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  1. Have Thomas confirm that you've spoken to him about self-teaching cognatism, as the magic has changed due to the rewrite.
  2. Pending.
  3. Accepted.
  4. After some deliberation and a vote amongst the LT (both sects), it's been decided that we will be shelving Muun' for the time being. Even with the clarifications and whatnot, we feel that the overall lore as it stands needs heavy modifications to avoid many of the issues that have been had in the past and a simple rewrite isn't going to fix that. That being said, this does not mean that we won’t be accepting any future proposals for the magic. The Muun’ community or others are encouraged to overhaul the piece and submit it, if need be I’m sure some of us would be willing to help with that. As of now, all Muun’ users are to stop using their magic and their applications will be moved to denied. All existing Muun’ enchants are also defunct, using the magic or enchants created through it is prohibited. Any player’s whose sight was lost due to Moongazing will have it return should they want. If you have any questions about this, please direct them to myself or another member of the LT.
  5. I'll forward this to the gm chat, thanks for taking the time to make a feedback post about it.
  6. Name: Farpeiros Ilterin Are you a citizen of Haelun’or? First class. Do you possess magic of any kind? Indeed. Why do you seek to conduct research within the laboratories? To further my research in arcane engineering and other magic related matters so I can eventually share my results with the rest of the city. Do you agree to record relay all of your findings and conclusions to either the okarir’maehr or an assistant of The Library of Haelun’or? Sure. Have you read the above manuscript and understand the risks that you may potentially face? Yes. Ooc Mc Name: FlamboyantSpork Magic Application (if applicable): PM me if you want them. Signature: [Insert fancy signature here]
  7. I'm heavily against this, it makes no sense for a dark mage to get sick by stepping into the fairy ring, as "dark" magic is simply a label. What does being able to manipulate lifeforce have to do with mysticism or shades that causes a fairy ring to target them outside of "hostile relationships"? Just seems like a way for you to metagaming dark mages by dragging them over and tossing them in. -1
  8. Pending.
  9. Elidyr signs the charter.
  10. This Lore has been denied. Topic moved to Denied Lore forum. There are issues with the soul nexus and how the Ascended's abilities would not mesh with other deity powers (that is the set precedent). A few people also mentioned the issue with how strong soulfire is (I realize that Clerics have a similar ability, this is also going to be looked into), some balancing/further clarification there would be nice. We also need a text dump of this, the slideshow is nice but we don't have access to it and it can be deleted leaving us without a copy. If you have any questions, Aelesh should already be able to fill you in.
  11. This Lore has been denied. Topic moved to Denied Lore forum. Voidal horrors are powerful creatures and the general consensus is that they can't simply be "banished" by this pseudo voidal exorcism lore. If you have any further questions you may PM me or another member of the team.
  12. This Lore has been denied. Topic moved to Denied Lore forum. The team does not feel that this magic is needed nor does it bring much to the server. If you have any questions feel free to PM me or another member of the team.
  13. Pending.
  14. Accepted.