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  1. So not only would this magic be able to completely render a stronger mage's spell useless at T1, T2, and T3 but also is able to force an effect upon someone for nearly a week? That seems overpowered, especially the latter part. Without ooc consent it should be something more like 30 mins to 24 hours, if the victim's player is willing however go wild. Magics should enhance roleplay and add something to it. Forcing a five day effect on someone without their consent is just going to leave people angry or unwilling to rp with this magic. And I have to agree with Sandk1ng about the whole avoiding consequences. The current lore at least shows that this power comes at great cost, a heavy burden upon the heart and mind. It's interesting. What even would happen to the stolen soul a current Fi' user has? The whole no learning magics or other connections doesn't serve as an adequate replacement as pretty sure Fi' users already have that set upon them. Plus you've made it so a month after disconnection a former Fi' user could make those connections anyways...
  2. Can confirm I witnessed this HORRIBLE crime.
  3. G-Grandchild? @The Pink Lion
  4. I've seen maybe 3 episodes of Duck Dynasty but you make me want to watch more.



  5. Your apology was accepted until you then decided to continue being two-faced. You told me in private messages that you felt bad and were sorry yet on the report merely stated over and over, even now, that I was in the wrong for helping to report the behaviour I was on the receiving end of. Countless times you admitted in private messages that you were wrong, you were being a ****, that you felt bad. You even tried to claim that the others felt bad as well before taking that back and expressing that you didn't actually know how they felt. Even on the ban report here you stated an "apology" and said how you felt bad for causing us stress yet hour and a half later posted again saying "this was all blown out of proportion" and that it should be dropped. You can't have it both ways. Either you realize what you did, and what the others did, and honestly do feel bad about the stress and toxicity or you don't and think nothing was wrong. Jaeden already summarized what else I had to say perfectly so personally I'm ready for a verdict.
  6. Except you were causing trouble, you were asked both in rp and ooc to cease so I could fix the sign as it was bugged. Your rp, as seen in the screens, was nothing but trolly. I had asked to be let in the room, I had asked for people to open the gate, had asked for people to stop. All of that was ic and all of it got ignored, then I switched to looc requests. These too were ignored. So since the sign was an ooc issue and you refused to listen to any requests to cease I did indeed make a modreq and waited. I didn't specifically pick a trial gm, I got the one who answered. Doesn't matter if someone is a trial gm or a gm that has been on for years anyways, you still respect their decisions and you don't purposefully try to get into their way. You were telling people in the discord what I was saying to you on the server so I really don't think you can try to claim invasion of privacy. Besides, I'm not showing a single bit of 'personal' information. I'm showing relevant statements in regard to this ban report considering you had a different attitude in private than you did on your posts here. I did not end rp. At any point you could have emoted to me, you didn't. I not once said to cease rp or not rp with me. As stated above: since the sign was an ooc issue and you refused to listen to any requests (ic or ooc) to cease I did indeed make a modreq. Your humor was at the expense of others, it was made clear that those involved who weren't in your little group were uncomfortable, and yet you continued going. When you were contacted to try and resolve a situation you didn't feel like it and you don't see that as a poor attitude? I have to actually go tend to some irl matters now and won't be back until this evening, probably around the same time Jack will be back and able to make his own post.
  7. And yet when I asked you to remove the post you refused and I had to go to an FM. You knew by that point there was no comedic enjoyment at all in the situation for anyone but yourself yet you didn't try to talk things out with me and instead responded with a poor attitude. The FM that assisted me stated that a post only created to troll/cause drama wasn't needed even in ooc as I had requested it either moved out of the roleplay section or hidden if possible. What little rp you did was so trolly that I hope a mod does indeed pull it up and the moment I actually tried to fix the sign issue you went completely silent, just stood in a corner to write up your post in protest instead of accepting that someone wanted to fix something which clearly wasn't working correctly. It's pretty bad when one in your own group states you were all acting "autistic". Took those images last night and figured might as well post them. Kinslayer has since deleted all the messages he sent to me during the attempt to resolve the situation.
  8. You outright admitted you noticed I was stressed out and continued anyways. So don't try to lie and claim you didn't know. When a mod gives you a warning you listen. You don't continue to do the same actions just to further cause trouble for people. When a mod tells you to ss or they can warp you out you pick one of those options. You don't try to further cause trouble for people by insisting on causing damage. There was nothing stopping you from ss'ing out. Nothing stopping you from asking the mod who was present to just tp you to the gate as they had offered. The fact that you had to be kicked from the server just so a moderator could fulfill a request is appalling.
  9. And here we see proof you didn't look at the screens posted with the ban report.
  10. Let Necrolytes sit in lakes all they want. Undead water base when?
  11. Hydra was asked repeatedly to stop and ignored it, disrupted rp, ignored a moderator's warning, tried to then prevent said moderator from destroying the sign, and then proceeded to try and cause other trouble not once but twice first by insisting on breaking a window AFTER being told that if he didn't want to ss he could be warped out of the room then deciding to spam the Veris discord. Jake tried to stir drama by making an rp thread when 0 rp had happened, sent it directly to me as it was me he was targeting and trying to further upset, you yourself even sent me the link to it four times in quick succession, all just because I had a gate sign removed until we could figure out a fix as it's pretty damn obvious it wasn't intentional for just anyone to be able to close that gate. Then there's you who (while I was trying to settle things down) refused to stop messaging me, insisted on being disruptive by arguing about if it was a bug or not, and continued to argue with me even when I said I was simply going to get a mod to settle things. You can even see in the screens where despite fully knowing I was trying to speak to a mod you managed to intercept a reply because you simply wouldn't stop pm'ing me. Even when I stopped responding to the pm's I got frowny faces and "I want to die" sent to me. When I finally had enough and logged off the last thing I said to you was to leave me alone. Instead of respecting that wish you proceeded to ping me in the Veris discord mere moments later. An hour and a half after that you sent me a private message on discord which I went ahead and started to speak to you to see what you had to say. Among the conversation were little tidbits where you admitted you noticed I was uncomfortable, stressed, and upset in the situation, said your group was being "******* autistic", and even outright informed me how the others were telling you to "say stupid ****" to me but that you didn't do it. I can provide screens of those bits if the moderators wish to see them. I am not dropping anything.
  12. Just wanted to clarify that I'm not involved with the report against TheDarkIsEternal and didn't know about such until Jack wrote it. As for Luv I've no issue with her either and merely think that some mediation should go down between her, Jack, and a mod to settle things or get them to seperate. I am however involved with/at the center of the report against Kin, Jake, and Hydra. The reason only these 3 were reported was because Hydra is the one you see in the screens that repeatedly refused to listen to a GM then spammed our discord. Kinslayer repeatedly messaged me throughout what was going on and then moved over to discord once I'd told him to leave me alone and logged off the server along with aiding Hydra and egging things on instead of trying to calm the situation. Jake decided to make a trolly forum thread, acting as if there was rp when there wasn't, which was seen as only trying to bait drama/being toxic once the situation was finally being resolved thanks to the mod's help. So there was no "picking people you dislike" involved.
  13. Hello, I'm the one who was involved with the incident today including Jake, Hydra, and Kin. Collected the various screens and would like to also add that while Jack was posting this report I spotted this status: This is the only incident either of us has had with grimmothy so far but I'd like whichever mod takes up this report to see and handle this as well please.
  14. New flyers are posted around various crossroads and notice boards! "We've changed locations and ownership! Come visit us in the new city of Cythral, simply take the boat to the Asul docks and then look for the boat to Veris. Stock will be improved once we've settled in a bit more as some of our herbs spoiled in all the mess."
  15. Evocations indeed do need to be fleshed out more, would be neat to see it do similar things to arcanism but with your chosen element instead. Mental magic isn't actually as OP as people think, the current lore is less powerful than the old stuff we had it's just that people don't properly rp it sometimes on both sides. Instead of changing any of the abilities I'd suggest observing mental magic users and the person they use it on to see how people are emoting using the magic and how people are emoting reacting to it. A guide that actually has the new lore information would really help too :/ Have had a few people since the change argue that I'm doing things wrong because they're looking at the out of date guide instead of the current lore. The only nerf I'd agree to mental magic recieving would be the mental illusions. Personally I feel they should have to be just as believable as sensory illusions. Shifting I suppose if it is popping up as a problem (I hardly ever see it so I dunno) my suggestion would be more like, reduce the distance when in combat. If the mage has a long time to focus then sure, they can pop away a longer distance. In combat however things move too quickly to focus so perhaps tiny jumps then instead of leaps. Transfig I feel like doesn't need two slots simply because every magic can be really extensive if the user gets creative enough with it. Perhaps do the same with sensory illusion though because I constantly see how that covers so much and it's used to try and say we don't need other magics sometimes (cough bardmancy cough). To be honest tho my number 1 issue with voidal magics is I want the guides to straight out say what is possible and what isn't. Some do, some don't. If we get rid of as much guesswork as possible and allow those having magic used on them to be able to easily say if something is powergaming or not with confidence then I feel like we'll see less complaints about void magic. When you run across non-mage players who insist on a GM being present before they'll respond to any magic rp you know there is problems with that side not understanding at all what they're a part of. I actually have used the long-term memory removal like... 3 times? It is extremely uncommon and 2 of those times the person denied even when 1 of the attempts was to HELP the character by removing a traumatic memory. No one should feel they have to say yes or no, it is up to them and if they do feel pressured they should speak to a staff member about it. The denials actually make for more fun rp I feel as then this mage who was all confident abruptly fails.