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  1. Dear noble King Henrik of the Haeseni people, By now I am sure your advisors or the clergymen of your court have informed you of a recent law that has come into place in the lands of Norland, a law headed by the leader of their All-Fatherism religion. It saddens me that your military ally has had to resort to trying to tax unarmed and defenceless clergymen simply for existing, in order to keep their coffers full. Clergymen are forced to pay a two hundred and eighty mina tax, weekly, in order to not get hounded, beaten or murdered by their soldiers. Numerous clergym
  2. "I don't know what you mean by 'live' since your city only has about five people in it at the best of times. Seems most of your population is dead and only scurries out of their rat-holes during war." remarked Basil.
  3. "I don't believe any Hyspian outside of his own empty village supports him nor wish to be ruled by him. He can't just proclaim himself King of places that are not under his reign. Perhaps this another pathetic attempt at Norland trying to find some reason to go to war cause everybody knows that without war Norland shatters into nothingness and inactivity." remarked Basil.
  4. "I suspect his Holiness will be none too pleased to have to hold a coronation with the Norlandic keepers invited, those that try to force a tax on and hire people to murder his clergymen." remarked Basil.
  5. -----------------------------------------------------------------✠✠✠----------------------------------------------------------------- The Fragility of Faith 11th of Sun’s Smile, 12 SA Providence Dear esteemed brothers and sisters in the cloth, it is with a heavy heart that I pen this letter to you, private letters that I pray you keep to yourself. Rather recently it came to no surprise of anyone that the pagan state of Norland has issued a formal decree that would force all members of the cloth to pay a 280 mina tax for simply breathing. On top of this they ha
  6. "Wow, as if the palace didn't have thirty empty rooms they decided they need more. Such greedy and pernicious people, I wonder how much tax she has to pay or is it one rule for us and another for the pompous royals." remarked Basil as he read the notice in his room.
  7. Father Basil Moroul continues his desperate search for his superior, Vicar Javier. His search would inevitably be in vain but he would begin to question how a priest can simply be snatched from the streets of Providence and dragged out through the gate without anybody noticing. Surely something was amiss here.
  8. What even, how is that even remotely fair. Oren had got them added in by world team members who are part of their nation and then admins told them not to do it anymore because other people started requesting it, now everyone else has to pay 100 mina per item frame and they get to keep all theirs that they got for free? Thats ridiculous
  9. Basketweaver has said that all map art that oren currently has up is removed, though I still see some, but regardless of that no doubt theres already copies of them hidden in a chest somewhere.
  10. Apparently they have all been removed, though I'm not sure how true that is as I still see them there. I guess we sit and wait to see how many /wreqs Grool takes from oren.
  11. its decorative items that adds more depth into an already bland and empty map yet once more the economy team insist on forcing an unnecessary restriction and cost to it
  12. This whole 'releasing new features' every few weeks is very off putting and I think shows how rushed 8.0 was, barely anything is actually complete and its not even releasing new features - its releasing things that should have been here from day one...
  13. Will oren be paying a back payment for all the map art that was already given to them?
  14. I disabled journey map because for some reason it made chunks not visibly load from me, they were there and I could walk around but I could not see part it unless i refreshed textures a few times, otherwise I would use this.
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