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  2. A small ledger bound in Brown leather with pure white paper and golden ink would be found all over the Decedents capital Cities -= Ledger =- - Link to our portfolio and prices "A kind letter regarding our work please feel free to send Vanya Hileia or Jakob Castington a bird, we reside in Providence for now." Kind regards - Vanya Hileia and Jakob Castington - Space_Gene#1217 or Oh_Ontario#4000 ((OOC)) We are still in the process in creating a proper portfolio, please bear with us <3 Portfolio Youtube nature Build
  3. Vanya Hileia will raise her hand up as if to ask a question, yet says nothing before putting her hand down to her sides.
  4. Shroom would nom nom on some gum, and would pat her Brother Swiss on the shoulder "Gud Gud" she'd continue to chew on some gum before creating a gum bubble from her mouth.
  5. The passing of mesh was swift and silent and no-one to assist, her eyes lay closed as she lay upon the bed, her arms folded over as she lay there lifeless, Breath escaped her hours before her husband Ulf discovered her in her bed, she’d be dressed in a blue and red floral dress along with her book by her side on the table. Hours before her passing she managed to receive a letter from her daughter Shae’la Varaad, that she will arrive in sutica within a few days from six year training period with the Alkalorian elders, Mesh’s reply was swift and a little Shaken her handwriting slight
  6. Marianne'a Would be visiting the new Duchess of Eastcliff, thinking to herself how much of a fool Andrew was at leading before he was cast out of Sutica's territory as he was cut down by guards. "His incompetence as a ruler is unprecedented" she'd burst into laughter as she speaks to her newly found friend..
  7. *Marianne'a Visconti would sit at her balcony and let out a faint giggle as she hears the news*
  8. Marianne'a VIsconti, watches over Osanora from her Balcony, upon hearing the news via a letter from a close friend, she'd scoff at the now banished group with a hint of amusement at her thought "Idiots!, lower than the shark Feces scraped off a boats Hull" She'd let out a loud laugh scrapping the letter burning it over a little lamp near her writing desk.
  9. Marianne'a Viscontii Iv 'minister of coin' would nod her head in agreement and raise her hands "Hazaaa!"
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