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  1. Octavia Pruvia writes a letter to the Trade Princess, basically just asking if she can come! [[OOC]] [[loseraaron]] [[EST]] Dear Trade Princess, I’d like to join in. Thank you. With Regards, Octavia Pruvia.
  2. A Portrait of Octavia Amelie Pruvia, c. 1754 To the citizens of Helena, As I run for senator of Helena, I’d like to get my promises out there. I will keep this short and sweet, and expand on my promises later in my essay. My promises are as follows. I will advocate for Public Schooling in Helena, funded by the government. I will advocate for Wonkan rights, and fight for the outlaw of eating Wonkan meats. ON PUBLIC SCHOOLS FOR ALL As stated in my Missive for Public Schools in Helena: An Essay, schools help the younger generation stay off the streets, and transform them into contributing members of society, and, even possibly, help lower crime rates in Helena. Along with this, it would educate those who would normally not be able to access an education. ON WONKAN RIGHTS, AND THE OUTLAW OF EATING WONKAN MEATS Just a few Saint’s Hours ago, I saw someone eating Wonkan meat, he admitted to Slaughtering the Wonk to obtain the meat, along with eating their eyeball. We can all agree that this is disgusting, and, one of my opponents, has been seen throwing racial slurs at the Wonkans, along with attempting to drive them out of the city. This simply cannot do; for Wonkans are sentient, thinking, able-minded creatures, no different to Humans or Elves in mental abilities. So I ask you; why would you support someone who has been seen harassing Wonks, and claims to be an advocate of exotic races? I promise to help these Wonks. Signed, Lady Octavia Amelie Vientos Pruvia [!] A note would be attached to the letter, it read “I will hold a Question and Answer assembly in the tavern in two saints days, if you’d like to ask a question, I will be there!”
  3. SURNAME: Pruvia FIRST NAME: Octavia ADDRESS OF RESIDENCE: Provins, Pruvia Manor DATE OF BIRTH: 1730 Are you registered and eligible to vote in the province of Helena?: Yes. Do you have any other title, peerage or public service that may conflict with becoming an Imperial Senator, as per the Edict of Establishment (1736) or Edict of Election (1736)?: No. If yes, do you understand that you will be required to resign or abdicate from this position should you be elected to the Imperial Senate, and if this does not occur your seat shall be considered to be vacant?: Yes. ((MC NAME)): loseraaron
  4. A WONK GET-TOGETHER The Wonkan Family, Phrogerous, shall host a Wonk get-together during the First Seed of 1756. We invite one and all, especially Wonks, to experience our culture; and to get to know one another! It shall be hosted on the Sutican Beach, by the water. Be sure to wear a bathing or swimming suit! Signed, Bufonia ‘Buffy’ Phrogerous
  5. A MISSIVE FOR PUBLIC SCHOOLS IN HELENA AN ESSAY INTRODUCTION As we enter the second half of the century, my mind wanders back to my childhood in my father's manor. I reminiscence with all the memories I have of running through the countryside, looking at the deer in the surrounding forest, the ducks quacking in the pond, and the birds chirping in the trees. I often wondered if everyone could afford this luxury, when the hard truth is that they cannot. I want this to change; for every child deserves the basics to get them by in life, reading, writing, sewing, and many, many more. But why do we need schools? Schools help the younger generation stay off the streets, schools help them become productive members of society, schools improve literacy rates. We need schools. Ask yourself; why should we be able to receive a basic education and more beyond that but others can’t? I ask for you to help me in my quest for public schooling for all. FUNDING Funding is important for any government establishment, I propose that the government should fund these schools in Helena, rather than letting the kids and their parents pay what little money they have for it; for that would be cruel and unfair. IN CONCLUSION Schools will help our city tremendously; I believe that it will get kids off the streets and help drop down crime by a significant amount; it will turn these kids into productive members of society, and lastly, it is everyone's GOD given right to attend school and have basic knowledge of the world and religion. Signed, Lady Octavia Amelie Pruvia of Ostwick
  6. A Portrait of Zuwena Kiros ag Hinseli https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCB_MbYyCYQ THE DEATH OF A SERPENT 14th of Negsitati, 1754 She wondered, had she done her duty given to Alaha? She was a good, jyoist woman. She was married to a man that she radically despised, her hatred only growing stronger as she had to live with what she thought to be an uncivilized man. She tried and tried for a child with him, something to escape the abusive suffrage she faced from him. She prayed and cried to Alaha for a child. Sometimes she’d wonder, did Alaha really exist? “My husband is that of an uncivilized, sex-driven man. I wish it were true that we were to decide our own fates in Seyam, but alas; that is not the case for the women.” Zuwena to her Friend, Frida Emelie days before her wedding in a letter. A feminist in Seyam, Zuwena never regretted her words. She never let anyone see what she really was. She never showed anyone she was weak. “For If I was to be weak, I would not be a part of the Royal family.” Zuwena to unknown She slipped away in the night, bedridden for days. She slept in her own bed; refusing to share one with her husband. She didn’t produce any heirs for her husband. Was Alaha proud of her? She finally wondered, as she drifted off to Semayata.
  7. Upon a first look at the letter title, Zuwena Kiros ag Hinseli, cousin to Erasto, wonders what her cousin has gotten himself into. After quickly reading the letter, she smiled, wishing the best for Carawelo’s reign.
  8. A Letter was sent out to Angelika Vanir, Dear Lady Vanir, We will set up a time for you to be interviewed at your earliest convience! Best Regards, Lady Octavia Amelie Vientos
  9. VIENTOS NONPROFIT The Vientos Nonprofit is a Charity organization led by Lady Octavia Amelie Vientos, we provide clothes, free medical attention, and food for those who cannot afford it. We are mainly based in the Orenian City of Helena. VOLUNTEERS Heads of Organization Octavia Amelie Vientos ((loseraaron)) Medics None, medics wanted! Tailors None, tailors wanted! General Volunteers None, general volunteers wanted! Application Form ((USERNAME)) ((DISCORD)) – Name: – Age: -- Year of Birth: – Position Wanted: ((anything in ((these)) are OOC!))
  10. bump! new prices........ soon? also im gonna update w/ recent commissions EDIT: images r broken for me lol
  11. POSITION: Staff (Secretary) NAME: Octavia Amelie Pruvia YEAR OF BIRTH: 1730 RACE: Human SEX: Female ADDRESS: Pruvia Manor, Barony of Provins ((MC NAME:)) loseraaron ((DISCORD:)) loseraaron#7357
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