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  1. That was fast. Like I told Llindir in our earlier PMs, if the current dark shamans could voice their opinion regarding this change, that'd be great. Looks interesting from what I've seen skimming it over, will give it a more in-depth read later tonight. Could you elaborate on the truth of death though? Unclear on who it can be used on and what occurs to them afterwards (if this is already elaborated on then don't mind me, I'll find it when I give it read it fully later tonight), was an interesting notion though so I figured I'd ask.
  2. [ma] Mental magic arieth

  3. [Complete]Seeking a Skilled Lumberjack

    A bored passerby leaves a message on one of the boards. "I am willing to take you up on your offer, I will come seek you out to discuss what is needed." - Leonard
  4. [ma] Mental magic arieth

  5. [Deity] [ST] Z'raeth Oussana

  6. [Trade] Blood

    [!] Fliers are scattered around in the usual manner [!] "I am willing to sell some vials of fresh aengudaemonic blood in exchange for goods and some knowledge, if enough is offered I may consider becoming a permanent supplier. The details can be discussed in person. If you wish to pursue this, please leave send a reply to the notice at the Cloud Temple." - Lenny ((Toss me a forum PM if you're interested as I'd like to prevent metagaming from certain groups))
  7. [Accepted] [MT] Kizumachan's Magic team app!

  8. [Accepted] Zindran's MT Application

  9. Shamanistic's LT Application

  10. [Addition] [Creature] Striga

    "A striga learning these magics would sacrifice their strength exponentially, as in the stronger they get in the magic, the weaker they get physically, as they peaked their magical abilities they would weaken to the point of only being only slightly physically stronger as a human in their prime and peak physical shape. Upon learning necromancy, the Striga would no longer need to feed in the normal manner to gain life force, as they would be able to use necromancy to extract it, however both methods would be plausible. However, as a drawback their natural regenerative properties would slow somewhat as a result of the necromantic properties on the soul." Personal thoughts since one of the Striga asked me to post: So what I'm seeing here is that striga, on top of their current buffs, would only be losing their strength one and even then it's at a level beyond normal mages and even all humans as "slightly stronger" than a human in their "prime and peak physical condition". They retain regen, unless they learn necro which then it's categorized as being "slow somewhat". Imo this needs further nerfing. LT thoughts: Just tossing this out there ahead of time since it seems there's a bit of controversy, we're going to need a majority of the Striga community to be for this addition if you want to get it passed.
  11. [CA] Dark Stalker, Fera

  12. [Rewrite] Ents

    It'll be re-reviewed shortly!
  13. [Lore Team] Magical Bedrock Vaults and Player Private /warp

    I'll be looking into this situation and will be PM'ing you (probably over discord) to discuss it further, thank you for your feedback.