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  1. why is everyone being #shadyaf over a minecraft game ... what happened to keep rp in rp...

    1. rukio


      Jokes on you roleplay was never about roleplay its always been about OOC

    2. Venomous_Pup


      You aren't a true LotCer unless you're willing to commit federal crimes. 

  2. “What’s he saying?” commented One Guenda Letizia. “I can’t read the writing..”
  3. An older hag nearing her 90s couldn’t watch to watch the drama/comedy of the century.
  4. The Baroness had been playing a game of bouillotte with a fat, old maidservant late in the night, when everyone else was deep into their slumber. Then, a bonny young lad on horseback came bearing news of Nikita's death. The demure woman stared at the lad, her bouillotte cards slowly escaping her hands. "Nikita?" she murmured; pushing herself up from the felt covered table. "I just saw her last saints night..." She muttered, slowly making her way back inside of the Castle.
  5. the recipe f- [GUNSHOTS]

  6. if i changed my username to have something with inbred in it would i be banned

    1. MissAnneDrey


      update: i would be

  7. "They spelled Helvets wrong." Murmured an old Helvetii Hag.
  8. News hit the Barony of Caer der Hodden at ten at night- a pregnant baroness, Guenda, had been staring out into the sea- A divine and mysterious place; she overheard the passing of the Prince Emeritus, a man she had looked up to and idolized greatly; the man who gave her and her future kids their home. The following night, the Baroness Caer der Hodden met with her friend, and the Prince's daughter, Athénaïs. The two women had whispered about in the Gardens of Aster Court, a solemn look on the two visage's. An era of greatness was over; with a new one to come.
  9. Keep rp in rp challenge (HARD) (IMPOSSIBLE)

  10. nfts yes or no

    1. Benleft


      I like screenshotting pictures of monkeys

    2. Traveller


      yay destroying the environment for a picture :D


  12. i will not live in a world without betty white.

  13. The old hag known as Theodora wept once more as Walton spewed some religious jargon about some religious drama. All she wants in life, at the ripe old age of 84(?) is to feed the rats.
  14. can someone unban me from the lotc discord i got hacked... pleek

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