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  1. Valerie nods her head “Nice”
  2. Valerie Carrion chuckles
  3. Valerie Carrion de Falstaff reads over the proclamation, screaming “WHAT?!”
  4. Vesna Carrion shakes her head from the seven skies, disgusted.
  5. Valerie frowns, not overly sad due to the memory of the Burning of Ves, she said to herself ”Rest in peace.” She crossed the Lorraine, sighing
  6. ”Renatian dogs!” She screamed, upset on the Falstaff boy“And the boy is a Falstaff, not a Carrion!”
  7. Vesna Carrion smiles at her city from the seven skies
  8. “Ave Orenia!” yelled Valerie
  9. His Lordship, Count Conrad de Falstaff of Leuven and his wife, Valerie de Falstaff do cordially invite the denizens of the Orenian realm to a ball in Leuven, we do this in attempt to lift the spirit of the Orenian people in this most troubling time of war. ((OOC information: Sunday the 16th, 3est)) Sincerely, His Lordship, Conrad de Falstaff, Count of Leuven, Sincerely, Valerie de Falstaff.
  10. A Portrait of his Imperial Majesty, Emperor Joseph of Marna. LIBERATOR OF THE MASSES, 1718 The line of Pertinaxi forged a cruel regime, Sacking Ves, the city of the free, Plundering cities, killing kings, butchering young and old, Such were the acts under the Pertinaxi fold, Pertinaxi atrocities were renowned, And soon, the true Emperor was crowned, Joseph the first liberated the masses, Countless supported him from all the classes, Oh, Emperor Joseph, our liberator! Our glorious, rightful Imperator! A poem on the rightful Emperor, by Valerie de Falstaff.
  11. PapiZapii

    In Rezas Fields

    Valerie de Falstaff smiles, reading the poem and then looking out from the balcony to the fields of Reza and Leuven, saying to herself “Ah, two poems have been made on this day...”
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