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  1. Wow who knew I'd be a Toxposter
  2. woah wait feedback was more than noted?!
  3. my legendary spell will be recreating the gender pearl
  4. Sarrion tossed the missive in his fireplace at home. No one was present to see it - so they couldn't hear his witty one liner that usually goes with such an action. In fact, how do you even know this happened in the first place?
  5. Sarrion got the missive in his junk mail on accident so he tosses it in the fire.
  6. @ScreamingDingo we bonk heads a lot but that happens with people with widely different opinions. One hot topic we've had before was void magic my bread and butter because im a simpleton who likes magic What's your genuine professional opinion on the current state of voidal magic and what do you want to see happen to it?
  7. horns grew on my void mage the other day and hes got a little devils tail now
  8. This write is to help update and clarify the inconsistencies with Auric Oil that make zero sense. If this is passed simply update the Auric Oil lore. :) Previous Auric Oil lore by Pundimonium: Clarifications: Remove: - Auric Oil would feel akin to salt upon a wound if applied to a Void Mage. Tier Three voidal spells and lower can be cut up by auric oil, and enchantments take heavy damage to the point where two or three direct hits could render the enchantment obsolete. Replace with: - Auric Oil affects all mana-based spells
  9. man i hate @ScreamingDingo ):
  10. Mage Duel - Nature and Destruction by Gjaldir [!] A public document is printed in Sutica. It may make its way around the world for anyone else to view and use. This document seems to be a set of rules on a small game of dueling. To show one's ability in their respective evocations is considered an honor among mages who take pride in their combative skills. To ensure that such a duel is done safely and fairly a fine set of rules and guidelines have been created and agreed upon by various parties - This concept would then be named “Arcane Dueling”. To duel is to no
  11. the second i see a lore go up that takes a literal 3 minutes to speed scroll through I suddenly have second thoughts about being ST lore
  12. Tox


    Thanks for your hard work @Riftbladeit was nice working with you!
  13. Imagine calling someone showing a firearm without any reason along with a very obvious threat following even if its just a meme a "Misunderstanding" then following up with disregarding the entire situation as "politics" and saying @JokerLow was in the wrong so its okay. What he did was stupid - but what was sent to him is gross abuse. This server gets even more pathetic every day that goes by with the insane amount of people who disregard other human beings. Some of you on this thread need to recheck your morals.
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