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  1. Aelsioln

    [Amendment] Major Healing

    I too agree with AGiantPie, there was no reason to stop the Monks from healing people that want the option. It wasn't forced on anyone and was just an easy way to get RPly healed if you didn't agree with certain RP mutilating your character. Having to find a healer is a poor, and annoying, replacement. Certain holy groups are inactive or they'd rather RP in their house with one another than RP with others. I've had cases of letters requesting help outright ignored by individuals. Not to mention the Monks didn't try to harm you if you were different. Not to mention how would this even be enforced? We gonna start reporting and banning people over what physical state their character is in? It's bad enough that people who don't want to PK in a situation are already shamed and targeted until they do PK (the ridiculous calling someone 'undead' just because they were revived by the monks). This server has an annoying amount of people who happily mutilate and/or kill without a second thought. Without realizing how strenuous such things can be on the mind. My dad joined the army during Vietnam. He came back traumatized to the point where he refused to tell anyone what he saw. He did what he had to and it still haunted him to his last days but people RP murdering one another, even murdering innocents such as unarmed civilians or children, as no big deal. An amendment like this also doesn't account for the amount of people that will attack the character of someone they OOCly don't like for no real IC reason.
  2. Aelsioln

    ♥ This Little Sprite of Mine ♥ - Sprite Shop

    Can I get two? If either of these need to be boosted up to the Complicated Animation then let me know and I'll gladly pay more. I've been eyeing the sprites other people have with envy for a while now lol MC ▫ Aelsioln ≎ Sprite ▫ Animated Sprite ≎ Character ▫ Cheza Stirling ≎ Character ▫ Ancient Izkuthii (but Dark & High Elf hybrid appearance) ≎ Reference ▫ https://imgur.com/a/N2Lbkac ≎  For Cheza her ears don't point upwards, rather they curve and point back. Her hair is about waist length and she keeps it very thick with natural waves. MC ▫ Aelsioln ≎ Sprite ▫ Animated Sprite ≎ Character ▫ Nemain ≎ Character ▫ Kha'Pantera ≎ Reference ▫ https://imgur.com/a/Al2CjKq ≎ Basically Nemain has slightly larger ears than normal for a Kha and wears her own version of the Naelurir outfit. Small, sleeveless top with the shawl/vest thing, sash serving as a belt, and pants. Keeps her claws out most of the time on both hands and feet. That last image in the album, the non-Kha one, is for her hairdo. She has that style except hers is only to her shoulders and I know that doesn't really come across very well on the skin.
  3. Aelsioln

    Recent Rule Change

    I assume the intent of the rule is so no one can force you into RP that you don't want to be in for too long but... This seems quite abusable.
  4. Aelsioln

    [Trial][W] _Lackless_'s attempts to sell his soul

    I'm going to introduce you to an interesting concept right now called the burden of proof. Basically the burden of proof is how legal disputes are handled. It means that if you want to lay claims against a party then you are obligated to produce evidence that proves such claims. If you meet this burden then it falls to the opposing side to now produce their own evidence. Until the burden of proof is met by the accuser then the defendant is presumed to be correct and gets the benefit of the doubt. Ya know, innocent until proven guilty. In other words... If you want to make a claim against Lackless you need to produce evidence for that claim. As no one has presented any evidence then I'm not obligated to show you mine.
  5. Aelsioln

    [Trial][W] _Lackless_'s attempts to sell his soul

    When you have two people saying opposite statements you go with the one who has evidence. I've seen evidence of OOC targeting by Warhawkes after Lackless. I've seen the lies they've come up with about him, some of which are frankly disgusting. However, I've yet to see a single one of them provide anything to support their lies. Also I would think if he was so problematic and toxic as people claim that filing a ban report would be more productive than saving things to suddenly bring up on a GM app. I mean, all the times that Warhawke players have said things about Lackless... Has even one contacted a GM or filed any sort of report?
  6. Aelsioln

    [Trial][W] _Lackless_'s attempts to sell his soul

    Nice strawman but you can follow specific forum sections, such as staff applications, and/or even specific people. Heck, I personally have a habit of following any thread that I think might be interesting. Like that one iMattyz made about Telanir and this very application. Proof? Seen a lot of negative claims yet not a shred of anything to support them. Unless you have evidence then it is all rumors by definition. Indeed it does raise eyebrows! Personally, the first thing that I notice when looking over the feedback on an application is do they have a lot of negative comments? If they do, such as this application does, then I'd take a look to see what groups these people belong to. Is there an obvious connection between the negative posters? What sort of history does the player have with this group? Were the comments left behind merely -1's or did they go into detail? Does anyone have some sort of evidence to support their claims? Of course you can't just pay attention to one side of things. Does the poster feel targeted by the group, do they have any evidence themselves? If it was unusual for someone to post such things I'd then try to figure out if they were requested to comment. This is a classic, the 'it was in voice chat so we don't have proof' argument. As frustrating as this might be, without some form of logs or evidence then any claims are just hearsay. You could get a thousand people to claim something but without any physical proof to back them up then it cannot be taken as truth. A lot of people think the Earth is flat but we don't claim they're right. In the years I've spent on the server I too have seen a lot of toxic people and the damage that they can do. I've taken breaks from the server due to toxicity. I've relocated or even quit playing characters due to toxicity. I've avoided entire groups/areas to avoid certain people that I've found to be toxic. Hell, my real life has been affected by some of them. However, when it comes to being a GM there isn't much damage someone can suddenly do. Anything he might be able to cause (bias bans, world editing, etc.) could easily be undone and would just result in him being booted from the team. Not to mention how closely GMs are watched both by their superiors and the playerbase. False. Firstly I'll bring to attention these screens which were taken only a day or two before the coup. On two separate visits to the area we found signs and painted writing making it rather clear that certain citizens were being hostile. The first time such things were found they were RPly and OOCly removed. Whoever was posting them discovered what we'd done and redid their work along with the charming message in that second screen. That alone would be enough to cause paranoia. Then you also have to take into account that Thalrian, Fury_Fire's Izkuthii, outright told my Izkuthii about the plans to coup long before it happened. So... If you're trying to claim he metagames or something like that it's a pretty weak arguement. This sounds like some odd attempt at silencing. "Stop disagreeing with me or else I'll avoid you." Go ahead. I have two characters. My Izkuthii both had a room within the Silk Grove and had been told by Thalrian (Fury_Fire) that she could stay within his house. Most the Izkuthii go around that specific house but I doubt you have all the names listed down. Two of the region owners under you at the time were Izkuthii players (Fury and Voidal) so I guess you didn't ask them if they recognized my name. I was the only Izkuthii player removed from the region. My Kharajyr back then was frequenting the Silk Grove as well. While she didn't have a specific room she was welcome by the grove's owner as there was talks about her learning things from him. Every time I went to the grove (on either character) they were active. The smallest number of people I saw within the grove was three and that was at something like 4am EST. Obviously that isn't the case now but for you to try claiming that the grove was inactive around the time of the coup against Lockezi is laughable. That grove was more active than your city. By the way I was the only person from the grove to contact Keefy about being removed from the region. I highly doubt that I was the only person from the grove who didn't have a registered house. Oh and I know that it wasn't an accident anyways. When I noticed I was removed from the region I started asking questions and talking to various people. I was informed that your 'clearing' of the region was specifically to remove Lockezi and anyone associated with him. I had been added to the list due to the amount of time my Izkuthii spent around Lockezi and the fact that I OOCly refused to listen to rumors about him.
  7. Aelsioln

    New Player Guide to Elven RP [Wood, Dark, High, and Snow Elves]

    The likes and dislikes should be clarified to be the views of their main settlements, not every member of the race follows these. Also high elves that leave the Silver city can come back provided they didn't make themselves impure, just often they have to do trials to prove their purity. Oh, and there is/was a branch of purely high elven clerics stationed within the Silver walls so they do accept some religious stuff.
  8. Aelsioln

    [Arcane] [MA] Greiret Faean/__Elk__

    Student Number Three
  9. Aelsioln

    Holy Healing Is Bad

    I've mentioned this a lot before but I'll mention it again here. Steadily over time I've seen holy healing be buffed and the few negative components simply erased from roleplay. Bring this stuff back. Make holy healing painful for the patient again. It's simply natural that healing is uncomfortable. Heck in real life stuff like popping a joint back into place hurts, wounds that are healing itch, you get sore and ache, etc. Yet often I see people being holy healed just talking through the process or not even reacting. Make holy healing imperfect. Leave scars behind, nerve damage, stop with this perfect result crap! Make holy healing require mundane healing, both knowledge and involvement. You shouldn't be able to heal a wound that you do not know information about or on a body part that you don't understand the functions of. Broken bones should have to physically be set again. Burn wounds should acknowledge that the burned flesh is dead and thus can't be revived. Use blissfoil for the pain, tippens for the bleeding, etc. Limit the size of things that can be "regrown" by a holy healer and instead focus on reattachments or transplants. Yes, holy healers should be more effective/quicker than non-holy healers... But not to the point we have now where there is no point in non-holy healers being around.
  10. Aelsioln

    [Trial][W] _Lackless_'s attempts to sell his soul

    In the time I've known Lackless he's been incredibly helpful and kind. He shows an eagerness to help people that, while great already for the AT, I think would also enable him to do well as a GM. The two roles do mix rather nicely. Heck, just yesterday he gave me back an item he had rightfully taken from an unlocked chest just because he found out that I'd lost it after being evicted with no notice. If he was as 'selfish' as certain people claim he could have pretended not to have found my RP item or said he was keeping it for himself. I feel he'll do well if given a chance with a trial run. To echo Hyena I've seen some pretty disgusting things said behind Lackless' back by Warhawke players. I've had some say these things directly to me after finding out I consider him a buddy as if trying to convince me not to be friends with him. I was even kicked off the Warhawke region just for talking to Lackless despite both my characters having spots to stay in a Druid grove outside the walls. But oh yeah, he's totally the biased and petty one here.
  11. I've been a bit inactive lately but I have a Kha named Nemain that's working on learning Druidism so hopefully we bump into one another! 😄 Don't worry about the slow typing stuff. Sometimes I take forever to think about what to put or I've got something on the other half of my screen distracting me. I dunno if this would help but I'd recommend having something written that you could like copy paste for if you ever need to ask someone to slow down.
  12. Aelsioln

    Ragnio's Wiki Team Application

  13. Aelsioln

    Ragnio's Wiki Team Application

    As the Lore Team plans on looking over both the Flora and Fauna sections there isn't really much reason to update them now until we know what they might be changing or removing. Also do you have a Wiki account? If not simply send a username and email address to any Wiki Team member and one can be set up for you.
  14. Aelsioln

    The Prince of Mali'Ker

    After reading one of the posts a certain pale elfess decides she can make some money off this. Recruiting some of her kin to help her they set up shop outside both the Dominion's 'ker district and Warhawke region. From the back of a small wagon Xirena and her family offer a limited edition shirt with 'Not my Prince' written across it. Only 15 minas! When asked how she seriously feels about the declaration Xirena has this to say. "Personally I thought it was stupid when he waltzed into Velu-whatever and started taking over. Grabbing and taking what you want? That's how a savage acts, not a civilized elf. Now look! He states there can be no debate nor contest? So what, he's gonna intimidate or force the other 'ker into following him? Ridiculous... For a limited time you can let all those around you know how you feel! Buy one of our quality tops, made with only the finest materials! We even have a tabard version coming soon!"
  15. Aelsioln

    [Pending]Violino's Event Team Actor application

    Normally I'd dismiss hearsay too. However, when someone messages me saying that Violino "completely lost it", insulting them OOCly, over something that happened in RP... That tends to be a bit concerning. I'm not saying I think she should never get ET, just that personally I'd wait a lil' or at least talk to her about it. If she and the ET both think she can handle it though then I hope she does great.