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  1. So, because of both OOC and IRP reasons the newspaper isn't out yet. Um. Kor'garr had a neurotoxin bath, so our favorite grey orc is not really up to writing papers until he heals. XD

    In the meantine THANK YOU STs for the WONDERFUL EVENT!

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      hell yeah!!!

    3. Mannamannaa


      I am thinking of splitting it up into World Events and Culture releases from now on anyways... They are just getting too BIG at this point. XD

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      Bugs are love, bugs are life 

  2. Kor'garr the Clanless looks over the missive with a wide grin before nodding in clear approval. A grey fist acts as resting point for his bulky underbite, crimson eyes gleaming brightly. "Moar brethrin teyk dah leed en deez tikz uv chaynge. Lup'Kybal'Akaal."
  3. More opportunities for character growth and development are good. =) +1
  4. Looks great, I agree with prior feedback that this is HEAVY on the combat applications... Compare it to shamanism or voidal magic and you can see that the original ideas for this post just hit a lot harder and a lot faster... Also, with the whole orc strength comparison what happens if an orc/similarly powered character has chi? Does the impact force not change? Are they even stronger?
  5. Unfortunately, this becomes an issue when those players, staff members, and systems meant to teach such new players fail to do so, as I personally experienced today. I as a player should not have to fear my persona being (Mechanically downed randomly) with no emoting beforehand within my own racial capital by anyone, regardless of if they have a pink tag or not. I should trust in the quite reasonable assumption that the vetting process will remove those bad actors, underage persons, etc; and also teach individuals inexperienced with roleplay simple rules such as: This is not a PvP server, it is an RP server. The basics of emoting vs OOC chat channels. The definition of powergaming and examples thereof. The Basics of CRP including that both players must agree to roll beforehand for Roll CRP to be viable. The basic differences between races on the server RP wise. The courtesy of not spamming tiny emotes to prevent another from responding. The basics of Actions in CRP. Et Cetera. The situation had developed to where those participating had to call a mod no fewer than 3 times, not to mention ask about the age of the new player mentioned with concerns over minimum age and vocabulary/maturity. While this is merely a standalone incident, it goes to show there is a greater concern to be had over the minimum qualifications for an application to be accepted, and yet More concern over resources for new players. If needed I have chat logs and Screenshots. This is not a case of Inexperienced RP, or elitism, or gatekeeping. It is one about the minimum quality of interactions on this server as a whole and the need for some level of standards and accountability over who gets whitelisted.
  6. Kor'garr the Clanless's eyes widen at the announcement, lips grinning from ear to ear around bulky tusks and under a thick mustache. Hurriedly the grey orc begins both preparing for another battle against the undead and also making a note to include mention of such dangers in the next release of the Kaktuz Weekli. Both blade and quill are sharpened to properly combat the darkness pervading Almaris...
  7. KAKTUZ WEEKLI 3 out in 24 hours!


  8. Kor'garr frowns, peering oddly at the missive. "Weyt. How kan Zara live en Lurin, Haelun'or, agh Nor'asath awl at dah zaym tyme?"
  9. I would like to give my own input as long as staff members are willing to have a conversation. If there is a preference of stomping on the playerbases voices when they express concern, on the other hand, I can be DM'ed on my linked Discord.
  10. Kor'garr the Clanless, the one who had recorded the entirety of the Grand Moot's trial, her curing, and stood as both guard and caretaker for Sarah while she and her spouse bought housing in Nor'azath, simply shakes his head upon reading the missive from the Silver Lubba. "Tha dizrizpekt heer iz immenze, buht nub az much az der voolyshnezz. Dey kompleyn uv uz gyving Zarah agh hur zpowze'ag beddur loife, azh witnub dah weeknezz uv teyntid blud nor dah voyd? Wyn wiz kuld'av juzt exekyuted hur az'ag darkzpawn? Dehn Kor'garr wihl teyk nohtz ohn diz empti thret, zoh all mey peep der hollow'd Blah." [OOC Translation]
  11. Well well well. Looks like Kor'garr will be visiting Haense in the near future.


  12. Kor'garr's weary expression after leafing through hours and hours of human legal documents freezes with the landing of a Krugmarian messenger Hawk at the nearby aviary. Slowly, the grey orc unfurls the scroll of rich and expensive parchment from the courier's leg, opening it up with wide crimson eyes. A smile. A leer. A mad, manic grin. Laughter echoes throughout the main square of San'Velku, resonating in the smoke filled air of that orcish capital until finally dwindling to a chuckle. This was the lead he was searching for. "Lup'Ghorza... Jakpoht." [OOC Announcement]
  13. Kor'garr's brow raises once more as his recent investigations into the paper trail surrounding a recent court case, one with a quite interesting judge in the middle, leads to... An official demand to the King of Haense, made by cubs? Pure silence, before the bellowing roar of laughter echoes from the front gates of San'Velku. "Weyt, awl diz turmoil wuz reyzed tu publyk loight by zum kubz zhowtyng uv unveyrnezz? Keh, deez 'umie kidz ahr amyuzing." [OOC Translation and Announcement]
  14. Kor'garr the Clanless hums in thought as he looks over the missives he obtained from the human lands. Is this a second controversial trial involving some of the same representatives in Haense? "Kyuriyuz... der moight bi'ag ztori here."
  15. Kor'garr the Clanless's thick brows raise at the visual onslaught of legal jargon, until suddenly clarity sparks within his crimson gaze. The orc reads the paper once more, quill and ink already underlining distinctive quotes and names of particular importance. With a final huff the thin paper is crumpled slightly by bulky and ink-stained digits. "Did nub diz akkuzed zoldyur klomp en dah Zeej uv Balian aginzt dah nubded? Wehl, dah Kaktuz Weekli iz ulreddi gunna rileeze dah prozeedingz uv'ag Zpiritual tryul... Whoi not annownz'ag Zhara wun az wehl? Kor'garr zhuld pak zum zuppliez agh meyk'ag vizit tu deez Kourtz." With that, the greyskin pins the missive to the side of his bookshelf and begins organizing a satchel for the upcoming journey... [OOC Translation and announcement]
  16. Kor'garr the Clanless sits within his tower, having departed from the meeting table mere minutes earlier. A copy of the announcement, still wet with fresh ink, is clutched within his grey fingers. Suddenly he grins widely, lips curling around thick tusks only half covered by the large handlebar mustache. "Lup'Ar-Borok'Akaal, owur impendyng Rex... Now howz wihl Rex Willy rizpohnd tu diz Challing?" Laughter echoes in booming roars from the front gates of San'Velku, an ecstatic writer preparing to publicize the announcement further.
  17. Kor'garr the Clanless nods in approval as he reads the declaration, already marking his own copy with notes for when he uses it as a source. The grey orc smiles between deep sips of Krug Kola while vividly remembering his own battle through the corrupted underground crypt alongside his fellow adventurers, all leading up to that final moment where his own crimson eyes watched the destruction of that cursed Phylactery. "Mey wiz kontinyu to Wagh againzt dah truu enemiez, enzted uv eechuder."
  18. [!] Letters, printed in the vivid inks of jungle berries and flora, make their way to all corners of Almaris [!] ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦ To all those who participated in the Siege of the Shattered Skies, In efforts to properly record the whole truth of those brave and honorable actions taken by every living being who fought against the cursed Undead, we invite you to send recollections, details, or even mere snippets of your valiant efforts taken during this glorious Wagh. These missives will be collected for publication and annotation within the next issue of our newspaper in a record breaking epic of an upcoming headline article. Whether warrior, paladin, archer, medic, shaman, citizen, even those of the Dragon-blood or users of the voidal scourges; All are welcome to reply. Of particular interest would be record of our brave allies who fell in battle defending the lives of us all, so they may properly be remembered and welcomed into the stars above wherever their souls might go. And even if you are some still rotting enemy, wishing to let the world know of your continued existence... Kor'garr will spread your name as well, so we can make sure to crush you more permanently next time. Please send responses by bird or contact Kor'garr the Clanless in person at Blarg Nyx (Zero) in the city of San'Velku, Wagh Nation of Krugmar. Thank you all. May Ghorza bless your travels, The Staff of the Kaktuz Weekli. ✦✧―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――✧✦
  19. Thank you again for the great description of Koko Mama's last stand. =)


    1. TwilightWolf


      Thank you for reading! 

    2. Mannamannaa


      Of course! And again, if you want to share the history of Koko Mama with Kor'garr IRPly we can have an interview for the Kaktuz Weekli. =)


  20. Kor'garr the Clanless looks over the missive with tired, but brightly gleaming, crimson eyes. Within his tower he idly pats the large book filled with various notes and a full transcript of both the trial and curing process, before leafing through and comparing his own writings to the official notice. A stout tankard of Krug Kola is lifted by bulky grey digits, a large gulp taken, and a sigh of fizzling refreshment loosed from between thick tusks. "Hozh werk bai dah Grand Moot diz dey. Kor'garr wizhes dah bezt vor bohthz Zarah agh hur lyfemeyt, tu pazz dah tryulz ahed agh regayn rizpekt vrum dah zpeeritz. Zuch kweztz ahr divvikult, buht wehl riwardyng... Oi hope dey git dah zuppliez oi geyve tu dekurayt der nu Blargz zoon." He then picks up his large quill, dipping it into vivid ink and beginning to write the draft of yet another article... [OOC translation and announcement]
  21. Hey there! Wanted to reach out and let you know I sent a message to you. =)


  22. Ok... Vampirism, Undead, AND Azdrazi in the next K.Weekli. Almaris has been spook central lately.


    1. Diogen


      good to know

    2. Mannamannaa


      Wait hold up. DISCLAIMER: Unless previously talked about and accepted no one is being "outed" in this newspaper. The Kaktuz Weekli is not and never will be a tool to metagame with.


  23. Kor'garr pauses in sending out his letters near the aviary, looking through his notes. A bulky grey hand raises to twirl at his handlebar mustache. "Hmm... Kor'garr wunderz how dah argyument bitween dah Akaal clahn agh dah Zhara's of Aaun haz developed... Zumtyng abowt zum Duke gettyng puzhed entu a ztak uv hey balez? Meybi Kor'garr zhuld meyk'ag vizit tu azk." The grey orc shrugs before continuing to attatch letters to the legs of Krugmarian courier Hawks. Surely the tension has not come to blows or fatalities yet...
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