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  1. plebs not even 100%ing = sad gotta fckin kill herrah in deepnest and monomon in fog canyon but you gotta get the pale ore from the trial of the conqueror man else your nail is fucked to hell
  2. ((DISCORD!??!!))
  3. Gareth picks up his arbalest and begins making his way to inquire.
  4. where the **** are MY WARZONES
  5. He.

    hows the desperate marriage going mate
  6. THE MELEE (FOR EVERYONE) NAME: Gareth AGE: 20s, 30s? Can't remember. TITLE (IF APPLICABLE): Thane of Norland LAND OF ORIGIN: Courland MC NAME: ImperialRoyalist
  7. already got 250 games thanks
  8. This. RP fights can be good, but every RP fight I have been in have been full of people stalling, powergaming, failing to understand emotes, etc.
  9. "A competent Grimlee in charge? What a change!"
  10. awful at hearts of iron but amazing at getting into MY heart of iron
  11. didnt you ban him because he told you its politically incorrect to sieg heil in a ts channel
  12. mothers day 2.0
  13. I think that the scaremongering everyone is doing, saying that people like LadyRebecca and 501 are awful, is a bit much. At the same time however, the administration (GM's, Admins and Techs) have made some rather questionable decisions in the past, which I don't doubt will end soon. It's not great, could be worse.
  14. KeatonUnbeaten (Willing to play it as a secondary character.)