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  1. You a hoe, but you one of my hoes.
  2. Get rid of FTBs and bump up the application age a wee bit.
  3. Man folks, I just don't know what to do on LOTC these days, y'know what I mean?

    1. Laeonathan


      Not really, there is soooo much to do for me... something's always fun is making a char in a completely different group then what you're used to. Getting out of dwarves really helped to regain my fun for LOTC. Dwarves are a very special group RP wise and kinda dead in my timezone. There's a whole bunch of things I wanna do... Farfolk, Elf, Spook, Halfling... I also noticed the moment I decided to actively make friends in my timezone and rping with said friends its soooo much more fun. Honestly, I barely had more fun then on the last 1 month. A big mistake I did was play in the same group ALL THE TIME. First I only hung out in Oren for a year, then I was with dwarves only. Having different char in many different places is just a way better choice for me personally.

    2. Narthok


      do something cool

  4. Former Grand King Jorvin also chuckles.
  5. "Finish what we started Ulfric, end tha' long war once ah'n for all. Break them tae such ah' degree they will n'aer forget. Perhaps t'en, finalleh. Ah're folk will have peace." Remarks Jorvin Starbreaker.
  6. Jorvin Starbreaker was content to enjoy retirement. Like any patriotic Dwarf, he'd do his part when the time, there'd be no doubting that, but he'd felt old, he'd felt like he'd put in his pound of flesh, even though technically he was still in the prime of his life. It felt like a lifetime ago when he was a simple Legionnaire, standing his silent watch over a half-empty half-built shell of a hold, carved out on the furthest edges of human territory, as that blighted race had nearly driven his folk to extinction. It felt like a lifetime ago when their resurgent people struck a terrible blow against Horen's parasitic children. When human settlers encroached on their sovereign land, and in turn, in three months Dwarvish soldiers marched into the Imperial Throne room, Jorvin among them. It felt like a lifetime ago when he, as a vengeful king with much to prove, launched a bloody war against Oren, and bled their people white. He would have burned Helena itself to the ground had it not been for the neverborn invasion consuming the rest of his reign in a deluge of fire. After three wars, Jorvin thought that the Orenians would've learned not to trouble his folk, he dared to think they had learned their lesson...His mistake he supposed. However, Jorvin never expected the Orenians to so grievously insult his people that Utak would return. And so, Jorvin thought back on his long and storied history with the man before finally stating. "Fire ah'nd damnation, someone needs tae keep ah'n eye oan tha' half-blind, self-absorbed gloreh 'og. Where's my axe?"
  7. Former Grand King Jorvin 'Godslayer' Starbreaker ruminates on the situation momentarily, palming the pommel of his sword as he mused. After several moments of silence, he spoke. "It seems nae but yest'dae thae my armies broke tha' pompous bastards, ah'n stood 'fore tha' gates o' Helena itself.... Thar be nae n'aerborn hosts to spare those damnable reprobates from Dwarvish ire this time! Narvak oz Urguan!"
  8. thats not how the force works
  9. My ancestors are smiling at me Imperial, can you say the same?

  10. "ULLLLLFRIC!" A Roar echoes throughout the halls of Kal'Darakaan as Jorvin Starbreaker returns from his retirement home, a flyer holding the results angrily in his hand, he'd march up to the Obsidian Throne before barking in order. "GET THE ******* BOOK!" @Terry
  11. "Bring glory to the Fjordmenn, kinsman." Says Warlord Zharrtýr Rykhässon, not understanding even slightly how this so-called 'Bâesketböllr' works, and presuming it to be some sort of bloodsport.
  12. Jorvin Starbreaker, having just discovered the sport, strongly considers using the remainder of his plundered Orenian gold to purchase Kal'Darakaan Miners merchandise. "'aven't tha' foggiest how tha' game 'es played, but ah'm sure ah're lads will come out on top." Godred Eiriksson follows with great interest, finally having something to pass his time ever since the farm was bought out.
  13. "Ah'm nae War Criminal. T'were nae crime tae follow orders...My own orders tae be fair, but orders na'aertheless." says known war criminal Jorvin Starbreaker.
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