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  1. Tox

    Dragonslayerelf's Resignation

    This is like one of those embarrassing facebook posts you make when you’re 14 years old then you look back to when you’re like 21 and you’re like “wow **** thats just cringey”
  2. You can’t just quote me without paying 1 rep that’s illegal sir i’m going to report you to the FMs
  3. I think the server is too materialistic for a role-play server and leans too much on the minecraft side. LC not being provided for the sake of “the economy” or having a material economy in general is kinda pathetic in the terms of roleplay. Who cares someone has a ton of iron etc, its really just about the quality of roleplay in the end.
  4. Tox

    [Your View] New Player Integration

    wait are you telling me lotc isn’t a high school prison rp server?? my whole life is a lie @Gusano if ya’ll want good suggestions I’d say make it so players can pick where the hell they want to start at, like any settlement that passes activity checks. Do you know how much of a pain in the ass it is to run across a map to get from point A to B.
  5. Better formatting than the other one imo
  6. Tox

    Rooting out the Laurir'ante

    Sarrion chuckled over the bounty. “Cheap. Typical for the Mali’aheral. Ah well those two aren't worth that much anyways but I’d pay more than a peasants fortune for the library books.” The Mali’aheral commented.
  7. Daily reminder /ltreq exists for all your lore and tattletale needs.

  8. Tox

    Mystery Tries Again For ET! (Event Team Actor App)

    In my opinion I think doing events strictly for one location is extremely biased and should be grounds for removal from the ET. You should do events across the map at any “dead city with potential”. It’s okay to do more events where you’re comfortable etc but I feel the majority shouldn’t be for one location.
  9. PSA /ltreq is a thing for all your questions & concerns.

    1. Jenny_Bobbs


      You're probably the only LT that checks them though.

  10. Tox

    Mystery Tries Again For ET! (Event Team Actor App)

    So long you put more heart into putting events out for more than just Sutica then theres enough room on the team for someone like you. Everyone says you’re very creative and the few times I’ve RPed with you were swell so some new talent on the ET that can provide more quality RP events and less of that PVE stuff that’s been plaguing the ET is welcomed in my eyes.
  11. Tox

    Racial Buffs

    I think this quote alone shows that you’re on the wrong server.
  12. Tox

    Mystery Tries Again For ET! (Event Team Actor App)

    All I’m seeing here is that you want to make events for Sutica. You mention it like 8 times in your app. ET needs less individuals who will cater for single cities or groups.
  13. Tox

    Dev Update December

    Magic Plugin when