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  1. Adrienne, the late Pruvia’s ward screamed in her room, in her family’s manor in Kaedrin. She punched her pillows; wailing in grief as the Pruvia left. “No!” She shouted, “No! She still had so much to teach me!” She screamed out, her mind racing. It seemed she could never calm down, she’d only know the Princess for a few years, yet, She looked up to her; as if she were her own mother. Her pillow was wet, her tears absorbing into it. “Kaedrin won’t be the same without you, Miss Anna Maria!” She blurted out, drifting off into a sleep of her own, only to wake up hours later.
  2. Adrienne starts working on a new dress, rather excited for this!
  3. right now, yeah! but you’ll have to wait until tuesday @ 3pm est, thats when the auction ends 🙂
  4. HELLO. i enjoying acquiring mina in these desperate times. it makes me feel rich and special, i am not rich and special. This is a full Skin auction, think of Ivory’s skin auctions, except you’re bidding for a personalized skin for your character, made by me, needlework! this is my *very* professional portfolio. Bidding Rules No editing past bids, this is hard for me to keep track of. Please add your discord! (E.G. thisismydiscord#1234) There will be two (2) winners. When discussing the skin, it’s fine not to have references! Search for them, or describe them in detail, don’t say “fancy clothing” or “peasant” Bidding format is: Bid, Username, Discord !! BID CLOSES ON TUESDAY, MAY 12th, 2020, @ 3pm EST!
  5. Adrienne, not a noble woman, just the niece of a rich commoner, blegh’s at the missive!
  6. OOC Reminder that this is today!
  7. The prominent youths of Oren are invited to a social gathering in the Saint’s year of 1766. Anyone may come, as long as you’re in good sights with the Holy Orenian Empire and Kaedrin. ITINERARY Firstly: The children attending will have a small Feast in Miss Mariana Dubois’ Garden, the youth will converse as they eat small pies and other treats. Secondly: The children attending will play at the Newly built Kids Park (and surrounding areas), playing a game of Oren vs. Nordlings, where an equal amount of children will pretend to battle with wooden swords. Each child will have a chance to be an Orenian and a Nordling. Thirdly: We will visit Owynsburg, and play three rounds of Hide and Seek, with Ms. Adrienne Dubois as the Seeker! Be sure not to go into any houses! Finally: The children attending will all say goodbye to each other, and head back home safely. If you plan on attending, please pen a letter to Ms. Adrienne Dubois. Signed, Miss Adrienne Eva Dubois
  8. Sister Anastasia giggled as she saw that Sisters of the Wigbrechtian order where invited. Although she couldn’t wear a dress, she’d be sure to show up.
  9. A CERTAIN CHILD, with a red rose in her hair, wondered what in GODS name is ‘whataboutism’
  10. Adrienne Dubois, the niece of the ‘ever-famous’ Mariana Dubois, happily squealed! Perhaps one day she’ll become the Kaedrini of the Day!
  11. I would personally love to see Merfolk, but my main thing with this: If they can’t go on land, where will they live? That along with I think the lore is poorly written. I NEED an aquatic humanoid race, but, this isn’t it.
  12. needlework


    please refer to this link.
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