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  1. ”Okri da azulin anym yoth khrum’kargol!” ”Only the coward lives forever!” The Obsidian Guard Since the reformation of Urguan, the security of crown and capital has been laid upon only the Legion alone, and during the reigns of Kings Atandt and Utak, nepotistic ‘Kingsguards’ which served as little more than enforcers for the monarch. While the profession itself is a respectable one, the way in which this honored duty has been given out is not. Those charged with the security of the monarch and his hold serve not only as a ‘guard’ to the King, but his personal retinue in battle (as no Dwarven monarch ought to shy from combat himself). As such, it has been decided by the reigning Grand King that a new force is to be raised, charged exclusively with the protection of the King, serving as his personal regiment in the field, and securing the relics of Urguan, should the King untimely pass away, until a new Grand King can be elected. The concept is not a new one, in truth the idea of the Obsidian Guard dates back to the reign of King Fimlin Grandaxe, but was ultimately thrown out due to the lack of militarism within the populace during that time. However, with the Dwarves having emerged victorious in several wars since then, the call for more and more of the Dwarven youth to take up arms has been answered. In terms of tactics, the Obsidian Guard serves as the heaviest infantry fielded by Urguan, the quality of their black-iron warplate rivaled only by that of the upper crust of soldiers in the Legion. This warplate is based off that historically fielded by Clan Starbreaker, though used on a much larger scale. Armed with either shield and axe, or great two-handed hammers, the guard is a force to be reckoned with, should they take to the field in number. Ranks and Structure Commanded first and foremost by the Grand King, the Obsidian Guard is an organization separate from the Legion of Urguan, though they often work side by side, because of this, the Grand Marshal cannot command the Guard unless it pertains to the protection of the Grand King, and likewise, the Captain of the Guard can only temporarily take command of the Legion if it pertains to the security of the monarch, and if no upper member of the Legion’s command structure is present. (This pertains to such scenarios as the placement of Legionaires and Guards during meetings, trials, etc.) The Captain of the Guard serves as the primary and only officer of the Guard whenever the King is not present, only relaying his orders to them otherwise. Often a veteran with some prior experience commanding, or simply an individual noted for his remarkable skill in battle, as well as unwavering loyalty. Should the king fall in battle, or otherwise die before abdication, the task of protecting the relics of the Grand Kingdom falls to this individual until an election is held. The Hammerguard comprise many of the Longbeards and veterans of the Guard, and are also the fewest in number, as there are few Longbeards willing to take the oaths and sacrifices required to join, however those that do, are among the most elite warriors in the field. They are armed with a Two-Handed Warhammer or Mattock, with a Longseax as a secondary weapon. The Axeguard is the most numerous in the ranks of the Obsidian Guard, and is intended to serve as the main bulk of the King’s shieldwall. The primary armaments of the Axeguard is a one-handed waraxe complimented with an iron round-shield, or a two-handed war axe for felling foes of a larger caliber, their secondary weapon being also a Longseax, or a second shortaxe to be thrown. The Shieldguard is the ‘grunt’ rank of Obsidian Guard, though make no mistake, they are still elite soldiers in their own right, and simply have not proven themselves in the capacity of a Royal Guard. The Shieldguard operate more akin to a traditional Legionaire than an independent warrior like their superiors, and are armed with a long-spear as a primary weapon, a round or tower-shield for their offhand, and a longseax or throwing axe as a secondary weapon. Requirements and Restrictions The Obsidian Guard is not a simple military guild or formation, that one can apply to join freely. The Throng of the Grand King himself commands two things of its members, discipline, and absolute loyalty. As such, any who enter the ranks of the Obsidian Guard are forbidden from holding political office under all circumstances, or are required to forsake those they already hold. To be a member of the Obsidian Guard, one is required to be a full-blooded Dwarf, (preferably with traceable lineage back to Urguan himself, though this is not an inherent requirement.). No ‘foreign folk’ are ever to be permitted within its ranks, even if they are declared honorary dwarfs, nor are any halfbreeds or other folk of questionable allegiance and lineage allowed. Furthermore, a member of the Obsidian Guard is to never, under any circumstances retreat from the field of battle, unless commanded to do so by the King, or Captain of the Guard. There are few things more shameful in the eyes of the Gods than cowardice. The punishment for this utmost shameful display is the shaving of one’s beard, and subsequent exile, though this punishment may only be administered by the Grand King or Captain of the Guard. To be a member of the Obsidian Guard, one is required to be an adept fighter of some form, be they with shield and shortaxe, or with greataxe and maul. (OOC note: This means that the person be competent in either PVP, CRP, or preferably both.) As both the Legion and the Obsidian Guard ultimately draw from the same pool of recruits, (and also, to prevent the Grand King from amassing a personal army, unbeholden to the council) The Obsidian Guard shall by default never number more than a thousand individual members. (OOC note: 10 personas) Any expansion of the Obsidian Guard must first be approved by the Council of Urguan to take effect. Any potential recruits to the Obsidian Guard require the approval of both the Captain and Grand King prior to undergoing initiation into the Guard. Initiation To join the ranks of the Obsidian Guard, one must undergo a process of several rituals and traditions before being considered a member of their ranks. To begin, an individual must bring themselves before the Grand King or Captain, and must make their case for what makes them ‘material’ for the Obsidian Guard. This individual may bring two people, both of clans besides his own, to provide a list of deeds, or testimony as to the individual’s worthiness. If no prior deeds are given, or if the King and Captain find the individual’s testimony lacking, the King may command the individual to prove himself. This may be as simple as returning with the head of a worthy foe, or a difficult task, such as slaying a greater monster with witnesses, or surviving ten days and nights in the frozen north without supplies. It is a matter of creativity on the part of the Grand King, and is why one must be ready to prove themselves, or have already done so if they wish to join the Guard. Once this individual is accepted, either through the completion of a great deed, or through prior deeds, they then must swear an oath before the shrine of Dungrimm, and must, if they possess any, renounce all titles before the shrine of Yemekar (or if none are available, the shrines of Dungrimm or Anbella, as both the god of war and goddess of oaths, respectively.) These oaths must be issued with the Captain or Grand King as witness to them. As a final rite of initiation, the individual must undergo the process of acquiring a tattoo on their right arm, this tattoo being a sleeve, and shall take the shape of the individual’s oath, written in ancient Dwarvish script. Only once this process is completed may the individual don the armor of the Obsidian Guard, where they are to serve until death, or released from their oath by the Grand King. ((If you’re interested in joining the Guard, message DixieDemolisher or Titanium430))
  2. Grand King Jorvin Starbreaker lets out a satisfied huff from within the throne-hall of Kal’Evraal, before opening the hallowed Book of Grudges and striking out the slight against him and Dimlin. ”Ah’ am glad tha’ in times ov strife such ‘as t’is, weh can find tha’ time to right ah’re wrongs.” He’d remark, contented.
  3. The Wronged: Grand King Jorvin Starbreaker Commander Dimlin Irongut The Assailant: The Elf, Ikur Sullas The Wrong: Insults made towards the Dwarven people and monarch. The insinuation that the Lord of Clan Starbreaker, a clan of learned Dwarfs, is illiterate. The insinuation that Dimlin Irongut, a respected longbeard and learned dwarf, is illiterate. Date of Wrongdoing: 10th of Snow’s Maiden, 1779. Terms of Settlement: The Issuing of a Public Apology, and the payment of five thousand minas to the Urguanite Treasury. Or that the assailant recite Dwarven literature for no less than three stone hours in a public location.
  4. The Blackroot-Denurem Compensation Grudge has been entered into the book.
  5. ”Dark tidings make strange bedfellows.” – Gorm Glitterbeard, Dwarven Satesman FROM THE OFFICE OF THE GRAND KING Kinsfolk, in the passing months we have entered a time of woe e’er since the theft of our hammer, greatest among the relics of our race in its power and significance. As such, it stands that we must toil to reclaim it, and yet this comes easy to our folk. What does not come easy, is compromise, as even I found this difficult to put to paper. Nevertheless, it is a necessary measure to ensure that the Great Grudge of Demonic Extermination is struck out. Let it be known then, that for the duration of the Grudge-War against the Inferi invader, I hereby grant safe passage through our lands to the grudged parties, the Orcish Folk, and the Onyx Sanctum. The grudges against these peoples remain, and I do not strike them out, for it is not my right to do so, however both have sworn cooperation with us to ensure the otherworldly menace is punished. This edict is to last from now, until such a time where the Hammer of Urguan is reclaimed by Dwarven hands. Those who violate the commands of this edict and strike upon those given passage by their king, shall firstly find themselves demoted and fined, those who violate my commands a second time shall be dismissed entirely from whatever position they hold, and shall be fined twicefold the amount. Once more, let it be known I do not do this lightly, as grudges are held in high regard by none such as me, however our strength is stretched thin, by this conflict and the one with the hated Orenmar alike, and so we cannot solve the issue of the skull within our mountains alone. Further orders in regards to that are to be dispatched to the Legion and Worker’s Guild shortly. Charged as we are by Yemekar Narvak oz Urguan
  6. Would you believe this is the second time I’ve grudged an entire dimension.

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      look it happens

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      A midget gotta do what a midget gotta do

  7. [MUSIC] ”Then it is done!” The Dwarfking spat, his scarred face curled into an expression of anger. His hand was sliced open, bleeding freely at his side, while the other clasped tight his quill, inscribing the final letters of Dwarven script within the book. The Grudge, etched in Kingsblood, now soaked the ancient paper. An attendant came to him then, bandaging the wound before another moment of ill-temper struck the King, and the Book of Grudges was slammed shut in rage. ”Muster the Throngs, Oren be damned, but damn the Neverborn more. By the Gods, what was ours will be returned!”
  8. The Wronged: The Race of Urguan and all his Descendants The Grand Kingdom of Urguan The Grand King of Urguan The Legion of Urguan The Clergy of the Brathmordakin Clan Irongut Clan Starbreaker Clan Ireheart Clan Grandaxe Clan Frostbeard Clan Goldhand Clan Treebeard Clan Irongrinder Clan Emberhorn Clan Blackroot Clan Grimgold Clan Metalfist The many other Clans of Urguan, both Common and Exiled. The Assailant: Demonkind as a whole, of the Infernal variant in particular The Wrong: Theft of the Hammer of Urguan, Father of Dwarfenkind Date of Wrongdoing: 1777 Terms of Settlement: The return of Urguan’s Hammer The arms of ten thousand Demonkin as retaliation The utter annihilation of any and all Demonic beings from the face of the mortal plane, from now until the End Times Let it be declared before the Gods that this grudge stands to be inherited not only by my successors, but by any Dwarf who dares call himself a Monarch from now until the end of our race, or the End of Times, whichever comes first. Narvak oz Urguan Yoth da Keznol nar Brathmordakin Justice will be done
  9. Anyone wanna help me with some numbers real quick? This is something I’ve been trying to figure out for awhile.

    How much would a relatively athletic 4’5 Dwarf weigh, being stockier than the average human and all?

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      You are a gentleman and a scholar.

  10. [ MUSIC ] The clattering of armor and droning of war-horns sound throughout the deep as the hosts of Urguan come to assembly. The jingle of chainmail and hammering upon anvils forge weapon and song alike, it will not be long before the mountain empties. The Legion of Urguan, revitalized under new leadership and still riding the high of victories in the past few decades. It is a Throng on the march, assembled for one purpose. To halt the advance of their ancient foe into the southlands, and check Orenian ambitions before they can begin to manifest. A preventative measure, to ensure Orenian hegemony does not once more come to threaten Urguan’s Folk. From the aviaries upon the mountain peaks, entire flocks of messenger ravens set out, each one bearing the seal of the Dwarfen Grand King. They are bound for those Dwarves living abroad, or in mountains far off, bearing a Call to Arms. I, Grand King Jorvin of the Elder Clan of Starbreaker, call forth all true sons of Urguan to muster in the halls of Kal’Evraal, where a great Legion of our folk is to be assembled for the purpose of checking Orenian ambition. Let the Longbeards answer the old oaths, and let the young prove themselves against our old foe. To Arms kinsman, and Narvak oz Urguan.
  11. Jorvin Starbreaker signs
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