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  1. Theodora thought about Margaret, the Renee-Antoinette Ripoff. "Poor Mary Anne... a Renee-Antoinette wannabe..." She murmured. "She never made it to the heights of Renee, though."
  2. @AndrewTech A tired, greying owl flew back to the house, carrying a letter. Dear Elizabeth, It would be my pleasure to serve your humble family. I'm more than happy to set up a meeting time with you & I soon. With my best wishes, Madame de Falstaff. (discord is botox#5403)
  3. NANNY FOR HIRE Hello, My name is Theodora Angelica Ashford de Falstaff- and recently I have been out of work. I see this as an opportunity to work with children, and be paid for it. My conditions are that you, if you decide to employ me, pay me 10 mina every 4 saint years (1 OOC Month). I am able-bodied and I’ve got quite the experience of working with children. I have a plethora of skills as-well, which I will list below. My skills are: Cooking Cleaning Dressmaking Listening to children whine about their parents/other kids And many more.
  4. I’d never shake my a55 for a man!!


    [removed vortex]

    *shakes a55*

  5. Rest In Peace vortex she won’t be missed
  6. hey if i sold some skins for irl money (pre-made) that i don't use anymore would u guys buy them

    1. Kuila
    2. argonian


      is it cool if i pay in zambian kwachas

  7. Theodora thinks this writer should learn to spell her daughters name before critiquing her.



  9. "Who the hell cares" Theodora murmured.
  10. What would you tell a new player asking you for advice? what would you say to your younger self? what do you think of yass wig
  11. Theodora celebrated the demise of the ugliest Rochefort sister.
  12. taylor "swift"

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