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  1. Richard Allen Horen, son of John Owyn Horen, brother of Phillip Frederick Horen, leans back in his seat laughing as his final ship is built. "I don't care who owns the land, I'm still warclaiming you."
  2. It ain't scary. Seeing a harbinger on the road and realizing it was kahzo and goldrim is scary. You arent scary.
  3. Rp fear, ooc fear, a plug in that makes them unkillable like herbs or undead, and player control
  4. Apart from what anyone says, we aren't getting an antag. Tahmas and 501 both have to approve it and yea, won't happen. A similar bug type antag was proposed but was turned down a bit back by 501. Anyways, I don't like it, just doesn't seem like an antag. For a proper antag you have to have four things, and this has none of it.
  5. Hu-din spits on the ground in disgust. "Ut uz da Krughanistan Bloc ur utz wagh."
  6. Let me tell you a secret, ET have a basic magic wand currently. And /hm
  7. You never said we couldn't post cappy fan art.
  8. You see, who should win in a fist fight, an orc or human.
  9. Uruk buff should be when a uruk takes damage, they get strength for 8 seconds. bloodlust, works with lore.
  10. I agree. Fix this mess.
  11. Buzog watches as Drokon's name is carved into the Wall of Ancestors. He grunts a single time as he drops a war axe in the pile of Tribute. "Gug'ye Rex."
  12. One who wishes to enter the ancestral plane must be one who lives an honorable life. How is a life of partying honorable? And also, honorable also in uruks standards of honor. Most these noobs deserve death but what I mean is old urukish standards of honor. Spending a night in the hot springs of the pink forest doesn't instantly put you into the ancestral plane.
  13. Khel [Baconthief] - One of the greatest mali'ker to live, he uplifted his people out from the abyss. He is renowned for his frightful ferocity paired with a cunning mind Arganos [FactCore] - A superb party goer and thrower, and a maestro in the art of entertainment and celebration. Renowned for his skill in acrobatics and many musical instruments. Kaldo - A firm but fatherly figure among most living mali'ker, he guided his people through adversity. Renowned for his carefulness and authority. Jiub [Sky] - An immense figure who founded the Div'cruan. Known for his strength, honour, and bravery. Delilah [Decolamb] - A matriarchal figure to the dark elves during the time of Thales and early Athera, her love and care brought many dark elves into the fold and gave them purpose. Lenden [LinkKN2] - An outgoing member of the Div’cruan and a servant to the ‘Ker. Lenden’s happiness was infectious to those around him. Weather through kind words or a bright smile, Lenden lit up many ‘Ker’s lives and left a lasting impact after his passing. High above the dead lands of Gundâr Broshan stands the gateway to the Stargush’Stroh: Kor’s Gateway. From here the Greater Spirit of the Dead himself stands as a warden of his lands. It is here where he who encompasses all that is dead and all that are, guards his gate. Every spirit that wishes to enter must be granted his approval, for only those that lived an honourable life may call themselves worthy enough to live in the Stargush’Stroh. Read these two things and tell me how each one fits with the other?
  14. Many uruks are threatened with bans each. for not speaking blah. Hedgehug or Smawton posted lore creating hunchback appearance for uruks. The spirit realm isn't up for shamans to decide who goes up, it's up to Krug. Not Hellfiazz or Hedge. Krughatten was carried over from 1.0 to 2.0. The uruks failed many tests and it blew up in the hills. Plus his name is Goldrim, not Timsalabim. Craotor throwing lightning back at the undead has constantly been ignored by GM's and LT's along with some shamans powers of summoning full sentient ancestral spirits into the mortal realm. Also they ignore the power of the uruks, such as the Chuckaboo Whirlwind and the power and strength of the shamans.
  15. Fighting is the uruks status thank you very much.