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    January Community Newsletter

    It’s too bad that in 65 days all you’ve done is ping Flambo, you should really go for the efficiency of the Prussians.
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      Image result for minecraft disconnect button
      hit the button beneath options (labelled with the red arrow)

  3. Burnsy

    Winter is Coming

    “Welp.” says Ulhart.
  4. Burnsy

    How’d you get your Username?

    Burnsy has been my nickname since elementary school. I am now in college.
  5. IGN(s): Burnsy__ Age 19 Timezone EST Discord: Burnsy#9139 What map did you join during?: Axios Do you have access to a Microphone? Yes Average Daily Play Time? 2-3 hours on weekdays, and at least 3-4 on weekends. Have you held any LotC staff position(s) before? If so, for how long?: I’ve been on the FM since late July and a manager for the team since mid-September. Do you have prior history in any forms of moderation? Just my current tenure on the FM Team. Why do you want to join the GM Team?: Through forum moderation I have been able to help players new and old navigate the forums to get where they need to be. I enjoy assisting the community on the forums, but I would like to be able to assist more in-game aside from guiding new dwarves to a proper home. Game moderation will allow me to reach a greater demographic of people on the server and spread a positive influence to everyone I meet. I’d love to see as many people have as good a time as possible, and I firmly believe this can be accomplished through a GM position. Have you applied for this position before and been denied? If so, link the application: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/175087-deniedw-mcburnsys-game-moderator-application/ Anything else you want to tell us?: I made scrambled eggs this morning and I was sad the whole time.
  6. Burnsy

    GM Update Log - December 2018

  7. Burnsy

    [Denied] Tcs_tonsils_'s Forum Moderator Application

    Please contact me on Discord (Burnsy#9139) to arrange a time for an interview.
  8. Burnsy

    [Denied] HeliosDeWeird's Forum Moderator Application

    Denied. Note: If you have any questions, comments or concerns feel free to bring them up with me in private message.
  9. Once it is 12:00am in EST, then and only then is it Christmas.

  10. Burnsy

    [Denied] HeliosDeWeird's Forum Moderator Application

    I’ll be handling this application. Please contact me on Discord (Burnsy#9139) to arrange a time for an interview.
  11. Burnsy

    sneakybandit's Event Team Builder Application

    He builds with blocks because he doesn’t have the mental capacity for much else. +1
  12. Burnsy

    T'was the night before Krugsmas...

    How much self-awareness is too much? (And yes I’ll gladly abuse your plugin for you.)
  13. Reminder to donate to our boi if you can: 


  14. Burnsy

    The Runescape Escape Fund

    Let’s get this bread.
  15. Burnsy

    The last acts of the Lord of Mynebor

    ”Ahbout toime.” Ulhart scoffs.
  16. Burnsy

    The Anti-Imperial Movement

    “Yeh got teh specify dat onleh Kaz’Ulrah tried, nae all teh dwed.” Ulhart states, annoyed that this false arguement has been used a million times now.
  17. Burnsy

    Punishment of Balrog

    “Almost as if ah told yeh creatin’ ah ‘ole in teh ground when nobodeh gave yeh poweh was ah bad idea...”
  18. Burnsy

    Condemnation of War Criminals

    ”It was Fileh teh fat, nae Fimlin.” Ulhart says.
  19. Burnsy


    ”Un more ‘C’ in yer pahrteh n’ Red Urguan moight get some ideas.” says Ulhart.
  20. Burnsy

    Axios Map Download

    Thanks dev, very cool!
  21. Burnsy

    Christmas Update Suggestion

    That’ll be 200 crowns for access.
  22. Burnsy

    Taking back whats ours

    The attackers submit an in-character casus belli under the Warclaims section. The Game Team reviews it within 48-hours by the following criteria: It is a well-written roleplay post that covers the reasons for which the nation must wage war. It defines the war goals of the attacking nation in clear terms. E.g. We will pillage/conquer Settlement A. The war goals consider, realistically and logically, the in-character relationships between the sides as well as their respective cultures and histories. Welp.
  23. It’s Pando’s alt account, get him!