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  1. [SOLVED] Looking for Previous Maps

    I know definitely there is a Vailor map around.
  2. [RP Thread] Nightfall II

    Portuguese Republic GDP: $1,050,000,000,000 (1 Trillion USD) GDP Growth: $40,000,000,000 (40 Billion USD (20 base, 10 growth, 10 trade)) (8AP out of 10AP investment) Total Population: 10,834,000 (rounded from 10,833,816) 5 Action Points (5 Base + 0 Additional) Trade treaties with Catalonia, USA and France. Guaranteeing Catalonian independence. Technology Level: 2 Events 'A major diplomatic victory! US ships had shelled Spanish forces invading Catalonia!' National unity and morale soared in the weeks following the news, with jubilant nationalist youth taking earnestly to the streets to celebrate. As the improvised parades died down, Portugal saw it's opportunity; a place in the sun. Government investment into national economic projects was at an all time high (5 AP investment), with less recognised industries such as the arnaments industry taking off. More and more people supported the government, and more and more people saw Portuguese intervention in the Catalonian conflict as mutually beneficial. Army bases burst at the seams with eager soldiers willing to support the Catalan cause, begging to be given a chance to prove their vigour and valour. To anticipate such intervention, if the Spanish declined US mediation, some funding was funnelled into border railways and roads to ensure their quality remained excellent and to organise new train schedules (suited for the army), new army command centres and new 'warehouses' for military storage. Tens of thousands of trained men and still-training militia were transferred to these locations, manning the border more than ever before. As the year reached it's zenith, pestered army commanders and politicans caved; 4,000 Portuguese volunteers secretly took to their transports and began the voyage to Catalonia, most likely arriving in early to late fall but not being combat ready until winter, the bane of armies. No campaign season would occur this year.
  3. [RP Thread] Nightfall II

    Portuguese Republic GDP: $1,020,000,000,000 (1 Trillion USD) GDP Growth: $20,000,000,000 (20 Billion USD) (8AP out of 10AP investment) Total Population: 10,834,000 (rounded from 10,833,816) 5 Action Points (5 Base + 0 Additional) No exceptional relations. Technology Level: 2 Events With the Portuguese political problems delayed, the nation could turn almost fully to it's neighbour. The crisis just across the border, in Spain, was continuing to escalate; rumours of imminent conflict and accurate reports of volunteer forces from both Italy and Canada threatened total destablization of Iberia. Portugal knew that, despite it's growing support for the policy of 'non-intervention' (or laissez-faire), it would have to issue a statement or make an official report regarding the Catalonian issue. On the 1st of February, 2022, Prime Minister Marcelo made a speech regarding the entire situation of Iberia which was documented throughout Portugal as the 'Speech for Liberation.' Within it, he declared Portuguese support for greater Catalonian autonomy within Spain, if not total liberation, and said that the contribution of volunteer forces to Spain was an act of aggression against Catalonia, and a subtle threat to the neighbours of Spain, including Portugal. In addition, Portugal would make plans to send it's own volunteer force to Catalonia to develop and educate the military in the hopes of forming a defensive pact with the junior state (Mod needed). To solidify it's political position, Portugal formally applied for a position in the Kaiser Wilhelm Society and began a diplomatic campaign, dispatching envoys to France, Russia, Japan, Catalonia, Mexico and Cuba to began talks of both trade and mutual support and defense. Finally, the Portuguese government continued it's subsidising of businesses (4AP investment), current prosperous trade deals and it's appeals to EU countries for trade deals while yet another 10,000 soldiers graduated their military examinations and formally joined the Portuguese United Army (1AP).
  4. [RP Thread] Nightfall II

    Portuguese Republic GDP: $1,000,000,000,000 (1 Trillion USD) GDP Growth: $20,000,000,000 (20 Billion USD) (4AP out of 10AP investment) Total Population: 10,834,000 (rounded from 10,833,816) 5 Action Points (5 Base + 0 Additional) No exceptional relations. Technology Level: 2 Events The Portuguese Republic was reeling. A wave of nationalism had been spreading since the Catalonian Secession in 2017, leading to hotly contested elections in the 2020 between the in-power Social Democrat Party and the Portuguese Front for Prestige. With the SDP coming out with roughly 50 percent against the nationalist's 30, as opposed to the nationalist's previous popularity of only about 5 percent, it was plain to see that without some action to tackle or facilitate the rise of nationalism conflict would occur. With this in mind, the SDP began passing multiple reforms to the system of democracy within the Portuguese parliament. The reforms were as follows; The Democratic Ensurance Act, which blocked the dissolution of parliament by anything but a unanimous vote by all ministers. The Popular Ministry Act, which reformed the voting system of Portugal municipalities to more accurately represent the people. The Party Establishment Act, which established a political party / verified a political party from most political ideologies and ensured each held at least one seat in the Parliament. (Mod approval). With the parliament secured, Marcelo turned his eyes to the economy; the economy was failing. Without proper trade and with the recent retreat from European politics, Portugal was becoming too isolated. Trade overtures were extended to Spain, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States namely, with all other EU member states receiving offers of less lucrative business (Mod approval). As well, massive investments were made at government expense to begin the arduous journey of economic recovery and, if the nationalists got their way, domination (4AP into GDP Growth, Mod approval). Finally, to suppress nationalist fervour and sate their appetites for Portuguese supremacy, Portugal began a nation-wide program of mandatory military service, for those aged 18 to 20. At any time within that range, male and female youth must serve the military or reserve armies for atleast six months, leading to the addition of 10,000 regular soldiers in a period of only two months, while hundreds of thousands more continued their reserve training (1AP into Regular Foot Soldiers, +10,000 soldiers, Mod approval).
  5. The Vaults of Urguan

    Name: Gareth Errmark I Rank: One-man Army Battles Fought, (Battle of Jornheim/Siege of Courland’s Fort) Both Username: KeatonUnbeaten Persona to be paid to: Gareth Errmark I
  6. Leaving the Administration

    One of the only two competent admins quits. Sad to see you go, Wrynn
  7. Nightfall 2: Modern Nations FRP OOC Thread

    Country desired: The Portuguese Republic Leader Name: Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa National Background: For more than a hundred years, Portugal had endured as a democracy. However, though at first they had acted decisively to protect such democracy in Europe, as they did in the First World War, the downwards spiral of chaos that had erupted in the wake of the USA's collapse convinced them completely that intervention would be dangerous and disastrous. From that point on, Portugal swore itself to a policy of diplomatic isolation, withdrawing from NATO and the EU in an attempt to distance itself from the toppling nations of France, Spain and Germany. The Portuguese future is uncertain, but it is not with the European powers. I praise _pok_.
  8. Edit: No longer involved with Oren 6.0

    might be an orener next map just to help fill this city, ngl
  9. Player report: Zindran

    ill be taking that
  10. The Haense Offensive

    gareth is happy to retake his castle 'oy vey'
  11. The Duel

    Gareth congratulates his battle-buddy, Gror.
  12. [Denied]Malgonious GM Application

    +1 my dad
  13. Reminder On No-RP Killing

  14. Declaration of War

    Gareth, standing resolutely by Jyor's side, hoists the banner of House Volaren proudly into the sky.