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  1. did someone say make lotc DND by having devs give persona cards attributes and perks that effect modifiers for rolling and having set stats and development?????????????????????? tbh defender default isnt bad I see no issues with it atm, lets people pvp or rp as they want
  2. Name of the Artifact: Chronowarp Mcname(s) of person(s) currently in possession of the artefact: Toxzero, Niv_Mizzet RP name(s) of person(s) currently in possession of the artefact: Sarrion, Avenel Mcname(s) of creator’s of artefact (N/A if not applicable): Toxzero, Niv_Mizzet RP name(s) of creator’s of artefact (N/A if not applicable): Sarrion, Avenel. Effects of artifact(s): A charm, able to fit snuggly in small spaces, allows for the user to use a spell. Spell: Chronowarp By sending mana to alter the flow of motion in a given area, the user is able to slow or quicken the motion of items that traverse in the region. This is a timely process, and requires the user to focus on an area and generate the field. Depending on the size, additional time will be required. Time Chart: 5x5: 3-4 emotes. 10x10: 4-5 emotes. 15x15: 5-6 emotes. Objects, when slowed by the ability will at first move as though something is holding it back, and the longer it remains in the field, the slower it becomes. An arrow being shot into the field will have its speed decreased to a slingshot, then a blowdart, and then an item being thrown, and then to a grinding halt. An item at high speeds will have its speed increased for as long as it’s in the field. A slingshot will become as fast as a crossbow bolt, then as fast as a ballista bolt. Oddly, these items still keep the force behind them, so if someone was to be hit by a very slow arrow, said figure will feel the force of the bolt. This spell is channeled, and will require the user’s focus to keep up. While they can move slightly, large movements are very much unlikely. Should someone wearing objects be moving in the field, these objects will become unaffected, as far complex mana signature is moving them. When a person moves in the field, depending on whether the field is meant to quicken or slow, the person would either feel like they’re trudging through mud, or be able to walk slightly quicker. Redlines: Objects will still move within the field. Objects move normally if someone has it on their person. This spell is channeled, and will only feasibly be able to be held up for fifteen emotes alone. The caster can only move very slightly when using this, able to make a few steps. The field can be thwarted by Fi or Warding. Objects still retain the same force. Explanation of effect(s) (I.E how it functions - slight lore bending is allowed) https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/161626-mart-00/ Number of duplicates: 2 Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the whereabouts of the ownership of this Artifact by using the Magic List Errors?: yes
  3. How long have you played LOTC?: 5 Years What is your opinion on the Forum Team as a whole?: Its okay How well does the Forum Team perform according to you?: This run of the FM Team isn't as consistent and it's very silly you have quota / public quota which may lead to the idea of people spamming warnings/archiving things unneededly to "reach qouta" How do you feel about our communication with the player base?: Well your formatting for this your view fill out needs to be changed, and you should probably have this put as an announcement on the picture scroll thing so everyone knows this thread exists lol @Paleo How could we improve the previous?: By fixing the things I mentioned If you have anything to say on the side, leave it here: No
  4. Accepted.
  5. I'm just not very fond of the way you seem to behave in both a personal manner and especially as a professional manner, Perhaps if you picked up the way you acted and put your self forth more professionally you could be a possible candidate for staff. Other than that I really have nothing personal against you.
  6. [Generic thing no one cares about / Really bad joke] [The number one with a plus]
  7. Sarrion would toss the book to the side after the rather long read. "I mean, it's inevitable by now, isn't it? At least the elves should know this." Muttered the unaging elf himself.
  8. Was already a thing this is more like a clarification lol
  9. Accepted.
  10. Telekinesis is that you?