the first things taught to a new magi. [Meaning] - [Runic Script] - [Phonetic Translation] - [Brief Description if needed] Catalysts: This category consists of power words which light the fire within the spell. These typically come first in the chant. Lesser (weak) - חלש - Chalash - Low tier spell or Household Magic Greater - גדול - D'uleh - High tier spell Creation - היצירה - B'riyah - Basic Spell Destruction - הרס - Chur'ban Alteration - שינוי - Tikun - Alteration spell starts Fill - מילוי - Mile - Drain - סוחטים - Roken - Cast - צוות השחקנים - Zarak - Basic Spell Ritual - טכס - Riytual - Circling ritual initiation Elements: This category consists of words referring to elements / Evocations. Earth - כדור הארץ - Adamah Fire - אש - S'refah Water - מים - Mayim Ice - קרח - Kerach Air - האוויר - Aviyrah Lightning - הברק - Barak Arcane (void) - רֵיקָנוּת - Reykanut Life - החיים - Chayiym Shapes: This category consists of words to shape the spell if it needs to be shaped (for Evocations etc) Bolt - הברק - Bala Sphere - כדור - s'ferah Shield - מגן - Hegen Disc (circle) - עיגול - Ma'gal Beam - קרן - Korah Bubble - בועה - Bi'bua Dome - כיפה - Kipah Tower - צְרִיחַ -Mig'dal Arc - קֶשֶׁת - Keshet Spike - דָּרְבָן - Yated Conjuration: This category consists of words related to conjuration. Bipedal (two-legged) - האדם - Enoshiy Quadrupedalism (four-legged) - חיה - Bahamiy Flying (also used in Telekinesis) - נִמְלַט - Barach Insect - חרק - Cherek Crawling (Snakes etc) - זָחַל - Zachal Transfiguration: This category consists of words related to Transfiguration. Binding - קָשַׁר - Kashar Metal - מתכת - Matekhet Mineral - מינרל - Miyneral Resource - משאב - Mash'av Protect (shield) - להגן - Hegen Deflect - חוסמת - Satah Detect - לזהות - Gilah Magic - הקסם - Kesem Mana (essence) - תמצית - Ikar Activate - להפעיל - Hif'iyl Deactivate - ביטול הפעלה - Nit'rel Key (Touch/Feel/Lock/Key) - פתח - Maf'techa Voice (Command Activate) - קול - Kol If - אם - Im Then - לאחר מכן - Kaasher Illusion: This category consists of words related to Sensory Illusion and Mental Magic Glamour- זוהר - Zhar Figment (imaginary) - דמיוני - Dim'yoniy Emotion - רגש - Regesh Delve - המשקיעים - Chakar Memory - זיכרון - Zikaron Alteration: This category consists of words related to alteration magics Rift - השבר הסורי - Kera Pocket - כיס - kiys Teleport (blink) - הבהוב - If’ef Grab (grip) - ידית - Achaz “Wild Card” - These words can be weaved into spells or replace other words to give change and flavor to the incantation being chanted. Summon - להזמין - Zimen Friend - ידיד - Yadiyd Rest - ידיד - Nach Call Forth - שיחה וכו - Kara hal’ah Seek - מחפשים - Chipes Foe - האויב - Oyev Strike - שביתה - Hikah You - אתה - Atah Me - לי - Ly Connection - חיבור - Kesher Revive - להחיות - Ri'nen Strengthen - לחזק - Chizek Weaken - להחליש - Hech'liysh Blood - דָּם - Dam Casting with Incantations is done by weaving together a spell with a minimum of three words. First one must select a catalyst to determine the strength or what the spell is doing. Multiple Catalysts can be used on various more powerful spells or wild cards mixed in. After the catalyst comes the base of the spell such as the element. If the spell is something that is to be projected like an evocation one will also need to give shape to their spell such as “Greater - Fire - Bolt”. Once the incantation is weaved successfully the spell is casted. If a student learning incantations were to mess up an incantation it can and will end up disastrous as the spell can backfire in wonky ways depending on the way they string the words. One can also write down their incantations into grimoires or scrolls for assistance or carve them right into their wand or stave, allowing them to have quick reference to the incantation if needed. Upon chanting each word the word in their tool would glow the color of their aura, stringing together until the spell is casted. Enchanting: Enchanting with Incantations can be done by writing the entire enchantment into the item using specific enchanting words and weaving them with spell words while chanting. This can be done by either chalking a formula up in a ritual circle around the intended item to enchant or carving the formula itself into the object. Specific words string together to give the item commands such as how it activates, if and then if specific things are met. ((Normal enchanting but visualistic.)) Rituals: Circling rituals can be done by chalking up a large circle which is the space the group incantation will begin. A formula is to be chalked along the edge of the circle starting from the top and wrapping around clockwise. From there the participating mages must encircle the leader of the ritual who stands in the center and remain focused on the leader. At the beginning of the ritual, those participating must speak the incantation aloud in sync as one mistake can cause the spell to fail or even backfire causing great damage. Examples of Incantation Use: “Full Cast” - Replaces connecting to the void with a full incantations. The chain a weak arcane bolt emote would follow like this: 1) “Lesser” - Begins the spell and acts as a connection to the void emote, there would be flavor to the emote. 2) “Arcane” - you emote the magic starting to gather. A lesser arcane bolt (arcane bolt with not too much power behind) only takes 3 emotes to cast. Connection, magic accumulation and then throwing the bolt. 3) “Bolt” - The mages spell is complete and they cast it forth. Emote Example of a weak arcane bolt being full casted: Sarrion would shift his stance raising his right arm forward. “Chalash.” He ushered, the word echoing the ears around him as his eyes took a sharp glow. “Reykanut.” The elf chanted out loud, green wisps of arcane rapidly encircled his arm and gathered forth. The elf quickly brought his hand forward. “Bala!” The word echoed as the weak bolt of arcane flew forward at it's target with speed. “Half Cast” - The caster still does a tell to connect to the void, the rest of the spell is done with incantations. The Chain of emotes would follow simular to this: 1) User Connects to the void. 2) “Lesser Arcane” - The spell would begin to gather, as this the second emote in the needed “3 emotes” for a weak bolt. 3) “Bolt” - The spell casts. Emote Example of a weak arcane bolt being half casted: Sarrions ears flicked as his eyes took a sharp glow, his digits curling. “Chalash reykanut!” He chanted outward, arcane wisps rapidly encircling his arm as he brought his hand forth. “Bala!” He shouted, the weak bolt of arcane flying forward for it's target. Learning The Arcane Tongue: If this lore is accepted all mages with an MA are welcomed to pick whether their character knows the language and if they’re still learning or not. Those without MAs will have to learn through practitioners or books. Red Lines Incantations can only be used in /q or above. No /w incantations as at this point you might as well cast traditionally. This is to avoid skipping out on giving a tell emote for connecting. All Incantations must be spoken in the Phonetic translations and written in the runic script. Incantations count as part of the casting emote, they can't be used to get away with quicker casting etc. Incantations do not increase the power or mechanical aspect of spells in any way, they are simply an aesthetic choice for spell casting. This includes enchanting with incantations or rituals. This also means you need to have an MA in the magic you’re casting. Incantations must make sense with the spell being used, for example, lightning evocation cannot be formed into a defined shape and controlled easily so you can’t exactly do “Greater - Lighting - Shield” etc. You may get creative with your incantations but they have to be relative to the spell. If the incantation does not make plausible sense it won't work. The Lore Team reserves the right to add or remove words. The lore creator reserves the right to add onto the dictionary. All words MUST be in Hebrew for ease of translation and creation of more words. Once again this is very purely athetic and flavor. This has NO advantages to traditional casting WHAT SO EVER. Simply, if wished, to replace the bland connection tells with somthing more mystic/magical. Credit where it's due: _Lark_ - Helped with different words, concepts and ideas participating in the making of this greatly. Jax - He was the one who suggested Hebrew as the best language to use. The writing looks rather mystic and the phonetic translations work great. Gladuos - Contributed ideas.
  13. Tox

    Looking For Books

    "The Enchantry is first right as you enter the UPPER DISTRICT of the city. Banners are black and green can't miss them." -S