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[✓] [Lore Addition] Strigae Enthrallment

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“Be cautious here, the Strigae’s brood watch us as we move through this village. We cannot escape his eyes.”

- Adeon of Rhoswen to Morris the Mountain, circa. 1530


The ancient strigae rituals and powers have been locked since the sorcerer Gedym was granted the horrific curse by the seven Fallen Unseen. The strigae have been shrouded in mystery as their techniques are refined beyond their gifts that were already granted. The properties of the cursed blood themselves turn those of life crazed, it gives them a glimpse into the curse and gift, that the strigae truly face. The hunger, the power and the horror.




The process of enthralling is a Greater Strigae being able to manipulate another into essentially becoming a ‘blood bag’ for them through the use of their own blood as an allure. All this requires is the consumption of a small portion of strigae blood by the person that is chosen to be enthralled. A striga’s blood enhances the metabolism and muscle regeneration of the enthralled victim slightly; every 3 IRL days it is consumed. The benefits are nothing akin to a Striga however.


This is used to introduce a sort of ‘fledgling’ system to the greater strigae by allowing potential candidates to go through a sort of trial, while being given small boons during the duration of the trial. Though, this is not its only use. This system can also be used to manipulate those to becoming essentially blood cows for the Strigae, who have essentially secluded themselves within society and do not wish to hunt as of old, possibly exposing their true selves.


The First Bond - (First Saints Week)


When another is fed the blood of a strigae, the reaction is quite abnormal. The person whom has drunk the blood, 'thrall', would feel akin to the effects of intoxication. Their senses would be disrupted and their inhibitions would be blocked. At this stage, the bond lasts 2 IRL hours and can be used by the strigae to ensure persuasion to those they wish to. The blood is quite addictive to those who do consume it, though this addiction is not present for the first feed.


This bond is linked to the Regnant, which is the strigae who's blood has been drunk or ingested by another. Though with this bond, the victim or potential thrall does not need to be aware of the changes happening to them. This means that objects, food, drink and other consumables can be laced with the strigae blood to either begin the process of enthralling or use it as a temporary measure to incite persuasion.


With this, the 'thrall' is granted temporary strength and regeneration of minor wounds. The regenerative abilities of the blood leak through to the actual blood-stream of the thrall, allowing for blemishes, bruises and small imperfections to also be fixed by the thrall.


The Second Bond - (Second Saints Week)


After second feeding of the blood of the same Striga, the thrall in question will develop an unusual feeling of loyalty to the regnant. Making the thralls often go out of their way to find their regnant and attempt to please them or garner their attention. With this sudden and abnormal sense of loyalty, the thrall will do anything to protect their master, and the master in turn will find it easier to convince his or her thrall. The thrall will further crave the blood of the regnant, at this point it becoming an addiction. The thrall still retains free will.


This second 'feeding' is at the second saints week of the enthralled being slowly bound to the regnant. The blood causes slightly larger boons compared to the first stage, with each stage of physical improvement and very minor regeneration having to be sustained by feeding every 2 Saints Days, instead of for the two hours in the latter stage. All of these benefits are so insignificant that they will barely affect ones life, apart from the addiction that slowly overcomes them when they are bound to the regnant.


The Final Bond - (Three saints weeks)


This bond requires OOC consent. Those who feed repetitively from a strigae that has formed the 'second bond' with them can now transition them to the final state of enthrallment. The final bond is essentially when the strigae's addictive blood has worn away their minds to a point where manipulation can be used at its peak. The thrall becomes in almost servitude to the strigae and will not deny most commands, free will is limited but still allowed depending on the strigae.  The thrall will normally not betray their 'lord' and will do any of their whims with a simple command. The process of forming this bond is long and tenuous, which means for it to be broken it requires a long time of isolation.


For this bond, the thralls are granted heightened regeneration and a small boost to strength. They are moved to their respective 'peak' of physical prowess and potential because of the constant regenerative abilities of the strigae blood they have become addicted to. Though, the withdrawal symptoms of this stage are quite brutal. It requires constant endurance 'checks' which determine the severity of the symptoms for the enthralled which tries to break this bond. This includes lethargy, psychosis, necrosis, cysts, chills and more physical risks that will subside once the bond is broken. During this process, the enthralled becomes anathema to the monks, if they die from the causes of withdrawal then their body and soul blueprint will not be touched by the monks. Allowing for the strigae to either turn the body into a lesser form, grant them mercy and the gift or simply allow them to die. ((Effective PK Clause for those who wish to enter this bond))


The Bond of Blood can be broken by the death of the regnant, the effect on the thrall are many but vary on each thrall, some may find relief and joy while others only find depression and pain, others may seek to bond with another striga. The most hapless will often end their lives.


The consumption of the blood also grants the feeling of intoxication or euphoria, akin to hallucinogenic drugs. This does at first makes the consumer quite cautious and visibly seen to be affected by the gifts of the greater strigae.



Last notes:

Another thing to mention is the actual process of enthralling, the more times the person is fed the stronger the connection to the greater strigae is. This means these glimmers of persuasion mentioned earlier are much stronger, even going to the point of being able to be manipulated into things they would not normally do. ((All OOC consent between the parties.))


Though, there are severe repercussions of those who are abandoned who have become addicted to the enthralled blood. The addiction can be broken easier if you have not been fed as much, though withdrawal symptoms can be present as the body degrades upon the lack of the regenerative properties of strigae blood. This can be akin to fevers, pale skin, lethargy and otherwise symptoms of severe nausea and fatigue. One who is enthralled can overcome this of course, as this does not need to be a permanent state for the Strigae to do.


For each ‘year’ the thrall has fed, it takes that long to recover. With every 5 years’ allowing for the enthralled to decide their condition through a plethora of rolls or outcomes which will have repercussions against the character.


The enthralled also cannot be cured by magical means, the strigae blood and addiction is a physical one which rejects the lights and healing powers of others. To break thralldom, one must do so through normal means by ignoring their hunger and urges.


Red lines:

- One cannot force a thrall for sexual favours or anything of the sort. (I hate that this server is so degenerate I have to include this)

- One cannot force another to kill themselves

- Thralls are not granted abnormal strength or healing, simply a higher resilience from consuming the blood of the greater strigae.

- Must be healed through 'neglecting’ the urges of the thrall, is not cleansed by holy magics or magical means.



Essentially Striga can feed blood either knowingly or unknowingly to people to create ‘thralls’ which are susceptible to suggestion. They are granted minor boons, which are extended the more the thrall feeds upon striga blood. The first stage of enthrallment is simply being able to offer suggestion to others easier, the second stage is when someone wants to bind another to themselves willfully. Finally, the third stage is when the bond is strengthened and essentially become controlled by the striga.


All bonds can be broken through neglecting to sustain their addiction and proper roleplay, supervision is required if the bond is greater than a first stage bond.

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