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  1. A bewildered Cheza discusses things over with one of the Sirame outside Liandria. "The Fennic tribe tries to claim this is revenge for things done a decade ago yet forgets they were attacking us a mere... What was it, seven years ago? Fennic barbarians stormed the city to kill anyone they found. Fennic barbarians ran through our streets screaming odd things. Fennic barbarians once more now insist on bringing harm to innocent citizens for the actions of a few instead of talking things over peacefully. The 'ame and 'aheral have hated each other for centuries and constantly tried to wipe one another out yet the leadership of both nations managed to sit down and make peace. Its a shame that the Fennic tribals insist on playing victims..."
  2. Meanwhile in Liandria a pale elfess basks in the warmth of the sun that filters down through the leaves. Twirling a feather in her fingers she turns her head to the large bird it came from that rests beside her. "Ah, it has been so nice lately. No more tribal elves screeching at the gate about mushrooms and disturbing the peace. So peaceful when you don't have to worry about a crazed elf storming in, calling himself a prince, and claiming he's here to save the people from tyranny as he cuts those very people down."
  3. "But he's dead... Right? Everyone said he took the coward's way out and hung himself back in Vailor." A rather confused Cheza tilts her head before then trying to draw something rude in the flour on Artimec's forehead.
  4. Syrina sits and watches the various notes fly back and forth, simply nibbling at a biscuit.
  5. Cheza collects as many of the papers as she can find, taking them home and recycling the paper for her own uses. "Sounds like someone attempting to stir up trouble yet not realizing that people already have thought of these possibilities. As if nations need advice from someone who wouldn't even sign their own name."
  6. "This treaty proves that both parties merely wish for peace, a grand day and a wise decision" says a pale Dominion citizen.
  7. A tanned woman grins as she watches the 'ame party leaving the walls of Haelun'or. Softly she murmurs to herself "Oh how you've changed, never would have expected an apology like that before" before brushing a little more dust off her shoulders and heading off herself.
  8. Cheza sits near the fountain, listening to the speech with a small crowd of her own friends and family around her. The pale elfess sticking out somewhat due to her skin but her clothing matches that of the other citizens and she has long, dark feathers tied into her hair giving her a wild look of her own. "Artimec and Tristin can be annoying at times. I've argued with them before and I'm sure will continue to have little debates. Yet unlike many leaders they actually walk among their people. They get to know their citizens, get to know the problems that they face, even help people on personal levels at times. I've seen them yell and argue but I've also seen them reach out a helping hand or offer caring support. They let their own lives decline, their own health at times, just to tend to others. To tend to this city and her people. That is why the citizens love them so. Why the 'ame defend them, why the 'ame follow them still. The very forest around us will rise up to defend this Dominion. The trees and brush working together with the animals and 'ame archers. Even if foreign powers made it past all that they'd never win over the people like Tristin and Art have. These people will follow that pair to the ends of the realm if they have to and I suppose I will too. They accepted me at least, more than some have."
  9. Uh, any elf can live in snowy/cold areas just as well as them? Unless snow elves somehow evolved fur.
  10. I didn't know what else to put to explain it as a collective group ;-;
  11. ??? Wood elves only have one city? And thus only one subforum?
  12. The difference here is that Kharajyr were created as a completely separate race by a Daemon while snow elves are merely high elves that went "we don't like your culture so we're going to make our own" and then later on decided they wanted to be a different race completely because they snorted Thanhium or something. As for their own subforum they don't exactly make many posts so why wouldn't just posting in the general elven section work? If that changed, if they became a larger presence on the forums, then yeah I'd say go ahead and give them their own spot. But as of right now they're simply not. Why not just make information threads in the general elven section and ask for them to be pinned to help people find it?
  13. As a mage who used to be a druid lol no. Purposely live near a fairy ring because it helps soothe the effects of unattunement for her which is an idea that other people who were unattuned have used before. Considering she knows what happens in the rings, knows what to expect, and enjoys it, I'm not going to suddenly change that to her being sick just because druids don't like mages and decided that somehow a ring of mushrooms is able to tell if someone is an arcane or dark mage. As for the other two points you expect people to search an entire forest just to see if there's already a fairy ring within it? Excuse me, what? And "can not be directly destroyed" what? Just knock one of the mushrooms over and tada, ring is destroyed. Druids have rp'd that as happening before even.
  14. I think you need to read this.