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  1. kido122

    -~*~-House Solidor-~*~- [Reformation]

    Sorry, Ill edit it as II meant it to state that Only those who wish to be a Family member must be a Human character. Guards/Servants may be any race.
  2. HOUSE SOLIDOR House Backstory House Solidor originated from the Orenian Empire, where they were a Wealthy family known for being tinkerers, alchemists, and scholars. However, one night, a few decades ago, the head of house Alexander Solidor was found dead. A dagger found at the scene was found to have belonged to the son of Alexander, Nathan. With that discovery, it was also found a large part of the younger generation of House Solidor had been in on the plot. They had justified it saying their father was an evil man, a tyrant in fact, but regardless, they fled Oren and scattered to the seven winds, never to be heard of again. Those who couldn't flee were wiped out, including all of House Solidor's older generations. Fast forward a few decades, and one day, while travelling, a pair of the remaining family, one of them being Nathan and the other Edward, met in a Tavern once again. Nathan was suffering from Mental Aftershock after all these years, but together, the pair decided to reunite and reform the house. Within months, a new Manor was constructed near Halsworthy and the steel-blue emblem of House Solidor flew through the air once more. House Solidor now works to rebuild its namesake after all these years of being absent from the world. They have a chance now for a fresh start, and there is no telling where this new chance will take them. Unfortunately, mere weeks after meeting, Nathans mind fell apart once more. Unable to deal with the events of his past he fled again to parts unknown, leaving all that was built behind to fall to ruin to the despair and shock of Edward. Unable to see the house fall to ruin, Edward took it upon himself to bring the Solidor name back from the ruins it had fallen into. House Information and Facts Old House Motto: Ad Astra per Aspera(To the stars through difficulties) New House Motto: Ex Ovis Ad Immolandum Leones (From Lambs to Lions) House Race: Humans House Culture: Orenian Heartlander House Animal: Grey Fox Physical House Traits: House Solidor members tend to be of average height for a Heartlander Human. In addition, they tend to have Brown, or sometimes Blonde hair, and Blue or Green eyes. They tend to be of average build as well, being scholars rather then Warriors. Women tend to have long, straight hair in addition to the above. Mental House Traits: House Solidor members tend to be gifted with far higher then average intelligence. Otherwise they are a bit of a mental mixed bag, though most stick to more scholar pursuits. A few also become battle Tacticians and other intelligent battlefield roles. Current Titles: Edward Solidor, Head of House Solidor, and Baron of Croneburg As a member of House Solidor, you will be a part of a group of friendly, fun, and committed roleplayers We strive to host creative and unique events, both within our walls and outside of them, from festivals/tournaments to classical town rp House Members receives benefits such as, a room in the manor, no taxes, and elevated status within the barony We are constantly expanding and looking for those that can bring, not only some great RP, but also creative and unique ideas to improve our house/barony If you feel you can provide some uniqueness to the House and want a fun group, apply below! House Member Applications: [Note: Only Human Characters May Be A House Member Any race can be a Guard/Servant] Adult Relative Child Relative: TBA House Staff Servants: House Guard: TBA OOC [OOC Information] Updates: Servant Applications Open
  3. kido122

    kido122's Event Team Actor application

    Thank you! I appreciate it! I do see what you mean, and perhaps I should have fleshed the idea out more. Though this is just a rough outline for what I said was a rather simple (And what I would feel like, fun) little event. Of course there would be some background to the "Salesman" and some of the items, but I felt an entire script with every little thought would be overkill (Though, admittedly I haven't had very many of them thought out completely at the time). Also, I feel that every event doesn't need to be this grand experience for a character, life's not like that. Yes big experiences are fun and have a major impact on who you are, but so do the minor experiences add up to form you as a person. So, yes the event is very small/minor in terms of the progression of the character's story/life, but it still can provide a fun series of events (Even though little they may be) during and/or after the event! These are the kind of events I want to start with really (Though my last outline is more grand in scale), as the these are the ones I have, along with some of my friends, find the most enjoyable. With all that being said, I do see your point(s), and have taken them to heart and will try to improve any ideas going forwards. After all, I am learning and always will be! Thank you!
  4. Come check out my ET app! Would love some feedback!  


    Edited by kido122
    Updated Infomation
    1. Dtrik


      You mean you would love ego boosting support, in the form of a +1, rather than a critical analysis of the faults in your event ideas.

    2. kido122




      You mean you would love ego boosting support, in the form of a +1, rather than a critical analysis of the faults in your event ideas.

      No, I want actual feed back, and I did appreciate yours! I mean I cant improve if no one can give an honest opinion!

  5. Username kido122 Discord kido122#2024 Timezone GMT What group/playerbase are you most involved with? The Kadarsi Caliphate/House Soldior Staff History N/A: Never been a member of staff Ban History N/A: Never been banned on LOTC Blacklist History: N/A: Never been blacklisted Why do you want to join the Event Team? I want to give back to the LOTC community. I've been a member since 2011 and have spent the last 7 years, on and off, roleplaying with all the various groups, nations, and players and enjoyed many events in my time. So I just wish to have a chance to give back and provide some fun and memorable moments much like the ones I have been lucky to gather. Why should we accept you onto the Team? I have a long and overall positive history on the server, being a member since the start (Roughly) and with that I have had the opportunity to be a apart of many different and varied groups, from the villainous to the the Law abiding and everything in between. I have a firm grasp on server rules and most relevant lore (Though I am relearning some as I am back from a long break) and have a very good feel for what makes fun and enjoyable RP experience. What kind of events do you aspire to create?: I hope to be able to branch out eventually and have a go at many different event styles, but I think I would start with low-fantasy to begin with and hopefully branch out as time goes on. What makes a good event? Well "Good" is subjective and so varies greatly from person to person so an Event for person A could be a great experience and the same event could be horrible for person B. But, to me, a good event is one that tries to find the middle ground, something that could be inclusive to a wide variety of people and leaves them with not only a fun RP experience but also a memorable one. Create three in-depth event scenarios. I’m not looking for some prelude or whimsical idea here -- we want an indicator as to your talent and potential to be on the ET. You don’t need to write a word-for-word script, but we want a solid structure and plan as to how you’d organize and carry out an event: -~*~- Prasci's Travelling Emporium -~*~- On a lesser travelled road, the blinking light of a torch is all that breaks the darkness of the night. As you approach you can see a rather large looking cart is set along side the road. As you near, the horses raises its head and stares blankly at you as you read the sign above the carts window “Prasci's Mystic Emporium" --- The idea is simple. Along a random road a large cart would be set up, offering mysterious goods of various natures. The items could be pure, causing no harm, but some may be “Cursed”, causing various inconvenient things to occur. Some Examples: Uncursed Goblet of Fire: A simple goblet inscribed with many various runes lost to time. The fire within is always lit yet never burns when touched ((A simple, yet useful item, a never dying flame that lets of light equivalent to a torch)) Cursed Drink of Growth: A small, a murky, pungent smelling drink. The label promised to grow any and all lost hair back ((A deceitful item that will grown hair back....it just wont stop growing..)) Of course these are just examples and a rough outline of what could be “Sold” -~*~- Nuisance -~*~- Rumours and Gossip run wild in the town, random names being blamed at random, as a large crash and heard nearby. Another window smashed..the third this week. Someone has seemingly decided to run rampant with “innocent” pranks. Just last week pour old miss Jenkins went to sit on her chair, and to her surprise in collapsed under her, seemingly the the back legs were sawed nearly in two just waiting for someone to sit down and tumble, she swears she heard a small chuckle and some child running under house. --- Another fun event using a creature I feel would provide some fun RP, Gremlins! The idea is that a gremlin would move into a town to cause mischief (As they do) The player(s) would hopefully try to either catch or dispose of this creature as it runs wild, to the displeasure of the residence -~*~- The Undying-~*~- Scattered across Atlas, parts of a skeleton are found, all bound in linen and covered in ancient stains. The bones are all inscribed with the same rune and different lines, a poem seemingly and a small letter, a warning to leave them where they lie and keep them far apart. Should they be brought together and the poem read the bones would be engulfed in a bright blue fire as they bind together, the muscle and flesh forming over the skeleton before the player(s) eyes. The fire would fade as a man lays where the bones once were, the flames seemingly never touching him, as he raises he looks about the room, his eyes black and empty as a smile crosses his face --- A more in depth event that is very different from my previous two. The bones are brought together and with the spell read, a seemingly once dead man is brought back to life, an ancient and forgotten necromancer lost to history. The player(s) has several options to take 1- They could attempt to subdue/kill the newly raised necromancer in his weaken state, thus ending the event and rewarding the player with a unique item or 2- They can join the necromancer in his quest to gain power and spread terror across the land. The player(s) could then aid the necromancer in various ways the bring him/her to full strength and be rewarded with various unique items as they help (The items are tiered to how much help was given and how they helped in general) or 3-The player(s) could choose to try to escape the newly raised necromancer, leaving him unchallenged Should 2-3 occur the necromancer would retreat to the wilds, gathering strength and establishing a foothold to call his/her liar. He/she would then begin to run rampant in the area until stopped
  6. kido122

    The Academy of Khronheim

    Initiate Application MC name: kido122 Character Name: Edward Solidor Discord (Optional): kido122#2024 Race: Human Age: 23 Do you know any magic currently?: No Which subject do you plan to learn?: Conjuration and/or Alchemy Do you swear to abide by the rules of the academy?: Ofcourse
  7. kido122

    ~{HOUSE SOLIDOR}~ A unique Roleplay Family

    MC Name: kido122 Discord Name(Include the #Numbers): kido122#2024 Character Name: Edward Solidor Character Age(This MAY NOT pass 40): 23 Character Personality: A naturally very curious individual, he is generally well kept, well mannered, and quite at times. He often finds himself lost in thought or a new idea. Most would notice his biggest flaw would be that fact that he keeps his personal life well guarded, often to the extent that he can sometimes snap quite aggressively to those around him when the "Pot boils over", so to speak. Overall though Edward is often considered the quite friendly type more then the shouty aggressive one. Character Backstory(AFTER the Oren Era): Born and raised after the fall of the Oren Empire, Edward's live was uneventful for the most part. Born to peasant parents, he lived his live on the land, helping to raise and rear the cattle, and harvest the crops before the winter seasons. His was always the curious sort though, to the dismay of his parents. Often wandering off in the woods or the neighboring fields to glimpse what laid beyond his small world, often staring at the distant mountains and the vast stars, always wondering what it would be like there, what secrets they may hold. As he grew older, he decided to leave his home, joining a trading vessel in the hopes of seeing distant lands and people. Stuck in a ship with endless amount of time, he began tinkering with what was around him, thinking of ways to improve already existing things and creating new ones. His curious nature never ceasing and thus always keeping him on an adventure, maybe not of the physical sort, but of the mental sort. Eventually he would find himself one the mainland once more...hearing of a house that shared a common name... On a scale of one to ten, about how good is your Roleplay?: I'd say and average of 7, though you ask may change it seeing as "Good" is a very subjective term. But with me being apart of this server since Aegis I feel I have a great grasp on RP What is your biggest strength as a Roleplayer?: I feel I can bring vibrant and descriptive Rp at times, having played many roles over the years from bandist/mass murders to Traders and commoners, as well as capable of applying the background of who Im playing into the situation. What is your greatest weakness as a Roleplayer?: Definitely combat, Id say I can be sometimes just below average with it, just an aspect of RP I never quite got good at making consistent. I can do it absolutley fantastic one interaction and be complete **** at another. But I will say I am improving and constantly improving with it
  8. kido122

    Hurthflur Vaskr [Magic]

    Very well done in my opinion! Feels well balanced and very interesting!
  9. kido122

    [Your View] Heists

    In regards to Heisting only available during peak times, what about us players in GMT time zone? Seeing as Peak Times is generally in EST time zone, does that mean since players such as myself are GMT we won't be able to preform Heist purely due to the fact that we're in the wrong timezone? If not, how would this work for us outside of the peak times. Just for a point of reference I can be on for a whole day and only have between 40-60 people on LotC, so is there a work around for players such as myself or are we just being put to the side?
  10. kido122

    ~*~* The Druidic Order *~*~

    Sorry, Discord is kido122#2024
  11. kido122

    ~*~* The Druidic Order *~*~

    Minecraft Username: kido122 Time-zone: Ireland so GMT Playing Hours: Days can vary but generally I can be on anytime of day Mon-Fri and the occasional Sat or Sun Discord ID (so we can contact you): kido122#2024
  12. Hey All! I've decided to come back on to give LOTC another go after a long absence (Like 4 Years!!) I fondly remember the 4-5 years I spent RPing on here and would love to join again but it seems like im a bit behind on whats going. Any recomendations for a returning player?

    1. ZachoSnacko




      Need help? Feel free to contact me via the forums or my discord [Zach#5794]. I’m often online too, so you can message me with /message ZachsSlayer to find me in game. If i’m not around you can also use the new player discord which is right here! : https://discord.gg/eySYjqw

      You can also use /atreq ingame and me or my fellow AT members can help you that way!

      Along with all that i recommend you read over the wiki once again and get caught up on stuff, but mainly you can learn through RP progression about a lot of stuff!

  13. kido122

    The Creature Index

  14. kido122

    The Marked Men - School of the Fox

    *A small letter is sent out to the school, a brief application sealed within ((MC Name: kido122)) Name: Shin Snow Age: 25 Race: Human birth, clean lineage Minor Backstory: I was quite litterally born on the road, right in the back of wagon if my memory serves true. Honestly, my birth was fitting as I spent most of my years thus far on the road, traveling from town to town and sleeping on inn benches and roadside ditches grabbing jobs from sword for hire to inn keeps an everything inbetween, having to no true skill. I am though, a quick learner, can figure out just about anything you throw at me. So, to make a long story short and to conclude, I am just a average person looking for his lot in life and place to fit