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  1. This is like one of those embarrassing facebook posts you make when you’re 14 years old then you look back to when you’re like 21 and you’re like “wow **** thats just cringey”
  2. I wouldn’t mind axing feeling. Making students have to break down and study materials real close was funner than “here stick this aura in this rock” and made the magic much more complex to learn rply.
  3. Eh ever since phils addition of voidal feeling you can get everything you need to know to transmute the material by shoving aura in it for a few minutes, though however with how friggen unstable it is according to the lore the transfigurationist would probably kill themselves trying to forge it with magic if they know nothing of the forging process.
  4. Everything you're confused about or you think is vague is explained in red lines if you actually read the whole thing. As for rushed events that's your personal opinion. I think one or two people can manage a small event line. It's not an "End game" and I do not promote "End games". It's a straight forward simple trade, phseudo imortality for PK clause. Doesn't need anything else, this server needs less super soldier "end games"
  5. I get the point. I think you could say the same thing for other routes like Kloning etc. It’s got it’s pro’s and it’s got it’s cons. I see a good amount of people seeking it out as an option for their character but it’s not something that everyone will want.. kind of balancing it’s self out on a playerbase that would use this and helps keep overpopulation from being a thing. Thanks for the feedback!
  6. I can see human mages getting the most bang for their buck out of this allowing them to keep to a magic quality of life without having to become holy or become litches. Otherwise its a straight forward lore piece. Do you think it should have boons and buffs to voidal magic to make it more worth the risk? I’m open to suggestions.
  7. Many years passed since the dawn of transcended mages. Nobody knew why or how it came to pass. One particular individual took this as an opportunity. Through many years of research, trial and error, a powerful artifact was born: The Voidal Lodestone. Once activated the immense catalyst began to quiver and erupt with energy that many mages across the realm could sense, and soon, a scar was born. As quick as it came, it went, and the power within this lodestone shattered it into fourths. All four shards vanished, being sent to the unknown. Upon forcing the lodestone into ones body, the wound created would begin to glow and swell with magic. Soon, a scar is born. From this scar the power of the lodestone swells in the individual and the soul chains itself to the void. Now body, soul, and the void has become attuned with one another they have transcended mortality. However, with great boons come great burdens. As magic rushes through the soon to be scarred blood with burning vigor they would find the following changes. A scar has been marked on you, this scar starts out small and begins to grow in size for the first year of being scarred until reaching the mature size of 5 inches. This scar glows brightly of your aura color and can be seen under thin clothing such as linen shirts and fancy dresses. Your eyes have changed color, taking a swirling shade of your aura. Perhaps sooner or later you will notice that your blood has also changed, the crimson red liquid now mixed with blotches of glowing aura as it escapes your flesh. In the dark others may notice a captivating yet dim glow from your eyes and exposed surface veins. Your skin now a shade paler than before. The burdens of sleep, hunger and breathing, mortal troubles, no longer eat away at you. You can go days even months without a wink of sleep or a bite to eat though you may notice your body thin until it’s skeletal if food is not provided to help upkeep your weight. General rest and meditation is needed to recover stamina and mana. You also notice no matter the climate you are always a natural comfortable temperature, the flowing magic in your blood regulating your bodily temperature to keep you from freezing to death or suffering a nasty heat stroke leaving you radiating with a natural warmth. You discover while trying to drink your sorrows away that alcohol no longer seems to effect you! Due to the coursing magic through your blood anything that cycles through the body such as alcohol, toxins and elixers (good and bad) will no longer have an effect on you unless they’re brewed as 3x the strength, enough to make alcohol kill a man. Elixers that are meant to be applied to surfaces however will work, such as mending elixers. You discover a possibly useful skill you’ve never had before. You can make your aura that shrouds your person fully visible to others and control it’s transparency and glow. Perhaps it can help light the way or be a fine party trick. Other mages, however, can pick up on your new found aura that radiates from the flowing magic in your body making you seem to stand out a bit, though they can’t truly put their finger on why. Once the lodestone has been used it will naturally shatter into 4 shards. Each shard will relocate itself through the void and reappear in the current inhabited realm at random locations. In order to begin ones quest for the lodestone shards, they first have to have an understanding of what they seek. This typical knowledge is of the voidally scarred or an idea of what this powerful artifact might look like. After such any attuned mage may meditate to attempt to locate the first shard, focusing on what they’re seeking with mixed success. Once this first shard is located and pried from the hands of whatever fowl individual may had taken it for their own possession the rest begin to expose themselves in dreams or further meditation with the first shard. If an individual, however, does not find the other 3 shards in the span of three years from finding the 1st shard the shards they have collected will vanish from their possession by some strange reason. Truely an adventure to be had though one should take notes. Meditation to find your first shard is difficult and may take many attempts. You must focus on what you believe you’re looking for and if the chances are right you may begin to sense a general idea of where this shard might be. To initiate this you will want to reach out to an LT member asking to attempt to locate a shard. Finding your first shard typically warrants a brief but challenging venture to the unknown, though if by chance all of the shards are currently occupied by one or more people it may seem as if the shards are unreachable at this moment. The shards can and will always try to point you to the direction of it’s missing pieces. Typically sleeping near the shard will bestow dreams that seem like looking through a spyglass at where the shard may be. If another person is in possession of your missing portions the shards will show who that other person is or where it is stored, this is a double edged sword of course. Shards will glow brighter the closer you get to other shards. If a shard is locked in a chest you may modreq to roll a wood door lockpick roll to open the chest and take ONLY the shard. Follows standard lockpick roll rules. This is to ensure the shard can be obtained if it’s locked away. Life and Death is an odd yet mesmerizing cycle for the scarred. They are imortal children of the void, upon death the void claims what is hers and the body burns away quickly into wisps as the soul is tugged into the void. From there, they are re-birthed, though they may not remember anything leading up to their death they do however remember the swirling void as energies danced around them slowly recreating their body as if it were a strange dream. Soon after they are spit back out into the mortal world as fresh as the day they became scarred. One will notice that their scar has grown in size upon rebirth, marking a fresh wound of their death. If the individual is killed again within the same day the scar will grow even larger and brighter. If killed for a 3rd time within a week of the last death the scar grows to the size of 7 inches and skin around it begins to crystallize. If this individual is then killed for a 4th time with in 2 weeks of the scar crystallizing their body will crystallize upon death and they will not be reborn as their scar rips open. The soul thus ends up trapped in the void for eternity resulting in player character permanent death. Be careful of what you wish for, most gifts come with a burden. 4 Strikes you’re out. Upon 1st death it needs 1 IRL day to heal. 2nd death before healing needs 1 IRL week to heal since the 2nd death. 3rd death before healing needs 2 IRL weeks to heal since the 3rd death. On the 4th death is PK and the character is no longer playable. Voidally scarred bodies will burn away upon death to be reconstructed. Once re birthed they are spit out randomly in the world with nothing on them besides mcly soulbound equipment. Follows the same memory rules for normal death. The body reborn with matches the one from when they were scarred akin to a blueprint. Because of the magic that courses through their blood voidally scarred seem to act as a bright beacon for otherworldly voidal beings. Tread wearily as they hunger to feast upon such powerful magic and may force themselves to the material realm to do such. Because the soul becomes conjoined to the void a voidally scarred may NOT practice / become any dark or holy art or being. They also may only practice voidal magics. Because of this the soul also has a natural protection to it, anything that attempts to force the soul into another location doesn’t work as the void has claimed the soul for it’s self. Those who may cause trouble can also be stopped. The same lodestone has the properties to bestow abilities to individuals also may repossess such. If a lodestone is reconstructed it may be used willingly or unwillingly to seal the voidal scar, thrusting the stone directly into the scar. The process is unbearing and extremely painful, the magic that kept them immortal seals away and the soul is unshackled from the void. The individual is now mortal once more at the mercy of the world and the lodestone shatters back to oblivion where it came from to be found once more. Fret not, where a boon as been sealed one may go through the same process they did to become scarred to once again re-obtain their powers, though the following time they are unfortunately sealed their soul becomes permanently marked leaving them unable to obtain a voidal scar from the lodestone again. What can be done can be undone. Disconnection can be done willingly or unwillingly. The lodestone must be whole and must peirce the voidal scar. Once disconnected a 2nd time they may not ever become voidally scarred again. If disconnected at an age past your race’s typical living age you have 1 week to find another source of immortality or the character will ultimately PK of old age. Non Fluff TLDR: An immortality boon that any mage can obtain. This boon does not come with any major boosts to voidal magic or buffs. The entire thing will be event driven thus it promotes plenty of roleplay for many parties and allows it to remain unhorded. Opens up opportunity for long term human mages as well. Redlines: Voidally scarred must have the visual changes done when transcending. This includes the pale skin and eye color matching the characters aura. You must RP the glow of ones scar through thin clothing and the glow of eyes / surface veins in the dark to provide hints to others. These changes are permanently on your character and should be rped appropriately until the scar is sealed. The only positive boons are as follows: No aging, limited Immortality (don't die over and over), resistance to both toxins and consumed potions (Good and bad), resistance to alcohol. No need to breath, eat or sleep. Body temperature is kept regulated. Though stamina is based off the food consumed. Where they do not NEED to eat, eating regenerates stamina and keeps the body in shape etc. General resting is needed to help regenerate stamina and mana. Also can make their aura be visible or not though it is always felt by another mage. The following negatives are in place: You are weak to thanhium. Inhaling the powders / getting thanhium sickness is crippling to you! Being cut by a thanhium alloy blade will be one of the worst pains you will ever experience!! You have LIMITED immortality, if you perish too often you will permanently die! Others may disconnect you if they obtain the lodestone and have the resources to force it upon your scar. You are now a walking beacon of voidal energy, things such as horrors and other terrifying creatures can and will seek you out one day to feast upon your magic. Shards when obtained have a grace period of 3 weeks before they will be removed from the players inventory unless the delay is due to the LT. Attempting to translocate/store voidally/ store in any place unreachable (e-chests etc) will cause the shards to teleport away. If done to a Lodestone it will explode, shatter and the shards will teleport away. Shards need to be kept on person or in a chest on the map. This does NOT provide any boosts to voidal magic whatsoever. A voidally scarred is not better than a fellow mage. They are not stronger etc. You cannot become a voidally scarred if you currently have an MA In dark or holy magic. You cannot learn Dark or Holy magic while having an active CA for Voidally Scarred. The natural protection of the soul does not protect for EVERYTHING. Whatever makes sense is applied when it comes to the soul being “tied down” to the void, extremely powerful sources can still rip the soul from these binds though these are really left to the interpretation of the lore team for situations and what they deem fair / what makes sense. If you die you need to wait the referred time for the scar to "reset". If you die again before your scar "reset" the time for it to go back to normal gets longer. i.e if you die twice then wait 1 week your scar goes back to normal size and "resets". Be sure to RP the scar getting bigger and more noticeable. In order to actually transcend you need to be at least T5 in 1 voidal magic or your body won’t handle the transformation and it will kill you. Follow the servers death rules. If you try to justify suicide with your immortality for suicide attacks you will PK. You will NOT remember things leading up to your death etc. This magic is a PK CLAUSE. If you are an active CA and you die too often before your scar can heal your character WILL BE PERMANENTLY KILLED WITH NO REVERSE.
  8. Daily reminder /ltreq exists for all your lore and tattletale needs.

  9. PSA /ltreq is a thing for all your questions & concerns.

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