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  1. Lore Nost! – Victor for another hang, man.

  2. Excited for new, spicy, flavorful, medium rare map to leak so people stop spreading that unsavory, lightly salted, well done map that is outdated. Then people can appreciate Grillmaster Junar patty flipping work.

    1. frill
    2. DixieDemolisher


      I still miss the Fjord but u right

  3. #spacegate why did grool put a space between the 4 “main” nation groups and other neglected nations. I smell bias.

    1. erik0821


      Something is clearly wrong here.

    2. NotEvilAtAll


      It’s covering up the secret admin resort region duh.

    3. Charles The Bald

      Charles The Bald

      This is the hill we die on.

  4. Life doesn’t always go as planned:


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. LithiumSedai


      Nauzica Square didn’t exist in 1726 btw

    3. Anore


      Oh right that should probably say 30-32.

    4. Strife


      rat: married

      knuckles: cracked

      massive gambling debt: unpaid


      yep, it’s gustav time

  5. With Ratmane and Mr. Beautiful I feel like Helena is becoming Gotham.

    1. Milenkhov


      Think I must become Batman...

    2. Dracuwyrm


      Oh don't worry, I’m already playing a vigilante character XD.

  6. Gustav Ratmane begins his descent into madness...  (phase I below)53232dc8b0dfddad9594f5e6817a3f5c.png

    1. Porkgasm


      I low-key look forward to see where this goes!

  7. Freja for Dev Admin

  8. Despite how you may feel regarding how this is being handled, one thing that is important is reporting issues of sexual harassment and other predatory behavior to the authorities. While I think the staff can always do much more to help, If you feel unsafe don’t be afraid to take this matter to the authorities or proper programs that will ensure that you are protected and your experiences are not ignored. 

    1. Lionbileti


      I still love you basket

  9. Any adult on this server that knowingly engages in sexual acts or conduct with a minor, no matter what the age difference is, has to understand that there is an underlying power dynamic that can lead to manipulation, abuse and other unhealthy, even dangerous situations. Even if the person isn’t necessarily a “child” it’s pretty clearly not okay.

    1. Anore


      Emphasis on “knowingly”. The reason ERP should not take place on the server is because you will never truly know who you are engaging with and although that’s your decision it is not something that the server should allow as many people can still be hurt.

    2. Cracker


      +1 Wise words

    3. DrakeHaze.
  10. Gout needs to be stopped on this server, its killing us!

  11. Ya’ll see the minecraft news regarding customizable player models on Bedrock? If something similar to this gets implemented on Java Edition there could be player models for dwarves, halflings, and all other varying sizes.

    1. gone_to_the_store


      i fear microsoft will put it behind a pay wall

    2. Anore


      Its already behind a paywall on Bedrock, but then again that is what bedrock is for. But this being implemented anyway may lead to it being implemented to Java edition eventually.

    3. Erased


      They’ve had a track record for bringing popular features of bedrock into Java. I don’t think this will be any different.

  12. Its time for the great Orenian dynasty of Butlers to return once more.

  13. just got interviewed for Ex-Admin

    1. Heero


      what the **** ANORE

  14. Where’d my color go, Ex-GM rights!

  15. The Ex-GMs gave birth to freedom through our butts, do not betray us http://www.lordofthecraft.net/topic/106519-king-of-ooc-voting/

  16. le revolution is coming

    1. Kawaii Kush

      Kawaii Kush

      Anore pls, help me.

  17. I believe I have failed the Ex-GMs as a whole, and I will accept the punishment of 1,000 Brazilian screams.

    1. Augor


      Yes, accept them. Cry to me.

  18. I believe it would be appropriate to replace cybering with this http://www.pandorapedia.com/navi/appearance_behavior/navi_mating_practices

    1. JCQuiinn


      Link to sexual content. Ban.

    2. Anore


      Not sexual, emotional

  19. If I had a serious complaint, where would I put it?

  20. I wish I didn't delete all of my LoTC contacts on skype,,,

    1. Aislin



    2. Thatpyrodude
    3. _pok_


      Finley 'eh Finley

  21. It's been a while...

    1. Wolf Druid Ouity
    2. Augor


      I approve this message.

    3. Thatpyrodude


      Damn Straight, come back

  22. I guess I just don't get it...

  23. There is just some shitty "villian" role-play out there lately.

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