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  1. Hello! My Apologies, I fell asleep and just woke up. @SteepledShip Wins Deep Pink Dress for 500 Mina @Gamer1578 Wins Pious in Pink for 1000 Mina @Princeton wins Adventurer for 800 Mina @Epistile Wins Red Slavic for 500 Mina.
  2. Theodora is excited to throw flowers at guests. “Hubert, do you wanna go?”
  3. you guys are forgetting your discords
  4. hello! ! ! i will be selling off old skins of mine. the auction ends Wednesday @ 1pm est. RULES ARE: - do not edit your original comment, instead post a new one - bidding starts at 500 mina for each dress - all bidding increments should be 50-100 - no irl cash money - you MUST be able to pay the amount of mina needed Bidding Format: Discord Skins and Bids (i.e. Red Slavic, 500 mina, Pious in Pink, 500 mina) Tag the person who bid before you: DA SKINS Red Slavic Pious in Pink Deep Pink Dress DnD Bard (+ Removable Cape) Adventurer Red Norse Dress
  5. oh also i have a playlist of songs like these . . . so if u like these i will give u my playlist
  6. @Epistile :3

    1. Epistile


      she’s a mammoth, of course

  7.  entry 6 is up :3

  8. Entry 6 is up! In Entry 6 Theo discussed her betrothal, her anxiety about it, her sister, her mom, her dad, Haense, Kaedrin, and thats about it.
  9. Theodora Helvets, daughter of Count Rochefort, almost fainted upon hearing the news!
  10. Theodora Angelica hummed, smiling upon the missive; she turned to her rat, Hubert. “We did it, Hubert!” She exclaimed, booping his nose
  11. Theodora wondered why criminals resided in Kaedrin.
  12. if any of u use my skins on lotc without my permission/buyer’s permission i have the right to)

    commit several crimes against u

    harass u

    block u

    hate u


    1. osumanduas


      I’ve never understood why skinners post their stuff on public forums meant for download and use with a caveat of /hey can you please not use these?/ Seems counter productive.

  13. yeah. so! i thought while we’re all still (basically) in quarantine, it’d be fun to do a skinning game. so, basically, you can pick a character of yours (or multiple) and dress them up in an outfit from ye olden days + today! you won’t win anything (other than probably getting somewhat better at skinning!) if you can’t read the font for whatever reason, or it’s broken, here’s the list! 1000s 1200s 1300s 1400s 1500s 1600s 1700s 1800s 1900s 2000s → Bonus ← Ancient Greece Ancient Rome Middle East Religious Your Character as a Monarch Your Character as a Different Race (Elf, Human, Dwarf, Orc, Etc) Feel Free to Post your skins in the replies below! : ) have fun skinning !!
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