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  1. Aelsioln

    [Pending]TheDragonsRoost's Lore Moderator Application

    Feedback on Player Apply for FM and Wiki then you’ll have applied for a spot on every section of staff... That is not a good thing. Just pick one team whose work you feel passionate about and/or whose duties you want to help out with. Then take time to learn about what exactly they do and any information you’d need to know about for the position. You are indeed still new, anyone who has been here less than six months is considered new, so you have at least three months to focus on learning and getting more comfortable with the community. Feedback on Application You’re very vague on your experienced lore section and should put more detail. By elven race lore do you mean all four subraces? Do you know everything about the elves? Their creation, history, and cultures? Same with ‘some magical lore’, do you mean Void magic? Deity magic? Dark magic? Evocations? Clerics? Shades? Lore moderators are expected to be able to look at a situation, either as it is happening or afterwards, and make accurate decisions rather promptly. It isn’t a “I’ll learn as I go” position. The less lore you understand the less helpful you’ll be.
  2. hows ur birds

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    2. Aelsioln


      I didn’t ‘let’ anything happen, the man who sold them to me knew I didn’t want the pair to breed. I asked him if they had eggs before (he claimed they hadn’t) and how to discourage them from trying. My mistake was not double checking the information he gave me as it turned out to be the exact opposite of what I asked. 


      I’ve since found communities where I get actually correct information from, know what to do for each bird, how to ensure it doesn’t happen again, and even have someone willing to adopt if needed.


      It is a very stressful situation that I didn’t expect to happen nor want to happen but I’m trying my best here. So how about instead of acting as if I’m abusing my pets you actually say something helpful? 

    3. rukio


      Could have always put the eggs in the freezer to ensure they weren’t fertile then put them back in so she’d nest but not have babies hatch from it. Never take advice from one person, always consult multiple people unless you know and trust the person you’re talking to. If you knew it was a male and female you shouldn’t have had them together in the first place.


      Your biggest mistake was not doing research before getting your pets, putting your female’s life at risk by not researching, and then saying ‘well I’m trying my best’. You aren’t nor were you trying your best prior to prevent this.


      I don’t understand why people get pets they don’t research for months prior. Own up to your mistake, you did indeed let it happen. My two were sold to me as males, to be companions for each other. The moment Pirate began laying eggs any chance of them being in the same cage ended. Their sleep schedule changed and so did their diet and how they find their food during out of cage time.


      If you intend to keep any of the babies you should get them DNA tested as hens will kill each other. Probably shouldn’t though. And should discourage future breeding of your current two.


      Edit: and for the love of god don’t remove the father. If they cull a baby it’s because they know it was weak and should be culled. Animals are intelligent in choosing which offspring survive and the rest will need the dad for their food.

      Edited by Hyena
    4. Aelsioln


      There you go (wrongly) assuming things still and wow... That is horrifying that you’d rather just let a baby be killed instead of assisting them. 


      Getting this locked, don’t contact me anymore. 

  3. Aelsioln

    A Farewell From Zach

    Better still chat on Discord...
  4. Aelsioln

    Petition to replace Hou-Zi or Kha with Ratmen

    Why not take all three and make them part of one beast race? Just divided into different cultures based perhaps on genetics or on locations to explain their unique forms. That way Kha nor Hou Zi players would have to lose their spot yet we can get the neato rat people as well. Similar to how humans evolved different skin tones depending on where they lived and developed different cultures. Could be one beast race with many faces.
  5. Aelsioln

    7.0 Annoucement!

    Oh wow, that gallery is absolutely beautiful.
  6. Aelsioln

    Admin Promotions

  7. Aelsioln

    [Pending]Lockezi's Lore Moderator Application

    He's a spooky nerd but he could do a good job.
  8. Aelsioln

    [Pending]TheDragonsRoost's Lore Librarian Application

    That's... Really not the best way of looking at things. Each staff team has their own focus and different duties than the others, meaning your experience with one team rarely will assist you much with another team. Even with teams that are more connected you should join because you're interested in the work they do. That's typically what team leaders look for, members motivated properly because those players often work harder and stay on the team longer than someone just wanting a boost into another team. If it is GM that you're most interested in you actually don't need any staff experience to become one. As long as you feel you've got enough experience with the server and know the rules well enough I'd say just fill out a GM application.
  9. What is your minecraft username? Aelsioln What is your discord? Aelsioln#3452 How long have you played on LotC? November 2nd will mark five years. How many hours per day/week are you available? Midday varies but generally if awake I can be contacted. Always available to work in the evenings (EST). Have you worked on the Lord of the Craft Wiki, or any wiki before? Been on the LotC Wiki team twice, even as a manager for a bit. It is the only wiki I have worked on. Lore pages tended to be my favored pages to work on. Resigned when personal reasons proved to be too damaging to my productivity at the time. Do you have a solid grasp on the existing lore of our server? Do you believe you'd be able to summarize these pieces in a concise manner? I feel I have a solid grasp, yes. I can easily summarize pieces including ones that I am unfamiliar with if needed thanks to WT experience. Do you have any creative writing experience? Yes, though I rarely share my work with others. I used to write random short stories and fanfictions when I was younger. Nowadays this revolves more around characters I create for LotC or WoW but on very few occasions I have gotten lore-related ideas.
  10. Aelsioln

    [Accepted] A_Keefys Forum Moderator Application

    If he's home he's on the forums, I swear sometimes even when he's not home he's on the forums still. Very easy to contact if you need assistance and eager to help out. Model Forum Moderator really. Doesn't make sense why he was removed.
  11. Aelsioln

    On 1.13, the Wiki, and More

    If you discover a page that is out of date, or has wrong information, please report it to any member of the team. We're available through the forums, Discord, and even on the server itself. There are a lot of pages on the wiki so sadly things do get missed. Simply saying that there is out of date lore doesn't help us find these pages to fix, but if we are told about issues we can see to getting them corrected. ^-^
  12. Aelsioln

    Beautiful Creatures [Commissions]

    Hi, I'm one. I had ordered four, colored, headshots during your sale in September for $20. Last I heard from you was in February when you sent me uncolored preview images of two out of the four. I just want a refund.
  13. Aelsioln

    Kinslayer AMA

    How is being a GM? How many Good Boy points did it take to get accepted? What's your profile picture of?