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  1. [Builder] Wrynn's ET Application

    Absolutely beautiful work, your building guides are still my favorites.
  2. Character Art Raffle

    Bless me, RNGesus

    Changed Status to Accepted

    Your application has been accepted and we look forward to seeing you on the server! Once you've been implemented you should be good to go. If you haven't joined already we have a New Player Discord dedicated to helping both applicants and new players. We also have a Public Server Discord which is less about assistance and more just a general discord for the server.

    Changed Status to Under Review
  6. Awesomeboneboy

    Changed Status to Denied
  7. Awesomeboneboy

    Sorry but this application has been denied for the following reasons: - Your Metagaming and Powergaming definitions are incorrect. Our explanation for Metagaming can be found here while the explanation for Powergaming is here. Remember to explain your definitions in your own words though as this shows us you fully understand the two concepts. - An image does not work for your character's bio. We request at least a paragraph of backstory (including mentions of server lore and personal events that have shaped the character thus far). Lore can be found both upon the forums here or the Wiki. - For character description we wish to see a small bit of information as to how the character looks. This would be things such as height, weight, hair, any noticeable markings or scars, etc. - For interesting facts we'd like to see a personality trait, flaw, and/or special skill. At least one needs to be a flaw. - Your skin needs to be lore friendly, sadly this one isn't. Examples and even skins you can use can be found at our Skin Archive if you'd like to have a look. Feel free to return in 6 hours and post a new application but keep the points listed here in mind. If you do I'm sure you'll be accepted then. Any questions or concerns can be directed towards myself or any other Application Moderator, we're very happy to help out applicants and new players such as yourself. We also have a New Player Discord where you can easily contact staff and other players for assistance or just to chat.
  8. [Atlas] Character Theme Songs!

    I couldn't pick just one for my first character, Cheza, so have two. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6R770P9wl0 Youtube doesn't allow embedding of this one sadly so you'll have to click. Warning it is in French but lyrics come up on the screen as it goes. It reflects well how Cheza was raised and thinks, especially if you look at the lyrics as being literal. That good things hurt, you suffer in order to reach true delights or for anything that's worth it, but she enjoys her pain and sometimes harms herself on purpose. This is just how she views things for herself, however. She hates inflicting pain upon those close to her yet seems to do so regardless of intentions at times. Then also for Cheza I have this one. This one I look at more symbolically. Cheza seems drawn to dark things (the night) and people. They simply are more interesting to her. For her the light (day) is simply too boring and rigid. The only time she dislikes dark people or things is if they turn upon her and cause her suffering that isn't worth the good anymore. - - - - Nemain is my current alt and as a newer character she's a bit harder to pick for currently but I'd have to say this goes best. Despite it not having any lyrics it's bubbly and bouncy for most of the song. This fits a young child quite accurately with one somber moment to show that she can calm down, she can take things seriously if need be, and slowly she's noticing that the world isn't always so carefree yet still holds a positive attitude and springs right back up.
  9. Teal was always my favorite.

    Any Wiki team member can create one for you, just PM one of us that you'd like an account then what Username and Email you'd like it under.
  10. [ET Art & Writing Contest] Seasons of Atlas

    While this is a neat idea I'm confused as to what this theme has to do with the ET. Is it just the ET throwing it? Are we supposed to be making things the ET can use? Also the coloration of the Seasons list is bothering me, should do it to match the seasons! The Sun's Smile - Summer The Amber Cold - Autumn The Deep Cold - Winter Snow's Maiden - Winter Malin's Welcome - Spring The First Seed - Summer The Grand Harvest - Summer
  11. Teal was always my favorite.

    Do you have a Wiki account? If not any member of the team can set you up with one. Would be nice if we could see an example of work upon a page rather than just a forum writing since the formatting systems are quite different.
  12. remove staff from being involved in roleplay alliances

    Edit: Nvm I found out why the documentation. Has to do with the new Rescue Raid rules to ensure you aren't bringing strangers along on the raid. So I suppose now my only care would be can we get clarification of the alliance posts not being known in RP? That way secret alliances stay... somewhat secret.
  13. Do you agree that sandals and boots are the superior breeds of footware? Pumpkins or taters?
  14. Goodbye

    You're gonna find toxicity everywhere. See ya though, you'll probably come back at some point even if it's just to check the forums out. Everyone does.
  15. Rest in peace, Stephen Hawking.

    1. James


      Just saw it while playing rainbow 6, F to pay respects.