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  1. Vesna the Older Valic-Carrion rolls in her grave...
  2. Somewhere in the world, a Mali’ker shrugs, saying to herself ...”okay,”
  3. Vesna the Older Carrion, an Adrian Woman frowns from the seven skies
  4. “Seriously? MORE WAR?” Frowned the Mali’ker, ”Oh whatever, this is alway’s happening so I shouldn’t be too surprised!”
  5. Elanaril sighed, “Well... whatever.”
  6. Elanaril frowned, tearing up the missive “Like usual, humans are always arguing...”
  7. Vivaca weeped for hours on end, “Oh Mama.” Said the broken girl with tears in her eye
  8. Elanaril frowns, reading the declaration in the Talus Grove... “Ah... war... fun”
  9. Elanaril frowned from the Talus Grove,” I don't believe those bears willingly went with those... Suticans.” She said to herself, with a concerned face...
  10. Elanaril laughs, ripping the piece of paper in half … “WHO CARES!” She screamed...
  11. Minecraft username: OhGodItsKathy time-zone: GMT+1 Playing-Hours: 1-4 hours a day, 2-5 hours on weekends Discord ID: (so we can contact you) Jelleh#1915
  12. Elanaril reads the poster, smiling “This sounds like fun, I might go!”
  13. “Finally, they will demolish that hideous city!” Smiled Elanaril, who then proceeded to run through a field of flowers!
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