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  1. The Count of Rochefort issues his compliments to the gloriously written roll, and it’s creator Albert de Falstaff.
  2. “You aren’t a man, you have no rights.” points out the sexist Count of Rochefort
  3. “Very nice indeed, it seems as if your brood have inherited their father’s gloriously competent persona.”
  4. “Always ever the ingenious author of such truly grand governmental documentation. I salute the Premier on his good taste in adjective.” The Count pours out his praises utterly, quite proud of the strength of his efficient provincial cabinet.
  5. “A very gruelling bout of elections. By the Lord we have weathered the storm and ensured the functioning of this local Commons. I congratulate the newly incumbent and thank our gracious Government for attending to the debates of early yesterday.” states the Count, affirmative in his belief.
  6. The Count of Rochefort sits inquisitively upon the chest of his sleeping companion, staring the painter dead in the face with demonic gaze. Looking back to the fallen figure the blonde imp then reached out a satanic finger to flick them on the forehead. “Hey kid, the paintings finished, you can wake up now. . . hey kid, hey kid.”
  7. “The Lord P. P. must be truly devastated, to have been relieved of so present and persistent a woman. Like a great wave she washed across all she touched in this great nation; it was truly a blessing to have her here in the small time that we were privileged to have been given.” The Count Rochefort then takes a moment pausing in his official address, taking note of his potted decor which sat near the window before finally finishing his letter. “A good friend of my dear wife and I, a wonderful Majordomo too. I pray we will not miss the mark in her hallowed absence. She shall not be forgotten.” Thus did the Count then sign and stamp the parchment with efficient intent, his final condolences flown by carrier pigeon to the Pruvia of Provins.
  8. ”A bastion of faith, and and truly a bulwark of nobility.” The Count of Rochefort, therein lights up a branded cigar well rested as he reads over the wonderful penmanship of his contemporary.
  9. Within the Myre tower of old the Count Rochefort casually smokes a cigar, christened with the same name as he. With his feet kicked upon the windowsill and his newly born heir resting in his lap he would therein pen in his absentee vote from the comfort and security of his own home. It reads as such: ”I, The Right Honourable Richard Victor Helvets, The Count of Rochefort, Lieutenant-Governor of Kaedrin, Helmsman of Varoche, Loyal Brother to Henry and Robert Helvets, Lord-Magnate of the Kaedreni House of Electors, do vote for the motion I have priorly put to the House of Lords. I vote aye in all cases, that the Lady Merentel be investigated further, and that the dear Archbishop be raised to a station in the peerage as an equal among the rest of our goodly council. That he be styled as Prince-Archbishop of Albarosa, and that he and all those appointed to succeed him hence be given custodianship of the holy mountain of St. Catherine in perpetuity.”
  10. an old and wizen Yagak’Azog howls with appreciation, his own nostalgia stoked by his chieftain’s tale of the glory days. “We rend the Pinkies asunder in those days, broke thousands upon the road to Vekaro. Endlessly blooded from our camps in old Salvus did we pour across the world and give credence to our warrior reputation. Never must we forget it, the ferocity of Snoop, the ingenuity of the Zul, or the power of our great Chieftain.” he complements, therein bowing his massive head before his great leader.
  11. The Count Rochfort prepares for himself a fresh wig just for the occasion.
  12. “It is a shame these Josephites take their inspiration from the good Emperor Joseph of Marna. They do his name a great disservice. What is an even greater horror is the ambition of some medievalists in our own party” The Count of Rochefort contemplates, looking upon the parchment with great worry. “Our own traditions which the wide majority consider are those of the oldest Johannian honors, before the menaces of a dark age Romstun pretender to the throne of the Empire itself. We must see to it that these disgusting beasts are curtailed into party lines and offered a proper path to true support in the rule of law; real education in the face of the propaganda of a bi-gone dark age. It is not a lack of fair trial or kin-slaying, not the chaos of a usurper’s illegitimate and arbitrary rule. As the rot of the Liberal majority will be this gross exaggeration of our rule of law, so will the backwater of the old barbarian dictatorship plague we Conservatives.”
  13. “Once again the hypocrisy of the decedent has been laid low by our heavenly bound Archbishop. Let these folk see for themselves the hypocrisy of that Friar Boniface’s words. Good bloody riddance.” states the Count of Rochefort
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