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  1. A PUBLIC CRITIQUE OF CALVERLEY Published by Mme. de Inconnue “An honest man is a man within his principles… But you talk as if Matthias Rutledge had no principles.” - An open letter to George Calverley, 1762, by Wilheim Rutledge. Dear George Calverley, To put it simply; You’re a deranged lunatic who only makes false statements about your opponents, only fueling the fire. You claim that the good and honorable Senator Vivaca Rutledge, and, in turn insulted the entire Rutledge family. You say that Missus Rutledge has never supported the war effort, yet, the evidence says otherwise. Missus Rutledge has written a few letters supporting the war effort. One being “Ecstasy of Liberty”, additionally publishing a missive known as “Vivaca’s Address”. No one knows your name, no one knows your game. So why ruin your political career before it starts? Missus Rutledge was right when she called you a coward in “Vote Rutledge, Actually”, because you are one, Mister Calverley, only a coward would decide that it would be okay to attack his opponent. You say you were educated in Helena but you provide no evidence of such, and this is not Helena, this is Curon, in Curon we are one, we support our troops, we support our businesses, we support our Curonians, unlike you. I have never seen you once publish anything else than your two, dare I say, smear campaigns against Missus Rutledge. As I said earlier, why tarnish your name before you even have a career? Is this a new political strategy I’m unaware of? Have I been outside of the Curonian lands for far too long? I don’t, and never will, understand the meaning behind your campaigns and insults regarding the late Matthias Rutledge, who was a renowned doctor, the first southeron to hold office in the Holy Orenian Empire, and, in turn Curon, and a loving father, along with his daughter, Senator Vivaca Rutledge. You’re an incompetent man unworthy of representing Curonia. Signed, Madame de Inconnue
  2. Georgina frowned. “Why would someone with no ties other than moving here after the war be making false claims...” She wondered out loud as she read this. “It’s interesting to see a man claim that he’s gotten Helena education when this is Curon. It’s a bit disheartening to see Rutledge’s opponents make up false claims, and be an imperial.” Georgina said, throwing the missive into the fire. “At least it’ll make for a good fire-burner.” She chuckled.
  3. Georgina Surany, while on a visit to Haense, cringes.
  4. Full Name: Klaudia Reka Izabella Surany Race: Human (demon child) Occupation: Student Interesting factoids: The loudest screamer in ALL of Arcas ((Discord)): aaron, slayer of kings#0423
  5. [!] Posters are hung all throughout the Holy Orenian Empire! RAVENS BOUTIQUE The Ravens Boutique is a tailoring shop run by the Surány family, most notably, Georgina Izabella Surány and Mércedes Surány. Most tailorings will cost around 1,000 minas to 1,500 minas. We use the finest silks in all of Arcas, and pride ourselves on being efficient and elegant. If you would like an outfit, send a bird to one of the two ladies who you’d like an outfit from.
  6. hey …. house of Surany is lookin for members ,,, we based in curon dm me on discord if u want 2 join .. lesbian cyclops aaron#0423

  7. Emmeline cackles with the false claims of her living in Helena, when, in fact she lived in westmark, and even now lives in a cottage, outside of Helena.
  8. Laughs as she never was a leader of a coup.
  9. To the people of ‘Courland’, my family, and all others. It has come to my attention that my mother, Elissa ‘Staunton’ is still supporting my brother and his rule as “King of Courland”. You, and all of your supporters have been brainwashed by my brother , the so-called King of Courland. He is a manipulative, horrible man who wants nothing more than power. It is horrible that many of my relatives, such as my mother (who I looked up to), still support this man. He is not a Staunton; none of us are. We will never be Stauntons, we will only live up to what we have done, and not be defined by an old title that Queen Charlotte dissolved after the heinous acts against Haense. I wonder why men fight over dead, old, titles, especially when they’ve been dissolved. I was never fond of my brother or his children, nor his wife. I tolerated them. It was until I was named Crown-Princess of Courland that my brother, Tobias, started to care; he is an incompetent, ill-advised, close-minded man who only wants power. I ask you; the people of ‘Courland’, do you want someone who can’t remember basic maths? My father was not a mentally-ill, insane, stupid man like Tobias has painted him out to be; rather, he was a tired, old, smart man who knew better than to fight over titles. Tobias knew I was his sister, he was aware of it. ‘Courland’ will ultimately crumble with Tobias as the king. He will never be anything more of a power-hungry man with a less-than-capable mindset. You are a killer amongst halflings. A Wolf in sheep's clothing. You are nothing more than an incompetent man who got lucky. Your descendants will die out quickly, and you wonder why? Because no one wants to marry a family with such a controversial history (and several attempts to re-establish the Crown of Courland). We will never be Stauntons. We will never be Royals. Signed, Emmeline Neumarkt
  10. Sign-Up Format Mcname: loseraaron Talent: skinnin!
  11. Name: Eira Davyre((MC Name)): 175OAge: 73.What magic are you trained in, if any? N/AHow do you lay claim to the fact that you are pure Mali'aheral? Both of my parents were pure, hard working Mali’aheral.How long have you resided within Lareh’thilln? 1705-1745, 1757-Present (73)Will you follow the maehr'sae hiylun'ehya to the letter in the pursuit of arcane knowledge? I swear on my ancestors graves that I will follow the maehr'sae hiylun'ehya. What magical knowledge do you wish to acquire, if any? Water evocation
  12. The Pebblejaw Family Origins Established in 1698 by Edward Pebblejaw and Mary Smallfoot, Edward claimed to be a descendant of a prominent Halfling woman at the time. He and his wife, Mary, would soon hop around from village to village, making a ruckus and getting drunk. Soon, Edward and Mary would lose all their funds, finally deciding to settle down in a village called Wheatville, a small Halfling village away from the main road of Atlas. Soon, the halfling couple would have three kids. Matthew Pebblejaw, born in 1711, Andre Pebblejaw, born in 1713, and Anna Pebblejaw-Underbrow, born in 1715. Anna and Matthew bearing their own kids. Physical Appearance Most Pebblejaws have tanned skin with dark brown hair, often with an odd colour of yellow or orange eyes, some even having both! They are no taller than 2’9”. They often wear farmers clothes, patches and stitches all through-out. Morals Every young babe gets a stern teaching of Brandybrook laws and that of the Pebblejaw’s own moral code. This has some very normal codes, like don’t steal and don’t attack another, with some very off the wall teachings too, such as forbidding learning Druid Magic and Golemancy without proper approval from the current most oldest person in the family. They are as follows. Respect everyone. Treat those the way you want to be treated. Do not learn Druid Magic or Golemancy without proper approval. Do not wear shoes. Do not lock doors. Share food. Drink with your family. Treat the sick. Help the old. Don’t talk to banished halflings. Religion Much like most halflings, the Pebblejaw family believes in that of Knox, the Pumpkin lord, although they worship things such as family and honesty more. click me :D Played Members Rowena Pebblejaw (175O, OOC head, aaron#0423) Playable Members Edward Pebblejaw (b. 1672) Mary Pebblejaw (neé Smallfoot) (b. 1674) Matthew Pebblejaw (b. 1711) Miriam Pebblejaw (neé Greatfoot) (b. 1712) (Spouse to Matthew) Open Slot (b. 1742-1745) Open Slot (b. 1746-1750) Andre Pebblejaw (b. 1713) Anna Pebblejaw-Underbrew (b. 1715) James Underbrew (b. 1713) (Spouse to Anna) Open Slot (b. 1741-1745) Open Slot (b. 1745-17) message aaron#0423 if you’d like to play a Pebblejaw!
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