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  1. "Who?" Asked Walton. "So the orenians have unveiled their anti-pontiff.
  2. "The the emperor-emeritus, so fearful of his own people revolting against him hired the ferrymen to quell them, times must be getting desperate in Providence if they can't even trust their own army. Four saint weeks to go, next stop is Providence!" said Walton.
  3. "Orenians saving the pontiff does not mean anything for your excommunicated leaders, the vast majority of you still follow them. Saving the pontiff does not then suddenly permit you to serve excommunicants, its not your get out of jail free card. I think the only crying done is within your imperial courts, who grasped at the ferrymen in order to stave off any revolts from your own people." Walton replied.
  4. "You people literally created a schism and continue on following a new one, under the faithless pruvians." remarked Walton.
  5. Sage Mukar, in the stars, remembers better days when his people weren't subjects of those who butchered and skinned his people for centuries.
  6. "A little late to the party, nobody lived in Dobrov anyway", Remarked Walton.
  7. "Won't stop till providence!" Said Walton.
  8. "I thought he was stripped of his knighthood by the Pontiff as the man had forsaken his oathes to support the excommunicants." said Walton.
  9. "Ironic, you abandoned the pontiff with your schisms and attempt to murder him." remarked Walton.
  10. I don't know how you expect wars to be resolved, the whole reason wars exist is because of the failure of diplomacy
  11. Warzone in the meantime please and damn, you're not going to get sleep for a week?
  12. the moment it actually becomes playable you postpone it, how long this time I wonder? Another year for another failed warclaim?

  13. "False pontiff? They continue their schism even more, only under the name of Pruvia." Remarked Walton.
  14. "Accusing Henrietta of having her own daughter abducted is disgusting and wicked. If vy believe so truly in the gossip that you spread then do niet hide behind pamphlets, show yourself." remarked Walton, still searching high and low for the missing Elizaveta.
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