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  1. I've never heard of this "unspoken rule". Seriously, not once. What I have heard of though is that people cannot play a character younger than five. As in, if you give someone a child to play youngest it can be is five years old at that point. Or the parents can just carry wool around and call it the baby until someone is ready to play it. Sounds to me like you got the two situations mixed up and as others have pointed out there is zero reason to have this or force it on people.
  2. Yes I claim this one.
  3. The way I look at the holy groups is this: Ground tainted? Call druid. Body tainted or badly injured? Try to call a cleric. Need a spook killed? Call paladin. Soul shenanigans? Call Ascended.
  4. I legit know of a town named Gaylord. Every July they celebrate Alpenfest which is actually a rather big thing. Has a parade, a beauty pageant, car show, marathon, craft show, and bands playing music. Is Gaylord a silly name that makes children giggle? Sure, but it isn't offensive nor does it need to be censored.
  5. Is /seen broken for anyone else? 


  6. Cheza'd kick her legs in the air as she reads over the poster, head tilting one way then the next as she seems to be conversing with herself high up in a tree. The branch swaying slightly in the wind and leaves easily getting tangled within her hair. "This could be a grand opportunity to really try winning over those Ascended... But then we'd lose others. Hrm, decisions. Leffy has been nice to us before yes. Even let us sit in and listen to those lessons. Yet if they catch him and we aid then it'll be our death as well. Life is enjoyable currently so that would be an ill advised path." Finally she hops down to the forest floor, startling the bearded vulture who'd brought the parchment to her, before walking off further into the wood.
  7. I've accidentally tossed things at people by hitting the wrong button and I've had people toss things at me on accident. Those items always find their way back to their owner because accidents happen. If it had been a normal sword or something with little value we all know there'd be no complaints about giving it back.
  8. Cheza accidentally reads the title as "Big Bertha's Booty" and ends up staring off into the distant waves for quite some time.
  9. A Cheza is later found snoozing in the midst of Linandria while wearing a pumpkin mask.
  10. This and for the love of god let alchemist shears stack.
  11. Has great ideas and is good at writing it out. I can actually read his lore pieces without getting horribly confused or feeling like there is a lot of gaps in it. +1 from me, he obviously has the passion for the position.
  12. Do you love me? Thoughts on Cheza? Are Izkuthii best spooky critters?
  13. Leaked image of admins at work.
  14. As Fuffy said, good riddance. Waiting on my 10 rep a day limit but I'll be back to +1 this.