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  1. I’m just glad it’s just the seed stuff and not a revival attempt of the magic itself
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    question for the lore people

    Bob and Karen
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    Enderchest Glitch Thread

    These will be reviewed this weekend after the vaults are released, as we will need to pull a back up of the vaults to make sure everyone gets the correct items.
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    Story Team Update Pt. 1 - Launch

    Story Announcement Pt. 1 - The Team Launches https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qe500eIK1oA With this announcement, we mark the launching of the Story Team. Below will be information on the team, how to contact them, and some QoL changes we’ve made. If you are unfamiliar with what the Story Team is, here is a thread where we covered what it would start off as and what it would aim to be: The Story Team Information Subforum We have an information subforum where you can view things like our public projects page and other announcements that are in effect (such as halted lore). This will be the go to place for finding ST information. Announcements coinciding with this one: Updated Lore Rules Vault Update TA Changes – TAs are now open, but please take a look at these changes before submitting them. Story Team Projects Signed Items Guide Lore Submissions Guide Contacting the Team This information can also be found in our information subforum, but I will be reiterating it here. /sreq is the method to make an in-game req for the team. Alternatively, you can contact us over the forums (list of staff found here: Click me). Contact a manager first before contacting me as I am rather busy and my PMs are typically flooded. Events Events are starting up again and we will be reaching out to the nation leaders to re-establish the old system of having some actors assigned to watching over places. The team will be having a more stringent policy when it comes to events that hand out rewards like candy, so try and refrain from constantly requesting things like wyvern events. Wiki You can use this thread (also found in the information subforum) to make requests for the wiki now. Rule Update We have updated our lore rules, which can be found here. A handful of new things have been added with some of the more outdated things removed. Please give it a read as I will expect everyone to be aware of them when dealing with rulebreakers in the future. Link to the thread: Click me. The biggest change that comes with this is that we will no longer tolerate people using lore that is not written down and approved on the forums, whether it be in lore or an ST approved guide. If you are going off of documents that have spells that are not on the forums, they are not valid and we will start cracking down on that. Indexes We have made forum forms where you can fill out creature/plant index submissions. You can read more about that in the Lore Submission Guide linked at the top. It also contains links to the forms. Shelving Things It wouldn’t be a Flam announcement without something being shelved, and today we will be shelving Mental Magic and TEMPORARILY Runesmithing. Mental Magic: This lore has a lot of potential, but it gets shot in the foot by the amount of people using it for lazy investigative RP. For example, a villain gets captured and questioned, then a mental mage is brought over and it’s game over for the villain. There’s no real effort there to figure out what happened and it’s not the type of thing we want to see on the server. The rest of the magic was rather nifty so we will be looking to bring that back. Runesmithing: Runesmithing lore has been lacking things for years and going into the new map we want that addressed. The current rewrite does not contain enough information to patch what is missing, so until it does the magic will be shelved. We will also be reformatting it to the new lore standards to ensure that everything is laid out cleanly. A few writers will be assigned to this, so it should only take a few weeks before Runesmithing is back. Until then, use of runesmithing and/or runesmithed items will be prohibited. If you had a runesmithing MA, you will keep it. On Hold Ghosts are now on hold and we will no longer be accepting ghost applications. If you had any up we will be moving them to purgatory pending until ghost/graven lore has been addressed. Nerfs The following pieces have a week to submit a fix to me or ST Management otherwise further action will be taken. The problems we want to sort out here are rather easy to balance, so it shouldn’t take long. My suggestion would be to make the items more brittle if you are making them lighter, so they shatter easily. If you’re increasing durability, you could make the wielder move considerably slower (dependent on how enhanced the item is becoming). The reasoning for these nerfs is because we have seen them start to be used more in combat and it has been clear that making iron armor weigh like nothing while having no downsides or having bloodsteel simply be nearly on par with carbarum with no downsides is overpowered.
  7. FlamboyantTyrant

    Enderchest Glitch Thread

    Glitch Thread Please fill out the following if you received a paper notifying you that your vault was reviewed but your enderchest was empty. Please note that I will be reviewing the logs of each player submitting this and will be smacking anyone that tries to pull a fast one. Form Username: Persona that you received the paper notification on:
  8. FlamboyantTyrant

    The Real Final Vault Information Thread

    A Vault Update Thread The vault collection room is opening up at 9 PM PST / 12 AM EST. You can find this in the second cave of the resource pits at spawn. Not all vaults will be open for now, as some got held up due to other issues (most of the held up ones will be people who submitted their vaults via req or people who have descriptioned items that are max character length as that’s something which is a pain to recreate). If you are unable to open the chest with your designated name or are missing a number of items you know were good, check throughout the week and it should work/show up by the weekend. Prizes!!!1! If you manage to find an item that has a GM or moderator signature on it in your chest, do “/areq Flam I found a prize item in my chest” and leave it in there. I’ll be tossing 500 minas to you if you catch one of those. This also applies to items for defunct/shelved lore, such as clerical items, magic scrolls, old ascended items, alchemy potions, et cetera. Rules If you take items from a chest that doesn’t belong to you, you will be banned for a while regardless of the “you can steal from unlocked chests” rule! So don’t do it :) All of the chests should be locked, but in case there was a glitch or one was missed this warning is here!! If your chest sign has an “extra = #”, you have over 18 items to receive. Each extra 18 adds to the extra counter, so “extra = 3” means you have up to 54 extra items to get. In order to receive them, you need to have an account that you signed up when the “Vault Overflow Thread” was active verify they are helping out via “/areq Flam I am vouching for [insert name here]”. Once that is done, one of the extra chests will be unlocked to the person being vouched for so they can receive the items. Alternatively, you can have someone who did not make a vault at all and didn’t use the conversion thread vouch for you. If you didn’t use the conversion thread/req system and noticed some of your items got pulled (e.g. if you had a gm signed item), don’t waste my time by making a req since it will be ignored. The Glitch Thread If your enderchest got eaten due to the glitch, I have posted this thread where you can fill out the form. Note, I will be log checking everyone who fills this out, any trolls will receive a ban for wasting my time if they didn’t actually have their enderchest wiped. You can find the thread here: Click me.
  9. FlamboyantTyrant

    Rules of Lore/The Lore System

    Rules of Lore/Lore System Main Rules These rules are the main rules set into place for utilizing accepted lore on the server. “Loopholing” or other attempts to skirt by the rules or abuse due to a rule missing will not be excusable. If you believe you have discovered a loophole, you can report it to the ST and we will patch it. Those found abusing it will be punished. Just because you have access to a lore piece OOCly does not mean your character has that information in-game. Do not RP having lore knowledge on something you have not been taught about in roleplay. One must adhere to the existing lore, any attempts to powergame or lorebreak is against the rules. Any lore roleplayed must have approved lore or a guide to back it up. If it is not written down in the lore or a guide, it is not valid. You may approach Story Team management or the Story Team admin if you have qualms with a Story Team member’s ruling. Alternatively, you can fill out an anonymous staff report found here: Click me. If you wish to submit lore, you must adhere to the following: Click me. If one wishes to post a guide to a lore piece, they must first have it verified by the ST. Lore Permissions A player must wait one week after joining the server to apply for a lore application. An accepted Lore Application is required to use magic, play a creature, and/or utilize advanced alchemy on a character, with Household Magic being the exception. A student application must be made for characters who are learning a magic from a teacher with an accepted TA. The teacher of this character must vouch on the application. Unless stated otherwise, a CA requires the creator to vouch on the application. Lore Applications are unique to one’s character, and do not apply to the entire account of a player. A character may typically learn a total of 5 magic subtypes, with the ‘Artificery’ magic subtype being exempt from this rule. Crafting lore items must adhere to existing lore. Magical Artifacts must be created for any magical item that slightly bends currently accepted lore. It must have been created using lore-abiding techniques/magics, though the end result may be different. By making a lore application (magic/creature/etc.), you are declaring that you are willing to adhere to the lore of what is being applied for, including any PK clauses or other types of clauses dictated in the lore. This overrides the main server rules in regards to the 7 day policy. If a player is dissatisfied with some aspect of a transformative creature or magic, they may revert their character back to the state they were before being made into the creature/picking up the magic. The player has a two week period to decide if they want to do this or not, starting from when their application is accepted. The player will lose any and all information gathered regarding the creature/magic during the two weeks, including its users, should they revert. Should the player have recorded information prior to reverting or give out information regarding the creature/magic that was previously unknown (e.g. ousting another player’s character as a creature/magic user), they lose the right to revert. Teaching/Spreading CAs One may not teach any magics without an accepted Teacher Application. This Teacher Application is specific to the character, and do not apply to the entire account of the player. If you want to spread lore that is locked behind an application, you must adhere to the following: You must wait 4 IRL months before posting a Teacher Application + you need your teacher to vouch that you have been taught enough to spread the magic. Logs will also be searched to see if lessons have been taught (this also replaces the former requirement if your teacher no longer plays). Your character must be capable of spreading the CA if you wish to do so, whether it be advancing to a specific type of creature with the capability of doing so or being taught a ritual to spread it. A character may only teach up to 4 magics. A character may only teach 3 students a specific magic at once per TA (e.g. 3 for fire evo, 3 for mental, it doesn’t stack for one magic) and must guide them until they have mastered their magic. Valid RP reason must be had for those attempting to drop a student and this must be verified with a Lore Sect member of the Story Team when dropping said student. A character may have ‘teach only’ magics, in which they do not practice the magic but they may teach it. These count towards the 4 teaching slots. Lorebreaking/Blacklists Blacklist information can be found here: Click me. The following are the primary examples of what will lead to punishments under the Lore System: Trolly RP or subpar RP done while utilizing lore elements, such as magic, can lead to having your application revoked. Repeated instances can lead to blacklisting. Powergaming or RP’ing non-approved lore will result in punishment, ranging from a warning to a blacklist, along with a moderation punishment (e.g. a ban if warranted). RP’ing things incorrectly due to ignorance or simply not understanding lore will result in a warning and afterwards, result in the application being used to be revoked. If found to be malicious it will fall under “21 b”. Lore Blacklists are account-bound, and affect all the player’s characters, including characters on alternate Minecraft accounts. Any member of the Story Team may be approached if there is any concern of lorebreaking. Screenshots and other forms of proof are appreciated, but due to log searching capabilities, it is not required. Instead, we need a timeframe for when to search the logs of the person(s) potentially breaking lore. Should a person be found to be causing issues OOCly within a playerbase or breaking character to disrupt the playerbase in a negative fashion, they are liable to be stripped of any application that pertains to that playerbase and/or booted from the playerbase. This only applies to RP issues if they are breaking character to cause issues icly due to ooc motivation. If Sally’s character attacks David’s character and the conflict is kept IRP, no one is breaking rules. Conversely, if Bob is found to be breaking character and handing out magic to spite their group then bob would be punished. Some examples of a person causing issues OOCly within a playerbase are below: John offers to teach David magic which results in Bob harassing John due to a dislike for David, discouraging John from RP’ing the way he would normally RP. Bob attempts to disconnect John from his magic with no real RP reason, due to the fact that Bob hates John OOCly. Bob does an action that goes against his playerbase IRP and then dodges RP via combat logging or other OOC methods in order to avoid RP consequence.
  10. FlamboyantTyrant

    Lore Submissions

    Lore Submissions If you wish to submit lore, please read the following. I will cover what you need to follow and how the lore voting process works. Submitting Lore - 1 Before you submit a piece of lore, you should read these two guides: Lore Sub Guide 1 and Lore Sub Guide 2. The first guide covers the formatting that you are required to follow when submitting a piece. The latter covers things you should note when writing your piece to make it as optimal as possible and to avoid having glaring issues in terms of things like balancing. Indexes - 1.5 If you have read over the above guides and discovered what you wish to submit is something that falls under an index, here is the link to the creature and plant index forms. Once you fill those out, they will be posted in a separate area and will be reviewed by a story team member. Waiting - 2 After you submit your lore, it will be open for people to comment on for a period of time. As this happens, your lore will also be slotted into a queue for the next loremag. The loremag is 10 pieces of lore that players submitted that the ST Writers will review and vote on. Loremag - 3 Once your piece is selected for the next loremag, it will receive a comment stating such that locks the thread. This prevents edits from being made to the lore mid-vote. If you wish to make changes, you will need to message ST Management and explain the situation. After the lore is voted on, you will receive a verdict. Your lore will either be accepted, denied, or put on pending. If it is put in pending then you will be contacted regarding issues that the lore has which has prevented it from being accepted. You will have 2 weeks to fix these issues or else the lore will be denied. Acceptance - 4 Once your lore is accepted, it will be looked over to see if a guide is required. If you are submitting a magic, creature, or something else that is playable, you will likely need to write a guide (also covered in the aforementioned lore sub guides). Whether or not you need a guide will be told to you by the person who accepts your lore. You will be given a deadline to create the guide and if you fail to create it by the deadline, your lore will be moved to denied. Activity Trial - 5 If you submit the guide and it is approved, your lore will then be placed on an activity trial. This lasts for two months and during this time you will be responsible for spreading your lore and building up activity. The Story Team will be on the lookout for potential issues that may arise during your activity trial and will notify you if anything occurs. If things do occur, we will likely need to rebalance sections of your lore that is giving rise to the issues or take a look at how you are teaching the lore. If it seems that your lore has too many issues in the execution phase or you’re incapable of spreading it properly, it will fail the activity trial and be denied. Implementation - 6 Once your lore has passed the activity trial, it will be fully implemented as part of LotC’s canon. At this point, you will be allowed to write additions to flesh out your lore further. Just bear in mind that you will be required to maintain activity or pass it off to someone else who is capable of doing so. Implemented lore is capable of being shelved if activity dies off.
  11. Anything posted below is accepted. These replies are automatically merged from submissions that have been approved. If you wish to submit an index entry, you may use the forms found in the same forum area (look for “Creature Index Form”). The below comments will not be ordered or formatted to be pretty as we will be moving our main index to the wiki. This merely serves as an archive.
  12. FlamboyantTyrant

    Plant Index Archive - WIP

    Anything posted below is accepted. These replies are automatically merged from submissions that have been approved. If you wish to submit an index entry, you may use the forms found in the same forum area (look for “Plant Index Form”). The below comments will not be ordered or formatted to be pretty as we will be moving our main index to the wiki. This merely serves as an archive.
  13. FlamboyantTyrant

    Story Team Projects

    Story Team Projects This thread showcases projects that the Story Team will be aiming to work on. It will be updated with relevant information from time to time, which will include if we postpone a project or if we put it on the backburner (along with the reason why). Lore Standardization Project | Writers + Wiki The Lore Sect will be going through all of our existing lore and reformatting it to meet the current lore standards. From there they will be split into three piles: approved, pending, shelved. Approved pieces will be sent to the wiki sect for them to put on the wiki. Pending pieces are pieces that have some information missing, which we will then supply ourselves. Shelved pieces are pieces that are missing a hefty amount of information and are not anything impactful. These pieces will be shelved and potentially revisited in the future. This may mean updating/changing existing lore pieces, and if that should be the case we will inform the playerbases that use the pieces when the changes are done. 7.0 Storyline(s) | Writers + Actors The team will be going through 7.0’s map lore and will start planning how to adapt it into a storyline. We want to do this sooner rather than later, as with the previous maps things have been left towards the end of the map and issues arose from that. 7.0 Wiki Update | Wiki Get the wiki fully updated to reflect that we are on Arcas and also start optimizing it so that it has the latest information that can be found on the forums in regards to things such as the new player guide. Smaller Projects Event Creature Compendium | Lore + Event | A more in-depth list of creatures that can be used in events. Aim is to have them properly fleshed out and have example emotes and other things so we put an end to the inconsistencies with different actors rp'ing the same thing but differently over time. Nation + Event Relations | Event | Evaluate the system where event people would be assigned to nations to ensure they get events and then either modify it or assign people to nations. Postponed Projects /help | Lore | Get spell information off of the lore standardization project turned into paragraph infobites so we can push it into the /help menus. Do the same for alchemy. Use this as our basis for redoing enchanting across the board. Postponed until the lore standardization project has completed the relevant sections that pertain to this project. Enchantment List | Lore | The creation of a predetermined list of spells that can be used for enchanting, removing the ability to freeform enchantments outside of a new type of MArt that will go live when this project is completed. Postponed until the lore standardization project has completed the relevant sections that pertain to this project. Voidal/Deific Rewrite | Writers | Rewrite the void and the deities to take them in a new direction and fix a number of problems that each has. Postponed until the lore standardization project has completed the relevant sections that pertain to this project.
  14. FlamboyantTyrant

    The Wiki Thread

    The Wiki Thread This thread serves as a way for players to point out errors on the wiki or to request that a page be filled out. Note: Trolly requests will be met with an in-game punishment. Errors - You should submit an error form if you see misinformation on the wiki. Please be as detailed as possible and put a link to the wiki page that contains the error. New Page - You should submit a new page request for big events that occur that you believe should be recorded on the wiki. Form Request type (error/new page): Request information: Who we should contact for more info: