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  1. [!] Messengers in the dozens pour from the Crownhold of Kal’Evraal, reaching out to every corner of the Under-Realm and Surface-Realm of the Dwarves. Each message bears the King’s sigil upon it. ”Sons of Urguan, our home is once more under threat. Not since the days of the Great Infestation have our underways fallen to the foe, yet today it is with a heavy heart, I announce that Thumrilgrad, Citadel of the Northwestern Deeps has fallen to an army of ‘Dwarves’ if one could call them such. Twisted and mutated beyond recognition. Whatever condemned these kinsmen of ours to a fate worse than death, and bound them to their will has now beset themselves upon our walls. Ill-prepared and suffering heavy losses, we were forced (much to our disgrace) from the ramparts of Thumrilgrad as it was overrun. As we fled, the very entrance to the underways collapsed behind us, no doubt from the machinations of these foulspawn.” ”Whatever devil commands them is a fool to believe that mere rock and stone will keep us from avenging our losses. We are the chosen of the Deep, and it is ours to command. No monster, nor invader, nor abomination has taken it from us, trueborn sons of Urguan. Intercepted by our Legionaires was a message which implicated the dwellers in the hold of Kal’Vitoria in the attack, whom we have not had contact with since our initial meetings with, prior to the Atheran expedition and Orcish War. If they are truly responsible for this attack, then by Dungrimm’s Fury, they will be punished for this betrayal on the crown of our Forefathers.” ”And so, I, Jorvin Kazrinsson of the Elder Clan of Starbreaker, Voidsbane and Veteran of the Dwarven Legion issue a call to arms on behalf of my liege, Grand King Utak of the Elder Clan of Ireheart, Bane of Llyria and Krugmar. All Dwarves who are able are to muster within the capital upon the King’s Command, and a Throng will be rallied to repulse these mutated foulspawned invaders. Thumrilgrad will be retaken, and the Warden of the Northwestern Deeps, Gimli Metalfist, will see his hold reclaimed. After we have retaken our hold in the deeps, a retaliatory expedition will be launched to annihilate our attackers. Until Thumrilgrad will be taken, a Grudge will remain unanswered. And to leave a grudge in such a manner offends the Gods deeply.” Narvak oz Urguan Charged as we are by Yemekar
  2. Deep beneath the earth... The song of beating steel and bubbling heat surrounds Jorvin Starbreaker, who toils away, beating upon his anvil. Sweat drips from his scarred brow, and with every strike the young Dwarf hoists aloft The Hammer of Gotrek shaping burning metal into an axe, just as it had for seventeen hundred years. The tool of legendary renown had served him well since it’s return. With it in hand, the young lord of that ancient clan forged dozens of weapons, giving onto his clan armaments that would serve at their side for centuries. As he worked, Jorvin’s mind quickly drifted, and his thoughts dwelled on the one who returned it to begin with. Meeting Aengoth was something Jorvin was not soon to forget, as he was perhaps the oldest connection to his.../their/ past, and all the glories and tragedies with it. Internally, he cursed himself for not asking the Dwarf a hundred questions when he met him, for Jorvin had been too caught up in his own affairs to do so, but he made a point to remember their lengthy conversation. For several years Jorvin’s resolve had wavered, especially after that damned Atheran expedition, it was his conversation with Aengoth, and the stories of that elder Dwarf’s youth that caused Jorvin to find his spirit once more. Their clan had suffered a thousand trials and a thousand tribulations, but just as the Hammer of Gotrek had survived since the days of yore, so too would Gotrek’s children. Iron does not wilt. Wherever he was now. Khaz’A’Dentrumm awaits, Jorvin was sure of it. Narvak oz Aengoth Kornazkarumm Thanks for the hammer.
  3. Initially, the news of a blue-eyed Cave Dwarfen corpse being found brought a sense of dread to Jorvin, for there was a fear that it was one of his own. After the identity of the body was declared however, dread turned to an odd sense of melancholy. A Beardling. Spawn of those accursed traitors, yet a Beardling nevertheless, it made him think of his own daughters. With the line of Balrog’s spawn ended, the legacy of his uncle, Torkan was finally washed away, and so finally, Jorvin crosses out the first grudge he ever wrote. The Ironkiln Extermination Grudge. Much to his irritation, he felt not an ounce of satisfaction. Sighing, he closes shut the great book, and leaves to find a drink.
  4. Every character is made with 100% organic recycled Llyrian and Orcish pixels.
  5. We stan Thorgrim Grudgebearer

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  6. Smoke wafts out from the Throne Hall of Kal’Evraal, as both panic and anger beset the streets. The scent of sulfur fills the upper levels as a crowd gathers within the temple. Before the Shrine of Yemekar, all those who can stand, from the Leaders of Urguan’s folk to the common Clanless Dwarf offer their blood for the most serious of grudges. There is a single chant upon the wind, it is a call for justice, redress, and blood... -={=+=}=- The Wronged: The Grand Kingdom of Urguan Clan Ireheart Clan Starbreaker Clan Frostbeard Clan Goldhand Clan Irongut Clan Irongrinder Clan Grandaxe Clan Cottonwood The Assailant: The Orcish Race The Wrong: The attempted assassination of Grand King Utak Ireheart The grievous injury of High Chief Beorn Cottonwood The grievous injury of Clan Father Axel Ireheart Terms of Settlement: For the attempted assassination of Utak Ireheart, the taking of the arm of the Orkish Rex For the injury of High Chief of the Forest Dwarves, the taking of fifteen Orkish heads For the injury of Clan Father Axel Ireheart, the taking of fifteen Orkish skins For the injury of many others, fifteen Orkish heads. Until the Orkish race has been bled dry, until the terms of this grudge are met, let there be no peace between the descendants of Krug and of Urguan, be they servants of Krugmar or not. This grudge stands to be inherited by the successors of both the wronged and the defendant, should either fall before its terms are met. -={=+=}=- Charged as we are by Yemekar, Oathed before Anbella, and Oathed before Dungrimm... Jorvin Starbreaker, on behalf of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan With their grudge declared, Jorvin turns, nodding to the Dwarven people assembled, waving off, and gesturing for them to disperse. He follows his father, Kazrin Starbreaker into the Remembrance hall, to pour with him over the many grudges in need of righting soon...He pauses only to rip a strand from his cloak, to bandage his bleeding hand.
  7. Jorvin Starbreaker wonders why Gimli used all the white ink.
  8. Commander Jorvin Starbreaker broods over the document within his personal chamber, adjusting his spectacles periodically as he reads through the report. His brow furrows, and he scowls. “Ah’ve not fought the Damned Warhosts of tha’ Neverborn jus’ ta’ see my home beset by corpses instead.” Rising from his chair, he’d fold the spectacles before tucking them into a pocket of his coat. Turning from his desk to the far wall, Jorvin retrieves his old warhammer from it’s mount, and sets it upon his shoulder. His writing could wait. There was a grudge in need of settling...
  9. Jorvin Starbreaker mutters something about this situation being familiar.
  10. Grudgelore: A guide to Grudges and Grudgekeeping By Jorvin ‘Kazrinkadan’ Starbreaker Often I have encountered foreign folk, who are ignorant to perhaps one of the most important aspects of Dwarfish culture, this is not to befall them, as I have even met beardlings who are similarly baffled. I write the following to elaborate upon the most ancient of Dwarven traditions, one that to this day shapes our encounters with the other races. I speak of course, of grudges. The Nature of a Grudge The idea of a grudge is not a foreign concept to the surface races, it is a feeling of ill-will or resentment resulting from a past insult or injury, the intensity that the Dwarvish race takes it to however, is of another nature entirely. In Dwarvish culture a grudge is not a mere concept, it is a statement with predetermined ‘conditions’ for which it might be settled. When a grudge is declared, an oath is made by the Declarer to refuse any and all settlement with the assailant except that which is written within the grudge. The state of grudgehood between two parties varies depending upon how extreme the wrong of which the grudge was issued. Between feuding families grudged over the matter of a stolen pig, it might be as simple as a refusal to sell wares to the offending party. Between jaded lovers, it might be as petty as a refusal to remain in the same room until an apology is issued. Or between two nations, that they might exist in a state of hostility and even war, until the matter of the grudge is settled. Even those grudges lodged over the smallest, pettiest of grievances, to ‘forgive and forget’ a grudge is among the most dishonorable actions a Dwarf can take. An aspect of grudges which I have oft seen folk forget, and feel needed to note here, is that grudges are much like family heirlooms in that they are passed down from generation to generation until fulfilled. Upon inheriting a grudge, it becomes a Dwarf’s solemn duty to seek its fulfillment with the same intensity as their fathers. Likewise, if the target of a grudge dies before it is crossed out, then the grudge then passes to their next of kin. The Great Book of Grudges Kzd: Dammaz Kron According to tradition, every wrong, slight, or trespass worthy of grudgehood, is recorded within the Book of Grudges. In practice, they are recorded into the book within the Dwarven capital, which over the years has been held by High Remembrancers, Kings, and other authorities on Grudgelore. Despite this, every clan is entitled to keep their own Grudgebook. This can be done for many reasons. Some clans may feel their grudges worthy of a more personal record, whereas others might simply not have access to the ‘Great’ book, such as the case with clans in independent holds, or those not living within the Dwarfen realm. Such clans are often held in disregard by Urguanite Dwarves, yet they too are entitled to see their grudges transcribed, as with any other Dwarf. Grudges transcribed within the Great Book of Grudges are often grievous in nature, and should the Dwarves find themselves in battle with the assailant, will shout these grudges in a way akin to battle-chants. The Greatest of Grudges are transcribed upon that ancient book. Any grudge written in King’s blood is of no doubt such severity that it might only be settled through war. When this happens, the Dwarven capacity for war reaches its zenith. The Dwarvish race is stubborn enough that it would see itself bled dry to avenge a wrong. This is perhaps the greatest weapon in the arsenal of Dwarvish Kings, as once a War of Retribution is declared, armies of Dwarves will flock to his banner, no matter their previous engagements. It is not unknown for entire throngs of longbeards to appear when a Grudge-War is called. The only foil to Dwarves emboldened by a King’s grudge is a war of attrition, and even such tactics are not guaranteed to work against Dwarves who have felt that they have been dishonored. Righting a Grudge To declare a grudge is to make a promise to the gods, a promise to refuse any compromise or quarter until a grievous wrong has been righted. Because of this, there are only two ways to resolve a grudge. The first and foremost is to fulfill the terms of settlement written upon the declaration of the grudge. The second and less common method is to give something, or commit an act deemed of equal value in the eyes of the one who has written the grudge. To use an example, a grudge might only be settled in coin or blood, but if the assailant saves the life of the wronged at any point, that may be grounds to settle the grudge, despite not technically fulfilling the terms of settlement. It is worth noting however, that it is left up to the wronged to decide if the action is worthy of grudge-fulfillment. Secondly, if it is done with the explicit intention to right the grudge, this is often considered un-genuine. A man might save a life, but if he only does so to save himself, this is considered in poor taste. Final Notes In the age we find ourselves in, where many-a grudge has been declared, and longbeards stir to cross out their own ancient grudges, I hope this guide is considered informative to those whose knowledge on the subject is perhaps somewhat lacking. To the foreigner, may this aid you in understanding the complexities of Dwarven allegiances, and to our own folk, may it assist you in the writing of your own grudges.
  11. im still alive.

  12. Cannons would be fine. Guns would very quickly become very ******* silly, though.
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