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  1. [MArt] A Mages Horse

    I agree tech needs to advanced more especially with how long the servers been up and we've been trapped in the same age. But I don't think people should take thier frustration out on other people's little silLy little fun things and magic. (Not directly talking about you)
  2. I feel like I've seen this before
  3. [MArt] A Mages Horse

    Well so is taking time out if our lives to role-play on a Minecraft server but hey
  4. Name of Artifact: The Mages Horse MC Name of person(s) currently in possession of Artifact: Toxzero / Allieice RP Name of person(s) currently in possession of Artifact: Sarrion, Vestelle MC Name of creator(s) of Artifact (N/A if not applicable): Toxzero / Allieice RP Name of creator(s) of Artifact (N/A if not applicable): Sarrion, Vestelle Effect(s) of Artifact: It's always been the mages dream to attempt to fly, a shame it's honestly not possible with magic at the moment. Thus, they decide to float. The Mages Horse is a household tool turned mount by a mage willing to take the hours it takes to create such. Taking a broomstick or carpet the mage enchants it with an intricate weave of magic, namely Telekinesis. This allows the mage to control the mount in directions and keeping it level above the ground. This weave of enchantments is bound to get the mage to and fro their favorite places.. or wind up burning on a cross for being a witch. Now, where one cannot fly they do float. Thus if you ever fell from a great height on your steed you would begin to float down.. Though the mana of the enchantment will begin to burn rapidly and once completely out it will begin to drain the mage upon it (Only the driver). Height chart goes: 5 Blocks: No real impact. 10-15 Blocks, Will drain the enchantment rapidly but you will land, probably roughly. 16-20 blocks: The Enchantment will run out of mana and begin drawing from the mage, must roleplay significant exertion and tiredness even if a masterful mage. The landing will really be rough, might even break a bone or two. 25+ blocks: Dude, rest in peace you're going to either die to wish you were dead. ...Yes it floats over water. Red Lines of Artifact: -Cannot FLY, DONT EMOTE IT. -Can only go one and a half blocks off the ground, nothing higher. It will stay level over the land (Including slopes.) -If dropped from a height, will act like a chicken fluttering its way slowly to the ground to safety but will burn the stored mana of the enchantment drastically, Follow the drop scale listed in the effects. -Can only be an object that makes sense, light weight, and can only hold up to 2 passengers (Spite bags or a black cat if wished). -Can only go as fast as a horse can rply. Explanation of effect(s) (i.e. how it does what it does - slight bending of magic lore is allowed): Intricate Telekinesis enchantments, the bending of the magic lore as this would break the redline of using something to float. Number of duplicates of this Artifact: 2 Thus far, Sarrion and Vestelle both have brooms. Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the whereabouts and ownership of this Artifact by using the Magic List Errors?: Yes Have you applied for this Artifact before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: No TLDR (read this if you want a summary/explanation)
  5. Yes, it was bothersome to read. Maybe Un-italicize it? Just a slight suggestion.
  6. I like this, it was an interesting read and would add more flavor and support like magic.. Also your font is unbearable to read.
  7. Hraesvelgr's Eyrr

    Of course, as any ice would immobilize anything, I dig it. You would have my vote if I was still MT
  8. Hraesvelgr's Eyrr

    I want to know how you would interpret all the freezing / cold use of all of these potions on magical creatures who have potent and reactive bodies / blood. I.e, Archons have constantly active mana in thier blood and radiate immense heat etc keepin themselves warm in even blizzards. Tree lords are almost the same, naturally warm against weather and more resistant to bitter colds. etc Other than that, I do love the idea of giving more of an alchemy taste to frost witches so long they're not powergamed hard core.
  9. It's not oocly willing, as said in the description its "Willing", i.e the person must be standing still not moving too much, and they have a tell that something is up (The aura shrouding their form slowly etc)
  10. Muh Immersion

    I was trying to get a simular system going with the MT where you need the RP item (Enchantments, rune equipment, etc) SIGNED by an MT, in your inventory in order to actually use it in roleplay since there had been issues of people running around with tons of wards etc. Such an idea would of made it more of a risk factor for having all those juicy roleplay Items, and they would get spread if said mage was destroyed and looted so forth. So, in turn, I wholeheartedly agree with this, it used to be a major rule back in the day anyway.
  11. Looking for feedback on stopping "clique" magic

    Ah yes, OOCly enforcing things over RP, the thing is Magic has always been inherently open and free. People just won't teach random folk, I don't think you would teach a complete stranger something rather sacred if they came up and asked you to. Just let people RP magic, let them RP spreading it if they want. Look at me, I took a magic that was extremely "cliquey", the Displacement magic that makes magic fast travels, and gave it to almost twenty other people, who in return gave it to more. Literally, do something about it in roleplay. Only time there should be heavy ooc enforcement is when the magic isnt being taught correctly, used correctly, or its being traded OOCly. And for your point, honestly handing over and planning your magic oocly is awful. I've been told of people trading skins or art to get magic taught to them. Not only for voidal but for Dark magics too etc. There should always be a lot of significant roleplay leading up to teaching.
  12. Make Minas Great Again (???)

    We would need a way to turn a ton of minas into an easy to hand over object for Administrator based transactions (Mines, Plots, Fast travels) Assuming they will even be a thing in 6.0. Something along the lines of converting the physical objects into a single note or checks would be great, but it has to be like specific large increments (5k 10k etc) and also save space in banks as well. I assumed bank notes was this until I read your vague and confusing description for such. @Hanrahan
  13. You could also store A B C (Or even a piano) and just create a rift over a target with translocation and drop A B C (Or.. Said piano). So.. And as Booklight said, anything that becomes a problem can be quickly amended, especially when the MT takes notice, they can easily call something to vote and have it amended within a few days (Trust me I was an MT). But I appreciate the feedback entirely, much better than memes or one lined snide remarks.
  14. Essentially it still follows shifting lore, cant go through glass, walls, gates, solids. So forth. Gotta be able to get there MCly.
  15. Voidal Shifting Additions Material Shifting: A new skill derived through study of voidal shifting use, instead of projecting one's self through the void you would do this to an object, taking it and shifting it to the designated location, though an odd property is noted that before the object is shifted it would be slowly covered in a shroud of the casters aura, alerting the unsuspecting if they catch sight of such. This feat is normally learned around T3, though mishaps can happen such as shifting the object slightly off or too short of the destination, finally mastering such a feat around T4. This would follow the same rules as any alteration, the object must not be organic, the larger the object the longer and more taxing it is to shift it. Redlines: -Must be in line of sight. -Cannot exceed normal shifting distances. -Cannot be Organic material, must be non organic or dead organic. -Same emote length as normal shifting, the large the object and the vaster the distance the more you must do and the most taxing it will be. -Cannot shift moving objects at all, they must be still. -Follows the same redlines as normal shifting. -Must emote the shroud of aura over the object before the shift. Group Shifting: With theory one can send themselves through the void but what about their friends? Through testing and study comes a new ability with voidal shifting to focus your magic and shift a willing person from point A to B. This would, of course, follows the same properties as normal shifting not exceeding normal standards in any way. The only difference notable is that a shroud of the casters aura would begin to cover the target, alerting anyone if they were unsuspecting. One last thing to be noted, the caster cannot shift with their target, thus they would need to move the target before moving themselves if need be. This feat is normally learned around T4, mishaps can happen when first being practiced such as being slightly off or too short of the destination, finally getting the hang of it around T5. This should take 2-3+ (+ an additional emote per 5 blocks) to cast. Large group shifts are not unheard of, with the many feats circling rituals can induce. Redlines: -Line of sight is needed. -The further away the person is from you, the longer it takes to prepare the spell to shift them. One emote for every 5 blocks distance, not exceeding max shifting distance. -The individual must be “Willing”, this would be someone who is standing still / not moving around drastically. If the individual is walking/running away the caster won't be able to focus on them. -Cannot shift at the same time with the target unless doing a circling ritural group shift. -Follows the same redlines as normal shifting. -You MUST emote the shroud of aura slowly covering your target, this gives them a chance to resist. Brisk Step Known as “Blinking” to some, this is a quick use of voidal shifting over a small area. This tactic is employed by mages who want to get escape areas as fast as possible. Unlike standard shifting, the Brisk Step can only move linearly, be it forward, backward, or diagonally; furthermore, when the magic user “Blinks” over, an arcanic trial-- typically the color of their aura-- will follow, rather than an explosion of ethereal energies. Once the mage reappears, the trail fades at their being. This is learned at T2, and should take 1-2 actions to complete. Distance: T2: two meters. T3: four meters. T4-T5: six meters. Redlines: -Brisk Step is linear in its movements. -An arcanic trail must be emoted. -The distance rule must be followed unless specific lore states otherwise. -MUST roleplay exhaustion per the shifting lore, back to back blinking will cause the mage to become exhausted fast as expected. -As expected, cant go through objects and especially people (Don't blink through a person behind them, the path has to be clear.) Purpose of these additions: We felt like there was a need to add a little more spice to such a dull one use magic, giving it more tasteful RP potential. Please if you have any concerns for this post feedback and it will be addressed. Any suggestions and feedback will be appriciated greatly. Special Thanks to: Phil / Bokratz - Suggestions & The Brisk Step Gladuos - Suggestions KetchenX - Moral Support