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  1. [Your View] Metagaming

    No one is declaring or dictating where your character is, chill. It'd be just like it is irl when you can't get ahold of someone. You guess based on the time of day and just assume until you hear from them again. If someone asked you in rp "hey where were you half hour ago? you missed a raid" then you could come up with your own decision of what actually was going on at the time just like you would if you had been out of the house and thus unable to get online.
  2. [Your View] Metagaming

    That's why I had also said "out of town, or working on something elsewhere" And I dunno man, I slept through a neighbor getting robbed. Some people are heavy sleepers.
  3. [Your View] Metagaming

    I love you I've always thought of and rpd offline people as being either asleep, out of town, or working on something elsewhere. Isn't that difficult to come up with an excuse for people being away and abrupt Skype rallies are cancer.
  4. It said "Once your energy is depleted" so I was making sure :c
  5. If we only spend part of our energy and then log off will it regenerate?
  6. [Denied] [AT]The honest app

    Since we're being honest here, what's the worst he could do? Give the cheese a chance.
  7. [✓] Izkuthii Vol. 4

    I'm assuming you mean the core in the Spectral form. Since we no longer have spectral form that's gone and been traded instead for decapitation or brain damage resulting in death (this didn't kill a Spectral Izkuthii). So we still have a major weak spot it just is a different one and personally I think one that's more obvious/easy to do. Surprising number of people didn't think to take gold and stab an Izkuthii heart but everyone knows headshots = death.
  8. [✓] Izkuthii Vol. 4

    Was really fun watching this rework shape and coming up with ideas. Should solve the small issues we had with spectral form and open up new possibilities. Though I will miss seeing people get creative trying to stop something that's pure energy lol Izkuthii are indeed mostly active in Devirad atm since we can pass as some evil creature if we want but we also can be found in other active places such as Sutica. The whole point to our camo ability is that you could talk to an Izkuthii and never know it. Mostly we get revealed while feeding or in a fight. After a year of being on the server though info is starting to slowly spread if you have the right connections. I've met a few characters on my Izkuthii who already had heard about us and with these changes I got a feeling that will increase.
  9. What the Hell Does a Mina Look Like?

    Actually had that happen during early Vailor. Poor Polty was so confused.
  10. [✗] Clerical Wards [Re-written]

    Uh, Izkuthii powers are not Undead, not tainted, not corrupted or anything that clerical magic would bother. Heck the current "final form" is a spectral appearance that's literally described as a blob of deific energy (the Izkuthii patron being a Daemon). So I don't see why a cleric ward would suddenly have any effect upon Izkuthii when clerical magic on its own does nothing to the creatures. On top of that the Izkuthii "disguise" is merely an illusion no matter what form they are in. So would the cleric ward affect other types of illusions such as a sensory illusion charm? If not then why is the Izkuthii illusion being treated differently? How would a ward tell the difference when it has no taint, corruption, etc to pick up upon?
  11. A Letter to My Fellow Druids

    The former Foxglove druid sits in her little hut with a copy of the letter, the pale elfess laughing long and loudly from reading it over until a kettle's whistle interrupts her. "Oh, my tea!"
  12. The Removal of the Antagonist

    You can't just say "oh, people didn't like it so event over!!!" and leave it at that. That's as annoying as when magics are removed without any ic explanation as to why the casters suddenly can't use it. What our characters are supposed to just suddenly think he left after all the talk about killing us? I'd rather see the event through to a proper ending and I'm sure quite a few people would as well. Even if we didn't want an aengul based event that's what we got and it needs a proper conclusion. Also lol at people who think dynamic rp has to always go in their favor.
  13. [MArt] The CS Tome

    Hello my character did indeed help with the voidy bits to create this artifact.