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  1. if you're going to make a daily reminder could u at least make it something funny x)

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. SovietReindeer


      I dunno. I thought cornivore on a staff team was funny

    3. tenredux


      yikes i was just saying in general

    4. xxx


      you can't be funny and take minecraft seriously tbh you get too mad

  2. tenredux

    Why I might leave LoTC

    uh lol thats an overstatement
  3. tenredux


    Changed Status to Accepted
  4. tenredux


    Your application is now; Welcome to LoTC, if you have any questions or need any help please contact me on discord @ Hex#4689, or ask in the New Player Discord.
  5. tenredux


    Changed Status to Under Review
  6. tenredux

    ask hex

  7. tenredux

    ask hex

    everyone who has participated in the /debate channel is a freak so you are a freak, & you're ok i guess the secret is that im not you're an ok kid tfw it's actually kiko
  8. tenredux

    ask hex

    every moment rn: all time: catboys
  9. tenredux

    [Plugin Ideas] Thirst & Compass

    thirst more like shoot me in the brain that'll be so annoying
  10. tenredux

    ask hex

    ur ok honest guy idk
  11. tenredux

    ask hex

    i dont have much of an opinion of anyone in gammas group unless i've hung with them a lot tbh, even if i knew them before they or I were there, you're all just friends to me. ig you're a cool nerd who's a good, chilled guy to have around & you seem to be willing to try your hardest w/ most ****.
  12. tenredux

    Questions On The Landscar That Was Curon

    tbh i forgot curon ever existed
  13. tenredux

    ask hex

    im a marine
  14. tenredux

    ask hex

    hey alex 2 pretty good @Gamma is now on part 2 of jojo's wack ride, battle tendency 10 you one of the top friend ive seen a good few roadkill rats and some dead pidgeons i can't, he is
  15. tenredux

    ask hex

    go away combine