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  1. Edited, changed two events.
  2. Nathan Montoya stands on the right side of the stage as James is giving his speech a Catus green blunt sitting in his lips, dangling from the side, He'd nod as his father spoke, mainly when he speaks about the use of drugs, At the end of the speech he followed after his father, a proud look upon his face as he follows after his father and Loic.
  3. I've known buff for about 2-3 months now, and have had no problem with him as a person, Other then his very pleasing voice he over all seems like a nice person, as for the ban, targeting is truly a big title to put on someone with such little proof, please next time put proof into bans. #Freebuff
  4. A Large green uruk chuckles deeply upon readying the posters..his fingers clasped around said staff as he clicks the base of it on the stone floors beneath him, giving a small 'tap' sound before he raised the tip of said staff to the poster..as it began to burn the paper within seconds.. "Come tak idi frum mi." He saiid his final words before walking away,
  5. IGN: Nafari(TakKumn) VIP: Ender.
  6. 9/10 Idfk
  7. Better ET Then Sky, 1+
  8. Don't personally think there is anything more for halflings, /Most/ Of Us aren't very skilled combat wise, and already have 2 Racial skills, as said above, however, if you can pitch an idea for something that sounds reasonable for my half-men friends, I seriously want to hear it, Cause I'm all out of ideas.
  9. 1+ Good luck!
  10. Have to agree, Let's hope this thing get's fixed.
  11. 1+ Don't even know him, Sure.
  12. TakKumn sits atop his lur wolf chuckling as he's being told of the war. "Wagghh!" His wolf began to howl with him, their roars echoing thru out the mesa.
  13. "Bery bub'horzh.." The large orc says atop his lur wolf as he reads over the flyer, before he threw it up in the air, riding off.
  14. You need to post this quality on Deviantart +1