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  1. Is that a request cause like I can but that's gonna take a lot of energy and I'm kinda tired right now.
  2. Happy Pride, folks!


    @Mickaelhz made me think of u

  4. Former child soldier-turned war criminal, Jorvin Starbreaker approves this message.
  5. Buy my boy's amazing skins. this is a threat.
  6. I mean at this point I thought it was accepted knowledge that it is impossible to fight a traditional war on LOTC. Unless they ever sorted it out.

  7. Well this is about what I expected and yet I am still disappointed.

  8. What do you mean they aren't Skaven.


    I already entered the launch codes dammit

  9. Who else hyped as **** for Warhammer 3? That Khorne trailer was dope.

    1. HurferDurfer1


      it looks fly af

  10. Tor'sjorvath was a busy port on the best of days, that much was obvious now more than ever. With the conflict with Oren, the naval yards were bustling with sailors, soldiers, and shipyard workers, laboring to finish the production of new Destroyers for the conflict. The merchant's district wasn't much better, Elven, Sutican, Dwarven, and Norlandic ships all came in and out, crowding the harbor as they onloaded and offloaded goods. It was a good deal more busy than Jorvin remembered it, as during his time, the town wasn't much more than a naval base, used to crack down on piracy in the southern
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