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  1. lots is due an aquatic creature with all the mechanics at our disposal, this ain’t it.
  2. “Looks like we’ll need to hitch you to some peasant girl now Bruv.” Richard snorts, elbowing his brother the Duke Robert.
  3. @ScreamingDingo you either die a hero, or watch yourself become the villain. . . .

    1. ScreamingDingo


      never even got my hero arc

  4. The only thing I can see Joel doing is tearing this to pieces, every complaint made about Striga being OP is exemplified and perpetuated here. Everything is very bare bones mechanically the powers, regeneration, revival, strength, powers; it just overlaps immensely already with prior lore but far too blatantly. It’s essentially Striga with all the philosophy stripped and tossed into the trash. There is nothing here that you can’t already get from somewhere else. The recommendation I will give is to improve your origin and give the story more nuance: “a soldier, a merchant, and a Baron walk into a bar. BOOM vampires” is not a decent premise to stand on.
  5. could a gm give me back my gold vip rank on the forums? Cheers

  6. this is a lore post stop with your cringe centred text, you might as well use comic sans too at this rate
  7. @Telanir Thats one way to corral a few friends. God bless you sir for your good deed.

  8. “Idolatry; the only Michael served almighty GOD and was confirmed by the blessed High Pontiff Everard II in his home at Luciensport. This is nothing short of near heresy.” states Casimir of Lochlorn, reading the notice before shortly tossing it into his fireplace.
  9. rift rift rift RIFT RIFT RIFT RIFT RIFT

  10. I thought the eagle was courlands thing
  11. Vilaesirath reads the memo with disgust, rightly remembering with his quick lizard memory the horror and wanton murder brought on by the Renatian butcher-Kings and the obedient dogs who chaffed beneath their boots. “Kinslayers and bastards all of em’.”
  12. i am joanofarc and this is my favorite profile on lotc

    1. sergisala


      is ur name Joan because you're catalan like me? 😮

  13. Casimir of Lochlorn confirms his attendance
  14. “Boniface is my archbishop, I’ve spoken naught with this other stranger.”
  15. duscur

    Admin Fireside Chats

    It’s a start; it’s also only happening because you need to cover your own bum, and so that you can get back to a position of strength. It doesn’t mean your off the hook. Keep taking things in stride from here on out and you’ll dodge a lot more bullets that way; nobody likes arrogance as evident by how effective that google doc was.
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