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  1. The Maitresse-en-titre, Renée Antoinette, endorses this message with an abundance of fervor.
  2. IN REMEMBRANCE OF THE WAR OF TWO EMPERORS: A FESTIVAL The Nenzing Proclamation, by Diane-Renée of Angoulême (ca. 1732) In peaceful, prosperous times such as these, it is altogether too easy to forget that only a few decades ago these thriving lands were once embroiled in a most foul conflict: the War of Two Emperors. As the Orenians of today, it is our foremost duty to pay respects to the Orenians of yesterday. In order to properly showcase our ample gratitude for the painstaking efforts of our esteemed veterans, there shall be a festival thrown in their honor. Overview The fair, akin to all good events, will be broken up into subsequent parts. First, a military parade showcasing Orenian might. Veterans, naturally, will act as the leaders of the charge. Second, a ceremony in which medals will be doled out to our beloved veterans. Third, festival goers shall be afforded the privilege of browsing a vast array of stalls that will be selling commodities ranging from war memorabilia to food. Fourth, a play performed by Helena’s very own Imperial Association of the Performing Arts! The aforementioned theatrical piece will be a dramatization set during the War of the Two Emperors, of course. Fifth, the unveiling of the highly anticipated war memorial. OOC This event will happen in HELENA on SAT, JUNE 6 at 4PM EST IN NOMINE DEI, Madame Renée Antoinette Rothesay, Chancellor of the Imperial Association of Culture
  3. VIE Á LA COUR On the heels of Madame Rothesay’s arrival at court, and Oren as a whole, the Aeldinian has been encouraged by the Emperor to conjure up a way to seamlessly implement the courtly traditions of her homeland onto the Imperial court. The aforementioned Madame Rothesay has opted to introduce “Vie á la Cour” (literally Auvergnian for: “Life at Court”) to the esteemed courtiers of Novellen Palace as a means of completing the task assigned to her by her revered sovereign. Overview “Vie á la Cour” is, in the simplest of terms manageable, an umbrella term referring to any occurrence happening at a royal or Imperial court that entails a sequence of events in itself. For instance, the aforesaid phrase can be applied to any occasion with as many as five, or even as few as two activities transpiring after the other. Stage One: a Feast of Foreign Delicacies Arguably the greatest way to welcome, and captivate, guests is to feed them as soon as possible. Therefore, it has been decided that a dinner of epic proportions will serve as the introduction of this evening of revelry. The menu of this banquet is going to be solely made up of afamed, however mildly controversial, delicacies from across the world. Acquired tastes such as, but not limited to: peacock, swan, pineapple, and escargot shall be served. Courtiers with severe allergies will be accommodated with a traditional Orenian meal, though these will be provided on a first come, first served basis. Stage Two: a Political Debate People commonly fail to remember that nourishing their brain is as integral to living as feeding their worldly body. Our soul and intellect is the one that shall accompany us forever in the after-life, and it is essential that we nurture it as much as humanly possible. The friendly debate will feature two participants: one Josephite, one Everardian. As to condense the discussion for practicality’s sake, it will only have two rounds. The speaker who is able to articulate the most eloquently, and maintain a calm disposition, will be awarded a medal. As for the topic of the debate? It shall be: is your respective party the future of Oren, and why? Stage Three: Gambling To calm the tensions that will inevitably surface after an exchange of views on politics, the night shall end in the ancient pastime of gambling. It is strongly advised to be mindful of the strong possibility that such a highly publicized event might attract gamblers from all throughout the realm, some less honest than others, so attempt to exercise some degree of restraint with your coin purse. OOC This event will happen at Novellen Palace, Helena on SAT, MAY 2 at 7PM EST IN NOMINE DEI, Madame Renée Antoinette Rothesay
  4. Upon being briefed about the occurrence in question, Renée Antoinette Rothesay lofted a brow, ”You know,” she began, going to cross her legs now, “Prior to this happening, I had always imagined it was not in the nature of Highlanders to flee. Perhaps I have been proven wrong,” the woman let out casually while running a finger through the strands of her powdered wig. ”Or, perhaps, and this is far more likely, this Cedric is no true King of the Highlanders — or even a Highlander at all.” The Rothesay said to her revered, and considerably older companion. Shortly after her statement, her painted lips curled into a wide grin, and she and the aged man found themselves trapped in a flurry of laughter.
  5. Upon being informed of the abrupt passing of the reputable Queen-Mother, a lively childling by the name of Amalie Lovisa found herself in a flurry of tears. ”No, no...” the youth protested, “Not my favorite Alimar!” Amalie exclaimed, shaking her head with great fervor. As Amalie’s mother began to comfort her, she suddenly stopped her display of melancholy. The girl then wiped her own tears and attempted to lock eyes with her mother, “Wait...” she began, lofting a brow, “She liked taking me to church – she is probably just hiding there. We can check later!” the girl declared with great confidence. The mother of the very self-assured little one, Margaret of Kaedrin, opted to simply nod her head and continue to embrace her daughter.
  6. Wow Nathan is hilarious ?
  7. bye eddy she was a dead npc and at the time yoppl was playing an imperial court eunuch but no bull sh*t besides that personal jab I am actually glad y’all are doing better and I’m glad y’all are being progressive and more receptive! It is always good to make the consort feel included and less like a pointless trinket, good luck to her and all of you
  8. I’m just gonna be honest Haense has never been perfect. I played the first Queen of Haense and there has ALWAYS been a disconnect between the person playing the queen (especially if they’re a genderbender) and the rest of the leadership. WHILE I DO LOVE HAENSE, there also was always an underlying issue of disrespect for the person playing the queen since you guys seem to not want to give them any real responsibilities. What y’all need to do, and the rest of LOTC needs to do, is to stop allowing people to play your consort whether you’re an emperor, king, duke, whatever, if you’re going to bar them from knowledge, put them in a box that contains little more than ‘throw a ball XD Lol’, and then insult them because you think they are not competent enough to play an active role in the politics of the kingdom and their corresponding command chats like Seannie just did in this thread.
  9. Deep in the Seven Skies, the first Queen-Consort of Haense, Reza Elizaveta, had constructed a dwelling of sorts where she, and all of the Haeseni royal consorts that came after her, could convene and discuss their highs and lows, pray for their living loved one’s, and simply enjoy each other's regal company. However, on this certain day, their newest addition, Milena of Adria, was noticeably absent. “While I can sympathize with the poor girl for having a neglectful husband that donned the name ‘Andrik’, oh, and being accused of being imperial crony. She certainly did not have to commit adultery – she has gone too far, and quite possibly has sullied the legitimacy of our descendants.” Reza proclaimed, shaking her head. Then, suddenly, the most Southern of all of the Queens of Haense, Eleanor of Lotharingia, raised a hand, ”What did the old crone say? I do not speak Raev Botch.” the Lotharingian said. ”Someone get that Savoyard out of here! She does not even go here!” Reza demanded furiously. (( I don’t know the ooc details of this situation but I do not like seeing a playerbase that has a special place in my heart argue back and forth like this on the forums. Haense has always been known as the most positive and receptive human playerbase – let’s keep it that way guys. No matter how each party feels about the other, Axelu was still a good queen and did a great deal for Haense, and I know those who dislike him have done a lot of Haense as well, and has been around for years. Let RP be RP guys! No need to bring screenshots into it. Or to gang up on him.
  10. Somewhere in the depths of the Seven Skies, the first Queen-Consort of Haense, Reza Elizaveta Kovachev, gazed down at her living kinsmen with an immense amount of benevolence and pride painted across her visage, “This able bunch shall regain all of our former glory – and then some, Godan willing.” the flaxen-haired ancestress cooed.
  11. The self-proclaimed Empress-Mother, Cesarina Louise, read this with a smirk on her face, ”What a lovely little letter – though, I do not know who he is. Perhaps he is a lover of the Archchancellor,” she began, going to put the letter down, “Ah, yes. Most likely a disgruntled lover. That is the only reasonable explanation for a man to be so vehemently angry on another man’s behalf.” the woman stated before going to stand up. ”In any case, I do hope William quickly returns to the swallowing of the Archchancellor’s sword, rather than sending me such passive aggressive letters.” the Marnan said nonchalantly.
  12. The Benevolence of an Empress: In Defense of Lorraine  A multitude of letters bearing the seal of Marna would be sent out all throughout the Orenian Empire, each of them reading: I, Cesarina Louise, the mother of the very emperor that wishes to dismantle the Duchy of Lorraine in its entirety, hereby publicly pledge my undying support to the denizens of Lorraine. The aforementioned hopeless Lorrainians have fallen victim to the foul actions and politics of certain avaricious individuals in my son’s government, and I outright refuse to stand idle as wholly innocent and pious Orenians are robbed of their culture, livelihoods, and homes. It has always been the nature of the members of the House of Marna to take a firm, opposing stance in the face of tyranny; the late Joseph Marna stood up against the Pertinaxi, and now I shall stand up against the rapacious, warmongering snakes that have slithered into my son’s privy council. Now, I will debunk the charges that have been levied on the Lorrainian people: Treason Yes, a Lorrainian man took it upon himself to compose a list of alleged Dwarven infringements against he and his people. That can not be denied. However, another matter that can not be denied is that the aforementioned man was swiftly punished by the Lorrainian duke, right after the duke quickly declared his subject’s grievances null and void. Personally, I believe that the greater act of treason is that the Duke of Adria actively hires men of Guise to serve in his army. It seems the Adrian duke has forgotten that we are still at war with Guise, and harboring enemies of the empire is a most grievous crime. Subversion of Imperial Authority The Archchancellor claims that this crime was committed when the Lorrainians did not heed his orders in a highly chaotic environment where he was not introduced properly to the populace surrounding him. Perhaps the Archchancellor needs to be reminded that his overall character and voice is not nearly as well known as the Emperor’s, the true wielder of imperial authority. Most soldiers, whether they were Lorrainian or not, confess to not even knowing they were in the presence of the Archchancellor during this certain occasion. We must not punish people we have never met for not knowing who we are, dear Archchancellor. If I, the Empress-Mother, went about charging everyone who did not know me prior to an introduction taking place with “subversion of imperial authority” the jails would be full, and everyone would rightly mock me. Fermenting a tyranny It is believed that the Lorrainians attempted to do the aforesaid charge when they appealed to the King of Kaedrin to side with them, rather than with Adria and Haense. Many also claim that the Lorrainians exercised force on the Kaedrini king in an attempt to persuade him, however, such a claim is a blatant lie. I saw the King of Kaedrin with my own two eyes after “force” was supposedly used on him, and he was the picture of perfect health - the king had no noticeable marks on his being, his disposition was lively, and the guards that accompanied him looked completely unscathed. Additionally, the Kaedrini king made no mention of an assault on himself or any of his men to the Archchancellor and I, and he eagerly signed documents. The comical matter about this whole accusation is that it is intended to be in the defense of the King of Kaedrin’s honor, however, people such as the Archchancellor and the Duke of Adria said nothing in protest when their troops shouted obscenities about the Kaedrini king after he briefly retreated into his city with his soldiers and the Lorrainians. Inciting violence For a long time the men of Lorraine have been wrongfully branded as the sole aggressors in the incessant Lorrainian-Adrian skirmishes. While I can doubtlessly declare that there have been instances where Lorrainians have provoked Adrians, I can also doubtlessly declare that Adrians have certainly provoked Lorrainians far more; no Lorrainian man has ever set foot in Adria with malicious intentions, however, it is a well known fact that Adrians used to frequently taunt Lorrainians at their very own gate. In short, if the Lorrainians are to be charged with “inciting violence”, the Adrians should be as well. Neither side is without blame here. Why are Adrians not being put on trial for trespassing into Lorrainian lands just so that they may cause discord? Why are Adrians not being put on trial for assaulting Lorrainian men and women on the roads? Riddle me that. Signed, Cesarina Louise, Empress-Mother of Oren
  13. The Empress-Mother, Cesarina Louise, read this with pursed lips and squinted eyes, ”As if the whole of Oren does not already know what the verdict of this kangaroo court will be – these men wish to incite a Lorrainian genocide. Barbarians, the lot of them.” she said sharply.
  14. The Second Annual Noble Assembly Issued and confirmed by Empress-Mother Cesarina Louise. Following up on her promise of noble assemblies being a yearly occasion, the Empress-Mother will be hosting yet another one relatively soon. It is important for all to remember that the purpose of these events is a simple one: unity. In addition to promoting greater unity, it is highly suggested that those in attendance mingle heavily, make allies, resolve problems in a dignified manner, and conduct themselves with great decorum in the presence of Emperor Alexander. The event itself will be broken up into three consecutive parts once more. First, the nobility will enjoy a feast. Second, the nobility will partake in ballroom dances. Third, the nobility may petition the seated Emperor (make announcements, ask him to resolve an issue, etcetera). For such a highly inclusive event, there is no guest list. All nobility and gentry a part of the empire are highly encouraged to attend. ((The assembly will happen in the Helena Palace on Sunday| August 18 at 5pm EST) Signed, Cesarina Louise, the Empress-Mother
  15. The Emperor’s mother, Cesarina Louise, strided about the war room, busying herself with drawing up estimations of the cost of the war with the imperial accountants. However, after her son’s proclamation, the woman quickly made her way over to his side, “A compromise made you into an emperor. A war will make you into a man.” she declared benevolently.
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