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  1. THE ASSASSINATION OF CARDINAL BASIL Dark and gray clouds formed over San Luciano, bolts of lightning struck the ground around the city and the winds howled. Basil crossed over the bridge towards the city, grimacing and uttering a prayer for the bodies those the savoyards decided to decorate their bridge with, before reaching the gate. He stood outside for a while, shouting and calling for somebody to let him in, soldiers passed numerous times and seemed to ignore him until a figure he recognised reared its head from the gatehouse, Haskir. Dumbfounded as to how the azdrazi was able to get access to the gatehouse despite his requests and warnings to the Serene Prince on the matter, he however would be forced to request entry from the azdrazi who reluctantly opened the gates. After traveling through he passed several terrified souls who seemed to be running for their lives, it made sense to him when he entered the courtyard. A pyre was in the square and atop it sat a halfling and two clergymen begging the savoyards to allow the halfling to live, alas they were ignored. Ironic, he thought, as they seemed to be part-taking in the same practise that they had previously banished Bishop Paul for. Spotting Haskir, the azdrazi that Basil had continuously warned the officials of San Luciano about, but was ignored, he called for the soldiers to put him on the fire instead. The soldiers seemed willing to listen to such requests but when Haskir simply walked away they did not respond and allowed him to do so freely. Sadly he did not have much time to reflect upon this fact as the savoyard soldiers instead turned back to the pyre and shouted at Basil to remove the priests from the pyre who were begging and pleading for the halflings' life. So he spoke with the two and tried to mediate but it was for naught, a soldier amongst the gathering knocked Father Otto unconscious and pulled him from the wood and dropped onto the cold cobble floor. Perhaps he should have ordered a withdrawal from San Luciano when Bishop Paul was banished after all, however what happened after confirmed his belief. Turning to face the soldier who had knocked the defenceless clergyman unconscious he saw a steel boot shot towards him which knocked him onto the ground and then fists began to fly for his head, seemingly in an attempt to knock him unconscious too. Nobody stepped in to defend the two clergymen from this soldier's aggression, not surprised though as he had already decided to withdraw. Whilst pulling Father Otto away into the Basilica to ensure he was unharmed and no lasting damage was done, he was faced with jeers and insults but he ignored them and pressed on. Entering into the Basilica and then joined by Bishop Jordan and a few spectators, one of whom was the innocent elves Father Otto had saved from the savoyard’s wrath and fire. “We must vacate this god-forsaken place, it is clearly a place of sin, sacrilege and wrath attempting to disguise itself as a God-fearing nation. Bishop Jordan could you send his Holiness a letter informing him of my decision to withdraw fr-.” His voice was cut off before he could finish his sentence, an assassin had made it into the Basilica’s ramparts, most likely from its wall access he was granted, and thrown a javelin towards the unsuspecting cardinals back. Unfortunately for the cardinal, the javelin had magical properties and exploded upon impact which blew apart the back of his ribcage and flesh and sent those nearby flying. Father Otto was also fatally injured by the assassin’s explosive javelin. Despite the loud audible explosion and the subsequent one when the azdrazi assassin had thrown a bottle of fire down onto Basil’s already lifeless corpse, not a soul seemed to have heard it despite the growing masses readying for court. After smoke began to rise from the basilica, soldiers began to trickle in yet none seemed interested in pursuing the assassin or securing the city and life in the city resumed as normal. Yet again Cardinal Basil had issued a warning and was ignored by the powers that be, and yet again he was proven to be true. His request for crusade against the dastardly creatures had been ignored by the Pontiff and church. His stern warning to the imperials and church that Simon Pruvia was in fact an azdrazi had gone ignored and he was able to fester for years until he was exposed by the paladins. His affirmation that the azdrazi had destroyed the Providence Basilica had been ignored and then proven true. He warned San Luciano officials that the azdrazi would try to burn down the Basilica; this was proven true when they threw a bottle of fire into the building. His requests to the savoyard prince to expel the azdrazi had been ignored and Basil would die because of it, perhaps if people had listened to the cardinal then the world would be a safe place. He would likely still continue to be ignored even in death and even when proven true, he knew nothing would change and nobody would do anything and yet he persevered because he knew that he was right, he knew that even if he was martyred in his righteous cause that he would reach the seven skies - and for those who chose to ignore or close their eyes, he was not to sure. A few days after the Cardinal’s death, after his death was seemingly in vain, the blueprints and plans for the Providence Basilica had mysteriously made it onto the Arch Chancellor’s desk. Awaiting imperial architectures to approve and implement the re-build and renovations.
  2. "Oh look, I was right again. If only believed me when I told them." remarked Basil Moroul.
  3. "Are the imperials going to pretend this didn't happen too, in a bid to avoid actually for filling their duty as fidei defensor?" asked Basil Moroul.
  4. "I suspect the Owynists will have quite the bit to say about this, themselves having frequent contact with those from Aeldin." remarked Father Basil.
  5. why are the admins taking so long with war rules, haense been at war with haelun'or for like months and nothings happening??

    1. ScreamingDingo
    2. DrakeHaze.


      because lotc conflict is fought over the forums with shitposting

    3. _pr0fit


      it wasn't admins making the war rules, it was itdontmatta, he showed them to the NL's and they were worthy of a rewrite.

  6. IF YOU WANT PEACE, PREPARE FOR WAR SI VIS PACEM PARA BELLUM TO THE HIGH PONTIFF & CANONIST PRINCES We have known for years now the threat that the azdrazi menace poses to our most holy institution and the sanctity of souls yet we do nothing. We proclaim that we search for them but we do not. We became lax in our duties to oust the demons from our realm that they were able to fester like an infestation of rats and grow in strength. The demons of the lizard, Azdromoth, grew emboldened by our inaction and in the dead of night they struck. The azdrazi demons crept into the Basilica of The Ascent of Exalted Godfrey as the city slept and with their nefarious magic they spread fire throughout the building which set alight to everything. The stone crumbled and cracked under the immense heat of the flames, if the citizenry were not awoken by the glow of the flames they were woken by the loud noises echoing across the city as the pillars and structural support of the building collapsed. It has been a long time since the Holy Canonist Church has received such a blow to our infrastructure and such a serious provocation. When we initially made our announcement regarding the azdrazi we stated that if our clergymen or church were to come under attack or harm then we would respond in kind. It has been over a year since the azdrazi attacked and destroyed our Basilica and yet the canonist princes and the Pontiff have remained silent on it, it was not even mentioned in the recent golden bull. Whilst renovations and plans are being drafted by myself for a revamped Basilica, we can not just disregard this most blatant attack against our Holy Mother Church. It is therefore that I petition His Holiness, High Pontiff Everard VI to issue an urgent call to arms and declare that a holy crusade is to be had in order to protect our Holy Mother Church from further aggression and attack. It is a well known fact that most, if not all of Haelun’ors populace worship Azdromoth and have provided sanctuary and a base of operations to the azdrazi menace. The High Elves of the Silver State of Haelun’or have also enlisted the assistance of the azdrazi in their military to fight against the valiant and brave soldiers of the Kingdom of Haense. I therefore request that you issue a crusade and demand that the canonist princes of the realm, His Imperial Majesty, the defender of the Faith, Emperor Philip II, his Serene Highness Olivier Renault and all other soldiers who follow the canonist faith take up arms against the Silver State of Haelun’or for harbouring those who would attack our church and to eradicate the azdrazi that also reside within. I can not fathom why no response or call to arms have been issued already but I pray that you see reason and do not let the azdrazi and high elven accomplices get away with this direct attack on the Holy See. We must take up arms and join our canonist brothers, the Kingdom of Haense, who are already in an armed conflict with Haelun’or. If we want peace amongst us in canondom then we must all unite and rid the realm of those who would dare attack us. HIS EMINENCE, Basil Cardinal Allobrogum, Archbishop of Allobrogum, Pontifical Chamberlain
  7. Cardinal Basil makes his way to the savoy Palace in order to check the authenticity.
  8. "Don't the Doomforge have a long history of supporting Iblees and all manners of evil beings?" Asked Father Basil.
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EEHbXVNKwx8 ((Posted on behalf of @rep2k)) VAMPYRISM SEDUCTORES IN NOBIS DECIEVERS AMONG US, Addressed to all faithful flock of Almaris HIS HOLINESS TYLOS I, High Pontiff of the Church of the Canon, Archbishop of Visigia, Successor of the High Priesthood of the Church, Supreme Pontiff of the Church of True Faith, Keeper of the Canon, Missionary to Aeldin, High Servant to the Exalted's Testaments, Humble Servant of the Faithful and Vicar of GOD. Health and Apostolic Benediction, in these uncertain times, Not too long ago we commenced our inquisition to remove the foul Azdrazi from canonist lands in order to prevent them from infiltrating and influencing canonist governments and society. For centuries humanity has been plagued by foul beasts capable of disguising themselves as our friends and protectors - however that has now been pushed into the spotlight. Unlike those previous to us, we will not stray away from unmasking and expelling these ungodly creatures disguised among us, regardless of position. It is for that reason that I issue this decree today. A saint’s day ago I received a letter from an officer from the Brotherhood of Saint Karl, that two of our holy knights had been detained. The two holy knights were discovered in the basement of a seemingly abandoned house in Karosgrad, alongside a deceased orc and injured female. This building was under close observation by the BSK as the building had boarded up windows and makeshift barricades even though it had been registered as inhabited. The orc’s body had been horribly mutilated beyond recognition and the injured female had been tortured, this female had been reported missing by officials in Elysium. The two knights then gave different accounts on what had happened, their stories had kept changing which aroused the officers suspicion of the two. The two claimed to had been tracking the orc for they believed it to be a vampire so the officers tested the two of them with every known method until eventually they failed the test. The two had claimed that their failure was a result of their devotion to the Pontiff and that it happens to all who serve his office. This is an absolute lie. Later that evening the BSK had called upon Cardinal Buron to witness the proceedings against the second knight. The knight instead tried to attack Sergeant Flemius, this is where the knights true form was revealed. He conjured foul magic against the officer and the creatures fangs and claws were revealed. The creature was then knocked unconscious wherein Cardinal Buron was summoned. In addition, shortly after their arrest in Karosgrad his Holiness received word from the Lectorate of Exalted Owyn informing us of their suspicions of the two individuals and gave us a list of tried and tested methods of exposure. We extend our immense gratitude for the Brotherhood of Saint Karl’s diligence and swiftness in the matter, to the Lectorate of Exalted Owyn for their warning, hard work and dedication to the Lord and to Sergeant Flemius for pursuing the matter with the utmost urgency and safety to the public. We therefore strip Holy Ser Vukosav and Holy Ser Sinbad Al-bashar of their esteemed knighthoods and expel them from The Supreme Order of Exalted Owyn. We therefore brand the two EXCOMMUNICATE and ANTHEMA. They are hereby spiritually amputated from the Holy Canonist Church and the Society of all Canonists. They shall be evicted from any and all settlements who claim union with the Holy Mother Church of the Canon. With these two foul creatures expelled and removed from our Church we do now turn to the possibility of further imposters among us. There have been documented cases of vampyrism and blood-sucking attacks throughout history and we now attribute them to the creatures dubbed ‘Vampires’. We accept that for centuries these creatures have infiltrated society and live beyond their normal human life spans, we also believe these creatures are able to turn others into creatures like themselves but we do not yet know how. With this in mind we do now announce that all members of the Supreme Order of Exalted Owyn and clergymen of the Holy Mother Church shall be tested for vampyrism so that should any remain, they will be weeded out. After such is complete we will look towards mass-testing all leadership figures in all settlements who claim union with the Holy Mother Church. An announcement regarding such will be made after our first tests on our clergymen and knights has been completed. It should be noted that the test is harmless to any who do not possess the vampyric trait. 'He sees everything, including you. Do not expect a nice end to this, because He has already set out for you.' ☩UT BENEDICAT TIBI DEUS OMNIA☩ GOD BLESS YOU ALL PENNED BY YOUR HUMBLE SERVANT, Sanctitas, Papa Tylus Primus
  10. "I'm confused, take in innocents for sure, but not vile voidal magi who create tears into our world that permits God knows what kind of creatures through.", Remarked Basil Moroul.
  11. "No such press release when Arlo Cooper managed to escape imperial custody nor when Haense alerted them that he was detained for extradition, only for oren not to bother showing up, claiming he was undead." Remarked Basil.
  12. whats the point in reserving a post, so people see it before others.. i simply don't understand
  13. "Did they just not hear or are they being willfully disobedient? They issued a call to arms before even finding out how to identify those in disguise." Grumbled Basil to his fellow curia members.
  14. vortex was meant to be removed a while ago... it wasn't.
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