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  1. What is your minecraft username? Aelsioln What is your discord? Aelsioln#3452 How long have you played on LotC? November 2nd will mark five years. How many hours per day/week are you available? Midday varies but generally if awake I can be contacted. Always available to work in the evenings (EST). Have you worked on the Lord of the Craft Wiki, or any wiki before? Been on the LotC Wiki team twice, even as a manager for a bit. It is the only wiki I have worked on. Lore pages tended to be my favored pages to work on. Resigned when personal reasons proved to be too damaging to my productivity at the time. Do you have a solid grasp on the existing lore of our server? Do you believe you'd be able to summarize these pieces in a concise manner? I feel I have a solid grasp, yes. I can easily summarize pieces including ones that I am unfamiliar with if needed thanks to WT experience. Do you have any creative writing experience? Yes, though I rarely share my work with others. I used to write random short stories and fanfictions when I was younger. Nowadays this revolves more around characters I create for LotC or WoW but on very few occasions I have gotten lore-related ideas.
  2. Aelsioln

    [Accepted] A_Keefys Forum Moderator Application

    If he's home he's on the forums, I swear sometimes even when he's not home he's on the forums still. Very easy to contact if you need assistance and eager to help out. Model Forum Moderator really. Doesn't make sense why he was removed.
  3. Aelsioln

    Remove or Nerf Freebuild

    I know you can contact staff about inactive freebuilds, pretty sure if a build is too ugly they'll post a warning for that too but don't quote me as fact there. Would need a WD or GM to confirm.
  4. Aelsioln

    On 1.13, the Wiki, and More

    If you discover a page that is out of date, or has wrong information, please report it to any member of the team. We're available through the forums, Discord, and even on the server itself. There are a lot of pages on the wiki so sadly things do get missed. Simply saying that there is out of date lore doesn't help us find these pages to fix, but if we are told about issues we can see to getting them corrected. ^-^
  5. Aelsioln

    [PK] The Immortal Lies to Rest.

    The letter for the Izkuthii would be left upon an altar within Cheza's home, knowing that her kin may read it as they go past should they wish. Cheza herself seated upon a pillow in the corner for some time. Her portion of the letter carefully torn from the rest so she may stare at it while clutching the Ascended trident close.
  6. Aelsioln

    Beautiful Creatures [Commissions]

    Hi, I'm one. I had ordered four, colored, headshots during your sale in September for $20. Last I heard from you was in February when you sent me uncolored preview images of two out of the four. I just want a refund.
  7. Aelsioln

    Kinslayer AMA

    How is being a GM? How many Good Boy points did it take to get accepted? What's your profile picture of?
  8. The original Kha might have been made by a daemon but all the ones alive now are from generations just doing the dirty. Now I might be wrong but I can't think of any daemonic critters that are able to naturally reproduce, rather they involve rituals of some sort. Not to mention my main character is daemonic and those types of magic are described as having a "greatly lessened" effect upon her anyways.
  9. Aelsioln

    A Dire Warning

    "Ooo, sounds like shenanigans" states Cheza before wandering off to find the mentioned trees and anchors.
  10. Aelsioln

    [Denied] ZachsSlayers's Event Team Actor application

    Very creative and nice guy. Saw a couple of your events last time and I had fun during them.
  11. Aelsioln

    [Accepted] A_Keefy's Application Team Application

    Keefy is really helpful and kind so I believe he'd handle new players very well. If he feels he can handle it then sure. +1
  12. Aelsioln

    Plugin Idea - Language Modifiers.

    That's exactly the problem with this idea though. None of the languages on the server are meant to be used as anything more than basic sentences or a few scattered words. For example: the page for the elven language outright states that it "has all but vanished into obscurity". Thus if the plugin idea actually reflected how our languages are it wouldn't change the entire statement but instead just some of the words. So yeah if you want your character to be speaking an old or broken language then just open the page for it. Look for words to incorporate into your RP or see if you can study the sentence structure. Plenty of other people have. We don't need a plugin that'd further divide RP, erase the accomplishments of those who actually did learn the language, and doesn't even accurately reflect the status or use of said languages.
  13. Aelsioln

    Plugin Idea - Language Modifiers.

    What would stop people from saying "I learned this language" when really they didn't? And what about languages that are broken/incomplete, how would those be handled? People speaking in another language is so rare I don't really see a need for this.
  14. Aelsioln

    [Accepted] ZachsSlayer's Application Team Application

    Genuine nice guy, would do well helping all the newbies.
  15. If a GM or LT did try to pass something that was biased (lore, ban, etc.) they'd have not only the rest of their team breathing down their neck but also the playerbase, other staff, and admins. Pretty sure that most of the 'bigger' decisions are either a group thing or at least looked over by other team members anyways. Also to echo others: if you feel a group is underrepresented then just get more players from that group to apply.