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  1. 𝅘𝅥𝅮𝅗𝅥𝅘𝅥𝅯𝅘𝅥𝅮 "Leadership passes from the Chieftain, From Brennus to Lurana of same kin. The Chieftess leads the tribe from the White Hill, From above the Dwed for a new homeland to till" Rixnemeto cambosiz di Rixuiro, Di Brennus en Lurana havalonijoz. Rixbena lǣwijoz Cingedoz di Brigwindosdur, Ver Dweduronoz abo niujus lendhan waxijozoz. Two figures stood beneath the translucent light of an aurora rippling across the night sky like a banner caught in wind. They stood on the precipice of a glacial outcropping that stood over the entrance into Khron'Hundmar and adjacent to the modest village of Brigwindosdur. A man, appearing twice as old as the woman opposite him, rested a relaxed palm on the other's shoulder and they stood there in that half-embrace and half-distancing motion with the men speaking audibly. "You ask of me the authority to lead our tribe as if you are half-expecting me to spit out a retort. I have no retort to give, but rather a sigh of relief," Brennus conceded. The woman looked up to him, her painted face failing to hide her astonishment. "Lurana hal'Cingedoz, this authority has no crown to covet nor kingdom to encompass with my heart like a dragon hoarding gold. We are a small folk, an honest folk, a folk few and far between and whose wandering makes it hard to corral us and the wonders we conjure are the treasures of our eyes as opposed to the mundane life of the larger kingdoms whereby the tracts of vast lands are the only things worth coveting." Lurana looked past Brennus as if her mind's eye conjured image upon the very leather laid against his shoulder. "Lurana, I am but Bardnemetoi. Honored Bard, my leadership only being that I picked up where my father Gaisorix left off when he died in the dread city of Kivdrona. I prefer marking our runestones with animated engravings rather than counting coin or herding people. If you have the mind for it, the will for it, the desire for it; I will gladly give up my being Rix of the tribe - of being leader. I shall aid you in the ways that has most defined me, but will gladly call you my leader." Brennus embraced Lurana like a father would a daughter. The two stood awhile longer upon the outcropping as the snow picked up. The new chieftess had been chosen and her first decisions would be to send word to all Cingedoz to return home. The tribe lives, the tribe survives, and now a new leader seeks for the tribe to thrive.
  2. Lmao, giving me Vietnam flashbacks. The RP that led me to be King of Oren for all of a few days was regrettable.
  3. I don't know who gave you grief, but I always thought you were a humorous lad and enjoyed your banter and lightheartedness. For whoever gave Avenrare grief. . .
  4. Do you have lore that you want help with? Do you have culture(s) you'd like help fleshing out? Ping me on Discord at gaiusmarius8#0788

    1. PXY


      Hey! If you're ever available or have the time, I'd love to work on a culture that is supplemented by Kani-based with you.

    2. Langobardi


      Pinging you @PXY & working with you.

  5. If you want help fleshing out a culture, ping me.
  6. THE OUTLANDISH HUNTS FECCAN ABO DĒOFOLOZ Sprækjom for "The Hunt for the Demons" 𝅘𝅥𝅮𝅗𝅥𝅘𝅥𝅯𝅘𝅥𝅮 The small encampment of Brigwindosdur bustled alive day and night, men and women gathered beneath hearths and around fires, as if a goodly host converged. The tribe shared news and armaments as the whole cleaved away into smaller parties, dispatched in different directions to the tune of a blaring carnyx warhorn carrying over the steadily lower hills spread out from the great mountain and Dwedmar colony of Khron'Hundmar. Conversation between Dwedmar and Cingedoz indicate the issuance of The Outlandish Hunts; calls for Cingedoz men and women to investigate particularly disturbing reports of eldritch, evil, or otherwise disconcerting monsters or matters afflicting those across the mainland continent. The actions of Bodbmakos Aingidnemetoi (also Tarvurovekoi) beginning a new cycle on the Epochgyre for heroic deeds has resulted in the establishment of Cingedoz presence in certain locations such as Celia'nor and Petra. Brennus Bardnemetoi facilitated the opening of shops in the West and the East (in Valfleur specifically) to secure revenues to further outfit and repair the tribe's armor and barding during their quests. These shops also serve as a means to gather information on the beasts and ill-meant kind they seek and hunt.
  7. HARVI BRENNUS DI 99 SA "Elvellyn & Cingedoz embrace each other warmly, full of peace" "The wondrous race & tribe proclaim shared interest will never cease" This runestone stands in the southern courtyard of Amaethea, overlooking the quay and port of the Elvellyn city. This runestone indicates a goodly peace between the Cingedoz and the Elvellyn, having been commissioned by Acanthus Daesmon. This particular runestone has an animated bas relief depicting a Cingedoz tribesman and an Elf embracing and shaking hands. The relief appears to be on a loop and has Elvish and Spraekjom inscribed along the surface of limestone.
  8. Livefeed of Lectors dabbing on them folks
  9. If you want someone to review Aegis-related content and/or edit scripts, let me know.
  10. MC Name: Langobardi Discord: gaiusmarius8#0788 Image: Description of Image: A relief depicting an Elf and a Cingedoz tribesman embracing hands with a mountainous background Dimensions: 1x1
  11. FAIHEIN HAL'LENDHAN Sprækjom for "Map of the Land" 𝅘𝅥𝅮𝅗𝅥𝅘𝅥𝅯𝅘𝅥𝅮 Scouting parties and sorties have issued out of Brigwindosdur in recent months, meticulously riding through every vale and snowy dale and riders dispatching to climb every hillock, mountain, and peak. The Bard Brennus and kinsman Brittius, Kenneth, Morag, & Morgause labored to carve out a fascinating map of the Northern Span running from just north of Khron'Hundmar to the southern march of Norland where Len Varhelm remained and west to the Everblizzard woods across to the eastern march past Alisgrad and Bjornfjall. The map is complete with dotted contour lines to indicate some sense of elevation and varying symbols denoting forests, copses, lakes, & caves. The Cingedoz have investigated after a number of aberrant sightings and disconcerting landmarks. North of Mor Menwo is a menhir enveloped in a cyclone of frost biting and cutting at those who come near which has been named Menhrim - a compound word combining menha for 'stone edifice' & hrim for 'frost'. Likewise, the Bard Brennus met recently with the Steward of Norland Adalsteinn to inform him of the foul findings beneath Bjornfjall in the cavern named Carn Andeofol. The map marks those settlements which the Cingedoz have knowledge of and those sites they have scoured and scouted. A most wondrous effect has taken the night skies of late over Brigwindosdur. Auroras paint blues, greens, and purples across the starry expanse overhead and glitter and shift like serpents winding through sand. Some of the Cingedoz open up their roofs on such nights that the auroras become visible and decorate the night.
  12. New myth!



  13. 𝅘𝅥𝅮𝅗𝅥𝅘𝅥𝅯𝅘𝅥𝅮 Ill plots prefer dark places to veil themselves until fruition and one such plot conjured by the warlock Bodhmall found sufficient hiding in one of the many-forked tunnels of the Dwedmar. Both Dwedmar and Men gave much sweat and toil to digging the riches of the world, carving quarries for stone and mines for the gems and minerals that laid between strata of rock and soil. While the many nations of Man often confined their mining strictly to the procurement of earthen elements, the Dwedmar made their abodes and grand architectures inside their burrows and their tunnels. They gave most of their attention and detail to those halls and homes they would regularly use and, though their mining took on an organized scheme, many of the mines they had either emptied of treasure or chased naught but little ore had been left to desertion and emptiness. The warlock Bodhmall found one such deserted mine and its many-pathed routes and clung to one such node at the furthest end. He conceived of an eldritch depravity that took on tumultuous powers in its fists and a fiery face that stared into souls and seared away courage from all it locked eyes with. Upon summoning this depravity in full, it took to quaking the mine and the halls beyond with its great strength and sending the earliest to confront it routing with panic. This demon dwelled through the mines and ambushed those Dwedmar that passed the mouth of the mine to any great number of halls or other mines yet producing ore. Word of this demon made many Dwedmar cross and their wroth led them through the narrow decision of confronting it face-to-face either as individual heroes or as legions. Rebuked and repulsed the Dwedmar were for they could not withstand its overpowering strength nor the forge-fed visage that faced them. Some returned with their fallen prepared in stone coffins, some returned injured with burns across their own faces. The Dwedmar of that particular mountain sent missive out through the land in search of recourse for the dread that waylaid them. The famous bard Boiorix of the Cingedoz heard the Dwedmar's plea and rode to their aid. Bodbmall's handiwork dwelt in shadows save for that part of the walls and chambers illuminated by the face of the demon. Boiorix confided that silence ought accompany his advance into the mine and reckoned he needed only a handful of companions instead of a thousand. The bard brought his otherworldly chisel with him and bade his company bring bows and slings and ammunition plenty. This small company meandered through chamber after chamber, corridor after corridor, before finding the central-most node. Boiorix made for the widest expanse of unmined stone and counseled his party thus. You will make all manner of racket with arrow and with lead pellet that I might strike this stone under the disguise of each of your munition's echo through the mine. I shall invest upon this stone such a relief, ever-moving, that the demon be brought to rest enraptured by the movement of the engraving. The company went separate ways with Boiorix waiting for the first release of missile from the archers and slingers. With each echo of an arrow or a bullet ricocheting down forked tunnels, Boiorix would carve away at the stone until the echo faded. Again and again, the demon took to chasing after ephemeral dins and echoes in the mine. Again and finally, Boiorix finished the engraved relief in the central-most node and cast upon it his mana until the relief took motion and moved on its own against the earthen surface. The demon by that time had poured over each of the inner-most chambers and approached the central-most with brewing anger heaped upon confusion. Boiorix ushered the company towards the mine's entrance and left the demon to peer into an empty chamber once more save for a relief that danced and dared any to question how. Bodhmall's handiwork turned to the relief with intrigued, Boiorix's own handiwork became like that of a pendulum captivating and keeping hold of the attention of its newfound audience. The bard and his archers and slingers exited the mine with haste and bid the Dwedmar King to look upon the mouse in its trap. The Dwedmar king recited words of praise for the ingenuity of the bard and commanded his own to seal the demon in the mine and Bodhmall too with no means for either to sally forth.
  14. All who have heard of the Cingedoz may have heard about an illustrous Village upon the White Hill.

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