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  1. These are the kinds of updates that make the server enjoyable. Very well Done. =)
  2. Merry Christmas (Eve)

  3. Managing some old perms and items. Hell no on doing a big return though, this is more like prepping for the Will than anything else.

    1. Narthok


      I have been spamming new orcs with your blah dictionary

    2. Mannamannaa


      Haha, thank you! ^_^ Glad that i have made a positive impact and my guides are still in use. 

    3. Wulfric


      woah, its you! have you seen the latest Gomoore kaktuz weekli publications?

  4. LotC lifetimes can have good endings? The miracle is real! Hope you do great in life and congratulations.
  5. How in the holy hells are Ologs starting to write multi paragraph declarations of war?

    1. MailC3p


      Eoka plays an elf.

    2. Onnensr


      due to the introduction of sea food into the Olog's diet, and thereby a wealth of Omega-3's, they have become capable of developing larger brains to accommodate for greater literacy and eloquence 

    3. tasty_cheesecake


      he prob had it ghostwritten by a goblin irp

  6. I hate how this is so true. What happened to characters fighting for the sake of good storytelling, that whole "give and take" part of RP? Wait, actually the Undead and Rahmuts have been doing great with that recently. Wish we could see more good natured CRP on the server.
  7. Understandable, Have A Nice Day. (Borinposting is funny)
  8. Soo... is this an edit? Added abilities? What reasoning is given for these abilities to provide additional function/utility/flavor to the magic? What is an emote of stun and how is it roleplayed by the target? Does this Dholl act as a 3 emote into coup-de-grace combo piece, especially on a field with multiple combatants? Can this be blocked by defensive spells, armor, wards, etcetera? ...I have a lot of questions, these seem like great concepts yet the finer redlines might need a bit more fleshing out.
  9. Thank goodness. If I read *scoffs from the heavens/seven skies/spirit realm* one more time while trying to respond in character to actual quality posts I will weep silent tears of grief and misery.
  10. Honestly the sheer amount of bad faith and bias in the descriptions for your poll makes me want to disagree with you on principle. Perhaps reaching out from a point of understanding instead of setting up false dichotomies would help you get results (as opposed to being ratio'd)? The above advice might help you enjoy CRP more as well, to be fair. P.S. Voting in your own poll doesn't look good. Not recommended.
  11. Kor'garr, Truthspeaker of the Horde, shakes his head as he looks over a copy of the missive before droplets of saltwater spray up against his chest. Curved wooden planks held together with large ferrum nails creak and bob atop the choppy waves far south of the desert coastline. A harsh, guttural bark of crude laughter looses from his tusked maw before the orc scribbles a quick message on the back of that dense paper, shoving the rolled up parchment back into it's bottle along with some extra pages and tossing it towards the mainland. Once Grimruk picks up the returned message from San'Briu's courier station, a few short yet blocky sentences could be read alongside a different guide to Blah! "Kor'garr'z guide was better. Stick to hunting agh trials, Krimpgoth, or lat gets clobbered after Kor'garr returns home. Sincerely, the Skriptgoth."
  12. Kor'garr Returns this weekend?


    1. ClassyDryad
    2. Turbo_Dog


      This best not be an April Fools prank

  13. [!] A tattered scrap of parchment, sodden with brine, makes its way to the holdings of Clan Yar. Large yet precise script in the ink of glow squids reads starkly to whoever inspects the letter. [!] To the Clan of Yar, Kor'garr has heard of the Harrowing called upon Toad'Yar agh Glasha'Yar. The Truthspeaker requests any items of Kor'garr's held by the now banished individuals are kept within the clan or stored for his eventual return, whichever would strengthen the Horde more. In addition, Kor'garr gruks over the status of that last trial to become a brother of the clan, agh their legitimacy. Are trials given out by those stripped of honor in themselves Honorless, or is only the action agh Truth of the taker measured by the ancestors of the Starguzh'Stroh above? With Integrity agh Honor, Kor'garr Yar Aspirant Former Skriptgoth.
  14. Upon creaking boards and amidst the soft splashing of brine against salt-stained planks, a weathered grey figure jerks away from Drelthok's embrace of sleep. Muscles spasm even as a weary ache in the disgruntled and confused orc's bones bring some measure of awareness back to formerly frantic thoughts. Red pupils, after long moments of searching the starlit skies above for some undiscovered answer, slowly tear away from imagined nightmares to gaze northwards. The small vessel rocks. No Blah, modern or old, is uttered. No oars dip into water. And yet, in this scene of silence... Kor'garr wonders. Is it time? A calling? Or just another unsettling mirage from that cursed Eye?
  15. The Truthspeaker has looked over the scribings of recent events - and yet no footsteps land upon the desert shores of Aevos....


    (AKA still on hiatus even if I respond to a forum post or two.)

  16. [!] From some uninhabited coastal part of the desert wastes, a small Vinix arrives to collapse in front of the group. The trained courier animals petite gliding wings are crusted with salt and its mammalian frame trembles from exhaustion. The small leather tube strapped crudely around the beings neck jingles with a muted bell. If opened by the Rah'muns, the tattered message inside is writ upon scraps of parchment using the unfiltered ink of glow squids. [!] To the wandering Pharoh and prophets of purity: Mortal lies are temporary. Truth is eternal, whether in the realm of spirits or upon the sands of this mortal plane. Prove latselves as this Truthspeaker knows you are able. The Void, the Drakes, the False Eye of Heresy. This conflict between brethren holds no flame to the depths of those evils that we must defeat together. With Honor through Integrity, [!] The area where a signature would normally be placed has been torn away and bleached by saltwater to an unrecognizable mess of muddled inks. [!]
  17. Best moderator ever, thanks for the follow! ^_^

  18. Can we also change MC food items to have expiration dates again when the back taxes starts? Oh and reset all nation mines on non core tiles when people don't pay for them. If you rubber banded your nation to get 2 netherite nodes and are now whining about needing to pay for the additional 5+ tiles you ate in between your capital and pvp resource cave, that's your darn fault.
  19. Heyo, Love the False King lore. You still making edits or answering questions?


    1. Unwillingly


      yea we saw ur comment just need to talk it over with others b4 responding, glad u like the lore

  20. Making some little forum responses, still not active tho

  21. [!] A message is posted from some foreign, wild place on the outskirts of Aevos, tattered parchment written upon with large yet neat blocks of script. [!] To the Unnamed Crusader-King of Kanonism, We believers of holy Kanon respect your rallying call to oppose the foul Void through glorious Wagh. The great crucifix of Faith beckons us all to fight against the horrific entropies and unnatural violations of our world caused by extraplanar invaders, and the cthonic parasites of the abyss are second only to Iblees itself in their magnitudes of corruptive influence upon our homeland. Though the descendants of Krug, Horen, and Urguan may disagree on much, this Truth is clearly shared in our fervor - To tolerate the voidal abomination or channel such corrosion is anathema to all Honor and Hozhness in the world. Even now we commence operations to stymie Iblees's corruptive grasp upon the dragonspawn of Azdromoth. The Void will be next. We offer the highest prayers for strength of body and soul in your crusade. For Truth and Honor, Kor'garr Truthseeker Skriptgoth of the Horde
  22. @UnwillinglyHow does this interact with so called "semi-holy" deific magics? As an example, Scorthuz, the immortal spirit of purity, from shamanism? Or would the lack of soul as expressed in their ascendance from the mortal shell surpass any existence as a "dark creature" to be purged, since shamanism is a soul meddling/pacting/blessing/hexing style magic? Also in metals is _Argentum_ (basically a better slayersteel/aurum with anti-chitin/shell properties and a dislike of enchants on top) similarly effective as aurum would be, or is it more on the level of Lunarite? Alao, I love this lore, well thought out and scary. I enjoy it!
  23. Perhaps its should rile the courage into a darker form of recklessness, playing on their strength to take advantage of that emotional extreme? That would be a good balance point, I think, and a great narrative challenge for Templars to deal with as a risk of going "too far" with the emotional augmentations provided by a deific magic. Ah yes, another dependance on the undefined mess that is "orcish strength" (assumed to be twice as physically capable as a non orc descendent at peak in terms of force, weight, etc) Honestly the "I hit as hard as x because CA face/magic" is a messy slope. What happens is an orc (or former orc) picks up this magic, like they could with kani/chi or tawkins? Do they get a comparatively "lesser" boost because they are naturally closer to the arbitrary maximum? It's another card on the fragile house that is CRP terminology/"balance"... Not sure how to go about changing it though.
  24. Why not bring back a corrupted mori-style Malin as follow up from the previous eventline?
  25. I have wondered greatly about the sneak plugin and it's effectiveness recently. Would be wonderful if crouching or crawling/lying prone could remove a nameplate in it's entirety. "Stealth" or espionage RP is difficult even without the semi-wallhack nature of names showing through meters of solid stone.
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