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  1. Got to experience the Darkbloom Forest tonight and it was one of the funnest events I've been in recently. Relaxing and informative as I looked up plants that I'd never bothered to read about before. Not to mention the build is absolutely beautiful. Definitely a nice break from the usual more combative events that go around and I even got some unexpected pixels for my efforts. 10/10 would bring friends over.
  2. Cheza elegantly signs her own name complete with a foxglove drawing. "About time some of them stopped bending over for a disgraced nation."
  3. Something about the way you write makes me reeeally question that. My grandparents were 10 years apart but the key difference is that they were both consenting adults above the age of twenty when they met. My grandmother (who was the younger one) was also using him to get away from home but that's a different story. Sure, three years isn't far apart at all but at the age of 16 you are not ready for anything romantic or sexual. I don't care how mature a 16 year old seems or thinks that they are. They are not ready. They should be worried about grades and games not someone making a comment about whipped cream and handcuffs. Even if it was a joke that is a fucked up joke to send to someone you know is younger.
  4. Where can we find your commission info?
  5. He's done great on previous staff positions from ET to GM, be silly not to add him again. +1
  6. "...Do they mean a Kha?" A confused Cheza stares at the poster before climbing up a tree to play lookout.
  7. ^^^ Its sad when the only reasoning people can come up with against the idea of dynamic, changing environments is either "I don't wanna fix it" or claiming it'll happen constantly. Yeah cause people will really flee a town that rp is actually happening in just because their stone house currently has a patch of wood due to some damage instead. Oh no, the horror.
  8. Sure but instead of repairing it all I'd actually let the city show damage so people know things are happening there. Put boards over broken windows for example instead of getting more glass. Patch holes in roofs or walls with different materials to show development and progress. Oh but I wouldn't waste 3 months building a city since it could easily be done and still look good in less time. Even if I did spend 3 months for some reason, maybe I got lazy halfway through, I'd still rather see people using said city and having fun than to screech at people because they dared try to change something.
  9. ^This. The reason only RO are protesting against this is because only RO care about how "pretty" their town looks. Players care more about the RP going on there. If your town is "pretty" but has no RP people aren't going to go there. If your town is "ugly" but has RP people will go there. Just look at the multiple times places like Haria have looked "pretty" but had zero activity.
  10. If you choose to spend weeks building something then that was your own choice of how to use your time. Nowhere should there be safe space bubbles where nothing can happen. Towns shouldn't look perfect. There should be ruined buildings, there should be signs of recent conflicts, there should be things changing as life goes on in these areas. Druids burst roots up through your paths to fight someone? Then the path should be changed. Toss logs around to show the roots or even replace stones with dirt to show where the path was damaged. Dragon attack and set a tree on fire in town? Then the tree should show that damage. Get rid of the leaves, put burnt marks. Necromancer use your farm's field to teach a student resulting in corrupted land? Maybe you should make a different field or farm around it instead of just digging the blocks back up or complaining to make staff change it back. Local alchemist didn't preparing something properly and blew up half his own house? Put a hole in the wall! Scatter stones or bits of wood around. Warzone or other large battle took place? Make the area reflect things. Put up tents, dig trenches, rough up the ground. Roleplaying is about the story. If something happens it should leave an effect, create changes. Sure these changes can be turned back but it should never be immediate. Take time to fix a worn down building. Let grass gradually grow back naturally. Have a dead tree be taken over by moss or vines. Look at what happened to J-burg for example. The town wasn't left alone after the explosion, the town wasn't merely world edited out of existence. Signs of what happened were actually placed around. It tells a story when you're traveling down the road and find this icy area. You can tell something actually happened there and on some previous maps it was the same. If you heard about an event but missed it you could still find signs of what happened in the area. This alone created rp as people could ask one another about it. Now we have settlements that outright refuse to let ET make any changes after a large event. We have region owners that deny even small requests or quickly work to change things back because they want everything to be perfect in their own eyes. Something being "pretty" shouldn't be valued over a dynamic world that actually reflects what goes on in it and things shouldn't be "fixed" back to being exactly what it was instantly.
  11. Actually the majority have been in favor of this. People are tired of region owners acting like gods of an area, deciding everything there has to go according to how they want it instead of thinking of other players or events trying to spice things up. And no one can force you to do anything. Don't wanna restore an area? Don't. Tell whoever is trying to order you around to find someone else. Or I dunno, they could do it themselves? Or like I said earlier just leave it for someone who actually wants to rp restoring it.
  12. ...I never said that nor am I on Leo's side here. I said if you don't want to fix it let someone else do that. I never said anything about the people who break it having to fix it, please don't twist my words. I fully support Sky's idea here.
  13. As already stated a GM would also be overseeing each time. So if it seemed like harassment without sufficient rp reasoning then they could literally stop it.
  14. How about the beautiful system of if you don't want to fix it then you don't? Leave it for someone who actually does want to rp with it instead of instantly making some GM or ET come rollback the area. I've literally seen someone get told "no, you're not allowed to do this because I say so" without even being asked why they were doing it. Rp that could have been enjoyed by other people ruined because one person didn't want to see their "perfect" land changed.
  15. Should have put a poll up but yeah this would be hella nice to have the capability to do. +1