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  1. I'm sorry, I cannot support this candidate. It is a common trait for staff members these days to join every staff team and do no work. If Fiter was to step down from Lore Team, I would approve. He has flaws, yet everyone does. Some worse then others, Thomas.
  2. Hu-din nods as he ties locks his door, leaving his crocodile in a cage and his dog tied up. "Mi nub truzt da znelfz with latz dub, Mi huurd dey eetz animalz." The large orc slams his door shut as he begins to find his outfit in his closet.
  3. Both sides were informed that thursday would be an open field skirmish. Ggt knew of this and informed you in ts. Keaton ignored ggt. Don't complain, just don't bring Keaton.
  4. You are removing any work done to increase the bonds between staff and players. If you want more people doing things and getting projects done, then demote the mods and Admins who do nothing. And also, when you want to change something you'll pull these people into a chat and you will go off their opinions not the servers. Every voice matters because without the smallest of voices, lotc would not be up currently. Stop adding onto your circle jerk and remove it. Demote the mods who do nothing and add good hearted people like Rebecca and wolfdwg to higher positions and get rid of the Admins that hold the community back. 4 of the 5 Admins in the recent years have caused more regression then when VAs came back. Stop being a child Thomas and grow up, do what's best for the server, not yourself and your friends.
  5. This is an attempt to remove the voices of the players. Doing this tears the thin threads between the community and the current administration is cutting every thread. There is no difference between the players and Admins just a red tag, listen to us instead of making new ranks.
  6. They just want us gone priceflash. I don't know why, we are good people.
  7. --=-- The Horns Call --=-- Messengers of the War Uzg travel around the lands, delivering letters to each town. Through jungles or deserts, mountains or caves, no town is forgotten. "Citizens of Axios, each Isle has been warned. It has come to the attention of the New Age of Krugmar that whitewash orcs, goblins, and ologs roam your lands. The orcs shall not negotiate any longer with these outcasts. Either through self banishment or banishment by the Rex, they have left their brothers, they have left Krug. The spirits have spoken to the orcs, and for unity they have asked of the orcs. The Ox Clan and all other citizens of Golin'Dar have committed and act of terrorism and hate against the Proud War Nation. The Ox Clan has renounced the spirits and have begun to worship the Dark Mages, Undead, and Dragaars. They have found safe haven inside the heads of the Dragaars after seeking treaty with the corrupted. Their land, their kind, is corrupted. This is the last chance to you, seek mercy in the face of Krug or die. This is the last chance to every whitewash. We will find you, and you will burn. You are not safe. The New Age has Begun."
  8. OOC/RP Application MC Name: wolfkite1 RP Name: Kruzhar Skype Account ((PM me if you wish for it to be private)): you got it Timezone: cst Profession: woodworker, fisher, farmer chef, lumberjack, miner Do you have Teamspeak?/Are you willing to download it?: have it I accept the pk clause, forums broke for me.
  9. My opinion is, the Admins need to be like tythus. Tythus does his work behind the scenes because he cares for the server and he knows if he gets involved with his owner rank, things will go south. Thomas, gusano, and beast need to stop pushing their agendas and work for the fun of every player, not their edgy magic groups. 501 needs to talk with the players about plug-ins and Telanir needs to come off his 364 days hiatus or demote himself. The Gm team is a group of friends that just spend their time in a circle jerk, the et as well. And the Lt. The Lt are improving but the gms and ET are impossible to communicate with. The problem is the staff care more about themselves then the community. As I spoke to @501warhead about the death of the server which will be when the player base kills itself, he agreed, yet he said the others don't care. This is pathetic. Either work with the community or get off the staff team. Also grim, a heads up. Let me give you a quote. Josh: "wolf applied for Gm again, should I just deny it?" Thomas: "don't worry about it, if anyone adds him to any team, they are losing their lead position. I don't want autists on my staff team." Don't talk about private matters in unlocked channels thomas, not good for you. @GrimReaper98 @arockstar28 @Beast720 @Gusano Arentonio @Telanir @Thomas
  10. "Goblins didn't exist for a long time and Goblins chose to live in the sewers. Also the Uzg keeps ologs well fed. I think you should get your facts straight." states the quartermaster.
  11. Kruzhar signs and also kills any fake wanna be dunamis people.
  12. The main goon Kruzhar salutes his boss as he nods at the statement.
  13. Minecraft name/s: wolfkite1 Age: 17 Timezone: CST Skype/Discord: you have them both, so does telanir, 501, gusano, and beast What is your availability: 4 CST to 11 CST if needed Tell us an issue you currently experience on the server: Many issues impact the server currently. Some given examples are Staff and Player Communications, the overall bonds and friendships of the server, the war system, the raid system, and the current way bans are handled. How do you feel individual GMs should present themselves?: Global Moderators should act as though they are the ones holding this community together. A bad moderation team results in a horrible player base. If the Moderators are too serious, it makes unhappy players. If Moderators troll too much, players will be unhappy. It is the job of a moderator to find the equal balance on the server well moderating the player base to keep every group and race in check. How do you feel the GM team collectively should present itself?: As I state everyday, the server is a company, the moderators are the employees. Every moderator should act as they are going to work each day and the team together is the internal administration. Please list three players who will vouch for you: Three players vouching for me is something that can bring across a biased. Everyone has flaws and everyone has benefits, so here are a few players that can show three points of view of me. @Teegah- Why I bring Teegah into this is to show that I can be trusted. Many say I can’t be trusted with PEX, many say I would find ways to abuse and make the server hell. Teegah trusts me everyday to find glitches and bugs to make his job easier. I report every glitch and stick to the basic rewards handed out to any player in those categories. @LadyRebecca - Why I bring LadyRebecca into this is to show that I am serious now. I have sat down with Rebecca at any chance I could to work with her and the moderation team. Already without a rank, I go out and find players that don’t have a voice and I help them express themselves through in game and forums. With these issues, I have discussed many things with Rebecca such as an alternate route through Ban Appeals and Blacklists, yet sadly one of my ideas was stolen by Chaw. :( @501warhead- Why I bring Kalenz into this is to show that I have the server in my eyes. In the past few days from this post, I’ve been sitting down in the LOTC Discord, helping players anyway possible and I’ve been talking about the state of the server with 501. I have shared many ideas with 501 that he believes could benefit the server if implemented correctly. @Final - Why I bring Finalhazard into this is to show that I have never actually abused a glitch I have found. I joke around about it, trying to make a pleasant joke about horrible things, yet this man knows that never once, in my time on LOTC, I abused anything. What is your relationship with the members of the current GM Team?: My current relationship is a shaky one. I am the type of guy that when I find out something such as Thomas trying to get the dwarves to cause trouble on the forums, or that a biased Global Moderator has been banning players for cash, I will bring this issue to the eyes of the server until my last breath. Yet, with these things, I work quite well with most of the Administration, as well as Harold, Rebecca, Hexe, Xarkly, and Z3m0s. What are your finest and worst traits?: Worst: Proudful- I’m a proud man, I’m American. I stand up for my beliefs and if anyone crosses them and tells me I’m wrong, I will fight them until I’m done in round 15, beaten and bloody, then I’ll stand back up and throw the right hook. I will never back down, this is a positive yet fatal flaw in me. Finest: Loyalty- I’m loyal to any cause I join. I will never back away and I will never stop working till I achieve my goals. If I have to walk through hell and back just to get a cookie, if I want that cookie I will get it. Finest: Overcome- Linking this to Loyalty, if I am told to do the simplest task, yet I come across a problem, I will handle it. This may be from trial and error or going to our friendly neighborhood Harold to get help, but I will get past this problem. Tell us about your time on Lord of the Craft: That describes it all. What parts of the server are you most interested in?: I am most interested in Staff and Player interaction and fixing the Ban System. Other than yourself, who of the current applicants would you like to see on the GM Team?: I personally suggest DPM. Even though he is not an applicant, he can still bring great joy to the staff team. He is an expert at identifying hackers and handling war systems that are enjoyable for everyone. Link me a good song:
  14. Tis a youngling meme my friend. And yea, I've been preaching this for the past few months. I'm glad someone is finally realizing the server's ban system is broken.