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  1. MerijnSM

    Enough is Enough.

    Amen. All I can say. Sir, I tip my hat to you as you spoke the words of many here.
  2. "KHAZUKAN KAZAKIT-HAAAA!!!" Norkai Keeper of the Confederation of Hammers Clan Father and Hammer Gimli Metalfist Chief and Hammer Boldrumir Cottonwood Clan Father and Hammer Throri 'Warmheart' Stonemace Hammer Thumril Metalfist Hammer Bjor Cottonwood
  3. MerijnSM

    The Accord of the Hammers and the Ram

    Gimli frowned as he walked around the grand halls of Azgaryum, thinking to himself. He stopped at the balistrade and looked down into the grand fires before then turning back around to his thane, speaking in an annoyed tone. "T'umril.. dark times await us, my brot'er.. Et appears t'at even our locals are misunderstandin' t'is bloodeh piece o' fockin' paper. Why es et t'at 'acceptin' t'e worship of' translates ta bloodeh 'turnin' inta!' By Yemekar.. T'e second ah-'ear ah stone-born dwed turn ta Cannonism es w'en ah eat me own beard.. Ah kno' et's legal naow, but fer focks sake.." The stout would in a fit of rage smack his metal fist on the balistrade. "Fock et! Fock et all! T'e w'ole of Ulra' be damned! Ah'd rat'er die under a true leader who's proven 'imself, t'en live under t'at petty ruler t'ae call 'ii'king!"
  4. I have both OOC and IC interactions with Pun. Both which I can gladly say are more then positive. As a member of White Peak I can see all the work she does for the players around her. She tends to create RP when people are being bored. Strike up a conversation in the discord and generally being interactive with- and helpful towards- the populous. She was kind towards me since the day we met and has always offered a helping hand. I believe those are her personal characteristics and will thus carry over in her behavior as an AT. I think out of all current staff positions I can see her do amazing as AT. Yes, some people have had less then optimal interactions with Punisher, but everyone has lesser days and I know her to be capable of even putting that aside when the job requires her to as I have seen her do similar things within our RP groups itself. I cannot speak for her knowledge on lore but I believe she is learning about it more and more with a steady pace as I have overheard some of her talks with older, more knowledgeable members from our group. In short; She is a very nice person OOC, kind hearted and well meaning and I honestly think she fits this job 100%. +1
  5. MerijnSM

    Renatian Citizenship Act, 1662

    BASIC INFORMATION OOC MC Username: SinisterBlades Discord Username: Lt. Big M.#4933 Have you joined the Renatus Discord server?: Yes How active are you?: Close to daily. IC Name: Siegfried-Gregor III Surname: var Wettin-Eisenach Titles: Ser, Royal Retainer Knight of Eimar I var Burgundar, Minister of Foreign Relations, Internal Affairs, Economics and Propaganda at the court of the County of Götha, Captain of King's Renatian Legions. Liege Lord: Eimar I var Burgundar of Götha. Gender: Male Date of Birth: - Race: Human Subrace: Heartlander Culture: Waldanian and Batavian PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION Height: 6'4 Weight: 256lbs Eye Color: Deep Blue Skin Color: White Hair Color: Darkbrown/black-ish turning grey.  Markings: Massive stash. PERSONAL INFORMATION Residence: White Peak, capital of the County of Götha. Occupation: Minister, Captain. CITIZEN’S OATH OF LOYALTY I, Siegfried-Gregor III var Wettin-Eisenach, head of house var Wettin-Eisenach, hereby swear my loyalty to the King of the Crown of Renatus-Marna, and to uphold and obey the laws of the Crown as its loyal citizen. I understand the penalties and punishments that shall be incurred should I violate these laws.
  6. MerijnSM

    A Ram's Charge

    The Göthan Ram’s Brigade devisating the left Norlandic flank in a valiant charge led by count Eimar I “Men of Götha! Rally to your King, rally to your Banner, rally to your Count!” - Eimar var Burgundar as he charged alone per horseback towards the Norlanders. 1661, 9th of Grande Harvest, dawn; King’s Renatian Legions marched the right falk of the Northern Atlas Alliance. On the far right, young count Eimar var Burgundar, first of his name, led a 1700 man Göthan detachment ‘The Rams Brigade’. 1661, 9th of Grande Harvest, early noon; The two armies clashed on fields near The Forkwoods. The heavily outnumbered Norlanders on the left flank gained a false feeling of hope as small bands of warriors, ignoring command, rushed into the Norlandic lines seeking glory and fame in battle, only to be cut down by hostile blades and friendly arrows. Lines formed, stalemate began. The two armies were done skirmishing, their cavalries exhausted. The N.A.A. ordered their men to hold the line as arrows rained down upon the U.S.A. “T’e skois, t’ey turned black, t’ey dids! T’e amount of arrows t’at as bein’ losed upon t’em non-believers was uncountable..” - An Dwarven Soldier remarking the superb cohesion of the infamous Northern Archers. The horns of war roared across the battlefield as thousands of troops started to walk forwards. The U.S.A lines shivered in fear as the superior numbers showed themselves in a never ending line. A line deeper then their center, a line longer then their dreams. The lines clashed around noon in a brutal stalemate. It was here where the Protector of the Southlands came rushing out of his flank, shouting at his men. The Rams Brigade quickly pushed through the lines of the Renatian Legionaries after their count into a bold charge, spearheading the orders. “He ist our count, our protector, zhe heart of Gözzha. Zhe Ram of Vhite Peak!” - Ser Siegfried var Wettin-Eisenach III when asked who led the spearhead. This Göthan led charge was quickly followed up by the main force of the King’s Renatian Legionaries, leading to a quick and decisive defeat on the N.A.A. right flank. From that point it turned into a slaughters as the N.A.A. right poured into the sides of the remaining U.S.A. Causing a mass route and yet another decisive victory.
  7. Siegfried moved a hand through the curls of his 'stash. He grinned at the obvious propaganda. "Our archers devistated the beasts from afar. Our soldiers stood in their way, protected by god! We may have lost more brothers then we wished, but they losted twice as many. We fought bravely and the Hamlet stands strong, untaken." Siegfried nodded, clasped his hands behind his back and walked towards the White Chapel.
  8. MerijnSM

    -_-_- The Raid on the Untakeable City -_-_-

    "Men, women, we'v proven et 'uns, twice, 'n we'll proved et 'uns again! Yemekar smiles upon us, Dungrimm laughs! Karaz-a-Azgaryum es untakable!" Clanfather Gimli Emberbane spoke from the top of the tower after bringing an end to the hiding forces of Gror the Betrayer. His beard waved majesticly in the wind from the high tower as he held Gror's taken axe up high.
  9. MerijnSM

    The Emberbane Reformation

    The Emberbane Reformation After 7 days of mourning and praising the gods in the city of Karaz-a-Azgaryum, the council of the Hammers deliberated for two full days and nights without a singular moment of rest. What followed in response to the death of Edel Silvervein, the Honourable the current Clanfather Gimli Silvervein, the Young would stand up in front of the council to declare his statement. He would take the remnants of what once was the Silvervein clan and turn in into a new direction. The former Silverveins were sick of it and decided it was time to reform the clan into something new. They followed the sigil of the Phoenix, rebirth in flames. The Emberbane clan was born. Raised from the fire and ashes of what once was Silvervein, living to start anew. Following the true destiny, forged by Yemekar. The Council of Hammers, now reformed. Lead by the Emberbanes, HammerForges and Cottonwoods. The Hammers being; Clanfather Gimli Emberbane, the Reformer Thane Thumril Emberbane, the Hammer Clanfather Grillthram HammerForge, the Befriender Thane Grimrodd HammerForge, the Anvil Chief Boldrumir Cottonwood, the Cruel
  10. MerijnSM

    A Departure for good

    "T'e fock ye mean 'e's gon' inta sem blizzard!? Did nanno'ya ***** tryna stop 'im!?" *Gimli would be enraged into madness, returning to his dwellings. Later that day Gimli walked out and talked to his fellow citizens.* "We shall mourn fer our departed Elder 'n founder by a ritual followin' da brot'mordekin. 7 daes, each ta respect 'un o' da gods. Let us 'ope Edel is well 'n safe in Dungrimm's 'all."