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  1. o7 we're dying this day
  2. horrible lag and we're still even? yeah, lets ponder
  3. beat me in pvp first aye aye
  4. establish a gnome nation and become the gnomeking
  5. "Humanity's finest." "Humanity is doomed."
  6. Yeah, the nexus system is bugged af. I tried /me, it glitched out and when i closed it, it wiped a full inventory of prot gear and weapons from me.
  7. grrr
  8. Can i the creator's legal consent to make a full LOTC webcomic
  9. diplomatic man please +1
  10. Nine GM apps is dedication +1
  11. Gared searches his home for a tuxedo.
  12. only if you make an end of map warzone
  13. "Powerful," Gared would state.
  14. fire your guns in salute; a great person leaves us this day.