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  1. Theodora quivered in fear. She paced around the room as she read the missive, “I wish there wasn’t a war...” She murmured, the young Helvets said, just after she returned to the Empire, right after being kidnapped from Kaedrin. “I miss the peace already.”
  2. always remember u do NOT say boy/girlfriend... u say “thou betrothed” or “my betrothed”. not only will this make u sound smart irl but also useful irp

  3. Theodora smiled, although not getting the joke. However, she was excited to attend!
  4. i think a good thing to remember is that down with the patriarchy

  5. to quote a woman of MANY words, “what the f.ck is going on here in here on this day” -alyssa edwards
  6. Theodora Helvets frowned while reading over the missive, “WHAT.” She screamed out. “WHAT!” She screamed out, again.
  7. VOTE FOR CHANGE, VOTE FOR COOPER! Vote For Change, Vote For Cooper. My name is Ms. Temperance Cooper, I was born and raised in Kaedrin, Owynsburg, with my mother and father, and grandparents. They raised me to believe in my Southeron Traditions, along with telling me Stories of the Grandeur of Ves. The colorful skyline, the beautiful architecture; all of it. I am indebted to Kaedrin, even after my last breath; I will make no haste with badly needed reforms and changes to Owynsburg. I stand for Equality, Knowledge, and Diversity, along with electing people who will help Owynsburg. Lastly, I would like a representative amongst each-party, Josephite and Everardine, to help me with decisions; as we’ll never have a cooperating government unless both-sides agree with one another. Taxes I’d like to reform the tax system. Today I see people who’ve not paid their taxes in one, two, three years and are still living in their homes. I believe this is too lenient, and needs to be changed. We need to take charge; or else the people will shell in their homes, and we will not have proper money to go to things that matter; such as repaving the roads. Festivities for All In the Golden days of Ves, there were a myriad of races in the city; celebrating their differences. With this; I’d like to host festivities and festivals, hosting the myriad of cultures in Kaedrin to celebrate their differences and showcase them for all, no matter if they’re Josephite or Everardine, Man or Woman, Young or Old. With these festivals, you can showcase your culture; whether it be dancing, foods, music, songs, beliefs, lifestyle, or whatever you’d like. Healthcare Currently in Kaedrin, there is no healthcare system or clinic, I’d like to change this; as all of our citizens deserve the basic right to healthcare and medical attention. These people with this knowledge deserve the same respect as soldiers, and deserve the same benefits as them, they are equally important. Right now, the closest place with a clinic is Haense; which, if you ask me, is too far for one to seek immediate medical attention. Owynsburg is a large city, just as Reza, which deserves its own clinic. Education Education for children is an important one, as successful adults make a successful city; it is my belief that we should have a schoolhouse for our children, where they will learn how to read, write, do basic mathematics, and learn about Kaedrini history, not limited to any gender or race, as all children deserve the basic right to education. Signed, Ms. Temperance Cooper
  8. Name: Temperance Cooper Age: 25 Address: Dubois Disctrict NR. 3 Election Slogan: VOTE FOR CHANGE, VOTE FOR COOPER!
  9. always remember. if u cant pay for a skin dont buy it u silly billy.

    1. 1_Language_1


      Can I get a pristine looking skin for when my ghost becomes a white spirit..

    2. froeggy


      just use hue/saturation slider in paint dot net  : /

    3. 1_Language_1


      true... I wanted a nice set of clothes but I’ll settle for my soldier outfit

  10. lorina seems like a badass. theo would like her
  11. GHOST!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!b uBV HE’LL YEAH

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