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  1. Ser Gared would receive news of the coming war, grasping his chin in thought and sinking deep into his chair. "The dark winds have passed, but they have not dispersed; I hope this does not blow back into the Kingdom."
  2. The mentioned Ser Gared would read, torn between emotion in his old age and respect. "Wherever he goes next, let him have fortune and favour from GOD."
  3. keaton's holiday klassiks are soon to come boys no worries
  4. You should do warclaims.
  5. epilepeptic seeeshures
  6. "We've both received our justice and forged relations that will not soon break- our victory is assured."
  7. ((6 months)
  8. "When we arrive, there will only be Imperial dogs to cut down."
  9. im afarid to disapointa yu but nayyyu
  10. Its funner PvP though, because theres less lag
  11. Please, just give us another warzone, and make the results actually important. A warzone between Metz and Ostwick would be great.
  12. “I, Ser Gared Errmark I, with a true and contrite heart, ask for God’s forgiveness in the errors of my ways and accept the True Faith of God. I accept the real teaching on Predestination, Exalted Sucession, Horenic Exalted Supremacy and Pontifical Infallibility. With this oath I accept the orthodox views of the true Communion until the day of my death.”
  13. just like orenian heads
  15. http://imgur.com/a/oqmoH think thats why