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  1. Vivaca chuckles, “What’s wrong with speaking out? this letter says that he is being summoned for the so-called harmful language directed at the empire. It is freedom of speech, Wilheim! Let him protest, he has every right to!”
  2. Vivaca Rutledge frowns, reading the letter in Curonia’s tavern, “A man criticizes the empire and then goes to court!. Orenia is truly a great nation!” She said sarcastically, shaking her head
  3. “F*** Oren.” Spoke a mali’ker
  4. Elanaril smirks, sitting down by a tree in the Talus Grove.. “Go Irrinor!”
  5. Vesna the Older Carrion And Vesna Valerie Vesnic the Younger Carrion welcomes Henrik to the seven skies!
  6. Vesna the Older Valic-Carrion rolls in her grave...
  7. Somewhere in the world, a Mali’ker shrugs, saying to herself ...”okay,”
  8. “Seriously? MORE WAR?” Frowned the Mali’ker, ”Oh whatever, this is alway’s happening so I shouldn’t be too surprised!”
  9. Elanaril sighed, “Well... whatever.”
  10. Elanaril frowned, tearing up the missive “Like usual, humans are always arguing...”
  11. Vivaca weeped for hours on end, “Oh Mama.” Said the broken girl with tears in her eye
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