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  1. It was a long battle for Fionn once he was out of the fight and laying in one of the pews in the Reinmar church. To his left, he could see the body of the man who had sacrificed his life for his home, and a million thoughts rushed into his head. Thoughts of all the times he had with Brandt, and though there weren't as many as he hoped to have with the man, they gave him a feeling of happiness, knowing he got to share them with the man in the first place. "He owed me a stall in some foreign place." He thought to himself before a weak chuckle escaped his mouth. A few tears would fall down the ma
  2. Fionn Castaway stood in the hallway leading to the King's office guarding those in the room, the grip on his zweihander tightening to the point his hands went pure white. He'd whisper under his breath "Mariya, I promise I will not break Mira's heart. I will make her happy. I swear to Godan."
  3. Fionn Castaway recalls Rabbit's poem as he hears of his death, tears running down his face, but not because of the sad tones of the poem. He'd pull out his carrion flask and pour one out for the young man.
  4. Fionn Castaway would think of the few times he and Matyas had messing around in Duma. Though it was only once or twice, he couldn't help but smile at the short memories. He'd place the brand used for Alric's branding back in the barracks as he thought of the state of his body when he passed it, filled with stab wounds, pulling out his carrion flask shortly after and pouring one out.
  5. Fionn Castaway, Royal Toe Sucker, eyed the poster and took one down from the notice board, pocketing it for later reference "No one endangers my employer!" He whispered to himself with a rageful tone.

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  8. The new Lord Handler would be quite quick to put his name down on the list "Would be quite questionable for the Lord Handler to not at least run" he'd mutter to himself as he filled in the information needed. IGN: Fionn__TWG Character Name: Fionn Castaway Age: 30 Place of Residence / Street Address: Koenastriet II Position: (Alderman or Maer): Alderman
  9. IGN: Fionn__TWG Character name: Fionn Castaway
  10. Fionn finally finished dragging his eyes across the bore of an edition "Quite an underwhelming edition if I say so myself." He'd throw the edition in his office bin as he continued procrastinating on DUMA bills.
  11. Fionn looked in confusion at Alkesandra's stupidity as he muttered to himself "How the **** is she going to fight water?" He'd pull out a letter and address it to Clan Goldhand. It would read "Dear Clan Goldhand, I write today to request that you also declare war on Aleksandra Ludovar. Not Haense, not House Ludovar, just her." The rest would be a long ramble written by Fionn while in a drunken haze. The letter would reek of Carrion Black once it reached Urguan.
  12. Fionn Castaway does a double take when he reads about the colossal 6,000 mina being found "Classic Brandt, always getting the bag." He says to himself before continuing putting defences together at the main gate.
  13. A rush of excitement comes over Fionn as he realises the possibilities eastward, though one stayed on his mind longer than the rest "Bombsite?"
  14. A smile spreads across Fionn's face as he sees his actions have made this edition "Maybe it's a good thing after all that Father Ferdinand couldn't shut his mouth that day." He said as he finished reading the newsletter and started actually paying attention to the Duma.
  15. Fionn Castaway looked at the tabloid and pondered "Quite an entertaining tabloid, even if it is false. Perhaps I could spread misinformation about someone to make it even more interesting. But who? Perhaps Aleksandra Ludovar would make a good victim..." Fionn giggled to himself as he walked down the stairs of his manor. @AnonymousAlexa
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