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  1. Richard Allen Horen shrugs and goes back to relaxing on the shores, smoking a blunt. "Ah, just another fool. Ten minas says his father beat him."
  2. No
  3. Richard Allen Horen kneels near the edge of the ruins of J-burg. He mutters to himself, "Brother, it was never too late. Oren lives on, no matter what anyone says. Renatus, Skravia, Hanseti, and every other kingdom are remembered, yet Oren shall live on" Richard stands before walking off, making his own plans.
  4. This proves my point, the admins don't care that this is an RP server anymore. First Capture the Wool in Roleplay, now this? What's next, the hunger games?
  5. I do understand everyone's points, but the thing is, what happens to these groups when there is no one else to fight. Many have the goal to form off and create their own kingdom, but how will that work when they are 20 different kingdoms about on the server. Prior to Oren, I know there was Alras, Skravia, Hanseti, Renatus, but what happens when you thin out the playerbase so much, there's nothing left.
  6. -=- LOTC’s Biggest Failure -=- I want to apologize to those who thought this would be a MEME Thread, but it isn’t, but do stay and read. LOTC has had one notable feature since 2.0, and that was Oren. Why does Oren play an important to the server, it is the only main RP Hub for new players to join. Now, why is it the only main RP Hub: Every group is often a OOC circle jerk, hardly ever taking in new members, yet the main city of Oren often lets new players gain safe haven, a place to make friends, a place to build up their skill before branching off. The problem is, what happens to new players when this safe haven is destroyed, they have no place to go. Either small groups will ignore new players joining or they will fight over them. With the Civil War, there goal is to split Oren into enough pieces where it will never reform. Yet each group wants to form their own city or nation. These nations will be isolated, most players being barred from them by their Mc name. But why is this a problem? Whenever most players want to roleplay, they go to the High elves, Wood elves, or J-burg based on their character and their liege. If everyone is roleplaying in groups of 5 or 10 players, barring out others, how will RP be able to grow. These players will then complain about no RP, no events, and no RP Hubs, yet they are the ones that destroyed them. Oren is often called the Antag of LOTC, but what is the reason of an Antag. An antag was created to provide a storyline for LOTC, but most importantly, they were created to provide an opponent to fight against the server, that forced the server to work together. They were the common enemy of LOTC that everyone had to fight to survive. But the current ET’s and Admins have stalled the creation of an Antag, since the failure in 4.0, brewed together by 501warhead. Since then, the server was left on it’s own, and World War III broke out from it. They continue to stall the creation of the Antag’s, which continues to rip the RP out of the server. Now, why this is called LOTC’s Biggest Failure, is the failure are the admins. Tahmas, 501, Ever, and Telanir. These Admins have lives, I understand, everyone understands. They wish to make LOTC a place of enjoyment for all, not just three large groups. But have these admins ever thought about what happens when the largest RP Hub is destroyed. The server will become a constant PVP server, with RP hidden in the darkest corners. These admins are hands off admins that have never truly thought about what will happen with server events. Now, why did this occur. Admins are picked by the GM Team in most cases, or Team leads. But who assigns these GM’s to their spots, a GM Lead. The GM lead is able to chose his friends, people who he knows can do the job, but help him get into higher positions. The GM Team was turned into a circle jerk long before Tahmas and 501 were ever Admin, and they can’t really be blamed for it. But when they allow it to continue, there is a problem. They have had the chance to fix it, but never did. I do not wish to be rude to these people, but this had to be said, and so does this. With the splitting of roleplay into over 30 groups, some of who do not care for RP, RP will die. And when RP dies, LOTC will die. Now, should the Civil War be allowed to continue and the server has the chance to die from this? Or should the staff step in to potentially save the server? You decide. (side note, not a hate thread, just an opinion thread. dont kill me with warns plez gm's and fm's) (ps: nothing against the rebels, just has to be said.)
  7. No coups that aren't pure rp based. If they are rp based, do a planned weekday skirmish. Screw regions, let rp take control. If I want to burn down your house, I should be able to do it.
  8. "I know only one king, the king of Skravia. Oi oi." says a lone bard.
  9. What I bring up is a player who isn't always knowledgable when they get sucked into situations. A brand new player joins the server and is stopped at the human gates, they don't know what city is, what they're doing, or of current events. Say they have a skin with a mask because they think it's cool, instantly they are killed by the J-burg guards and called an edgy. If an insult is big enough to be put on the NSA plugin, then it's a problem. And yea, some players turn out alright, but when other players are twisted and not aided with being brought into the server, they go off and don't know how to be an addition to the server. And do not tell me Wendigo that you don't understand how this server works. There are cliques, cliques that don't allow anyone in. These players come to the server and say they want to learn magic, everyone turns them down because they aren't chill with the teachers. The system of LOTC has become corrupt enough that no one can even do anything without being ooc'ly friendly with every leader of a group. Let me give you an example, magic was changed and MA's were put into place. With MA's, you have to have a teacher for every magic, so every magic became a circle jerk instead of just Necromancy, Shamanism, and Druidism. These players are turned down from these circle jerk groups because they don't know how to roleplay. Instead of turning them down, these players could help the new players learn to roleplay.
  10. Get to work coder boi
  11. Yet, take a look at the other races, it's a common fact to just outcast players that struggle with RP. It's good to hear the uruks are helping new players, but everyone should follow in their footsteps.
  12. Everyday a player similar to what I began at walks around. They are toxic ooc'ly, thinking they know the rules when truly, they don't even know how to spell their own name. Yet now, everyone is quick to jump at the players and harass them and insult them instead of actually sitting down and talking to them, explaining what they did wrong and helping them get better. Most of the time, these players end up banned and never return to LOTC. GM's are far too quick to ban players instead of helping them, they think the ban will help them, but it doesn't. Being banned from LOTC doesn't make you a better part of LOTC, take a look at DPM (<3). Compare it to prison. Prison is viewed as a place to just dump people instead of helping them regain the skills they need to be a efficient part of the community, yet it doesn't happen. This is the exact thing for LOTC. Players are continuously banned until they quit because they can't get better from being banned. Here is my idea, a team of older players from every race, every play style to help these players. Sit down, talk with them, help them roleplay better, and it would create a better environment for LOTC. Could it be a punishment for a player who breaks the rules, acting as community service. Or could players apply and GM's dealing with these players can send them their way. Or the AT could actually do their job! Too long has LOTC just ignored players needing help instead actually aiding them. Make LOTC Great Again. Support Mentors and Guides once again. Edit: Do you really want players like me on LOTC. Or do you want players that contribute to the server, you decide.
  13. Mines a simple one From Marcitos Sorry HB, couldn't find your Fort Dunamis video. Videos only, no idiotic comments. Feel free to say why it's your favorite as well.
  14. This server has survived thanks to the bois from the beginning. You new players who vote 1.9 rip LOTC from these players. From Aesopian who has put nearly 10k hours into the server or Alakabam and Dreek who spent countless years running around, laughing. From stigwig to dibly, from bungo to Chuck, Nordic to pito, ryno to hunwald, Paul to faiz, Harold to bravo, zhulik to goldrim, arteh to Pyro, vege to dpm, altiak to alty, mj to bagel. Don't let these memories disappear, support the olderror players and vote 1.8.