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  1. “Terrence May was an outstanding public servant, dedicated to the needs of his constituents and dedicated to Imperial democracy.” Vivaca Rutledge commented after hearing the news of her friend’s death. “May he rest in peace.”
  2. “Konrad Stafyr was a good politician and a good friend, I send my condolences to his family.” Vivaca Rutledge said, fighting back the tears.
  3. Vivaca Rutledge smiled at the peace, nodding "This century has truly been the golden age for women and women’s rights. We should be so proud of everything we have achieved so far! I look forward to the reign of Anne Augusta.”
  4. Vivaca Rutledge smiled after reading the ethnography, placing a copy in her bag. “The City of Helena is a marble of cultural and political diversity that we should all be proud of.”
  6. Vivaca Rutledge nods, smiling at the declaration ”Brilliant! Long live Oren! Justice for Peter Amadeus.”
  7. Vivaca Rutledge smiled “Well done, long live the empire! For companionship, justice and liberty!”
  8. Vivaca Rutledge sighs after reading the poster, crumbling it up and chucking it into the fire... “No! I want more checks on the emperor’s power, I want more diversity, I want more liberty, I want more social change, I want more opportunity, I want a better future for my family and the younger generations of Oren and Amadeus will ruin everything! Don't vote for Amadeus!”
  9. Vivaca Rutledge widens her eyes “If this is all true.... IMPEACH GALBRAITH 1774.” Yelled Vivaca Rutledge
  10. Vivaca Rutledge reads over the paper at her desk in her Helena home, scratching her chin. “An interesting viewpoint, it is a difficult question to ask... However, in my opinion, If you give different types of races more legal and constitutional rights, and eventual equality, they are more able to stand up to prejudice and xenophobia. Segregation is one hundred per cent not the way to go. It can cause so, so, so much damage. Segregation fuels the thought of insurrection, anger and extremism, if you’re a Dark Elf and you’re sectioned off into a small slum in Helena and cannot leave that bubble because of your race, you’re obviously going to feel mad. Segregation makes it impossible for other, different communities to integrate into Oren. Wonk lives matter.”
  11. Vivaca Rutledge nods at the declaration ”Mamma Mia! Here we go again!” Said Vivaca Rutledge, chuckling... “When will the Snorlanders give up?” She said to her cat, and the cat gave a simple “meow” in response. ”Let us put an end to this madness. Peter III is very awesome.” Elanaril reads the document in the Talus Grove library after chewing some herbs, she shrugs “Woah, how interesting. More conflict.” She said sarcastically, rolling her eyes.
  12. ”LIBERATE SUTICA!” Yelled Vivaca Rutledge in the streets of Helena!
  13. A Dark Elven woman shrugs at the declaration, chewing some herbs by the Elder Tree ”Ah, um... okay. I hope the Halflings will emerge victorious, I think Sutica is underestimating their shogging might!” She crumbled the paper up, then she went back to reading.
  14. “End arranged marriages. Now.” Said Vivaca Rutledge in her home. “A woman can speak for herself, not her legal patriarch.”
  15. After eating some leaves, a humble Dark Elf widens her eyes after reading the pact in the Great Library of the Phoenix “Um... Wh-what?” She said with a concerned expression. “I hope nothing bad happens...”
  16. “Destroy Rubern, please. Destroy Rubern.” Said Vivaca Rutledge after reading the announcement “Ninety nine war crimes and counting.”
  17. (Image from pinterest. https://i.pinimg.com/564x/0f/04/68/0f0468ddb61dbb088d5dfb4ef13b4eb0.jpg) ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXZ3mXL8tnA&t=129s ) ( Fitting Music ) [!] Around Helena, Vivaca Rutledge hands out her book. Free of charge. [!] A few books are delivered to Wilheim Rutledge’s home... @1_Language_1 [!] One is delivered to the homes of Lauritz Christiansen, Terrence May, Konrad Stafyr and Lilianne Smith, Amadeus d'Aryn and all other friends of Vivaca Rutledge. @Gusano@Piov @AndrewTech @EgirlSilky @Caranthir_ @Hunwald 1 7 6 9 A KORVASSA TALE VOLUME ONE BY VIVACA ADHARA DE ANTUNYES RUTLEDGE. USEFUL PHRASES FOR THE READERS: Medri Negasi = King’s Land (Or land of the King) Ag = Of Aei = Yes Paran = Informal term for father, not to be used around parents. Paranii = Formal term for father, to be used in the presence of your parents. Mari = Informal term for mother, not to be used around parents. Maron = Formal term for mother, to be used in the presence of your parents. In the hot, arid deserts of Korvassa, a Southeron man was setting up a tent. The man, named Haadi M’Baku recently moved away from the big cities of Arcas, seeking a more peaceful, quiet life. Haadi observed his surroundings, and as the sun set, not a soul was in sight. He let out a sigh relief “Ah good, no bandits.” He said, before readying himself for bed. He picked up his bag of spices and he went into his tent, he put the bag by his blanket and he laid down, closing his eyes, drifting off to the realm of sleep. A Southeron woman approaches the tent in the black of night, she whispered quietly to herself “A tent?” she stepped backwards, and then she approached once more. She opened the tent, peering in and there she saw Haadi. As the woman peered into the tent, she sniffed… she thought to herself “Spices? Perhaps… I could take the spice? Finders keepers, like Mari, used to say…” Her hand reached into the tent, aiming for the bag of spices… She picked up the bag, and it made a shuffling made a noise in the tent. Haadi yawned, scrubbing his eyes “What was that?” He said aloud, the woman jumped, letting out a scream. Haadi lifted himself off of the blanket, and drew his dagger “Slag!” He said, kicking her in the knee, the Southeron woman screamed in pain“Aghh! That really hurt!” She held her hands on her knees “C-can I have the spices mate? I’ll pay for them…” Said the woman, and Haadi yelled “Of course not! I’m not giving you the bag! You tried to steal my spices!” The woman widened her eyes “I- Okay I’m sorry! Just please don’t kill me!” She pleaded, tears rolling down her cheek, Haadi sighed “Who are you, anyway?” Said Haadi, sheathing his dagger… the woman sighed, “My name is Abebi ag Medri Negasi.” She said, and Haadi lofted a brow “Medri Negasi? Seyam?” He asked and Abebi responded “Aei,” She nods her head “I’m kind of homeless at the moment after Seyam dissolved, I’ve been wandering the deserts for quite some time now.” She frowned. Haadi nodded “I see. I’ve only recently moved to Korvassa, I left Helena to live a more simple, quiet life.” Abebi nods “Ah, eh, yeah. So… I know we got off on a wrong start but it’s nice to meet you Haadi!” She said with a slight smile, and Haadi nods “You too Abebi, is there anything interesting on Korvassa?” He asked, and Abebi scratched her chin “Well... it’s rather empty, I’m not too sure.” In the dunes of the Korvassa desert, a strange humanoid snake stalked the two… It hissed, and Abebi looks around “Wh-what was that” She said, gulping. “I don’t know?” Said Haadi, unsheathing his dagger “Well, by the sounds of it’s probably a snake.” Abebi nodded “Hmm, okay.” The snake man hisses for a final time, before disappearing in the dunes... The sun rose, and the two were still wide awake. “Hmm, we’ve been awake for quite a few hours now.” Said Abebi and Haadi nodded “Yes, or ‘aei’.” Haadi looks around “I’m sure there’s something around here…” He said to Abebi and she nods “I believe at the very south of Korvassa there are a few ruins, perhaps we could find something interesting there?” “Sounds like a plan.” Haadi said, “I can’t be bothered to pack up my tent, I might as well leave it here.” He chuckled, and Abebi nods “Yeah that’s fine, less to carry. But can you take the spices with you?” Haadi nods “Of course, do you want to carry them?” Abebi’s eyes widen “Oh- of course.” She grins, and Haadi hands her the bag of spice “Thank you. Okay, let’s go.” TO BE CONTINUED In the next edition... Haadi and Abebi make their way to the ruins of Athalia, and meet a mysterious fellow. WRITTEN BY VIVACA ADHARA DE ANTUNYES RUTLEDGE.
  18. “Hope.” Said Vivaca Rutledge after reading the poster, optimistic about the upcoming election
  19. omg no I rely on /vote welfare 🌿
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