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  1. Senior Senator Vivaca Rutledge rises from her seat “I vote aye on both bills, Mister President.” @Piov
  2. ~THE TEA.~ EDITION FOUR! TEA YOU CAN COUNT ON! ”Don’t be offended, it’s just tea!” –someone... Articles: Article I: 1752 Senate Elections! – Including endorsements. Article II: New Governor-General of Curon! Article III: Three good reasons to Vote Basrid! Article IV: Tea~Hee! Article I: 1752 SENATE ELECTIONS! Democracy matters and the Imperial Senate matters, so please, go and vote! The Tea recommends you vote for the following people this election! Curon. Clovis Farlander! Haense. Terrence May! (incumbent) Kaedrin. Arthur Callahan. (incumbent) Helena. Cyrus Basrid! (incumbent) The Tea is a staunch supporter of democracy, liberalism and patriotism! The Tea will always stand up for the civil liberties of the citizens of the Holy Orenian Empire! So please, participate in Orenian democracy! ~The Tea~ Article II: NEW GOVERNOR-GENERAL OF CURON! The Province of Curonia has a new governor-general, the awesome Sylvester Halcourt! He was recently appointed to the position by his Imperial Majesty, the awesome Emperor Peter III! Reconstruction of Avalain will soon begin, with Governor-General Sylvester Halcourt soon to form a new government. ~The Tea~ Article III: Three reasons to Vote Basrid! 1. He wears an awesome wig! 2. He’s an experienced senator! 3. He’s an amazing person! So please, if you live in the Crownlands, make sure to... V O T E B A S R I D 1 7 5 2. ~The Tea~ Article IV: TEA~HEE! That’s all for now, The Tea is a newspaper that’s sole duty is to make sure that all Orenians stay informed! We are Oren’s leading tabloid patriotic voice, and we will continue to stand up for liberty, the senate, patriotism and Orenian democracy! Thank you for reading The Tea! THE TEA... TEA YOU CAN COUNT ON! M.V.A.R
  3. Senator Vivaca Rutledge sighs... “We should stop appeasing them, really. They’re going to keep asking for more!”
  4. Senator Vivaca Rutledge nods with a smile “Absolutely!”
  5. Senator Vivaca Rutledge shakes her head over section IV “Well... that ain’t happening!”
  6. Senator Vivaca Rutledge rises, “I vote nay on Elverhilin.”
  7. Senator Vivaca Rutledge rises, ”I vote aye on both bills“ She sits back down.
  8. Senator Vivaca Rutledge rises, “I vote aye on Sir Armas.”
  9. TEN YEARS OF RUTLEDGE! 1750 ROOT FOR RUTLEDGE. Hello Curonians! Thank you for electing me again, it’s an honour to serve my country in the Imperial Legislature. I would like to congratulate Duarte de Antunyes, William Napier and Eirik Baruch on their election victories. Ten years ago, I became your Senator. When Curon rebelled against Oren, infuriated with the d’Alba regime’s heinous actions I stood by our Holy Orenian Empire and I was a vocal critic of the d’Alba regime that briefly ruled Curon. I wrote two pro-Orenian letters addressed to my homeland in an attempt to rally Curonians against the d’Alba regime. Ester of Avalain, first Governess-General of the Province of Curon was a courageous woman who brought down the d’Alba regime and brought Curon back into the warm embrace of the Holy Orenian Empire. When Curon returned to the empire, I felt joy for the loyal Curonians had won the day! I was the first female Senator in Imperial history and I was the first female Southeron Senator in Imperial History. My father, Matthias Rutledge and my grandparents, Antanios and Rivaini Rutledge inspired me to enter the world of politics. My father, Matthias Rutledge served as the first Southeron Senator for Curon from 1736 to 1741. My grandfather, Antanios Rutledge served as a Common Civic Party representative in the Imperial Parliament. After his death, my grandmother Rivaini Rutledge sat as an independent representative in the Imperial Parliament. Before the Imperial Senate, corrupt, unelected and appointed officials determined our future, however that is no longer the case. The good citizens of the Holy Orenian Empire and Curonia have a voice in governing our empire! It is a Senator’s duty to represent their constituents in the Imperial Legislature. I love democracy, for without it we would be no better than the Morsgradi and their Suffonian puppets. Curonians, together we thrive. Thank you. Signed by, the Senior Senator from Curon, Vivaca Adhara Rutledge, Chairwoman of the Imperial Senate Civil Affairs Committee.
  10. Vivaca Rutledge reads over the notice from the Imperial Crown, sighing “Gah. Bloody terrorists! They tried to kill me! Peter III is really awesome! He’s a man of the people! He’s amazing! Ave Orenia!”
  11. ROOT FOR RUTLEDGE! 1750 Hello Curonians! I’ve been representing Curon in the Senate for ten years, and for ten years I’ve been protecting the interests of the Curonian workers, Curonian businesses and Curonian citizens! I’m an advocate for local and representative democracy, liberty and I’m a patriot. I love Curon, I love Oren and I love democracy! We stand in the face of tyrants who seek to divide humanity! They seek to subjugate us under their Suffonian puppets, we cannot let them win. A vote for Rutledge is a vote for Curon! WHAT ARE MY PRINCIPLES? 1. I support liberty –✔️ 2. I support education! –✔️ 3. I support democracy! –✔️ 4. I support low taxes for small-businesses and stalls! -✔️ 5. I support The Senate! –✔️ 6. I support decent living wages! -✔️ 7. I support the Orenian war effort! – ✔️ 8. I support the right to fair trial! – ✔️ 9. I support Curon! -✔️ 10. I support Oren! -✔️ 11. I support decent living standards! –✔️ 12. I support quality healthcare! -✔️ ROOT FOR RUTLEDGE! 1750 Signed by, Vivaca Adhara Rutledge.
  12. Candidacies for the 1750 Imperial Senate Election in Curon SURNAME: Rutledge FIRST NAME: Vivaca ADDRESS OF RESIDENCE: Queen's Alley 3 DATE OF BIRTH: 4th of Amber Cold, 1722 Are you registered and eligible to vote in the province of Curon?: Yes Do you have any other title, peerage or public service that may conflict with becoming an Imperial Senator, as per the Edict of Establishment (1736) or Edict of Election (1736)?: No If yes, do you understand that you will be required to resign or abdicate from this position should you be elected to the Imperial Senate, and if this does not occur your seat shall be considered to be vacant?: Yes ((OhGodItsKathy)):
  13. Vesna Carrion frowns from the seven skies, ”Disgusting! That Milena is one vile woman.”
  14. RP Name:: Elanaril MC Username: OhGodItsKathy Discord: Jelleh#1915 What Nation Are You Affiliated With?: Druids Why Do You Wish To Come?: Adventure! What Skills Can You Bring?: Herbal knowledge.
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