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THE PRESENTATION - A Collection of Jottings

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Ve Lifstala - The Presentation

372 ES






[!] The musings and thoughts of Lady Rosalind de Astrea and Lady Annika Vyronov would be written down neatly. The compilation of  notes would be kept private between only the two ladies as they shared their mutual thoughts about the current participants of Ve Lifstala!





((For clarification, this knowledge is not known icly to anyone besides the two of these characters. This information is also done ALL in character, any thoughts or opinion belong to the character, not the player and done for entertainment purposes!))


His Lordship, Edmund Barclay:

Lord Edmund Barclay, simply another face in a sea of Barclay genes in Karosgrad. And yet, this particular boy managed to stand out among his relations. DAZZLING the courtroom with his sweet talk and complements. Perhaps we swooned a little. Ladies do like a man who’s good with his alcohol...


Her Ladyship, Antonina Valera vas Ruthern:

Now this is a face I didn’t recognise, standing to the leftside of her louder sister - Tatiana, my eyes were drawn to her last. However, the girl is promising for this Season’s festivities, despite being so reclusive. Perhaps the mystery she brings to court will entice would-be suitors. Pitting Ruthern against Ruthern was mildly entertaining, I will admit...


Her Ladyship, Tatiana Lorina Ruthern:

A-ha! One of the trio of Ruthern girls who came bounding up the throne room. A self-proclaimed detective, so it seems. Tatiana Ruthern seems proficient enough to sniff out whisperings and secrets of our court, hm? Being a Royal Jurist and Alderwoman, I look forward to seeing what she can stick her nose into. Out of the trio, pitted against one another, it seems she is the favoured blonde. This fact didn’t escape our notice - nor the eyes or a certain Ser Antonius. How curious! 


Her Ladyship, Marjorie Ruthern:

And here we have the ugly duckling of the group. I found it saddening to observe the chubby Ruthern girl fidget and fuss with all her nervous habits as she made her way to our desk. Compared to her two sisters, she certainly has big shoes to fill.  If only she would smile properly, then we might have a diamond in the rough… After all, I’ve always been a fan of the underdog. 


Mister Ivan Barrow:

My dear sweet son, looking bright-eyed and handsome as ever as he strode to present. Niet a word spoken wrong. Nie sense of confidence misplaced. A true specimen of this year’s Lifstala - blessed with the genes of his parents to prevail over the other candidates. I’m quite certain all his muscle flexing must have made a few girls swoon.  


Her Ladyship, Amelya Kortrevich:

Ah, the name Amelya - reminiscent of my poor daughter, Analiesa, who was brutally murdered in some grand plot against myself and my family. This girl shall niet hold the same fate, I dare to say. She has a sweet face, niet yet corrupted by the whims of this court…pretty, niet outstanding, though I’ll admit there’s promise there. With such naivety, it will be curious to see how she settles into courtly life.


His Lordship, Anders Kortrevich:

I do love the colour red. Anders Kortrevich seemed to take great pride in his appearance, sporting his house colours with pride additionally with the bonus of great fashion sense. A charming boy, much like the rest of his family and is sure to be an easy-going match, from what I can make out.


His Lordship, Frederik Baruch:

I do niet know where to start. Perhaps with the two words: bad boy. It was told he had an eyebrow piercing, with a sassy attitude and an edgy look about him. Quite the standout of the hour, both Lady Annika and I agree. I dare say we’ll be having to keep lists of all the girls he woos.  


Her Highness, Princess Petra Emma:

Thoughts on Her Highness...hm. She’s awfully sweet, well-spoken and mannered. Polite, for a girl her age. Why would one marry her? Well, to state the obvious, her papej is quite the handsome chap, standing beside her to introduce. She has wealth, the Barbanov name, connections and a very good fashion sense. However axes, I fear, should be kept out of her reach. 


The Dynastic Prince of Vilachia, Ser Antonius Vilac:

Ser Antonius Vilac seems to already have eyes for a certain Tatiana Ruthern - a most promising match in the making. His words have mostly slipped from my mind - a forgettable introduction for the most part, aside for the mention of him being a descendant from Horen and a knight. Perhaps he will surprise me.


Mister Dimitri Petrov:

The son of the Lord Speaker, who has seemed to inherit his father’s confidence in speaking aloud in large settings - despite being such a young age. I care less for his talents or oratory skills, and more so focused on his appearance. He smells alright for such a young boy! Promising indeed.


His Highness, Otto August Barbanov:

The son of Franz, arguably quite the opposite of his cousin, Prince Nikolas at the presentation. Rumoured to have had a stutter, the boy seemed skittish to own up to the fact. Handsome for his age, however. I do see his father’s face in his features...if he’ll continue to grow into Ser Franz’s likeness, ladies will certainly swoon! I do suggest he doesn’t attempt another flip. 


Mister Vulmon Heidan:

Fake elf. That’s all. 


His Lordship, Aleksey Luka Ludovar:

Godan, I think I was blinded by his armour and didn’t get a good look at his face! Was he average, below average, just about handsome? Who knows! All I know is that he had a mountain fall on him, which perhaps squashed some of his humour into that snarky attitude he now holds. Hmph. He’s niet as cool as he thinks he is.


His Lordship, Klaus Barclay:

Now this young lad I recall leading in an audition exercise for Lady Annika’s play - he was quite the promising actor, famous, even. Or at least, he has confidence, which is all a man ever needs. Well, that and money I suppose. Bravo! As I always say, actors tend to survive in court. They’re awfully good at lying.  


Her Ladyship, Cecilya Lottya Kortrevich:

Being a great woman of Canonism myself, Godan has bestowed upon me many visions and visits over my devout years. I see myself in Lady Kortrevich, as she stood before me - a woman of God! I’ll admit her description of GODAN doesn’t quite match my own observations... Perhaps she lies about her religious integrity!


Mister John Flick:

You’ve got to respect a money man, such as Mister John Flick. Although, he couldn’t do a flip. Disappointing. 


His Lordship Britannus Vanir:

Ah, the son of my dearest friend, Juliya. The young Viscount of Varna, looking for his true match. He is one to look out for, I assume - and niet just because of his questionable amount of appendages which he claims his brother inherited. Whether the ladies find him agreeable or niet is insignificant when an appealing position such as Viscount-Consort is on the table...


Her Ladyship, Adalia de Astrea:

My dearest daughter! A stellar caller-outer of the Lifstala, her voice pealed over the masses as clear as bells. Calling this name! That name! Although niet part of the presentations herself (since she is already engaged) I made notes on her all the same.


His Highness, Prince Nikolas Barbanov, Duke of Galahar:

MY GODAN! The star of the show arrived just at the last moment on a noble steed. With his hair blowing in the wind - the pinnacle of Barbanov strength and prowess breezed into the throne room. Swathed in such great fashion sense, the Prince immediately impressed. He’s a good rider. And, the boy accomplished what so many could niet: a flip! Truly the swaggiest prince in town. He is surely another rare catch for this year’s Lifstala. I can only look forward to learning more of this man’s deeper personality, beyond the swag. And I’m quite certain others wish the same...




Her Ladyship, Julia Tatiana Ludovar of Otistadt:

The Lady Ludovar was presented in a white gown, describing her love of literature to us judges. A smart woman is always a catch but books can only get a lady so far in life...Catching a man takes much more than just book smarts. She’ll need to get her nose out of those books to seek out a dobry match for herself. 


Her Ladyship, Isolde Barclay:

Yet another member of the Barclay litter, though this one stands out of the rest, mainly due to her lack of speech! The poor girl, muted by some unknown reason to me, seemed to make up for her lack of voice with her height! Dear me, it seems that almost all the Barclay women are towering giants. Hopefully the girl can summon up some manners for the upcoming months. 


Miss Lynette Stewart: 

Yet another young woman seeking to aspire the same physicality of men. A shame, I believe. Where did the traditional ladies go? Some etiquette classes are surely due for the women wandering around in pants with a sword at their side. 


His Lordship, Reinhardt Barclay:

I originally thought of this boy as one of a kind, though I quickly came to find out this farce.  A twin to Lord Klaus Barclay, Reinhardt is almost as ambitious as his borsa. Being a ward of the Lord Palatine is basically the summary of this Barclay’s ambitions, though I still consider him in the shadow of his borsa...


His Lordship, Aleksandr var Ruthern:

Certainly the Lord Ruthern is one of my top picks for the season. Young, successful and smart! What more could a young lady look for in a man besides looks, something the Ruthern already has. This boy gets a five star rating from myself! 


Mister Georgios Dracontas:

A well built man with a sharp tongue. His poetry had me swooning as it is my newfound weakness in men. His traditional clothing was also a big plus. A guard, a poet, AND handsome. If only I am niet otherwise occupied…


Mister Johnny Ferrumhand:

Similar to his counterpart, Mister Flick, Mister Ferrunhand could niet do a flip either. A pity show for the duo that had too much confidence. 


His Lordship, Jan Otto Kortrevich: 

His Lordship Jan Otto will be a hot ticket for sure this season. Although more of a quiet individual, his voice rings through the duma hall with strength and vigour. Hopefully some of that shows during the upcoming months or else he may fail to find a match, even with a title such as the one he holds. 





Her Ladyship, Rosalind Amador de Astrea, Grand Lady of Hanseti-Ruska


Her Ladyship, Annika A. Vyronov, Event Collaborator of Hanseti-Ruska


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Adalia was, indeed, a spectacular announcer.

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Harren, if he had been able to read these notes (which he was not) would have agreed that Adalia was a spectacular announcer, though likely under duress and other threats of violence.

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Annika Vyronov would set her pen and parchment back inside her desk. "A hard days work deserves an evening of shopping." She declared. A mischievous smirk on her visage. 




@livrose mwuah!


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Ivan Barrow for once approves his mother's work. He boasts to his Child Gangmembers, "This is very true about me: young, sexy, and smart. Definitely the Diamond of the Season."

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Marjorie vas Ruthern practiced her smile for days before the event! Time gone to waste, I'd say!

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Viscount Britannus of House Vanir lets out a soft sigh.

"I do hope that I am able to find a woman to eventually become me Viscountess-Consort. Time will tell it seems."

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Lynette feels a shiver from her location. She frowns sadly.

"Someone, somewhere, doesn't like me." She says, upset, "They will feel my sword in due time..."

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Abram would watch out the window of the palace, seeing no other girls that were as dark as him. "I's shoulda brought my sister, she's pretty like t'a otha' girls." He sighed, rubbing his chin.

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“This missive is nothing but a noble’s suckfest.” Vahan states with a huff.

Edited by Herod
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Amelya Kortrevich blinked, confused at even being included in the selection. "Pretty, niet outstanding," she repeated, then laughed, relieved. As exciting as the week had been she wasn't sure how she felt about catching anyone's eye as her heart truly belonged to another. 
She sighed, propping her head on her hands as her thoughts were carried away not too far from Haense, past the cold expanses to some fields of gold...


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