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  1. One of Linandria's paler residents reads a poster over, scratching at her head before finally muttering out "Probably shouldn't... Maybe?"
  2. Just linking since same response. Information is not public, or at least not easily found for non-magic team players, about artifacts being group voted upon. Gonna also recommend again that you calm down.
  3. Where is this easy to find information then? In the Information section of the Magic Applications there appear to be only two pages that are focused upon the artifact system. The oldest is this one: It doesn't mention anywhere about voting. The next page to have artifacts in the title is this guide, only 10 days old. Now upon reading that post over the closest thing I found that could hint towards voting was this small section. However, that's talking about an event item and doesn't explicitly state that the team votes upon it. Merely that it's the magic team, not the event team, that would process the item in question. Thus I can't really find where you claim that this information is so easily found. Surely it should have been within the Information section for magic applications? Or perhaps its somewhere that only members of the magic team can view? I'd never even heard of the entire team voting upon artifacts until you guys suddenly brought it up on your applications here. You really should calm down Jax.
  4. If you reread Fuffy's post here they're not implying that Fitermon accepted his own applications for anything but rather that he used his friends on the team ("your circlejerk buddies") to accept them for him. Which if you look at Fitermon's artifact applications only one was accepted by Toodles. The rest of them Jax, known for being Fitermon's close friend, approved for him. That would seem to support Fuffy's comment. Just wanted to point that out since people seemed confused.
  5. As Fuffy already pointed out you make a ridiculous amount of magical artifacts, some that honestly should have been denied either because of what they do or what you named them which leads people to believe they got through due to bias and abuse of position. To add on to that during your run on the magic team not only did I have an experience where you meta-gamed mental magic but also an experience where it took you over a half hour just to help resolve a confusing situation. During that half hour you insisted upon filling up the server chat with "memes" instead of actually assisting us or simply staying quiet and logs of that event were handed over. The feedback I left on your lore team application applies here as well so I'll quote that below.
  6. I'd recommend going to the nation/town your character lives in and asking the leader if you can build such a thing somewhere on their land or if they have a building you can use.
  7. Sometimes people will post on the forums that they're trying to auction a specific item or set of items but that's the closest thing I can think of to a player run auction.
  8. There are two auctioneer NPCs at spawn along with one in just about each town.
  9. "Didn't know shamans were capable of such things... How fascinating." Cheza purrs her words softly to the Fen in her hand, using its ethereal glow to read the poster. "I wonder what the ritual is like, maybe if we find someone that has had this flesh smiting done they'll let us watch."
  10. Exactly how I feel as well and the responses Drfate has given to people on this app so far seem to just confirm this.
  11. Favorite paladin. I think he'd do well handling the holy magics, obviously Xan but also extending at least a helping hand towards the others. +1
  12. Very good spook, +1
  13. Down with twitter and down with the slideshow!
  14. It looks like they already did?
  15. Someone has probably already said my points but too sleepy to read through the comments right now. People are the ones in control of their own characters. If they don't want to have to rp their character as missing an arm or missing a foot or whatever then yes they are perfectly allowed to say that a monk healed it up for them. Why? Because its their character to control. Some people may not like having a fake limb or having to hop around on one foot or whatever. That doesn't ruin anyone else's rp. Lets say that again, Person B's choices do not ruin Person A's rp. Heck if I cut off someone's hand and then saw them having it again later I'd have my character wonder if perhaps they'd dreamed or hallucinated it happening. I've even had characters accuse those who revived from the monks after a known death of being ghosts and poking at them. I've also seen people who wanted to be injured rping it as the holy magic failing for one reason or another because again its their character. As for the whole cleric bit, I'm drawing off information right now from when I had a cleric character. So some of the following might not be correct anymore... I'm not entirely up to speed on whatever updates or changes they've made. Clerics do not instantly nor painlessly heal wounds. It takes a bit of time, increasing depending on how bad the wound is. Its also anywhere from uncomfortable to outright painful again depending on how bad the wound is. And why would a cleric waste energy on a small wound anyways? Sure a cleric could heal that minor cut B got just fine but what if C then came in nearly dead? It makes no sense for a cleric to use their magic on wounds that are not serious. Heck when I was training to become a cleric I had to both icly and oocly learn how to treat all types of wounds without magic before I was even connected. Why? Because clerical magic cannot heal a wound that the cleric doesn't understand. The cleric has to be able to direct the light/healing mojo and let it know what to do. So when you say "Why are the holy mages not required to study the wound, take precautions?" They are. They need to know exactly what is wrong with the patient, they need to know exactly how they'd treat it without magic, they need to know how to direct their magic to heal it. If you've personally seen a healer doing rp that you felt was inadequate try talking to them in a PM especially if its your character who is being healed. Heck we even have this as a thing already.