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  1. Ser Uther lets Baerte hold his stick temporarily.
  2. Ser Uther of Acre draws his sword, hoisting it skyward. "DEUS VULT! NON NOBIS DOMINE!"
  3. Ser Uther continues his mindful watch over the Acrean wood, torch in one hand and spear in the other, happily humming along to some old war song or another.
  4. "Now these seem like some proper men, scraps and bruises all! None of those pants-pissing polished pampered cravens who dared t'call themselves a Royal Army. God, if man ran half as fast as they did, we'd've have no need for cavalry even!" Barked Ser Uther, Knight of Acre
  5. ISSUED in the year 1888 Following the disappearance of the young lady PETRA DE VILAIN, a bounty of 2000 MINAS has been issued by the House de Vilain for her safe return to the Barony of Acre, with half that sum being offered for information that leads to her return to us. PETRA DE VILAIN is a young girl, looking to be between the ages of 9-12 as of the issuance of this bounty, she is blonde, with gray-blue eyes, and was last seen wearing a brown bonnet, shawl, and black skirt. Attached to this document below is a rough sketch of the girl. - Antonia de Vilain, Baroness of Acre - Ser Uther, Knight of the Realm, Sworn-Sword of House de Vilain, Protector of Acre
  6. "Epiphytes are abominations." Asserts Jorvin Starbreaker
  7. reject mass-produced universally issued plate armor guard skins. Embrace chainmail.

  8. You ain't that guy, pal.

    1. _Sug


      I'm not that guy, dude.

  9. "Dwedmar ye illiterate savage." Jorvin Starbreaker corrects angrily. Continuing to carry out the ever-important task of preserving the sanctity of their ancestral language. His task done, the Starbreaker returns to fishing in an underground lake, perfectly content to let Frostbeard and Ireheart alike butcher each other, muttering some half-baked analogy of two stones with one pickaxe.
  10. Thanks for letting us know man, I appreciate it. Knock em dead.
  11. Ser Uther gives Tonito a vigorous thumbs-up in approval.
  12. A Knight of the Confederacy saddles his mailed destrier, setting out upon a quest to seek out, and slay the beast terrorizing the commoners.
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