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  1. A Dark Elven woman shrugs at the declaration, chewing some herbs by the Elder Tree ”Ah, um... okay. I hope the Halflings will emerge victorious, I think Sutica is underestimating their shogging might!” She crumbled the paper up, then she went back to reading.
  2. “End arranged marriages. Now.” Said Vivaca Rutledge in her home. “A woman can speak for herself, not her legal patriarch.”
  3. After eating some leaves, a humble Dark Elf widens her eyes after reading the pact in the Great Library of the Phoenix “Um... Wh-what?” She said with a concerned expression. “I hope nothing bad happens...”
  4. “Destroy Rubern, please. Destroy Rubern.” Said Vivaca Rutledge after reading the announcement “Ninety nine war crimes and counting.”
  5. (Image from pinterest. https://i.pinimg.com/564x/0f/04/68/0f0468ddb61dbb088d5dfb4ef13b4eb0.jpg) ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXZ3mXL8tnA&t=129s ) ( Fitting Music ) [!] Around Helena, Vivaca Rutledge hands out her book. Free of charge. [!] A few books are delivered to Wilheim Rutledge’s home... @1_Language_1 [!] One is delivered to the homes of Lauritz Christiansen, Terrence May, Konrad Stafyr and Lilianne Smith, Amadeus d'Aryn and all other friends of Vivaca Rutledge. @Gusano@Piov @AndrewTech @EgirlSilky @Caranthir_ @Hunwald 1 7 6 9 A KORVASSA TALE VOLUME ONE BY VIVACA ADHARA DE ANTUNYES RUTLEDGE. USEFUL PHRASES FOR THE READERS: Medri Negasi = King’s Land (Or land of the King) Ag = Of Aei = Yes Paran = Informal term for father, not to be used around parents. Paranii = Formal term for father, to be used in the presence of your parents. Mari = Informal term for mother, not to be used around parents. Maron = Formal term for mother, to be used in the presence of your parents. In the hot, arid deserts of Korvassa, a Southeron man was setting up a tent. The man, named Haadi M’Baku recently moved away from the big cities of Arcas, seeking a more peaceful, quiet life. Haadi observed his surroundings, and as the sun set, not a soul was in sight. He let out a sigh relief “Ah good, no bandits.” He said, before readying himself for bed. He picked up his bag of spices and he went into his tent, he put the bag by his blanket and he laid down, closing his eyes, drifting off to the realm of sleep. A Southeron woman approaches the tent in the black of night, she whispered quietly to herself “A tent?” she stepped backwards, and then she approached once more. She opened the tent, peering in and there she saw Haadi. As the woman peered into the tent, she sniffed… she thought to herself “Spices? Perhaps… I could take the spice? Finders keepers, like Mari, used to say…” Her hand reached into the tent, aiming for the bag of spices… She picked up the bag, and it made a shuffling made a noise in the tent. Haadi yawned, scrubbing his eyes “What was that?” He said aloud, the woman jumped, letting out a scream. Haadi lifted himself off of the blanket, and drew his dagger “Slag!” He said, kicking her in the knee, the Southeron woman screamed in pain“Aghh! That really hurt!” She held her hands on her knees “C-can I have the spices mate? I’ll pay for them…” Said the woman, and Haadi yelled “Of course not! I’m not giving you the bag! You tried to steal my spices!” The woman widened her eyes “I- Okay I’m sorry! Just please don’t kill me!” She pleaded, tears rolling down her cheek, Haadi sighed “Who are you, anyway?” Said Haadi, sheathing his dagger… the woman sighed, “My name is Abebi ag Medri Negasi.” She said, and Haadi lofted a brow “Medri Negasi? Seyam?” He asked and Abebi responded “Aei,” She nods her head “I’m kind of homeless at the moment after Seyam dissolved, I’ve been wandering the deserts for quite some time now.” She frowned. Haadi nodded “I see. I’ve only recently moved to Korvassa, I left Helena to live a more simple, quiet life.” Abebi nods “Ah, eh, yeah. So… I know we got off on a wrong start but it’s nice to meet you Haadi!” She said with a slight smile, and Haadi nods “You too Abebi, is there anything interesting on Korvassa?” He asked, and Abebi scratched her chin “Well... it’s rather empty, I’m not too sure.” In the dunes of the Korvassa desert, a strange humanoid snake stalked the two… It hissed, and Abebi looks around “Wh-what was that” She said, gulping. “I don’t know?” Said Haadi, unsheathing his dagger “Well, by the sounds of it’s probably a snake.” Abebi nodded “Hmm, okay.” The snake man hisses for a final time, before disappearing in the dunes... The sun rose, and the two were still wide awake. “Hmm, we’ve been awake for quite a few hours now.” Said Abebi and Haadi nodded “Yes, or ‘aei’.” Haadi looks around “I’m sure there’s something around here…” He said to Abebi and she nods “I believe at the very south of Korvassa there are a few ruins, perhaps we could find something interesting there?” “Sounds like a plan.” Haadi said, “I can’t be bothered to pack up my tent, I might as well leave it here.” He chuckled, and Abebi nods “Yeah that’s fine, less to carry. But can you take the spices with you?” Haadi nods “Of course, do you want to carry them?” Abebi’s eyes widen “Oh- of course.” She grins, and Haadi hands her the bag of spice “Thank you. Okay, let’s go.” TO BE CONTINUED In the next edition... Haadi and Abebi make their way to the ruins of Athalia, and meet a mysterious fellow. WRITTEN BY VIVACA ADHARA DE ANTUNYES RUTLEDGE.
  6. “Hope.” Said Vivaca Rutledge after reading the poster, optimistic about the upcoming election
  7. omg no I rely on /vote welfare 🌿
  8. A CALL TO ALL PROGRESSIVES 1768 (To vote Evarardine) With the recent poll conducted by the Universal Union, 11.4% of voters are undecided. The Josephites and the Evarardines are quite close, and we could see this election be even closer than the last one. Fellow progressives, liberals, if we want change in our empire we will have to lend our vote to the Evarardines this election. The policies adopted by the Evarardine Party are radical, and what Amadeus said in his recent publication was absolutely correct. “Real change comes not from the government alone, it comes when people are mobilised to a cause and are given the opportunity to play a part in the decision-making process. ” The Evarardines are campaigning to get Oren working again and if we are to be a progressive society, we need as many people working as possible. The Evarardines are campaigning to radically change our society, driven by a people-powered campaign that’ll see wealth decentralised and that all citizens, not just the citizens of Helena can have a slice of the cake. They will put power back into the hands of the common citizen and out of the hands of politicians and big business, and progressives around the Empire must lend the Evarardines the power to fix the problems our nation is facing today. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/192025-everardine-economic-pledges-1768/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/192060-an-invitation-to-join-the-government-of-oren/ Progressives, liberals, in order for things to change in the empire we have to lend the Evarardines our vote, and if they are elected to office, we must make sure they deliver on their election promises by holding them accountable at the next election. What I have seen are the weak promises of the Josephite Party, their promises won’t do anything to fix the social and economic inequality with their laissez-faire economic style. Let me make this clear, I will always align myself with Josephite values and I consider myself to be a New Josephite, I have always believed in the social values the Josephite Party champions and I am, 100% not a conservative. But this election I cannot bring myself to support them. So please, if you want genuine change this election, Vote Evarardine. From Vivaca Adhara de Antunyes Rutledge.
  9. Vivaca Rutledge sighs “This seems very vague and lacks detail, how disappointing.”
  10. [!] This poster is found around Helena and Reza, with some scattered around Tor Eldar... PROGRESSIVE ORENIA, 1768. The most important thing about Oren, in my opinion, is our democracy. Our democracy allows the ordinary citizen, most importantly the common citizen who is not of noble birth, to participate in the governance of our great nation. Much has changed since the dark days of the Pertinaxi regime, where democracy was almost non-existent and even in the parliamentary system of the Pertinaxi Empire, voters and members of their legislature were bullied, executed and intimidated because of their political beliefs. The days of feudalism were dark, and citizens enjoyed very few freedoms under the old order. Actual democratic change came about in 1736, with the establishment of the Imperial Senate, giving every citizen the right to elect their own representatives to sit on the Senate and later the House of Commons to make laws that benefit them. Over thirty years later, the Empire has changed significantly in the greatest cultural and systemic change in Orenian history. This period of enlightenment must continue, if we were to revert all the progress we have made it would be a truly catastrophic and depressing event. We have seen a massive influx of competent non-human and foreign migrants, particularly Elven migrants who have been an absolute positive for the citizens of our Empire. Most of them have contributed greatly to our society, becoming medics, shopkeepers, et cetera, to view them as a stain on our society is a disgusting insult to hardworking foreigners who have contributed so much to our society. But with this age of modernism and change has come with the increase of taxes and prices, making life difficult for those on lower incomes. We must uplift the vulnerable, the poor and the downtrodden people in our society and all parties should promote social and economic justice this election, and should offer real sensible change to the people of the Empire. Solidarity to all struggling citizens of the Empire, and let us hope that they can make their voices even louder this election. Let us appreciate this wonderful, democratic enlightenment this election. WITH LOVE.... VIVACA ADHARA DE ANTUNYES RUTLEDGE REGISTER ON THE CENSUS TO VOTE IN THE ELECTIONS https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/191394-imperial-census-1767-1777/
  11. Vivaca Rutledge frowns after reading the policies in her home, “I expected better. No economic justice for the Orenian citizen. These policies are nothing new!” She said to her friend Nicole, then she turned to her husband Duarte, sighing “Honestly, I feel let down with these policies. The market should and must be regulated to protect the Orenian people from monopolies such as Carrington and Co! This is supposed to be a party of progress and change! ‘For the dignity of the market’...” She rolled her eyes
  12. Vivaca Rutledge reads the newspaper , smiling “This newspaper could really take off!”
  13. “Damnnnn.” Said Vivaca Rutledge, her eyes widening after reading the poster... “Well done! I suppose.”
  14. Vivaca Rutledge reads over the statement, sighing “I think the Josephites need to adopt a radical economic policy that works for everyone, especially the working class and those on low incomes. We shouldn’t be the party of big business!” She said as she sipped her tea
  15. Confirmation of Lauritz Christiansen 12th of First Seed, 1767 AYE Conrad Barclay Amadeus d’Aryn Farooq Gray Lajos Károly SIr Terrence May Jonah Elendil Sir Konrad Stafyr Cyrus Basrid Joseph Adler Sigmar Baruch Edward Napier Nays Philip Pruvia INFRACTIONS ACT, 1767. Introduced by member of the House of Commons Joseph Adler. AYE Conrad Barclay Amadeus d’Aryn Farooq Gray Lajos Károly Sir Terrence May Jonah Elendil Sir Konrad Stafyr Cyrus Basrid Joseph Adler Sigmar Baruch Philip Pruvia Lajos Károly Edward Napier Nays THE ESTABLISHMENT OF THE MINISTRY OF EDUCATION ACT, 1767. Introduced by Member of the House of Commons Jonah Elendil Ayes Conrad Barclay Mary Amadeus d’Aryn Farooq Gray Lajos Károly Sir Terrence May Jonah Elendil Sir Konrad Stafyr Cyrus Basrid Joseph Adler Edward Napier Mary Philippa Nays Sigmar Baruch TALLIED BY CLERK OF THE HOUSE OF COMMONS, VIVACA ADHARA DE ANTUNYES RUTLEDGE.
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