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[✗] The Malakim; Aos Forsaken

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“Awoken, I have been granted power by the Veil through more than just coincidence. Rewarding, wouldn’t you say, Avenel?” - Irhamir Siil’crux

The Veil is an ever unforgiving realm of pure unadulterated furor. Beyond the constraints placed upon the planes of existence, there are no such laws of order governing the heavens above. Home of the archaic beasts known as Voidal Horrors, beings unbound by the principles of the Descendants - false beings born from the gnawing presence of the Void itself. Where there is a prowess, there is another source boiling with jealousy; plotting its consumption of the prowess they so desire. From this never ending lust birthed a scheme by a traverser of the Veil, to claim that which truly defines the Horror - the consumption of the Mindplane. And the malignant merge of the soul and Mindplane began, a miserable spiral into the depths of the unknown.



    The traveller plotted, attempting again and again - yet all approached with utter failure. There was no such means to adapt to the malignant entity known as the Veil. Perhaps there wasn’t, perhaps it was all for naught, but perhaps one ought to just enter the source. And as the thought was formed a rift was formed, a Horror bent to the whim of the insane, a Horror sought of the knowledge of transcendence. And so the traveller cut upon the Horror and entered into the very heart - the Mindplane. A siege, two entities duelling over control of the heart. Victory sought, and victory obtained - the Descendant soul falsely laying a flag upon the land upon which they stood. The desire of the Horror still was left upon the mindplane, to transcend the constraints that had held the beast. Remorselessly, the entities of the soul and Mindplane merged into a fusion - adapting the physical and forfeiting the natural; Malakim born.
    New Malakim are born via the siege of the Mindplane, a victory in battle leading to the opportunity to take the Mindplane under the wings of the soul in hand. Once a Horror is called upon by some means to summon to where the aspirant stands, it must be subdued. Do note, this must be rather carefully done as to prevent the death of the Horror. Naturally, this is quite a risky and difficult task; despite that this is the easiest step in the process. The next step is for the aspirant to drink an ample amount of blood of the Horror, a step causing utmost madness upon them yet it is a requirement to enter the Mindplane. A prominent ability of an Arch-Malakim, due to their likeness to the Arch-Horror, they may force a rift into the Mindplane of the Horror. Normally this would require for some craft to be forged, however in this sole scenario such may be bypassed.
    A Mindplane is the equivalent of a soul to a Voidal Horror, manifested as land in sheer disarray. No sane man would willingly enter into this land, given the requirement of the blood to be drunk effectively nulls any chance of sanity. Upon entering this realm they would be greeted by the prior Horror that they had faced, fully empowered with their home-land advantage. Again, the aspirant must face the Horror in combat. Uniquely, this time they must slay the Horror. This would result in the permanent death of the given Horror, however it is an incredibly difficult task to complete. One cannot expect to slay a beast of the Void with full control of the terrain about them with any ease. It is only to be expected that would end up dead from this task, forfeiting their chance to repeat this task for a period of time.
    If one were to successfully slay the Horror they would proceed to claim the Mindscape that was the Horror itself. Through a malign cast an Arch-Malakim may merge the soul of the aspirant and the Mindscape of the slain Horror, becoming a singular entity. This is a gruesome process, the very soul within being overwritten by another. The pain from this would feel akin to death in every way imaginable, repeated countless times over. After a protracted period of time this process would come to an end, a Lesser Malakim born.
    To ascend to the next stage, the Greater Malakim, one must complete this step. However in this specific scenario there are two requirements. One; the Lesser Malakim must have been such for at least one month. Two; rather than a Lesser Horror being fought they must wage battle against a Greater Horror. As one would expect, this is exponentially more difficult than the prior battle. Not only is a Greater Horror capable of far more, their Mindplane also rests within an empowered state. An Arch-Malakim may be created via a similar means. Once a Greater Horror has mastered their abilities over a period of three months they would become capable of repeating this process against an Arch-Horror. However, this is even rarer than a Greater Horror, one can spend a lifetime in search of an Arch-Horror and come up with naught. If they were to succeed in finding an Arch-Horror again they must wage battle, again at an exponentially greater difficulty.
    Just as an Arch-Malakim may fuse a soul and Mindplane, they may also divide the two. While this does not work upon other Arch-Malakim, this effectively works as a disconnection done to the victim of such. Just as the fusion is, the pain caused by this is comparable to nearly nothing, the sensation of repeated death as part of their soul is torn apart. The poor descendant would return to their prior state, unaged and unchanged from how they were.

-One’s body must be under full duress of voidal withering, two mastered arcane arts required.
-It requires an Arch-Malakim to both open the Mindplane and merge the soul and Mindplane.
-Death in any of these stages would result in not being able to repeat the task for a month.
-An ET or LM must play the Voidal Horror that is fought. They must be fully knowledgeable on the lore and the difficulty required.
-The Horror must be defeated twice. Once to subdue them, the second to claim the Mindplane.
-Disconnection is meant to be an incredibly rare thing done, not a political tool.
-In order to disconnect a Malakim it requires for them to be physically present and unconscious.
-Only Greater Malakim or below may be disconnected.
-When achieving a new stage a reply must be made on the original CA.




The Veil was ever warping upon the Traveller, eternally twisting his body into a lost and deformed state. The stratum left orbiting throughout his veins left him in a completely new state; forever changed, forever lost.
The physical aspects of the Malakim are, interestingly, rather unchanged if one were to compare it to other creatures. Aesthetically there are some very minor changes, affecting their appearance to a minor degree. The hair of a Malakim would take on a gray appearance, ranging from shades of charcoal to the shades of silver. Their eye color would be override with that which is their aura color, swirls of aura seemingly manifesting within the eye to those with close analysis. Their ears would stretch unto oblivion, pointed to an extend even beyond the aheral. Their skin tone would lose darkness, whitening until it was paler than one would consider natural. Their nails would lose toughness, detrimental to those working with their hands.
    It is internally where the notable changes happen. Their flesh would forfeit any natural elements, instead resembling a Horror to the extent that it is truly an artificial puppet powered by their soul and Mindplane. They would seemingly be devoid of any organs, body running via pure mana. The lack of organs allows them to forfeit breathing and the detrimental effects of poisons. Lifeforce abandoning their entire physical form, almost as if it were never there. Blood running full of mana, much like a Horror, to three times the normal amount. The blood is used to pump mana about their physical form, sustaining it as the sole requirement for their survival. Due to this requirement of mana for their survival, their mana pool would be enhanced; albeit much of the enhancement would be taken from sustaining the body. The mana flowing through the blood would cause for it to take upon the shade of their aura color, luminescent to a slight degree when exposed. Muscle deterioration to a truly great degree, making them incapable of wearing armor beyond leather and incapable of lifting anything beyond fifty pounds. Flesh born of mana has the given effect of other voidal beasts; weak to gold, thaunhium, and arcanium. Within the center of their being would be a small orb, the home of the self. If this orb were to be pierced by any means the Malakim would instantly die. The orb is where the merged conglomeration of the mindplane and soul is located, the source of their mana. 



    As the Mindplane was taken under the dominion of the now forsaken soul of the Traveller, the anarchic trail of thoughts seeping into every crevice of his mind. The poor man could do naught but reach out in terror, grasping upon the last straws of humanity left within reach. For the Void is all consuming, one mound of flesh shan’t be spared its wrath. 
    The mind of a Malakim is long trodden past the brink of normality. The Malakim’s mind begins to slowly take upon the aspects of the Horror that they so sacrificed; the greed of the unbound nigh consuming their entire manifestation, the split born between their kin of mortality and their ilk of those born of the void. A true path of indecisiveness, never fully able to stray far down one path before being rejected down onto the other.
    The most notable mental aspect would be the sheer lust, the greed for the secrets born of the beyond. For such is their home, and one ought to fully understand that where they live to rest comfortably. An impossible task, lest the very universe inhabited cease to exist. None shall stop the tirade of the Malakim on their journey to uncover all. Unlike other creatures of the Void, this is a greed that extends far beyond mere knowledge - it extends to the desire of control of that which lies beyond the inhabited realms. To boldly go where no descendant has gone before; such is their intrinsic purpose defined. This greed may often consume them, leading them to commit misdeeds often seen as immorality - all to uncover some secret of arcana; whether it be a single sentence, or a potent artifact.
    Effectively leading two lives, a tremor born through the very soul. As they further entrance themselves with the stars and rays beyond, they would in turn slowly retreat from the common definition of humanity. Relationships struggling to form, never truly able to reach beyond the divide. Empathy deteriorating, an uncaring attitude nearly consuming their composure. Introversion overtaking their ego, retreating from the mortal realms of their origin.
    An aspect of insanity would encroach upon the mind of the Malakim, a constant battle fought as the madness of a Horror fights to overtake the mind of the Malakim. Through their beginning stages this would only manifest as minor occurrences, sparse encounters and glances into the unseeable. However, as they begin to progress as a Malakim this would become far greater of a threat; requiring for them to often actively take measures against the chaos if they wish for their sanity to persist.




    For the madness had overtaken the Traveller, the bleak shadows of demons tearing through his thoughts. An escape, as so he had thought - an escape upon the wings of Mercury soaring through the skies. When sorrows come, they come not single spies, but in battalions. The concoction did not result in the end of all that encounters him, but a dark cloud brought upon the fallen castle.
    An inescapable cycle of torment becoming the life of those who fall ill by the Veil. Death never truly encountering them, instead a mere displacement as their corpse is sent into the unreachable lands to rebuild. A small explosion would take place upon the displacement, a burst of their remaining mana pool; albeit unlikely to cause much harm. Far from instantaneous, upon death one would not see a Malakim until three days after they cease to live. Their soul blueprint slowly drawing upon the Void to reform the flesh lost. 
    The residue of this process would result in a far from peaceful measure. Their death would consistently repeat, the pain created through it echoing through every meter of their soul. Even the most impervious would fall into a state of long lost sanity given such a circumstance. Upon the completion of the three days they would be spit back out into the Veil, strains of madness weighing down upon every inch of their flesh. This would result in them ceasing to remember the events of their death, only able to recall the pain that so repeated.

-They lose all memories leading up to their death.
-Upon death the character cannot be roleplayed for a period of three real days.
-The mania caused from experiencing these events must be roleplayed, and likely actions must be taken to soothe the Malakim.




Veiltorn Gate


    Eternally torn between two completely different realms, eternally unable to fully live within. It is only fitting for the Malakim to be able to transpose themselves between such realms. When one is in a state of complete order, they may wreak havoc upon the landscape. Beckoning upon the Veil, they would slowly call upon the realm beyond. A line of a conglomeration of the Veil’s energies would form a brief distance in front of the Malakim, tremors of energy felt by all near. With a sudden boom of mana, the line would tear open - a temporary gate forming. The gate would close after a short period of time, unable to sustain itself for lengthy periods of time.
    If one were to enter the gate they would find themselves in a dimension separate from their prior being. If they were in the Veil, they would appear on a plane of existence - and vice versa. It would happen near instantaneously upon entry, a shock reverberating throughout their entire system as they appear elsewhere. Almost definitely a sickening process for the inexperienced, likely to leave one dazed and within a state of uncomfort - perhaps even throwing up. However, as one’s body and mind become more and more adept at withstanding the scenario it would happen with far more ease.
    Any Malakim may use this ability, however it does progress in specificity as they progress through stages. A lesser Malakim may find themselves only able to pinpoint a dimension, whilst a greater Malakim mayhaps can pinpoint the general vicinity that the gate would reach.
    The Traveller’s gaze rest upon the land set forth before him. Intense focus entering over his visage, the gentle wind of the skies highlighting the calm.
    With a sudden jolt of the air about, one could perhaps notice a line of an ethereal nature forming where the Traveller’s focus lay.
    A clear presence would begin to be felt by any within a near vicinity, laws of the realm being defied.
    The line would slowly begin to take upon an outward shape, stretching in an ever so circular manner. Beginning as an incredibly miniscule oval, it would slowly work its way outward into being a circle. Within the newborn circle rest a distorted window into the realm above, a distinct starlight bleeding through.
-This may only be used out of combat.
-A bare minimum of five emotes is required to open the gate.
-The gate can not be opened upon someone. They must enter it.
-This is an incredibly exhausting process, hordes of mana required to activate it.
-May only be used to enter separate dimensions, not quickly traverse the one you are on.
-There is danger in entering the gate, as you may exit at a dangerous location.

Horror’s Transmogrify


    A being born by the vanquishing of another, taking upon another self as their own. The Malakim may morph their flesh to resemble the species that they had nearly become part of, individual parts of their body taking upon elements of a Horror. Interestingly, the physical aspect of a Horror is their most potent weakness; such a fact also translates over to the Malakim’s ability. The augmented body would face little advantage from manifesting these parts, it is not as if they are to gain any strength from such. This flesh is just as brittle as their original, little difference in such an aspect.
    Where this ability may face an advantage is twofold. If one were to wish to intimidate an individual, it may be useful to make oneself appear as an otherworldly being. Only a fool would willingly walk up to a hundred eyed beast of tendril. The second, and perhaps the most interesting, would be taking upon aspects of Primordial Horrors. A Primordial Horror is similar to a normal Horror, however with the distinct difference of being entirely composed of an elemental nature. It is important to note that this may leave the Malakim further vulnerable, taking upon weaknesses of the element and leaving the orb of their existence exposed. If they were to embody fire then they would be potently weak to water, and if one were to embody sand then they could simply be sliced through their center to be slain.
    The Traveller’s arm ruptured, the entire exterior seemingly begin to shake and manifesting an aura of a silver appearance about it.
    The silver surrounding the arm would appear to begin to feed upon the arm, an interesting inky flesh left in its wake.
    The process would continue, eventually reaching the wrist. The inky arm would appear to be seemingly just a limb, nothing notable about it.
    As the mist consumed the hand, one could clearly tell that this was no normal arm. Rather, it would be noticed as a limb akin to a tentacle, inky flesh encompassing it.
-This does not increase their strength or defensive ability to any degree.
-This is not a permanent change.
-Any changes must still be attached to their body.
-May not be used to generate new parts, only change what is already there.
-They still possess the core weakness.
-If transmogrifying to an elemental state, they would take upon the weaknesses of said element.
-Not an instant ability.
-Any change that would allow them any notable advantage (ie an arm of pure fire) would require the submission of a MArt detailing it.

Inherent Veil Connection


    Bound by the heavens above, permanently one with the Veil. To thine own self be true, such is the true inherent path of those born from the fumes of creation. Born by the Veil, eternally bound upon its whim and way. Unable to break free of its grasp, unable to leave it no matter where one absconds too. This is far more than just abstract rambling of a madman, rather the innate nature of a Malakim.
    Malakim are unable to break themselves off from the Veil, no matter how much they wish. While this does cause many detrimental effects, profoundly seen by their muscular prowess and state of their mind, there are two boons that may be taken from this link. The simplest boon would be their enhanced ability of understanding arcana, for they are often too close to escape. This would result in them mastering the ethereal arts at a rate one month faster than your average human. Perhaps the most interesting is the connection itself, the Veil connection may function as effectively a lesser voidal connection. This would allow for them to always be capable of casting spells that do not involve any sort of creation without taking the moment to connect to the void, however if one were to wish to draw something new into the realm then they would be required to connect to the void. As danger provides a nauseating force, the inherent veil connection would seem to dissipate whilst in combat.
-Basic one month increase in magic learning speed. It would take three months to make a TA, rather than the common four.
-The veil connection may only be used for spells that do not create anything. This may be something such as altering someone’s perception, or modifying the properties of an object. But if the desire to cast a fireball they would need to connect to the void.

-The veil connection only applies out of combat.

Manifest Mindplane


    From a purely logical perspective, the physical form that one may interact with is nothing more than a manifestation of the Malakim’s brutal conglomeration of mindplane and soul; the orb within the center nothing more than the relay of action and mind. Much like the Horrors, Greater Malakim possess the possibility of manifesting their mindplanes into a warped concoction of voidal and physical. This land is purely madness, a nigh inhospitable landscape built upon the whim of the Malakim. Truly speaking, the sole restrictions with what they may do with their mindplane would be that it ought to reflect their soul in some demented manner.
    Despite, there are some differences from the Horror’s incomprehensible landscape. The existence of the soul allows for the mindplane to be entered without madness required, half of the being is still akin to those entering. However, one still must enter the mindplane by activating a blood ridden craftwork with a phrase of choice - temporarily transporting the activator into the land within the Veil. Upon the possibility of this art being attacked, not only are all who visit within the realm returned to whence they came, the Malakim would suffer drastic damage; undoubtedly enough to result in unconsciousness.
-Only the items on the person may be transferred between realms. Nothing can be created and returned through thoughts of the Malakim.
-Represented via a 100x100x100 bedrock box in the build world, akin to Voidal Horrors.
-Requires a piece of art of some sort to enter, then a phrase to be spoken aloud.
-Destroying the piece of art would remove all visitors from the realm and knock the Malakim unconscious.
-Mindplane must reflect on the character that possesses it.
-Only a Greater Malakim may manifest it for others to enter.

Veil Manipulation


    What one may define as the defining characteristic of any Malakim, the true potency that makes the Malakim unique. Veil Manipulation is the ability to bend the energies and whim of the Veil onto their own creation, either augmenting their existing spells in the pursuit of greatness or forging new abilities out of the energies. This is an ability that lays completely within the whims of the Malakim who manipulates it, utmost creativity present and possible with nearly every aspect of it.
Sadly, it is never as simple as just wishing something to be so - there are some rules in place. Upon the creation of a new spell the Malakim would be put out of commission for a period of three days, stuck within their apocalyptic shelter of their mindplane. Additionally, there are a set of laws that must be followed that any spell must follow accordance with. The laws are as follows:
Man shan’t be friends with the Veil.
The Veil is neither good nor evil, simply chaotic.
An ever corrupting yet protecting presence upon nature, the Veil is no ally.


Telekinesis Augmentation: Blackhole
Upon casting it is nothing more than a mana anchor with telekinetic properties, forever bound by the Veil, capable of absorbing physical objects that are about it. When these physical objects are absorbed the mana anchor both gains their density and grows in size in accordance to what is absorbed. The black hole would effectively move as if it were a magic missile, capable of being manipulated upon the x, y, and z planes as far and as long as the caster maintains view of it. Appearance wise the black hole would effectively look like a small, swirling black orb initially - growing as it absorbs more objects. Upon a given order by the caster the black hole may implode, concussive damage being sent about to that which is nearly touching it. This damage would increase dependent on how much mass was taken into it, being equivalent to something such as an arrow if it has absorbed a rock to something such as a ballista bolt if it managed to absorb a large amount of mass.
    Irhamir raises his right palm faced upwards, his platinum gaze lingering upon the location above for a moment. His pupils dilate, gaze seemingly focused upon the singular location.
    A moment later a small black dot would begin to slowly gain form, gaining mass with each passing moment.
Soon the dot’s size would be akin to that of a ball, hovering above Irhamir’s palm with no movement.
    With a sudden jolt the black hole would be sent forth, flying at a rapid speed. As it moves in pace matter caught within a short range of it would suddenly appear to move towards it, disappearing as the black hole gains in size.
    Suddenly, a blast would fill the ears of those caught nearby - the black hole colliding with the wall. The wall would seemingly give in to the black hole, a massive indentation forming where it collided. The black hole would appear to disappear from existence, the destructive path left in its wake.

-It may only absorb inorganic or dead objects
-It is capable of absorbing anything that is not living, from a chunk of wood to an evoked bolt
-The range of absorbing spells is smaller than that of a physical object
-It takes time to build up
-Without absorbing anything it has no physical existence
-It may be warded, if one understands the spell
-Fi magic will completely cancel out the spell, sending it and anything it has absorbed into the void
-It may reach high speeds, but it still must be within the view of the caster
-The range of absorption is rather small, only gaining as it takes on more mass
-It may be created on a larger scale, but such requires for more mana to be poured into it
-One must maintain focus upon the black hole, else it will simply implode for what it has gathered
-The caster is not invulnerable to their spell

-The creation of a new spell requires the submission of a MArt, to be approved by the MT.
-Every new spell, whether it be augmented or pure, must follow in accordance with the laws layed out.
-Creating a new spell will require the Malakim to rest within their mindplane for three (irl) days.




    For simple ease of the lore, I’m going to be re-iterating all innate weaknesses in a simple format.
-Iconoclasm would result in intense pain, and within a matter of five emotes the Malakim would be slain.
-A Malakim is unable to lift anything heavier than fifty pounds.
-Unable to wear metal armor, save for in sparse amounts. Quite simply too heavy.
-Potent weakness to Aurum and Arcanium, both creating a burning sensation that would be akin to a potent acid upon their flesh.
-If attacked with Thaunhium, whether alloy or raw, the Malakim’s pain would be extraordinary. Within a matter of a few swings the Malakim would be little more than a corpse.
-The core within the center of the Malakim can be pierced, and if so the Malakim instantly dies.
-Rather thin nails, any form of handiwork would become incredibly inefficient.
-Due to their weakness, their swordplay would be no better than a child’s.
-A Malakim may not be roleplayed for three (irl) days after death.
-Death causes deterioration of their mental state. Repeatedly dying would inevitably end the character, being too far gone.
-Infertile, they lack the organs to reproduce.
-Creation and progression of a Malakim requires for them to battle increasingly powerful Horrors. These are to be played by staff, not players.


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1 minute ago, GrimReaper98 said:

did the archon PK clause scare you off?

Haven't been an Archon in months and I've been working on this far before that. This also has an undefined PK clause. Not sure if you're trying to attack my lore by pulling up some irrelevant topic.

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1 minute ago, HurferDurfer1 said:

hey look more stuff we dont need

oh i didnt know that doing something that literally doesnt affect you now hurts you, sorry

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its the sheer amount of bloat, every other person has an idea of a new creature or thing they want to play and try to get it passed. i just think we need to weed out the less used stuff before we start implementing even more

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I can sense Fords angst. As for the lore, I mean I like the concept of having to battle horrors to achieve this. Not sure if this will be accepted but if it is, or even if it isn't,  feel like it should inspire people to do more voidal horror stuff. Technically in the lore they were the first enemy of creation. Would be cool to see more events with them on this map.

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1 minute ago, HurferDurfer1 said:

its the sheer amount of bloat, every other person has an idea of a new creature or thing they want to play and try to get it passed. i just think we need to weed out the less used stuff before we start implementing even more

There we go, some actual critique. Thank you. The LT will be working on weeding out lore over the coming month, and I completely agree that there is a lot of dumb lore in place. However, as this is a creature it'd go through an activity trial for three months and be re-evaulated thereafter. At that point I'd say that it would be treated relative to other lore.

Just now, Booklight12 said:

I can sense Fords angst. As for the lore, I mean I like the concept of having to battle horrors to achieve this. Not sure if this will be accepted but if it is, or even if it isn't,  feel like it should inspire people to do more voidal horror stuff. Technically in the lore they were the first enemy of creation. Would be cool to see more events with them on this map.

Yup, definitely want to work on some Horror stuff. Horrors are the basis for a solid amount of magical lore, but whenever we seem then event wise it's just a simple combat scene - nothing really deep about it.

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a bit tired of all this "powerful stuff" people play with these """""drawbacks""""" honestly it just gets tiresome i read the original voidal horror lore and it was just meant to be rare and for ET but then some stupid dumbass decided that players could have access to it and it went downhill and became common garbage to see a tavern roleplaying voidal horror, please stop letting players have access to ALL these things and let the ET take back these things for events while the LT weedwhack all the ******* lore that is around it's like, come the **** on you can only take a power fantasy so far until it just becomes sad and it's like "alright ur just making this **** so you can feel important bc ur playing an interesting, hyper-intelligent and powerful mystical being" the biggest redpill after all these years is realizing the best and most notable characters arent the non-binary gendered people, the archons, the treelords/alpha ferals, or some 6'5" super assassin soldier knight murderizer, it's just the characters that are literally just regular elves, humans, orcs, and dwarves with maybe some magic, like maybe some had shamanism, or an evocation, but they didnt base their char around that they managed to make themselves notable because they were good roleplayers and had motives and morals and principles that they embedded their character with, and most of the forgettable chars are the ones who are played out by people who live out their power fantasy through "muh POWER" type characters the roleplay is seldom truly the best so LT please just force people to actually make good characters instead of power trips and stop accepting this endgame type lore for real



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30 minutes ago, Ford said:

but then some stupid dumbass decided that players could have access to it and it went downhill


lol thanks ford

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Just now, Zarsies said:


lol thanks ford




i take back that insult however I will not take back that it went downhill very fast and it was not possibly a good move, as i had walked around and begun to witness voidal horrors just casually chilling in taverns and having little mystery surrounding them as was originally planned, making them more common and thus not as interesting to the common playerbase, lessening their potential which i believe could have been greater had they been in ET care. more magical things imho should be the dessert, not the main dish. still present, but not so common that you can walk into a city and just see four types of different high fantasy creatures sitting on a bench and having casual convos  

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2 minutes ago, Ford said:

-snip snip-


yeah that's fair and well put, I might ask to take down the Voidal Horror trial although there are a loose few (1 or 2 can't remember) characters who have done a quite good job at being the desirable Horror sort while also maintaining activity (rest in peace Tentoa). What a world we live in. Anyways, on the lore my thoughts are quite basically and without any helpful criticism: "neat".

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2 major issues with this piece:


1.) this is a knockoff archon with less accessibility, more reliance on staff intervention, and less opportunity to involve others in RP.


2.) there is a bias in this piece. The persistent pessimism and negativity towards  void magic is an OOC bias that needs to stop. Its a nuetral thing and so much oppressive writing as of late is really bogging down on actual opportunities to provide voidal RP. 

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