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  1. LotC's Age Criteria

    i love you
  2. LotC's Age Criteria

    yes expose minors to the horrors of kha romance with humans and gutting children out of mothers which are common occurrences on this SUPER FRIENDLY community roleplay server where everyone treats eachother like human beings i agree wholely
  3. Time to step down

    While you do care for the server as shown during your time as an admin I believe you didn't do a great job that you could of, explicitly with behavior and choices I disagree with as well as the laziness expressed during your time as GM Director step-in when the team was not functioning well at all. Granted this is a view from a player perspective. Best of luck on further endeavors, I know you're just as passionate about the server as any of us which is appreciated wholely.
  4. "People too easily forget that both sides of the scale are evil in their own ways, a step in the right direction." Uttered a high elf reading the missive.
  5. The Enchantry

    Guild is Inactive please move to inactive. I will inform an FM if it ever becomes active.
  6. The Void, A Summation

    This isn't needed and I do not agree with how you define we use Mana out of the void that's just really dumb. You create the spell in the void that's why you connect to it, the Mana should always be souly sourced from the caster. I certainly hope the LT are logical enough to put this submission into C2A.
  7. Vaults Closing

    w o w
  8. Vaults Closing

    does this mean I get my soul back?
  9. [MArt] Grog of Substantial Whimsy

    Accepted, please roleplay your MArt responsibly.
  10. [MArt] Grog of Substantial Whimsy

    damn straight
  11. [Arcanism] [MA] Varstivus

    I'm making a new snowflake, all of you should be happy.
  12. LT Announcement Pt. 1

    I like the idea and it will help slow down magic bloat, but it's also building a dam to stop the flooding but the town is already flooded sort of say.
  13. Lore Amendment: Plants Can't Have Babies

    Im here for the crusade guys.. what? I'm late? ****.
  14. [Arcane] [MA] Ehier

    @Morganosaurus Rex put that back where it belongs