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  1. “The Empire has promised continuous support and protection for Korvassa- and that is something that we completely intend on pursuing. We must act with haste, as an united front, before the incursion takes us all, one by one.” The young statesman would take the missive, smoothing it over on his desk. “For the Empire, for Humanity, for us all,” He would subtly repeat to himself.
  2. SURNAME: Galbraith FIRST NAME: George ADDRESS OF RESIDENCE: Silver Jubilee 9 DATE OF BIRTH: 1749 Are you registered and eligible to vote in the Holy Orenian Empire: Yes Do you have any other title, peerage or military service that may conflict with becoming Member of the House of Commons, as per the Edict of Reform (1763)?: No If yes, do you understand that you will be required to resign or abdicate from this position should you be elected to the House of Commons, and if this does not occur your seat shall be considered vacant?: N/A ((MC Name)): MrChenn1
  3. George Galbraith votes AYE on the confirmation of Farooq Gray to Supreme Court Justice.
  4. "The service of our country, is the service of our Lord, and devotion to the people of this realm, is devotion to our collective self. We know our responsibility, may GOD give us the ability and courage to fulfill them, just like Captain Martin. We seek our Lord's grace to keep us on the path of virtue, courage, and wisdom." The young statesman would remark, walking around his office as his fingers would brush upon his resting blade.
  5. THE JOSEPHITE CONVENTION 1780. It is with great honor that the Josephite party of Oren cordially invites all citizens of the empire to the Josephite convention of 1780, at the Carrion Estate in Kaedrin. Those in attendance of the convention will have the special opportunity to watch party-sponsored mayors and candidates for the House of Commons to accept their nominations. Furthermore, the convention will serve as a medium for citizens to understand more of the party platform, plans, and campaign strategy for the upcoming elections. Food and drink will be provided. [OOC: Thursday, August 6th, 7 PM EST] [Coordinates: (409, 48, -1500)] Special Invitations are sent to: His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Peter III and his household, His Royal Majesty, King Josef and his household, His Holiness, the High Pontiff, James II, The Most Honorable, the Lieutenant-General of Kaedrin, Lady Lorena Helvets HoC Candidates Jonah Stahl-Elendil Sir Konstantin Wick George Galbraith Padraig O’Rourke Angelika Bykov Ostromir Carrion Victor C. Halcourt Augustus Halcourt Mayoral Candidates Achille Nicephore (Helena) Alexios Komnenos (Owynsburg)
  6. George Galbraith would smile at the missive, getting his gear ready. He was clearly swelled with patriotic pride. ”They will certainly fall at the collective power of the Orenian front.” He would then start counting Treasury bonds, for ISA funds.
  7. THE IMPERIAL MINISTRY OF THE TREASURY STATE OF THE TREASURY REPORT 1777-1779 TABLE OF CONTENTS ARTICLE I Staffing and the Integration of Provinces in the Treasury ARTICLE II Office of the Treasury – Taxation Report ARTICLE III Budget of Expenditures for 1779 ARTICLE IV House of Commons - Treasury Happenings ARTICLE VI Imperial Reserve & Loan Office Standings ARTICLE VII Future Projects PREFACE The Biennial Imperial Ministry of the Treasury State of the Treasury Report, is an ongoing endeavour by the Office of the Treasury to achieve transparency with the citizens of the Empire and House of Commons through publicising the various steps and achievements of the office on a biennal basis when required. ARTICLE I The Imperial Treasury has recognized the importance of retaining consistency across provinces on the ideas of the Treasury in regards to outflow of spending, in order to create a more cohesive relationship within the Empire. It is for such a reason, in correspondence with the provinces of the Empire, that their respective financial ministers and their province’s perspective be more integrated into the operations of the Treasury, and get them more involved and engaged in Imperial matters of the Treasury. This does not signify the unification of assets, however, merely the unification of input on the Treasury’s operations. As it has always been, the Lord Treasurers of each province hold their sole power to manage the operations of their province. Through such integration, the Secretary will be able to voice the collective opinion of the Treasurers in the cabinet. Office of the TREASURY - Staffing Roster & Recent Appointments SECRETARY OF THE TREASURY His Excellency, George Galbraith [MrChenn1] UNDERSECRETARY OF THE TREASURY MISTER George Dubois [LouisGY] LORD TREASURER OF HAENSE His Excellency, Edvard Amador [HogoBojo] LORD TREASURER OF KAEDRIN MISTER George Dubois [LouisGY] CITY CLERK OF HELENA MISTER Rylan Swint [BobBox] COMPTROLLER OF FINANCES MISTER George Kovachev [esterlen] WARDEN OF THE IMPERIAL RESERVE MISTER Theodore Mane [BasketWeaver] TREASURY AIDES Unfilled positions under budget cuts. ARTICLE II Office of the TREASURY - Biennal Taxation Report The City of Helena currently accounts for the total earnings supporting the Imperial Treasury. The source of this income derives from the sale of property and the taxation of said housing. During the years 1777-1778, there were 139 properties in Helena, 11 of which are tax-exempt city, church, or Imperial governmental buildings and offices. As of 1779, Helena property is at 85.04% occupancy. Price Brackets Initial Sale Weekly Tax A $200 $100 B $400 $200 C $600 $300 D $1,500 $400 E $2,000 $500 F $5,000 $600 STALL $400 $200 Under Helena’s current housing operation, there is a waiting period upon missed taxed payments, evictions and when those evicted houses are turned back over to prospective home buyers. This can cause fluctuations in the income from year to year. This is not a new issue, however, and in the past seven years, efforts to implement stricter tax warnings and evicted property turnover have been implemented by a joint collaboration with the City Clerk. Furthermore, efforts passed through, in collaboration with the Helena Livery Board, such as the Gustavian Zoning Initiative, have mitigated tax fraud. Such fruition of efforts was seen in 1772, when the Treasury reached a record high in city tax and sales. However, the issue of volatility still exists today in city tax, the Treasury averaging sales/tax lower than an expected ideal world. Nonetheless, in collaboration with the management of the clerkship, the Treasury hopes to help encourage more/stricter clerk related training, more efficient hiring, and creating incentives for clerks to meet certain sales quota. In addition to this, new housing districts to be built will not only increase our reserves after expenses. But the taxes generated from these properties will increase our yearly income provided by Helena. In Article IV and Article VI, this report will address various further revenue streams that the Treasury is investigating their reasonableness then push to House approval. ARTICLE III Office of the TREASURY - Budget of Expenditures for 1779 Ministry of War - 10,000 Ministry of Justice - 5,900 Ministry of Interior - 2,600 Ministry of Civil Affairs - 600 Ministry of Foreign Affairs - 0 Ministry of Intelligence - 2,500 Ministry of Treasury - 800 Independence The Treasury Department shall seek to operate independently from the other Ministries when reaching verdicts on the budget, no treasury member who also works in a separate ministry may assist on the budget to not forgo their independence and transparency on the allocation. Oversight The Treasury Oversees the budgeting of the ministries as each year passes, the Treasury will perform their own external audits upon the Ministries on a timely basis to ensure the amounts given are used for their designated reason and that overspending is not an issue. ARTICLE IV House of Commons - Treasury Happenings Currently, a number of bills passed by the House of Commons have been in regards to the operations of the Treasury, specifically: Imperial Parks Act, 1775 Protecting Our Veterans Act, 1775 Imperial Business Funding Bill, 1777 All of these acts have been assigned to corresponding Treasury Agents, where the status of such bill implementations will be reviewed by the Secretary of the Treasury and the Undersecretary. ARTICLE V Office of the TREASURY - Imperial Reserve and Loan Office As of 1776, under the Imperial Business Funding Act, a reinstatement of the loan office has been underway. The act has been reformed, introducing mortgage collateral for the benefit of both the client and the treasury; aiding newly formed businesses get themselves off of the ground, in turn providing flourishing business to the Empire. Additional selective measures have been added to the application process of acquiring a loan, to ensure that both parties can feasibly work together. The treasury will also ask for the financial statements from the said client, in turn a suitable price may be negotiated for an efficient contract. The Treasury will also seek to revitalize the Imperial Reserve, using a portion of revenue to buy and sell stock in auction-related matters to generate higher profit that will go back to the Treasury. ARTICLE VI TREASURY - Future Projects As noted in Article V, the Treasury is investigating various leads on possible improvements to the income of the Empire. There have been various proposals including but not limited to: The Issuance of Imperial Treasury Bonds, a form of debt that the Empire can use to finance large scale projects, lessening the weight on the Reserve and repaying the debt with the profits gained from said projects. Typically these would be reserved for housing projects. Buying and selling stock in auctions to generate higher profit with the Imperial Reserve as aforementioned, The Establishment of an Imperial Lottery System operated either yearly or annually which would allow the citizens of the Empire to have a chance at a large sum of minas while also providing a consistent income to the Empire as part of the earnings. IN NOMINE DEI Secretary of the Treasury, His Excellency, George “Grey” Galbraith
  8. George Galbraith would smile as he read the missive and invitation from the young statesman. The Secretary of the Treasury would tuck the letter in his coat. “Mr. Dubois has been a pleasure to work with, and has been a good friend to mine. I shall ensure my presence.”
  9. The Union of George Galbraith and Ivelle Grey 1779 A depiction of the wedding [!] A messenger sends out the invitations, each invitation with the Galbraith family’s coat of arms. It is with great pleasure that the citizens of Oren are invited to the wedding between George Galbraith and Ivelle Grey, which will be conducted in the Basilica of the Final Revelation in the Imperial City of Helena, presided by His Holiness, the High Pontiff, James II. An after party will take place following the wedding at the Galbraith Estate, with drinks and merriment. All guests are encouraged to attend and enjoy the event. [OOC: Helena, Sunday August 3rd @ 2:30 PM EST]
  10. George Galbraith would receive the missive, alongside the 10,000 minae addressed to the Treasury. He’d briefly recollect the one day he met the woman, in his young days in the ministry. ”It is my remorse that I did not share the pleasure of being good friends with you, but you and your husband have done leagues for the Treasury, and for that- we are ever so grateful.” He would sign the Lorraine, going to deposit the money in the account.
  11. George Galbraith would take a drag of his cigar, sharpening his blade after a long House of Commons session. “Aye, Edward, how many of them Road Warriors do you reckon I’ll cut down in the battle?” He’d call out to his brother. “Perhaps you’d like to compete? I’m already ahead.”
  12. MrChenn1


    George Galbraith would clench his fist, tearing up the missive as he threw it away. ”And to think he once claimed himself as a protector of Oren. My foot.”
  13. George Galbraith would chuckle as he would receive the invitation from his employee and young Carrington entrepreneur. ”I can’t wait to be in attendance.” He’d note the date down.
  14. “Ah, it would seems as if there’s a policy misunderstanding here. There currently exists no taxation system for those who own land in the Crownlands, and in fact, the Josephites, alongside the Treasury, are working to create a suitable tax framework for both landowners and tax collectors. This originally was rejected by the Everardines, and we intend to refine it for resubmission into the House.” “Furthermore, the construction of the estate isn’t even finished, so the point of “evading tax” doesn’t seem reasonable.”
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