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  1. Your View: Techlock

    Final Fantasy Magi-Tech
  2. We've turned into even more of an MMO, before we know it you can buy subscription time that replenishes your energy faster.

    1. Dunstan


      When someone emotes connecting in a crowd of mages

    2. Slayy
  4. [✓] Minimum Bids for the Auction

    Race traitors?
  5. Victims of Illusion

    Sarrion would take one of the posts, looking over it quietly as he adjusted his glasses. "Illusion doesn't entirely work like this.." He muttered quietly, tucking it away as he would begin his search.
  6. Race Trailers?

    @Jaeden please edit your topic to be "Race Traitors?"
  7. Race Trailers?

    Usually someone with a really sexy voice reads a script of description of the race as it pans across scenes and places
  8. Race Trailers?

    Same tbh
  9. The Fire Mind's response (MT app)

    This kids okay, idk maybe give him a chance he might not be as good as me though
  10. 1: As the lore states, mages who are T5 in at least one magic can discover the power welled inside them just by being close to them. 2: Just general discovery, everyone can do it and figure it out it's not exclusive. 3. No they can, and they don't get tired. 4. No, and especially with mages being in nice plate 5. Full plate isnt the problem here, fitted plate is. Its literally just plate armour with out the extra weight 6. I think you're being rather dramatic as usual with this concept. You're not always connected, you need to hold the tool, tools are easily destroyed etc it's well balanced perhaps you need to actually read the lore. 7. If its powergamed you report it to an MT As any situation, somthing that a lot of people seem to lack common sense on, again please read the lore because throwing questions like this lol
  11. Feedback

    whats a wiki team? its a joke chill
  12. [✓] Space; From Within the Void

    Lord of the Scifi when
  13. You're correct. I'll leave it at that. Doesn't entirely say brittle glass bones, it may be misunderstood If otherwise it directly states it tell me so I can fix it.
  14. Going to vote no specifically because of that name @SpodoKaiba
  15. Its called magic dude, alchemy is just as magical as anything else (^: