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  1. The mother of the widow, Renée Antoinette, was informed of the passing later than most, due to her residence being worlds away from the lands of Oren. She then swatted away the hands of her bedmate, jumped up, and began to vigorously pen a letter: While I may not have been your father’s wife, I was a young widow all the same. I knew when I asked our dear Wilhelmina to secure your marriage, your fate would be similar to mine, yet wholly different. You have made me proud, Blanche. It is every mother’s deepest wish that her daughter becomes a greater woman than she, and yo
  2. “Ah, finally one of those tramps decided to allot me credit after stealing my event format. It seems that the art of paying homage to the broad before you has gone unpracticed for decades.” Cesarina of Marna said dismissively with a shrug from her fiery demesne. ”Though, why must be she be a damn Pruvia.” the Marnantine finished off with a condescending laugh.
  3. “Why does my halfwit of a son not use the surname his father and I lovingly gave unto him and his siblings,” Renée made pronounced in a displeased manner to a confidante. “Ah, I know why,” she began, wagging one of her supple fingers about, “He has made it abundantly clear that his sole purpose in this world is to be Anne’s mangy dog, complete with a dung-coated pirate costume.” the lady emitted with venomous disgust, jumping up from her seat and marching off.
  4. From some wealthy man’s bed Renée smiled the Sun’s Smile as she peered at her two daughter’s absolutely amazing works of art .
  5. From her austere domain in the Seven Skies, Reza Elizaveta performed a firm nod after perusing the document with an exceedingly critical eye. Shortly after, the Kovachev decidedly placed it on a golden stand of hers — endorsing this literary work forevermore. Simultaneously, Eleanor of Lotharingia fiddled with her golden tresses while complaining incessantly about how there was no Auvergnian copy of the writing in question. Her Southern grumbling was largely ignored by her fellow deceased queens.
  6. The Harlot of Leone’s race has been run. There Renée sat wistfully. A woman of an abundance of aliases, riches, and especially fame, reduced to nothing more than a lonely old tramp in a matter of mere minutes. The Aeldinite was no fool, she had always seen this day coming, even at the meager age of eighteen when she was first escorted to the private apartments of the Emperor. The tart reflected heavily on that moment now, remembering how her heavy-lidded, youthful eyes gazed into the night sky from a place she had dug for herself on the state bed, and how ev
  7. Renée Antoinette stood dutifully by the bedside of the love of her life, doing any and everything bid of her by the various medics.
  8. The Harlot of Leone wept in honor of such an absolute king .
  9. Deep within the confines of the Novellen Palace, the mistress of Emperor Peter, Renée Antoinette, received this missive by way of a nondescript servant. She of course thanked the aforementioned man, then perused the vellum infront of her with an abundance of satisfaction. Abruptly, she rose up from her embroidered daybed, a spectacle of swirling powdered tresses and clonking panniers, before going to face her three children: Leopold, Blanche, and Héloïse. The Auvergnian donned a gargantuan smile as she lofted up the parchment before them, “It was not in the stars for my
  10. Subsequently, a certain mother of five, Cesarina Louise of Marna, traversed the winding, fiery halls of her wicked dominion with an exaggerated swagger in her pint-sized steps. Then, the tiny, black-hearted woman cocked her powdered head back, and emitted a foul, shrill laughter that was ten times over bigger than her meager frame. The cackle echoed throughout the endless, ablaze depths of the underworld. Shortly after, a crimson red hand bedecked with jagged pitch black talons gripped the woman’s shoulder. Cesarina then looked up at the creature affectionately, even going as far t
  11. The Maitresse-en-titre, Renée Antoinette, endorses this message with an abundance of fervor.
  12. IN REMEMBRANCE OF THE WAR OF TWO EMPERORS: A FESTIVAL The Nenzing Proclamation, by Diane-Renée of Angoulême (ca. 1732) In peaceful, prosperous times such as these, it is altogether too easy to forget that only a few decades ago these thriving lands were once embroiled in a most foul conflict: the War of Two Emperors. As the Orenians of today, it is our foremost duty to pay respects to the Orenians of yesterday. In order to properly showcase our ample gratitude for the painstaking efforts of our esteemed vet
  13. VIE Á LA COUR On the heels of Madame Rothesay’s arrival at court, and Oren as a whole, the Aeldinian has been encouraged by the Emperor to conjure up a way to seamlessly implement the courtly traditions of her homeland onto the Imperial court. The aforementioned Madame Rothesay has opted to introduce “Vie á la Cour” (literally Auvergnian for: “Life at Court”) to the esteemed courtiers of Novellen Palace as a means of completing the task assigned to her by her revered sovereign. Overview “V
  14. Upon being briefed about the occurrence in question, Renée Antoinette Rothesay lofted a brow, ”You know,” she began, going to cross her legs now, “Prior to this happening, I had always imagined it was not in the nature of Highlanders to flee. Perhaps I have been proven wrong,” the woman let out casually while running a finger through the strands of her powdered wig. ”Or, perhaps, and this is far more likely, this Cedric is no true King of the Highlanders — or even a Highlander at all.” The Rothesay said to her revered, and considerably older companion. Shortly after her
  15. Wow Nathan is hilarious ?
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