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  1. COMMUNISM WILL NOT KEEP US DOWN - US PATRIOTS CLUB owowowowowoaawoawoawoawoaw
  2. [Your View] 6.0 COMBAT

    fringe pvp, fringe raid rules easy
  3. GM Update Log 9/9/17

    Can we get a standardized distance-from-FT's allowed so that one can bandit roads? For example, the road from Tahn Docks to Adelburg should be banditable, but due to it's apparent vicinity to FT's it is not allowed.
  4. He Will Bach No More

    Gareth salutes Hagbard's grave strongly, puffing his chin out far enough that it could be a coffee table. "I'll miss you, COMRADE!"
  5. Admin Monthly Update

    half the admin team = not there? good team.
  6. Re: ElevenJellyBeans' Ban

    these are the GM's we have amen
  7. here comes the pain

  8. [Player Report] Malin's Isle PvPers Report

    it was, in all, an awful event in all ways
  9. [Your View] Recent Defender Default change: Feedback

    Fair enough.
  10. [Your View] Recent Defender Default change: Feedback

    pvp raids shouldnt be inherently 4 v 4+, there should be an opportunity for even fights such as 5 v 5
  11. Keys to the Kingdom, Assault on Malin's City

    ((thanks for publicising it this time)
  12. Tournament of Chambery 1626

    FORM: Quetzalcoatl KeatonUnbeaten
  13. 1626 - Tournament of the Black Wolf

    [Minecraft Name]: KeatonUnbeaten [Race]: Human [Duel/Joust]: Both
  14. [Complete][Completed] The TimeKeeper's Call

    "Two thousand and one hundred."
  15. [Complete][Completed] The TimeKeeper's Call

    "One thousand, one hundred and fifty."