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  1. Burnsy__

    An Ultimatum to the Invading Realms

    ”Now t’at does nae seem vereh nation-loike of yeh. Ah t’ought Fenn had teh start actin’ loike ah nation er something.” Ulhart says in a mocking tone.
  2. Burnsy__

    We Gathered Few - A War Comes

    “Yeh will nae see it, weh will nae become filteh kin-slayers loike teh disgraceful Frostbeard clan.”
  3. Burnsy__

    We Gathered Few - A War Comes

    ”Cut teh bullshoite of yer predecessors n’ maybeh weh would all beh a bit more amenable, aye? Weh ‘ave created ah Kingdom n’ which dwed chose teh live der ratheh den in Ulrah, weh did nae a t’ing teh draw aggresion from yeh in Agnarum. Weh offered ah multitude of toimes teh unify n’ yeh did nae take it. Weh did nae demand yeh vassalize undeh us, jus’ come togetheh as equals n’ onleh now dat yeh ahre in trouble do yeh demand uniteh. Teh actions of teh dwed o’ Ulrah n’ teh orcish scum you house ‘ave caught up n’ now yeh realoize yeh will beh payin’ teh proice.” Ulhart replies.
  4. Burnsy__

    The First King of Agnarum's Speech.

    ”It was teh new dwed who nominated ‘im n’ voted ‘im in yeh dense shoite.”
  5. Burnsy__

    The First King of Agnarum's Speech.

    ”Narvak oz Fimlin!” “Narvak oz Agnarum!” Ulhart shouts upon the conclusion of the speech.
  6. Burnsy__

    The problem with the Empire

    Are you sure? Cause I’m pretty sure I heard Urguan.
  7. Burnsy__

    The problem with the Empire

    So what you’re saying is we need Urguan to shake things up...
  8. Burnsy__

    The Fall of the Phoenix

    End the antagonizing. Consider this a warning, thank you.
  9. You can’t say that on television!

    1. Tidemanno


      HA, my FM lure has worked

    2. mitto


      ogh... fugg D--:

    3. Wulfery



  10. Burnsy__

    Challenge to the Dominion, 1688

    ((Wow, two elven rulers are honored dueled in a row.))
  11. Burnsy__

    Treatycole's Lore Master Application

    He knows some stuff. +1
  12. Remember to appeal your old warning points so you can receive more without incurring additional punishment. /s

  13. Burnsy__

    [✓] [Server] ninjaclimb1 Ban Appeal

    Friendly reminder not to post on appeals if you are not a mentioned player, consider this a warning. Thank you.