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  1. ImperialRoyalist

    An Objective Standard for Discord Evidence

    because, unfortunately, having a name in a shade of blue or red on a minecraft server based in a fictional setting gives people power-boners and delusions of grandeur which they upkeep and enforce through gross acts of power abuse.
  2. ImperialRoyalist


    "Renatus is either desperate or dumb."
  3. ImperialRoyalist

    The Kovachev Opinion; the Courlandic Rat

    "Be quiet Carnatian, or I'll push you down a flight of stairs."
  4. ImperialRoyalist

    Reivers Big Pvp club

    You spelt reivers wrong 😕
  5. ImperialRoyalist

    The Tournament of the Sun's Smile

    MC Name: KeatonUnbeaten RP Name: Gareth Errmark Nation: Haense Age: 70s+
  6. ImperialRoyalist

    [INFO] Order of the Golden Crow

    ((westmark boys roll up!
  7. "It's funny, really. The canonists hold up their Pontiff like a Messiah when he's on their side and he's talking their talk, but soon as his piety starts to overrule the politics they cast him down as a traitor, a heathen and a false prophet. What a load of *****." Gareth would state, proud that he is atleast steadfast in his atheism rather than disloyal in faith.
  8. ImperialRoyalist

    [Developers] NoCheat

    if the gm's are watching us they're doing a **** job of catching hackers
  9. ImperialRoyalist

    The Hidden Chest of Haense

    Gareth Errmark dons his finest attire to attend.
  10. Hosting an LOTC community hoi4 game at 10:00 GMT (1 hour 40), msg me if you want to play.

    Edited by ImperialRoyalist
  11. playing hoi4 in an hour or so if anyone wants in

  12. ImperialRoyalist

    Food For Thought: Curb Your Enthusiasm (GMs) (Admins)

    LOTC is just gonna go in the direction the gms and admins want. the players can make an outcry but it wont change much
  13. 2 days until its actually worth it to come back

  14. ImperialRoyalist

    Dantory's Media Team App

    A very great man. +1
  15. i shall return soon MAH LIEGE