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  1. Aelsioln

    [PK] The Immortal Lies to Rest.

    The letter for the Izkuthii would be left upon an altar within Cheza's home, knowing that her kin may read it as they go past should they wish. Cheza herself seated upon a pillow in the corner for some time. Her portion of the letter carefully torn from the rest so she may stare at it while clutching the Ascended trident close.
  2. Aelsioln

    Goodbye, for now.

    You're always gonna be my Wiki Manager Buddy. You're not allowed to resign from that, you're stuck just like I am. Hopefully you can relax during your break and stay safe. People digging for your address is fucked up... We'll be looking forward to when you come back!
  3. Aelsioln

    Beautiful Creatures [Commissions]

    Hi, I'm one. I had ordered four, colored, headshots during your sale in September for $20. Last I heard from you was in February when you sent me uncolored preview images of two out of the four. I just want a refund.
  4. Aelsioln

    Kinslayer AMA

    How is being a GM? How many Good Boy points did it take to get accepted? What's your profile picture of?
  5. Since it feels like you're trying to put words in my mouth I'm just not gonna respond after this. I (again) never said there was anything wrong with having an opinion. Nor did I say don't have discussion. I said that forum riots don't accomplish anything. As in when people try to simply cause arguments, insult others, falsely spread information, scream, etc. instead of any form of actual conversation or productive work. If you have evidence of staff incorrectly behaving then by all means, take proper courses of action with it. As for the mistakes bit, here's an example. Yesterday I placed some butter into a skillet, turned the fire on, and like an idiot then walked away. When I came back I had burning butter and a kitchen full of smoke. Obviously walking away was a mistake and I learned not to do it again, to either wait or turn the dang fire off, but I did not "reverse" my actions like you said people have to. Nor did I correct it. I simply ended up having burnt butter for my cooking. The day before that I placed too many scoops of coffee into the maker. I couldn't "reverse" that either, nor was I gonna waste it, so I learned what to do next time and drank my extra strong coffee.
  6. I never said there was anything wrong with having an opinion. I talk with friends over bans and ban reports, I just don't do it on the forums nor do I go bothering staff about it unless I have more evidence/counter-evidence to add. Making forum riots doesn't accomplish anything productive instead simply causes stress and yes, gets people attacked over their opinions. Just let the banned player and staff resolve things. As for "they can't learn from this until they reverse it", I heavily disagree. People are constantly learning, there is no invisible wall that halts this until some condition is met.
  7. The original Kha might have been made by a daemon but all the ones alive now are from generations just doing the dirty. Now I might be wrong but I can't think of any daemonic critters that are able to naturally reproduce, rather they involve rituals of some sort. Not to mention my main character is daemonic and those types of magic are described as having a "greatly lessened" effect upon her anyways.
  8. Obviously I don't speak for the Admins. I don't want to ever be a GM or Admin either. I know there was an Admin response to one of Leo's posts, could be they feel that's all that was needed for that situation. Could be they're waiting for people to calm down to ensure actual communication happens, after all it's often recommended to give an angry person time before trying to talk things over. Heck, I've had instances where someone messages me and for one reason or another I then get distracted. Sometimes just forget to hit enter. Other times forget to respond all together. Could be something innocent like that, we honestly have no way of knowing unless that specific staff member speaks up. Only thing I can really recommend is for anyone banned to just figure out who they need to talk to, message that person and politely ask to talk, then wait. If something like 24 hours pass with no response then try another message. Ask if there is a certain time that would be better to talk. I am not saying that people haven't done this, just that it's all I can recommend and in my experience is what works best to getting the result you want.
  9. Aelsioln

    GM Feedback

    I might think of something else later, making food and playing League atm, but I would repeat what others seem to have said and say it'd be nice if GMs spoke to a player before banning them. Get their side. The one time I've been banned it was over a miscommunication and missed messages. Luckily I had images and another GM to vouch for me but the whole thing could have been avoided if I'd been talked to before getting hit with the ban button.
  10. I'm of the opinion that people should (at least) be decent to one another. Online and offline. That if you do get banned from any game you should reflect, even if it was something silly, and think of how you can avoid such happening again. Learn from the incident. Don't repeat the same actions. Bans should just be between the banned player and the staff. The only reason I really see for others to get involved is if they have valid evidence or counter-evidence. However, when chats I'm in were pinged to voice their opinions on threads I went ahead and voiced mine. After all the person who'd written the ping said they wanted people of all opinions to comment, agree or disagree. Since then I've had the following happen: - called a "staff team cuck", "dumb ****", "dumb *****", and "*****" - told directly that I'm "sucking the staffs cock" - been blamed for the report on iMattyz despite not being in the military channel where it happened - apparently it's been said I can go die, probably multiple times - been blamed for screenshots that someone else took after I was kicked out of the Dominion discord Like I said, I feel bans should only be between the banned player, staff, and people with evidence. When forum posts are made though it'd be nice if they were actually calm discussions and not attempting to incite riots or trying to praise the banned player as a saint. We're all human, we all make mistakes. Sometimes those mistakes get you banned. Sometimes staff make mistakes while banning people. Let the banned player and staff figure it out. Let them all learn from it and move on.
  11. Aelsioln

    A Dire Warning

    "Ooo, sounds like shenanigans" states Cheza before wandering off to find the mentioned trees and anchors.
  12. Aelsioln


    Only when she was certain Greiret had entered a deep sleep did Cheza let herself move away from his side. She could feel the emotions twisting around even in his slumber, the man would find no rest despite the comforting settings and neither would she this night. Quietly she left the room and retreated to an altar placed within the home. A rather simple thing, made of wood, with candles and a large mirror yet still it gave her comfort to kneel at. To peer into the depths of the old glass, to study the reflections and shadows that the candles' flames seemed to make dance. "They want to search for monsters yet ignore the ones staring back at them from the looking glass."
  13. Aelsioln

    [Denied] ZachsSlayers's Event Team Actor application

    Very creative and nice guy. Saw a couple of your events last time and I had fun during them.
  14. Aelsioln


    ((It's spelt Aengul. Also I was looking over the lore for Enaction and I don't see any mention of the caster having tendrils. Wisps that the caster may summon can then form a singular tendril-like hand for their task, but that's all I could find. Looked it up since I've never seen or heard of this before and was curious.)) A concerned shopkeeper murmurs softly to her companion. "I've seen quite a few Yeu followers but never one with tendrils... Nor have I ever heard of any Aengulic follower being unable to dismiss their connection. How is that lass even alive if hers is constant? Sounds more like dark magic to me, perhaps she's a Shade."
  15. Aelsioln

    [Accepted] A_Keefy's Application Team Application

    Keefy is really helpful and kind so I believe he'd handle new players very well. If he feels he can handle it then sure. +1