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  1. Tuarz

    New Player Guide Ideas

    Economy basics (Resource Island, Shops, /money commands, using banks and auction house)
  2. @Telanir When is this new staff application format effective? Will current apps that are pending or unreviewed need to be remade?

    1. Telanir


      Hi Tuarz! It is effective immediately, but I would hate for existing work to be lost. For this reason I have not archived the existing apps I just moved them to the denied section where you can find them all organized. It's completely fine if you copy paste things from your old app or reference it during your interview, I'm sure everyone would prefer that option to a full rewrite.

  3. Tuarz

    Reviving the Orc Race(and its subtypes)

    I have a couple comments/questions. First of all, I do believe that part of the administration has already reached out to Nanman to talk about “restoring” the orcs. What was discussed I’m unsure, that would probably be something you should discuss with Nanman depending on how serious this vision of reviving the orcs is. Secondly, regarding Shamanism, what exactly are you proposing outside of a dark shaman rework and why are you specifically rewriting Shamanism and are you doing that alone of your own accord, or working with the active and competent shamans? And my final question would be why do you feel you are the one who will bring change to the orcs? I do not mean to offend or annoy with these questions and seemingly hostile attitude. But as an old dwarf/human player who recently came back to LOTC and joined Orcs, the Orcs literally just went through someone who acted like they were the savior of the race. Brazilianski came back to orcs, made all this forum ‘hype’ about more people making orcs and made a huge OOC fueled IRP power play by grabbing random ranks that were open, and then sperged out bc of OOC drama and made everyone look dumb.
  4. Tuarz

    Redemption for Incompetence

    I think it’s fair to say that Pond recognizes that he is exactly what you are outlining here. That’s why he is not calling for a tile to be given to him, but to Nanman directly who has been putting in solid work toward fixing the Orc community and instilling good RP values. There are toxic parts of every single large player base, but none take the piss quite the way Orcs have been, at least recently. Orcs will never be perfect, but nobody else will be either.
  5. Tuarz

    Texture Pack Suggestions

    Chroma Hills is a nice one that I use a lot. It’s a high res medieval pack, its pretty clean and bright. Better for use in big cities and stuff, not run down dilapidated stuff. x128 version is on their site but I’m pretty sure there’s x64 versions somewhere too. Edit: I misspoke, both x64 and x128 are on their website. I do think the x64 version is better just because it’s a little “grittier”. Don’t recommend the pack for desert cities though tbh.
  6. Am I blind and missed the thread, or is the LT pre-7.0 contest not announced yet?

    1. Bluee
    2. FlamboyantNewEra


      It got postponed since I didn’t want to release it shortly after that one (linked above) was released. Since some time has passed I’ll be releasing it sometime this week.

  7. Tuarz


    Nuda’Shrogo leaned against a tree, the hood of his robe casting a faint shadow across his face. He reached up and violently scratched his neck, a soft trickle of dark crimson escaping from beneath his fingers. He glared at a snotling who hustled by him, carrying a stack of twigs and large leaves. He popped a mushroom into his mouth and started chewing it with a sickening crunch for they had grown hard on their journey across the sea. He hoped that soon they would find a cave and he would be able to return his his daily activities of growing shrooms and verbally abusing snotlings.
  8. Tuarz

    Clan Shrogo

    dab more coming soon hopefully.
  9. Tuarz


    How do I downvote on these forums? 🧐🤓
  10. Tuarz


    I can attest to this. My time on LoTC has primarily been spent playing humans and dwarves, always irrationally afraid of Orcs and Orc culture. Since my recent return I have dove headfirst into Orc lore and culture and have been amazed by it. There are many intricacies to learn, just be prepared to be confused as **** by blah at first.
  11. Tuarz


    Hargurr sits at a long wooden table, shoving copious amounts of food into his mouth. He looks up and sees Fatkunt walking around and shouts, “How dat azh be Grubgoth? Diz git gonna eat all da grub fer ‘imself!” He chuckles softly to himself before going back to stuffing his face.
  12. Minecraft Account Name(s) Sykogenic Discord Sykotic#1867 How long have you played on LoTC? Since Aegis. Timezone and Availability My timezone is EST, and my availability depends on your definition of that. I am free to write and review lore up to several hours a day. However, if you mean availability to voice chat I can set a good hour or so aside a couple times a week, I would just ask for some sort of notice in advance. What lore are you versed in most? At the moment I am most versed in Orc lore. I believe that they have a rich culture and lore that predominantly goes unseen by most of the player base due to the unappealing nature of being a brutish humanoid and OOC bias. The orc culture has lots of interesting aspects to it, from its unique creatures to its religious traditions to its clandestine nature, many of which could be expanded and improved upon for public consumption and player use. Give a summary of any staff positions you have held on LoTC: I have never held a staff position on LoTC, however I have held many staff positions on other RP servers which I will happily expand upon on request as I’ll adhere to the exact question being asked. However, I consider myself to be professional, level headed and most importantly ready to learn when it is necessary to do so. Lore, in any medium, is something that constantly needs balancing (calm down Thanos) and requires attention and fair criticism that I feel myself capable of providing. Have you ever written lore for LoTC? The only capacity I have written lore for LoTC on is on a player level, I have no lore that I have submitted for approval. While I understand that this could seem off-putting given the nature of this position, here is something I wrote just this last week that is an expansion on this LT approved creature. Should this not be enough of an example of my writing, I can provide other examples of my writing that are not LoTC related. I would only ask that I be given a chance to prove that I can be of use to LoTC and the lore team. Have you ever received a blacklist or ban? I received a ban back in 2013 when I sent my friend Freema, who was a GM at the time, a link to a 4chan post that had a gross image in it. Who do you not get along with on the Lore Team? Nobody. I frankly have little interaction, positive or negative, with any lore team members.
  13. Fair. Just a matter of personal opinion. I’ve played on some pretty hardcore RP servers so maybe I just have a certain appreciation for items that have been actually developed and created in RP. I’d rather buy something from someone who took the time to emote it out or FRP the creation than someone who just /edit’ed it. And that would def be something I would look into before buying something ‘cool’.