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  1. "Thanks."
  2. "Rocco Romstun taught me well."
  3. THE TRUE CROWN, 1617 Issued and Confirmed by His Imperial Majesty the True Emperor of Oren, 9th of the Grand Harvest, 1617 “Some men look for a fight well others look for a battle. In House Horen, we don't want a fight or battle, we want unity.” His Grace, Gregor Gaius Horen, ushering the words of his late father, Richard Allen Horen. The Empire of my Family has not been forgotten, but viewed as a beast to those who were not under it. From Philip Frederick to now John V Frederick, they have used fear and oppressive matters to conquer and take titles. For too long the True Descendants of Horen have sat back and let these monsters, these abominations denounce their ancestors and forget their roots as they smudge the ROYAL name of Horen and destroy years of History and Tradition. This ends now. As Son of Richard Allen Horen, Son of John Owyn Horen, Son of John Sigismund Horen, I have returned. I, Gregor Gaius Horen, denounce the Lost Emperor, John V Frederick. He has abandoned his people in a time of War that he has perfected through his years of destroying any ties to Kingdoms of afar. He has denounced GOD and his Ancestors, ridding himself of any claims to the true line of succession of House Horen. He is a cruel imposter who has been born through the acts of incest of his suicidal father. John V Frederick is gone. He shall not return to the Empire of Oren. From this day on. I, Gregor Gaius Horen, the Lost Son, claim my birthright seized from me by the infamous bastard Philip Frederick and declare myself the Emperor of Oren. John V Frederick, the Child of Incest, has declared war against the True Descendants of Horen, Malin, Urguan, and Krug. He has betrayed his true brothers for those of the undead. From this day on, those who follow me will not draw blades against the True Descendants. Now, is the Age of Peace. Those who wish for all to live in a world of peace and glory, support the True. To those who still call themselves Descendants. Will you have peace with those terms? “I kneel to no man except my true brother.” The words of Rocco Romstun in the Battle for Skravia. IN NOMINE DEI, HIS GLORIOUS IMPERIAL MAJESTY Gregor Gaius of House Horen, Emperor of Oren.
  4. @Fitermon I heard you got beef with me boi. 1 v 1 me pixelmon. 

    1. Fitermon


      I don't got beef I've got pork.

    2. Zindran


      Who'd you waste your 911th post on my man

  5. You cried about pieman warclaiming you and you can't keep track of anything as shown through the warclain. I'd say drfate would be a better choice.
  6. How is it fair for the Devil to burn and for God to rule. Yet both are as balanced as you or I?


    G'day bby.

  7. "I called it, said by the end of the month they would be back." states Gregor Gaius. "A few sky gods owe me fifty bucks."
  8. Option 3 but only old and wise Gm's can hand out blacklists or it's a team vote for a blacklist. sounds fair. no more combustionarys swinging the blacklist hammer around.
  9. Who said I pkd the persona?
  10. End the staff circle jerk and destroy the throne. Remove armour weight and remove nexus leveling. Just have everyone be able to do everything with a random percentage at aengulic level. Get an antag to keep players busy so ooc cuckery goes down. Get rid of the new staff member grind, ask the managers about that. More community bonding. Remove shamanism. @DivineJustice
  11. Divine, who is the uruk et and mt had no problem when I spoke to him about these. He was going to post this but was too busy to help me write. Also, you are stating things related to shamanism, this is shamanism, yes, but is also apart of the spirits, moving it past the boundaries. Also, either fooddude or divine was with me for some of these. I'm quite sure both are fluid and would have stopped these items from ever being produced if they were not legit items. Also with your final point, no offense, but if you don't understand the concept of spirits being able to take the form of pretty much abything or put their strength into anything, you havent paid much attention to the lore, spirits can take any form they wish. I do suggest if you have anything against this, I'd rather not spam this post. I suggest talking to divine.
  12. Also a quick edit as I was reading writicis stuff again, misread it all at the time. I do apologize. But yea. These are way late because I just got my shamanism back less then a month ago after fighting the shamanism circle jerk. I've had better things to do then do this. But with redoing the rp. Idk, I went through tons of events and with this, all my 2 years of work are thrown down the drain if the et says, nah, you don't get it. That's why I'm just applying for the MART and ending it there. And then with tether points, shamanism currently uses the basic concept of tether points to work. Every spirit needs to tether to the mortal realm and can choose where to tether and how to tether. Either through the means of imbueing their powers into a weapon or taking a physical form. They choose where their energy or form appears when it is destroyed. Most retreat to the spirit realm. Sorry for misreading the first time around. @Pandasan
  13. 1. These items were given as event rewards. 2. They were used many times in front of the high shamans of 4.0 and no one complained. 3. My character, Hu-din'Dom, did his trials to receive these items. I'm just getting them recorded, as by Fitermon's statement, I should do that. 4. I'm not having them done in Spirit smithing because first of all, they were done pre-SS era, and personally, they were event rewards that got green lit by the MT of the time, most of which, are just cosmetics. @Pandasan 1. Thanks for calling this bullshit, I do love reading your feedback. 2. They aren't possible with Spirit Smithing because they weren't done with spirit smithing, glad to see your concern. 3. I do believe i got the brand from Lark, I don't remember, I either got the brand or a duck call from him in an event. I got these events through my long years on the server, 3 years to be exact. It's like you with all of your relics, you pick them up as you. Glad to see your concern! @Hedgehug
  14. There were rules in place stating you can't fast travel directly to a base or city raid it.