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  1. tbh, i think theres a huge problem with human rp and creating storylines. human rp is largely centered around nobility, nobility can create drama, so on and so forth. for example: rebecca wants to be the queen of the Kingdom of pete burns, and devises a plot with her friends to help her, however, jenny becomes the queen. now heres where it can go two ways, rebecca can continue to fight for it, or she can simply give up and say "oh well. maybe next time!" (which, usually happens). i really wish human rp'ers wouldn't get pissy when someone wants to create tasteful, dynamic, storylines instead of just "curtys to the queen of pete burns' kingdom*" or whatever. while court rp and more laid-back rp can be fun, it can get boring really quickly when you don't create enough drama, events, or just repeat events over and over again. (also not to mention court rp isn't the center of rp). i remember during the sutican war, the suticans or ferrymen or whoever sent locusts to eat/destroy all our crops; what i thought would happen is that we would rp out a famine because of this, yet- players screamed that they needed food and strongly opposed this. a lot of my critiques on human rp revolves around this, since i've played a majority of human characters
  2. The same blonde haired hag who ate bats, and very likely birthed Conrad de Falstaff, thought he was executed during the Sedan rebellion... However, she couldn't really remember. She was nearing her 70s, after-all. Or maybe it was her 80s... "I hope someone lays a claim on Kaedrin next..." She murmured, to her dear friend Hubert. "I'm serious, too! Oh, well." Nevertheless, she sent the Proconsul and Consul a bat- just for good measure.
  3. not sure whats going on but i like the forum formatting
  4. A certain woman, residing within the depths of somewhere and nowhere prayed to God that people would stop passively-aggressively replying to Ves patricians with mere thoughts that they had in their head. However, that blonde, aging woman shrugged, meandering off back into her cave, snacking on a bat.
  5. hello . . . are there any dwarf kids that need to be played...

  6. Guenda made sure to congratulate the new baron of Freimark (when court was over, of course).
  7. hi. i suffer from a good few illnesses, along with some undiagnosed diagnoses. heres my stance on it. simply put, mental illness should be in lotc, theres no doubt about it, along with other things, such as dysphoria, autism, adhd, add, ocd, etc. the question, for me at least, isn't should these be in lotc, its more so how will you roleplay it out? will you research it? will you ask people who have these things affecting them in real life? will you consider how people playing on the server, who have these affecting them, will react to it? will you research it extensively, even when you're still playing the character? will you play it out as a stereotype? these, and more, are all questions one should consider while roleplaying mental illnesses, along with the things mentioned above. not to mention, things irply can cause mental illness. fighting in a war and watching your brothers/sisters die would undoubtedly cause ptsd, just as a natural disaster or a neglectful childhood could. if you're character, for example had gender dysphoria, how would they deal with it in a society that, for the most part, does not accept LGBTQ+ people. characters should have mental illnesses, and while its entirely up to the player whether or not to put it on them, its interesting to roleplay out. i honestly think that at the end of the day, don't scream at someone for roleplaying an illness as slightly inaccurate. if you've had experience with that illness or have it irl/have had it, give them pointers perhaps, or just avoid them all together so tldr; research what u want to roleplay out extensively. give people who are struggling with roleplay (whatever it may be) tips and tricks on how to enhance their roleplay.
  8. doing skin comms cos i want mina. relatively cheap i feel... if u want a skin look here. https://annieskins.carrd.co/#


    i can do elf skins, halfling skins, human skins, anything thats not orcs or armor!

    1. Deano


      How should I contact you?

    2. MissAnneDrey


      @Deanomy contact information is in the carrd, under pricing i believe ^-^

    3. Deano


      Not seeing it

  9. never marry an icon....

    1. rukio


      I am the icon living

  10. Guenda Letizia di Sarola still did not know who, what, where or why Rozania was or is.
  11. Theodora Angelica thinks she should invite this Theodora Lucille to the SOTs, (Society of Theodoras), their community of 1 thriving.
  12. Guenda hoped that this certain someones cough got better. The flu can be a death sentence, after all!
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