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  1. @Taketheshot Could you show this to the war team (the effects/how it works warclaim-wise) and have one of them PM me about it after they've given the a-okay? This would have to be cleared with the war team to be used in warclaims regardless, so it'd be better to get it out of the way.
  2. My sides, have you taken a look at any of the war posts or propaganda posts that go up?
  3. Arcadia hasn't even been moved yet, the RP hasn't been done, if it is moved it will be discussed with the LT management prior. Thank you for bringing the issues with runesmithing to our attention, that is something we will be working on in addition to our shamanism clarification and other projects meant to make magics less vague in their abilities. Report closed.
  4. Pending investigation. This will be discussed by the team over the course of the next few days and a verdict will be posted here on Friday.
  5. Name: Farpeiros ((IGN: FlamboyantSpigot )) Why do you want to join the Llythir?: To forge goods for the guard and defend the city. What is your current timezone?: PST although my sleep schedule is more closely aligned to an Aussie's.
  6. I didn't like the fact that gravens had the ability to use fire evo and telekinesis due to having seen a few of them not understanding how the magic works due to not being mages previously, and this just adds more problematic stuff to the mix (especially with a combat oriented magic such as electrical evocation). Unless these haunts are all going to be personally taught by you or others with knowledge in the magics, I am strictly against this addition. Another issue is possession. I'd like to see clearer guidelines on what can and can't be done (e.g. they won't be capable of FTBing with mortals as that'd go against one of the current server rules) along with suicide attempts and whatnot. Not to mention the "frequenting of a single area" bit is rather restrictive as Jentos below has mentioned. I don't really see the point in a number of these changes other than making stronk ghosts for mystics to use.
  7. I echo these thoughts of waiting, not so much the ET thoughts since I'm not really familiar with what occurred but just the fact that you've been staff a multitude of times and it either ends in you burning out quickly or getting booted/blacklisted. Take some time to recuperate.
  8. [!] Forms are no longer being regularly accepted at this time as we sift through the current submissions. Those who have been chosen will be contacted ((via forum PMs in about 4 hours)) for scheduling purposes. You may still submit forms, but we will only be accepting in rare instances. [!]
  9. The Deific Hierarchy and Higher Powers List This list is meant to cover the current higher powers that may interact with groups on the server (e.g. Tahariae and how he might send a vision to his followers). Along with their name will be a link to their lore page and show who has permission to RP as them during events. Each event must be run past the LT to ensure no abuse is being done/no one is simply furthering their own agenda. In order to gain permission to use these during events, send me or another LT manager a PM and we will get things sorted out (only do this if you have knowledge on the higher power being requested or if you had prior permission and want to gain it again). Primordials At this time primordials will not be actively interacting with the realm nor will they be RP’d. Aengudaemons Aengudaemons are generally not RP’d outside of visions and interactions of that nature due to the fact that they rarely ever manifest inside the mortal realm. Lore for them can be found here: Elder - Gazardiel Arch Aengul - Aeriel | Arch Daemon - Iblees Aenguls and Daemons Aengul List Daemon List Dragonkin These are beings that have a more active role in being played due to them being more active (for the most part) in realm. While these are technically patrons of Dragur, they are extensive enough that they are receiving their own section. Greater Dragonkin Lesser Dragonkin Patrons (In the process of being updated) Xan - Sol Invicta - Perrin Iblees - Undead Tayl - Found in the thread above Shaman Spirits For now, only MT/LT members (and ET who get permission) are allowed to RP Spirits until the Shamanism clarification project is completed. This will be updated once said project is completed. For a list of the current spirits, please check the spoiler below: Other This sections a mix of different creatures that are not part of any deific related grouping, but still have a significant amount of power at their disposal. Apparitions - Zarsies Voidal Behemoths Credits: Tsuyose for posting the original Deific Hierarchy thread/Patron thread.
  10. Magical Artifacts (MArts) After discussing with the team, we have come to the conclusion to make the following changes. MArts will now have a soft cap per month, in addition to having a standard set for what lorebending means. The soft cap being set in place as of this moment is 3 per month. This may be liable to change in the future and we will notify the community should this be tweaked. Standard Artifacts may be created that go above this standard, but these will be looked at with more scrutiny on a case by case basis. Artifacts must be explainable with the current magic lore and any event items that fit this mold must be submitted as well. And remember, lore can only be bent. If you want to break red lines with a magical item, you will need to write new lore for it. Below is a guide on magical artifacts: We will soon have an area in the forums where you will be able to pose questions about Magical Artifacts and see if they work or not (along with other lore related things), so stay tuned for that (should be up today or tomorrow depending on if admins are around or not).
  11. Thank you for all that participated in the lore trials! We will be making a thread covering those that were chosen and a few other things later today/tomorrow.

  12. Denied.
  13. Denied.
  14. Denied.
  15. Denied.