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Roleplay Screenshot Thread (Free for anyone to use)

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This thread is fairly self-explanatory. If you have any screenshots of your adventures in LoTC that you’d like to share with people, just put them all in this thread (along with a short description if you wish).


I’ll start by putting some screenshots of the Festival of the Applefoots held in Dunshire on December 16th.


Gathering in the Tavern to drink some free booze


Playing the Halfling sport of Shogging (Harold Applefoot won the tournament, I think)


Hunting for edible Truffles in the No-Booze Forest.


Sadly, Hearth Underson brought some booze into No-Booze Forest, causing the Sky-Gods to get angry and spite us all with heavy rain and thunder.


Trying to wait out the rain in the Applefoot Burrow (It didn’t work, the roof was too leaky and we ended up leaving and braving the rain regardless)


Drinking in the Rosenyr Tavern after fleeing the rain in Dunshire. (We were supposed to be having a feast, but the rain put an end to our ability to gather supplies, so we just went elsewhere)



Here’s some other unrelated Screenshots to help kick this off: 

The Belvitz Technology Expo in celebration of the Belvitz-Holm railway




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2019-01-05_00.36.15.png [!] The Palace of Rosenyr.

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Deleted most of my old screenshots, this is most of all i have ; (
crashing erper wedding with the only people that matter 
stealing tahmas’ frostwalker boots and infinity shovel 
crew going out to kill empire gang
the krugmar warzone
executing some curon guy
banditting some guy
raid on the Dominion with 2 people we randomly found

i can not show you the screenshot but i have 1 of me beating scottish midget after he beat me like 20 times
curon skirmish

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