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  1. Great man. Great AT. Great Bosnian.
  2. The Kha have been purified by the spirits, purging them of any work created by the Daemons. Or that is what the uruks consider now.
  3. Let's put this in simple terms. Iblees is viewed as a Daemon, Iblees created the undead. Every Daemon is viewed evil by the Uruks and Spirits, we hate them all. We consider every creature created by Daemons as undead. Please learn uruk lore and traditions, thank you very much.
  4. 1. We never gave up our city, it was taken from us. It is a spirit holy site, from which Krug had blessed, you disgrace his holy site by being their and tainting it with being undead, creatures created by a daemon. 2. There were multiple talks that were attempted to be arranged and the Hou-zi tried to murder us. 3. From RP standpoint, a Hou-zi tried to eat a uruk. 4. The Hou-zi ARE UNDEAD, URUKS ARE MEANT TO KILL UNDEAD. Pretty simple. 5. Krug wills it, that is the only Casus Belli uruks truly need. It is an uruk's job to protect the lands from a threat created by the daemons, if a spirit orders us to do something, we do it. Krug and the spirits have claimed you as the next target, so it is war. Please refer to A Vision Falls Ill for any questions. Thank you, now I suggest we both stop responding and wait for Hb.
  5. I am a nation leader alongside 6x. the hou zi murdered uruks, attempted to kill our rex, and have insulted the spirits. These all are reasons for a warclaim. Moving on to allies, this is a quiet ambush and noone other then who 6x would tell would know, cutting off the hou zi. I do hope this clears things up. uruks are returning to the playing field of removing the undead and polluted creatures. We have done with the Kha many times. Uruk lore tells us to hunt and destroy creatures of daemons because you are classified as undead. Please refer to the warclaim on the Kha city from 4.0, 3.0, or any other maps for more info, thanks.
  6. Who the **** said you could give him my skin?
  7. You sir are a bloody ****.
  8. Then unban everyone from your ts.
  9. teegah and german said it's done.
  10. Well I'm not the one dating Priceflash rn. no
  11. If you would have given me GM, everyone here would be out to crucify me, not you. But oh no, no wolf for gm.
  12. Honestly, I'll say this, why would Tahmas risk his whole life over something over the internet. Tahmas isn't that ******* stupid. Mixed feedback, but know both sides of the story before posting **** m8y. Come fight me pyro, fight me at PAX.
  13. A Vision Falls Ill https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ASj81daun5Q Word travels across the land, from the nine men who saw the original vision. One descendant dropped to his knees as everyone around began to see a war happening in the blink of an eye. The story travels as the first bard hears, sharing it with every squire and town crier. Like a sickness, the story passes on, one to another, from mouth to ear, some words disappear. Yet the story stays intact. “A sea of Green and Gold, a wave of Orange and Black. The City of Bastion under siege. The Army of the Westerlands standing strong as the head of House Winter stands in their ranks. Caius among them all as the first shot launches from the lines of trebuchets, shaking the walls. Elves of the woods and uruks of the mesa were seen among these mighty men. Horns blasted inside as the catapults and ballistas fired back, launching glowing rockets across the sky. The Orange Banners smack into the dirt as the short men in the fields begin to scream. A troll, scarred from years in an arena covered in armour walks down the center line, approaching the gate.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qwJj2EpC8vg “Both sides go quiet as the troll’s fist strikes the gate. It grunts and walks backwards and let’s out a deep roar. At that moment a chilling voice is heard from the Green and Gold ranks and the sky lights up again with stones covered in alchemist fire, soaring through the sky as they impact against the gate. The soldiers of the Westerlands, of House Winter, of the elves and uruks, and of the last free men rush down. Screams come out as the Orange and Grey banners push against the now shattered gate. Yet a strange scream can be heard, a scream from the valley, from the pit around Bastion. A lifeless horde, a horde of death of and destruction begins to march from the lowest tombs of the Westerlands. As the ones of the vision would see, at their front ranks, the undead once known as Jacques de Felsen marches well ahead of any of the ghouls, each monster obeying their leader. The Orange banners clash against the mighty Red Fleet, pushing them back across the bridge as bolts whiz down, dropping each man. A lone man begins to cry as he looks down the side of the city. The endless undead horde has pushed itself up, climbing over the bodies of each other.” “That one soldier who looked over the edge was grabbed by Jacques and thrown over, his scream locked in the minds of both sides. As the defenders retreated deeper into the city, the endless fire in the skies ceased to stop. Killing their own troops, the attackers continued to fire. The undead horde began it’s way around the walls killing any stragglers as the gates shut to the palace of the Westerlands. Caius and his final forces, man and elf, uruk and Winter, stood side by side watching the doors. As oil dropped upon a troll approaching the final gate, it’s fist slammed against the doors, over and over, until finally, the doors fell.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z28lwyQjuTY “Every defender let loose their arrows as the troll pushed it’s way through and fell to it’s knees. And with Caius charging forward, the beast’s head rolled to the corner of the room. The remaining of the defenders pushed against the horde, slaughtering every man and dwarf, Green and Orange, that walked into their last stand. Yet as the numbers continued to grow for the siegers, the defenders began to fall. The sound of swords and shields striking faded away as only one man was left. Caius pushing his way back towards the throne, killing anyone who came near. Yet, a haunting laugh sent chills down his spine. As the shadowed figure steps into the light and grabs the head of Caius, a knife is plunged through his neck. And the last that Caius saw was the undead body of Tobias Staunton.”
  14. Ooc: MC Name: wolfkite1 Do you have skype?: no Do you have Teamspeak?: no Are you a GM alt spying on us? soon to be, they want me to practice before i get my blue tag IC: Name: Za'Zilaz the Kid Place of Residence: Faiz Kharadeen's Harem How many fruit carts do you squat?: More then Philip Frederick, that is why he ruined Oren. Do you have battle experience?: I didn't fight in Mt. Augustus, so idk what pvp is like. Do you pledge yourself to the Captain, so long as he is fit to lead?: Only if I get paid in walnuts.
  15. If you are referring to when I went public about the words of an admin, I could provide the logs that confirm the event occurred and the admin stating he was wrong for doing so. But thank for your beneficial feedback compared to your Dwarven counterparts, it's appreciated.