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  1. an upstanding gent +1
  2. i like the samurai jack stuff
  3. Gared would shake his head in sorrow as he outlives each and every friend he ever had.
  4. Gared would, reminiscing on leading the charge over the top of the fortress, rest in his home in Aleksandria, exhausted from such fierce battle.
  5. Gared hopes that, despite being a human, he can still enter. Name ((RP Name)): Gared Errmark I MC Name: ImperialRoyalist Clan: Errmark.
  6. a servant of mordring lay in wait for the unsuspecting westerlanders, ready to catch them with with trousers down



  7. how does one play a servant of mordring?
  8. What the! This actually pretty good
  9. what a great guy +1
  10. thank you for your lag machine that makes lotc a better place. :D
  11. >makes a lag machine >tries to ban half the server over a mineman battle >applies for gm >-1
  12. >tfw you lose and you're like "nah you actually lost bud what a complete gonk"

    • Kingdom of Haense
  13. With a glass of ale in his hand and a note, outlining the treaty, in his other, Gared would eagerly await a brash, bold, but ultimately desperate rebuttal.