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  1. Klaus Burkhart was the assassino. He suplexed Lefty and flexed over his corpse!

  2. This goes great with my idea for a Singularity Engine event in Sutica!
  3. Warclaim, but instead every time the server lags it says "I am the Senate."

  4. Bar none, the shittiest rp I have seen on this server in awhile. 

  5. You back too zeb? What dragged your carcass back here lol

    1. Zebanamana


      Laziness honestly. Bloodnrose and Burniston and I like all came back at once and were ******* around.

    2. firespirit44


      Next thing you'll be telling me is nitholiak is hanging about 


    3. Zebanamana



      So he did return for the new map and there is a Von Schlichten family. He had a character as second in charge of Chambery in Lorraine, but he's been gone for awhile again. I was playing with Burniston and bloodnrose for awhile back when the map change happened

  6. If it is not the best High Chancellor I had.. Where you been Zeb? 

  7. Hey Nith, where is Ryan and Hawk and bloodnrose?

  8. I don't remember my minecraft account password. I'll try again next year.

  9. Is there a difference between Iron and Ferrum ingots?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Praetor


      Drop them and pick them back up and you've got ferrum. Probably a glitch

    3. Britfirefox


      I think they're basically the same.

    4. Zebanamana
  10. do not make more than one set of arrows at a time. Instead of getting a huge amount of arrows like you should you only get 16 back no matter how much you put in

  11. Noooo, don't break cauldrons they vanish if you do

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. spqrSancus


      Never lost a thing. :P

    3. Space


      Did you do it with a pick axe?

    4. Zebanamana


      Yes? I guess using a pick is a no go.

  12. I like the plug-ins. They need a lot of tweaking, but once we have everything established I think they will work very well

    1. BrandNewKitten


      I agree. It's a little overwhelming but they real nice.

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