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  1. McBurnsy

    From The Ashes of Old Rises the New

    ((Might want to fix the part where your enemies quack in fear))
  2. [!] Ulhart Grandaxe is seen standing on a chair in front of the counter in McBurnsy's posting a menu beside the drink menu. [!] https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OiGdWzMVguF4GaBMk7LDFN2j2I4pbSrxNK3FjV9tBVw/edit ((In game version of Fitermon's menu. Posted with proper permission as this is our project.))
  3. McBurnsy

    Legal action must be taken

    🤔 I'll be going off the assumption that this post isn't bait despite it certainly seeming like it. Your argument's first flaw is assuming that CharlestheBald is behind the leaks. His history on the server would certainly point towards that; however, nobody actually knows. It's probably best not to start pointing fingers when you have no idea what's going on.
  4. McBurnsy

    McBurnsy's of Holm Seeking Suppliers!

    Flyers would be posted across the cities of Atlas with the following text. "McBurnsy's of Holm is now looking for suppliers of mutton and beef. Please contact Ulhart Grandaxe or Virgin Irongrinder if you have an offer to make." ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ OOC: Contact McBurnsy or TheMagicPlugin in game or on Discord (McBurnsy#9139) and (Fitermon#5365) with offers.
  5. Fiter will get the job done +1
  6. Username McBurnsy Age 18 Time Zone EST Discord: McBurnsy#9139 Have you been previously banned (be it a forum or server ban) and under what circumstances did you receive this ban?: No ban history. Have you ever received warning points and what did you do to receive those points?: No warning points. Moderating the forums is a very time dependent staff position. How much time, on average, would you be able to dedicate to moderating?: I could easily fit in 6 hours over the course of a weekday. Have you ever held a staff position here on LoTC? Do you currently hold any other staff positions? If so, list them and highlight something about the team that you enjoyed/enjoy: I have not held any other staff position. I applied for ET but withdrew my application because the ET is currently overstaffed. Why should you be a FM? What can you bring to our team in regards to moderating and enforcing the rules on the forums? I believe that I'd make a good FM because of my ability to handle situations with a level head. Forum moderation comes down to deciding whether certain posts breach guidelines and an appropriate respnse to a breach would be; however, OOC politics can sometimes inhibit one's ability to do the job effectively. I have kept OOC politics firmly out of my in-game persona and intend to do the same with forum moderation. The job boils down to a few key questions for me: Does this post blatantly break the rules? Is this post trying to stretch the rules? Does the poster have a history of breaking the rules? Transparency would be another important trait I would bring to my moderating. This ties directly in with the questions above as I would like to ensure that those who break the rules fully understood what they did and how they may avoid further incidents. Heavy handed punishments solve nothing and only seek to annoy those on the receiving end, but a fair punishment in the form of a verbal warning/a warning point/or (only if absolutely necessary) a ban along with clear communication of the wrongdoing will better the forums overall. What traits do you have that make you stand out from any other applicant?: I believe I can be more calm in high-stress or nuanced situations. I find it very easy to think things through to come to a logical conclusion that will result in appropriate action whilst moderating. Moderating is not all black and white work, and it sometimes requires extra insight to be successful. Are you familiar with ModeratorCP? Yes. How long do you plan to stay on the team?: There will be no reason that I'd need to leave the team for the next 6 months and beyond.
  7. McBurnsy

    [Feedback] I hate the forums

    I agree, we need a highlighted 🅱.
  8. "Fun isn't something one considers when balancing runesmithing lore. But this... does put a smile on my face."
  9. Ulhart Grandaxes brushes the counter of McBurnsy's "Ah knew convertin' teh forge inteh ah foine establishment loike dis was ah good idea."
  10. McBurnsy

    [Complete][Auction] A human and Halfling

    Ulhart Grandaxe walks into the auction "Ah'll give yeh 1500 mina fer teh both of em!"
  11. McBurnsy

    [Complete][AUCTION] Farfolk male

    "Two-fifteh, take et or leave et. It'd beh betteh teh 'ave some moneh den nothin' at all, don't yeh agree?"
  12. McBurnsy

    [Complete][AUCTION] Farfolk male

    Ulhart "Big-Hoss" Grandaxe turns to the agitated human "Well t'at lad der es not gonna beh wit yeh fer too much longer." Ulhart then begins sorting the money in his pocket.
  13. McBurnsy

    [Complete][AUCTION] Farfolk male

    Ulhart "Big-Hoss" Grandaxe walks up to the auctioneer "Best ah can do es two-fifteh."
  14. McBurnsy


    A hooded dwarf holds up a piece of paper reading 250 mina.