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  1. Flam’s Return https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPu9pkiLdVs Today I return to deal with lore enthusiasts, you can start your clock Med. Lore-wise, the Lore Games will start soonish, the document I have for it is currently getting critiqued by the lore sect and will then be pushed to admins for their approval once it is adapted into an easier to read format. I’d like to thank @Delmodan and @Frott for managing lore things while I’ve been away, I would not be here today without their support. The wiki sect welcomes @Lukariatias as the newest manager, who will be assisting @Lsuvsfar in helping update the wiki. They will be releasing a thread on changes he is making to the front page and in general soon once the team is all on the same page for it. Event-wise @ScreamingDingo and @Xarkly are currently paving the way with a few projects. Things are a bit slow though due to the lack of builds being made, but now that the developers have a new leader things should get back on track soon. I’d like to give a shoutout to @Tha_Mystery_Man for his latest large scale event, I hope to see more of those impactful events from my team soon. I’ll be making updates more often to ensure that we’re all on the same page for what the Story Team is up to, so look forward to more threads from me in the future! Also if you pm’d me over the forums while I was on hiatus, I’ll be getting to those today/tomorrow.
  2. rp description MECHANICS red lines denied for not following my GLORIOUS formatting, and half these spells don’t even fit the ascended theme and just bounce all over the place, like your ultra instinct spell and anti-magic spell, sad
  3. Hiatus has been extended to deal with some IRL things.
  4. A Flamboyant Hiatus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtICevCiuIo Anyone who knows me knows that this has been coming, I’ve been dragging myself along for the past few months in a burned out state. This is just a bit of a ramble from my POV with some tidbits. Admin? A handful of months before I became admin, there was another who was trying to dip their toes into the lore scene. They wanted to do a full rewrite of magic, except in their mind it was okay to fully wipe MAs and handpick who becomes a magic user afterwards. Since they were admin this was a scary time, since in my mind if I opposed them I could get the boot as other directors have in the past. It was around this time where I decided I wanted to go for admin to make sure that I wouldn’t have to deal with that kind of nonsense again. Luckily that admin’s particular plans never came to fruition and things returned to normal. After some time passed, another admin left the team and I saw an opportunity. I put my name forward and was eventually brought on. I’ve been an admin for a while now, having endured the cycle of most admins leaving and then a new wave joining. During that time I haven’t taken a real break besides when my computer hard drive broke down, any “hiatuses” that I took I was still trying to manage stuff over discord. Admin. Typically, I wake up to 20+ discord PMs and I’ll receive more throughout the day. I’d say this is typical for an admin. People come to us even if they should be going to another level of staff first, because they want to get an answer from the “top”, usually to try and overturn something a staff member did. Outside of that, I usually get pm’d by people having different lore questions, people requesting for me to look at their google docs of lore, people trying to dispute a decision made by one of the people on my team, or someone trying to reach me so I can play middle man for them and another admin. In my early days as admin, I tried to keep on top of all these PMs. I quickly learned that doing this would eat up hours of my day and I couldn’t get much else done. My reputation was high though, as I was one of the more responsive admins. Looking back I’m not sure if I’d change this, but I do know that keeping this up is exhausting and I couldn’t/can’t continue. Fast forward to now, I ignore most of the PMs sent my way unless they look like something that really needs my attention (e.g. a powergaming issue that I can delegate to the story team). This saves me a lot of time in the day that I can use to focus on IRL stuff, admin discussions/votes that popped up in the day, or other story team stuff that requires my attention. At the same time, it causes communication to break down. I’m going to take the Fireheart route and have forum PMs become my method of remaining in contact with folks. More on this is below. Burnout I don’t think any specific thing made me burn out, but if I had to pin the final straw on something, it’d be vaults. Dealing with vaults has to be the most mind numbing thing I’ve done in years and it sucked the life out of me. I’m not even done, there’s a handful of chests sitting in the vault area waiting for me to get to them. I get filled with dread whenever I /warp into the area though and can’t bring myself to finish. This was around when I recognized that I needed a “break”. For an admin, there are two types of breaks. There’s one where you still check in on discord and are around, and the other where you typically go totally dark for a period of time and maybe check in eventually. The latter type of break is such a pain to deal with though since things tend to implode when an admin decides to vanish. A good example of this would be Seventh’s current hiatus. Seventh honestly deserves the break and I’m not trying to put him on blast, fyi. However, with him gone, we’re missing the activity data that he would normally put together. I’ll be taking the former type of break as it wouldn’t be fair to the current admins for me to just disappear when there’s a lot of stuff still stirring. However, I’ll only be around for admin decisions/emergencies, so you should talk to ST management first if you need something story-wise. Attitude Now when you’re burned out, you tend to have little patience for whatever you’re burned out on. I’m not an exception and I’m not going to try and pretend I’m some kind of angel. There’s plenty of great people on LotC, but there’s a group that I would consider the vocal minority that continuously pop up. These certain individuals have been banging their fists on their desks trying to make some noise. Some of this noise has been good, legitimate feedback, and some of it has just been noise for the sake of noise. I’m not going to apologize for my treatment of some of these individuals, but I will apologize to the rest of the community who has been witness to the back and forth. Oh and @LorelessPuddleMancer you didn’t deserve the sass I was giving in OOC recently. However, I don’t want to permanently become the overly toxic staff member that previous people have become. Constantly dipping into the shitposting side of me isn’t what I’d consider healthy, so I’m going to stop. I’ll be taking a hiatus for 2 weeks to collect myself, starting from Wednesday. If you want to contact me, do so by sending this account a forum PM: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/profile/100598-contactflam/ Contacting the account pointers Resigning? @Medvekoma to my #1 fan, if the Lore Games hasn’t officially started by (6/19, 2 weeks after the hiatus ends), I will resign from staff. This thread has been admin approved so if things haven’t gotten rolling by the deadline, I’ll be gone. I don’t want to take up space on the admin team if my hiatus isn’t able to help with my burned out state, so we’ll see how things go. Hiatus Notes I will be trying to finish vaults in the next few days before my hiatus starts on Wednesday, along with wrapping up a player report that has been given to me recently. I’ll be delegating anything else that was on my plate to my management, so if you had something that was sitting on the Story side of things, you’ll be contacted soon by them.
  5. With the lore games coming up, one of the major points of contention is magic and combat. Many of the problems that a lore piece has is made apparent in combat due to a spell or creature being broken. This is why a majority of the issues we've noticed pertaining to lore stems from a combat situation. As such, I wish to tackle this problem and intend to nerf/limit combat magic in some manner. The question is how far to go and how to go about doing it. For this purpose I am doing a your view to gather opinions and see how the community feels. Below are the new parameters for how a spell should be balanced, which pertains to a question above. They have been broken up into sections for easier reading if you are not familiar with them. Current Spell Parameters (Timing) Current Spell Parameters (Effects) Current Spell Parameters (Counters) Current Spell Parameters (Lethality) Any comments that do not have to do with the thread will be removed.
  6. As mentioned here, you keep saying that our proof is “ghaz said x”, which isn’t the case. If that was proof we’d have banned a lot of other people when ghaz pulled stunts. Your video doesn’t prove anything as that could have been recorded whenever (e.g. after the ban occurred to try and get your friend unbanned). The evidence we have is private as it would expose someone who provided reliable proof that Flamelynx took part of the raid with an alt account and we don’t feel like giving up a person like that just because some people are angry. You can keep making posts, but it isn’t going to change anything.
  7. Flam’s Last Stand Over the past few years, I’ve been working at reshaping lore. This has entailed getting rid of a lot of problematic lore pieces, pieces that were no longer being used/just adding to the bloat, and figuring out how we should fix what remains. My biggest regret here is taking so long to do this. I didn’t want to cause a massive upset by ripping off the band-aid all at once, but I believe that it needs to happen in order to allow for us to focus on more important things later this year. As such, I have mostly written out ideas for how to tackle various problems found in lore that we still have, even for popular pieces (e.g. Naztherak’s vagueness when it comes to mechanics). Over the course of the next few weeks, I will be ironing out the details with the Story Team and Administration. Many of the changes I want to make will be large/potentially controversial, such as finally taking an aim at combat magics/creatures and putting a much higher emphasis on non-combative/creative abilities, but ultimately will be aimed at limiting the amount of problems a lore piece can produce and to ensure that both non-lore and lore users can interact without a bunch of LOOC confusion ensuing when conflict breaks out. As soon as that is over, I will make a few threads detailing all the changes being set forward to lore (and reformatting that into the lore sub guides, which will be made easier to consume). These threads will make up the new lore standard and will be applied to all lore going forward. The games will start at that time. The Lore Games The Lore Games will be where all of our current playable lore (creatures, magics, some world lore, a list will be provided when the games launch) will have a period of time (likely 2-3 months, not set in stone so don’t worry about time yet) to come up with a rewrite that meets the new standard set forth. Each group will have a discord chat made for it, along with a supervising Story Team member who will assist in answering questions or passing questions along to the rest of the team. We realize that some folks might be confused and thus want to make sure each group will have support of some kind to ensure everyone has a fair chance. Shelved lore pieces will also be up for grabs. So if you wanted to bring Fae, Necromancy or even Muun’ back, you should be able to assuming you follow the guidelines and the new standard for what needs to be included and avoided. If a group is incapable of adapting and rewriting their lore within the period of time given, it will be shelved. This will ensure that we get rid of the old pieces, while having given it a fair chance at surviving. Those that participate successfully and adapt their pieces to the new standard will be given a prize. They will also be put into a lottery with every other successful piece for a chance at a larger prize. Why? This allows all lore pieces to be fixed in a short period of time, with those incapable of adapting being removed fairly. We can address things like the voidal weakness being crap and other problematic things that have been set in stone for a while, allowing for things to be balanced all the way to the foundation of lore. Lore being fixed on a wide scale means a much lower maintenance cost down the line, allowing for the lore sect to focus on creating lore and assisting in storylines rather than cleaning up messes. We will be able to create useful /help information for spells, creatures, and other playable lore pieces to help those who believe they are being powergamed and also assist moderation team members after this is complete due to everything following the formatting. Lore pieces that undergo the games successfully will come out with fleshed out lore and a guide, allowing for a much easier understanding of the lore and how it is meant to be used. This will be a step in the return of self-teaching. What Happens Now? We will continue on as normal until the Games are fully fleshed out and ready to begin. I don’t believe you should start rewriting at the moment as what you think is fine now might be different when the new standard is released, but it wouldn’t hurt to start planning. Those of you who are heavily invested in lore related playerbase or maintaining a piece should start reviewing the lore in question. You should be looking for what it is lacking in terms of the current formatting, such as ability mechanics (this is the thing a lot of pieces are missing).
  8. Thank you for submitting your piece! It is now under review, you should have a verdict around the 1st (give or take a few days).
  9. Thank you for submitting your piece! It is now under review, you should have a verdict around the 1st (give or take a few days).
  10. Thank you for submitting your piece! It is now under review, you should have a verdict around the 1st (give or take a few days).
  11. Thank you for submitting your piece! It is now under review, you should have a verdict around the 1st (give or take a few days).
  12. Thank you for submitting your piece! It is now under review, you should have a verdict around the 1st (give or take a few days).
  13. Thank you for submitting your piece! It is now under review, you should have a verdict around the 1st (give or take a few days).
  14. Thank you for submitting your piece! It is now under review, you should have a verdict around the 1st (give or take a few days).
  15. Thank you for submitting your piece! It is now under review, you should have a verdict around the 1st (give or take a few days).
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