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  1. hiring!

    Gareth lifts a stone cold pint in glorious drunkenness within the inn's privy.
  2. end it all
  3. "Good to see the North strengthens itself off it's own back and not the back of foreign powers," Gareth would comment.
  4. Gareth Errmark offers the Tosalis a stay in his castle if they need it.
  5. Gareth Errmark offer a respectful prayer to the Queen and Gared, from the skies, mourns the loss.
  6. ye ok
  7. Gared shakes his head from the Seven Skies, believing that his loyalty and faith in the Staunton line was unfaltering even 'til they cast him out. Gareth, on the other hand, merely saddles his horse and equips his plate.
  8. good man
  9. cool downs are ridiculous
  10. Gared drinks the sun's drink as he reads such a fabulous letter.
  11. ((skirmish? :)) @WoodenApples
  12. Dear Joseph Alexander, Me and mine have loyally served Courland since the days of the Riga War in Vailor. We have fought for you more battles than we can count. We have aided you and your line before you in every way possible, and we have never faltered or questioned our loyalty. This ends now. My uncle Gared always told me: “The two most important things in a man are honor and loyalty. Everything else is second to that.” And I always listened to him, so it tears my hearts to shreds to choose between them. But it has become apparent to me that, with what has happened, I cannot in good conscience stand by this Kingdom or its despot monarch for any longer. The slaughter of an entire vassal’s host for the crime of negotiation? True madness grips Courland this day; I feel pity only for its misguided and misled people who oppress those who would, happily, embrace them as brethren. The blood of the innocence spilt in this coming revolution - this battle for the rights of man - will forever stain the Staunton line. The Barony of Windmor formally secedes from the Kingdom of Courland. You disgrace the legacy your predecessors built with your crimes. The Creator judges you. Signed, Gareth Errmark, Count of Windmor
  13. dunamis died for our sins
  14. The black flags of rebellion fly high over Windmor.