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    I wrote this initially at like 1:30 am, I think I've corrected typos but if it seems incoherent forgive me 2) RP mechanics should be ignored, yeah I can mine through a wall with magic or a pickaxe but that's dumb and renders any and all defenses useless. There'd be 0 point in having defenses if you can just dig through them while ignoring the whole no placing or breaking blocks rule. To elaborate, let's say I have earth elementalism, I could run up to the caras eldar wall and just make a tunnel under the wall and then you have an entire orc raiding squad inside the city before anyone knows what's up. Or someone uses some fire evocation or some alchemy **** to burn through wood. That's dumb and just going to cause issues if changed. Even if it was a minor change, such as you can destroy x amount of blocks or go through a wall, all you're going to see is people adapting to said rule change so that their defenses make it impossible for anyone to get through again and that just makes building a pain. Like when grappling hooks were a thing, it gave incentive for bigger walls and stuff, that didn't add to rp, that just made people spend a bit more time building an ugly wall. 1) This makes sense, why would you be able to boot people out without an eviction notice? We don't need other incidents of region sniping and then everyone getting booted and their items stolen. Sure it makes sense IRP but you need to balance fun with realism. Even with a PRO, you shouldn't be able to just "crash" into an area and remove the people/their stuff in one swoop. another edit: and people are saying that it'd be cool if there was more leeway for RP raids but like, a large raid that is all purely RP is going to be a clusterfuck of emotes, there's a reason why we default to pvp after a certain amount of people are present. I don't really see how it would be viable unless it's a small group in total.
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