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  1. "You managed to hold an entire investigation in less than one saints hours... very thorough work..." remarked Basil.
  2. Above is an artist’s depiction of pagan norlandic All-Fatherists preparing to hang a nun from the walls of the holy city of Judeburg after raiding it, 1st of the Deep Cold, 1660. -----------------------------------------------------------------✠✠✠----------------------------------------------------------------- Response to Caedric 3rd of Msitza and Dargund, 356ES 3rd of Harren's Folley, 1803 Karosgrad On the 4th of the Grand Harvest, 1638 decided to venture out of their mountainous city of the Krag and launch a suprise invasi
  3. "That is the list of Owyn's crimes." Is muttered back to him.
  4. [!] Across the lands, an unsigned missive would spread by the hands of the Skeptics of Owyn. Be it found before it was torn off of a tavern bulletin, from the hands of a believer, or strewn about the lands of Oren and Haense, it would read as follows. [!] Arrest of Cyril Cardinal St. Publius Depiction of Cyril’s detention in the Cathedral of Providence. 12 of the Sun’s Smile, 1803 Fair flock near and far, let it be known that Cyril Cardinal St. Publius has been arrested for simple trespass for giving a sermon in the Cathedral of Providence.
  5. "I do pray that the Vice-Chancellor will not be expecting the churches followers to pay it a tax for offering services in their city..." said Basil.
  6. "Sede Vecante." remaked Basil. "I wonder who will be the next pontiff."
  7. "I was explaining to a norlander why he can't be dead or killed." said Basil
  8. An artist’s depiction of an army of aenguls descending from the seven skies to assist his creations in their fight against the Inferi and the daemon Gazardiael -----------------------------------------------------------------✠✠✠----------------------------------------------------------------- Is God dead? 11th of Julia and Piov, 356 ES 11th of Malin’s Welcome, 7 SA Karosgrad Brothers and sisters, today is a solemn day and it saddens me that I should have to pen such a thesis for all faithful already know the answer, alas there are some who need guidance. For at least twenty years now t
  9. "Does this not include blackmailing somebody to do something that is not a crime?" asked Basil.
  10. To his Eminence Bram, I apologise for the mistake that I have made in my thesis, it was no intention of mine to discount God as the central and divine inspiration or our salvation. I have corrected my error and rephrased the sentence. Once more I apologise for my error. Brother Basil
  11. Basil pauses his work on the sister thesis to his first in order to pen a response to Caedric, he expects to publish it in the next day or two.
  12. Above is an artist's depiction of a damaged and crumbling bridge, impassible to all travelers who would seek to cross the river here. -----------------------------------------------------------------✠✠✠----------------------------------------------------------------- On the Omniscience of God 12th of Msitza and Dargund, 355 ES 12th of Harren’s Folley, 6 SA Karosgrad For centuries we have taught that all actions are seen by God, all actions, misgivings, foul deeds and even sin, he sees it all. There is no secret that one can ever keep from the
  13. "They got him!" Exclaimed Hubert to cardinal St Publius and Father Dima, warning them that they are next on the papal hit list.
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