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  1. 11th of Godfrey’s Triumph, 1791. Their Imperial Majesties have recognized the paramount necessity to host a second gathering in the palace of the Novellen, to review and discuss the developments pertaining to the Inferi, which still loom in the continent of Arcas. In recognition of the scale of the conflict, Their Imperial Majesties have permitted an open invitation, calling on the ISA, military strategists, the Firewatch Alliance, and His Holiness, further encouraging anyone from across the realm of Arcas to have their voice heard. Signed, Anne I, by the grace of GOD Holy Orenian Empress, forever August, Queen of Renatus, Curon, Salvus and Seventis, Defender of the Faith, Duchess of Adria, Novellen and Lorraine, Baroness of Renzfeld, Protector of the Heartlanders, Highlanders and Farfolk, etcetera. Joseph II, by the grace of GOD Holy Orenian Emperor, forever August, King of Renatus, Curon, Salvus, and Seventis, Defender of the Faith, Duke of Adria, Novellen and Lorraine, Baron of Renzfeld, Protector of the Heartlanders, Highlanders, and Farfolk, etcetera. ((Sunday 10/25, 6 EST))
  2. Even a woman in red caught sight of this particular parchment, noticing it as it hung from the noticeboard. It was a quick read to be sure, but she’d soon furrow her brow, the stranger’s plea leaving her with a mix of feelings-- discomfort and uncertainty following her for the rest of the evening.
  3. THE EDICT OF POMPOURELIA 16th of Godfrey’s Triumph, 1787 An edict clarifying the composition of the Cabinet and associated bodies. THE COUNCIL OF STATE The Council of State is the formal legal name for what is typically referred to as the Cabinet. This institution, in existence since the Council of State Establishment Edict (1732), is the foremost body of advisors to His Imperial Majesty The Holy Orenian Emperor. They are the conciliary body concerned with the active executive government of the Empire, and are themselves a special committee of the wider Privy Council, which at time of publishing is a vestigial and honorary body. The Cabinet can be informally divided into two parts. Firstly, there is the head of government, the Archchancellor, who presides over it, and his deputy the Vice Chancellor. Secondly, there are the Great Offices of State, composed of the six most senior cabinet ministers in charge of various departments and government bodies. These two parts make up the government. The purpose of this document is to clarify the Council of State Establishment Edict (1732). THE GOVERNMENT The government of the Holy Orenian Empire is, as the name suggests, responsible for the active governance and administration of the realm. The government is composed of all ministers of the Crown, so practically this means the Archchancellor, who is the head of government, as well as the holders of the Great Offices of State. The government, along with each specific office that comprises it, is formally appointed and dismissed by His Imperial Majesty, serving at his pleasure, and derives its authority as the realm’s executive through him. However, in a practical sense, several conventions of advice and confidence govern this appointment, and the government is responsible to the Imperial Diet. Archchancellor Archchancellor of the Holy Orenian Empire The Archchancellor is the head of the government of the Empire and is ex officio the President of the Council of State. He is the prime minister of the country and is responsible for presiding over a government, which is also known as a ministry. The ministry bears the Archchancellor’s name (i.e the Basrid Ministry) or, if he has one, the name of his peerage (i.e the Selm Ministry). Ultimately, all agencies of the country are accountable to him, and he is expected to serve as His Imperial Majesty’s right hand in the governance of the realm. Like the Great Offices of State, the Archchancellor holds the rank of minister of the Crown. Vice Chancellor Vice Chancellor of the Holy Orenian Empire The Vice Chancellor is the deputy head of the government of the Empire and can be described as a deputy prime minister. This somewhat amorphous role is expected to serve as an understudy to the Archchancellor, aiding him in the discharge of any of his official duties. In this way, the office has a rather broad scope of powers and authority. In the event of the absence or incapacitation of the Archchancellor, it is typically expected that the Vice Chancellor will be able to take up his roles. The Vice Chancellor is also a minister of the Crown. The Great Offices of State The Great Offices of State are the six most senior ministers of the Crown in charge of the six most important political ministries within the Holy Orenian Empire. Together with the Archchancellor and the Vice Chancellor, they make up the government, or ‘ministry’. Foreign Secretary His Imperial Majesty’s Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs The Foreign Secretary is the minister responsible for the Foreign Office. As such, he is in charge of the country’s external diplomatic efforts with foreign bodies, as well as the maintenance of the Empire’s network of ambassadors and emissaries. He is expected to receive foreign dignitaries as well as travel extensively to represent the Empire’s interests abroad, crafting the government’s foreign policy in conjunction with the sovereign’s wishes. Home Secretary His Imperial Majesty’s Secretary of State for Home Affairs The Home Secretary is the minister responsible for the Home Office. He manages the Empire’s public lands, as well as those Crown lands under the Empire’s direct authority, facilitating the development of infrastructure projects and housing. He is expected to administer construction and contract labour on behalf of the government, also taking charge of negotiation with delegated bodies such as municipal authorities. He also serves as the honorary chancellor of the Imperial Everardine College on an ex officio basis. Treasury Secretary His Imperial Majesty’s Secretary of State for the Treasury The Treasury Secretary is the minister responsible for the Treasury Office. He is the chief financial officer of the Empire, and is in charge of the management of its fiscal and trade system. Government revenues and expenditure, exports and imports, tax, rent and excise policy as well as the allocation of resources are all administered by his department. He is expected to maintain accurate records of the country’s transactions, optimising efficiency and minimizing wastage. War Secretary His Imperial Majesty’s Secretary of State for War The War Secretary is the minister responsible for the War Office, the department that comprises the Imperial State Army and the Imperial State Navy. He is responsible for the defense of the Empire, along with the crafting of military policy and strategy at the highest level of government. He is also responsible for ensuring that the Empire’s armed forces are appropriately resourced. He is expected to maintain close relationships and communication with the General Staff who execute command over the Empire’s armed forces. Civil Affairs Secretary His Imperial Majesty’s Secretary of State for Civil Affairs The Civil Affairs Secretary is the minister responsible for the Ministry of Civil Affairs. He is in charge of the Empire’s elections, archives and documentation. As such, his office is responsible for the maintenance of all certifications within the country, along with the drafting and issue of documents including, but not limited to, Imperial letters for peers. He also retains a purview surrounding education, culture and matters of historical record. Solicitor-General His Imperial Majesty’s Solicitor-General The Solicitor-General is the minister responsible for the Ministry of Justice. He is the government’s chief lawyer and prosecutor and is expected to represent it in cases, while also safeguarding the proper and fair application of law across the country’s judicial system. In this capacity, he conducts criminal investigations and is in charge of the Empire’s policing, as well as the proper recording of precedents and rulings. He also has a role in ensuring that all legislation is compliant with the various instruments of government that constitute the realm. DEPUTY SECRETARIES It may be required from time-to-time, so as to manage the various departments that serve the government, that various assistants to the Cabinet ministers of the Crown be appointed to specific offices. These assistants and aides shall be known as deputy secretaries of state for a particular field, or deputy secretaries in short. They are not considered ministers of the Crown, and do not sit on the Cabinet, and are created and maintained on an ad hoc basis within their department. Deputy secretaries are answerable to their respective minister of the Crown, and in many cases may be either from the apolitical Imperial Civil Service or be political appointees - however, they are not formally part of the ‘government of the day’ and as such are not responsible to the Imperial Diet. Signed, Anne I, by the grace of GOD Holy Orenian Empress, forever August, Queen of Renatus, Curon, Salvus and Seventis, Defender of the Faith, Princess of Malinor, Duchess of Adria, Novellen and Lorraine, Baroness of Renzfeld, Protector of the Heartlanders, Highlanders and Farfolk, etcetera. Joseph II, by the grace of GOD Holy Orenian Emperor, forever August, King of Renatus, Curon, Salvus, and Seventis, Defender of the Faith, Prince of Malinor, Duke of Adria, Novellen and Lorraine, Baron of Renzfeld, Protector of the Heartlanders, Highlanders, and Farfolk, etcetera.
  4. The Treaty of Helena 11th of Harren’s Folley, 1786 On this day, the Holy Orenian Empire granted the Kingdom of Haense its independence. Over the past century, ethnic and social tensions within our realm have escalated. Despite the tension, the royal and imperial governments have at all times worked to maintain good relations between our nations. While we now stand as independent entities, we recognize the importance that Canonist nations stand together, and that we maintain the centuries of fraternity between our two countries. ARTICLE I - Non-aggression The Holy Orenian Empire and the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska (henceforth ‘the signatories’), shall enter into a pact of strict non-aggression. ARTICLE II - Extradition The signatories shall extradite both charged persons and convicted criminals to each other upon request. ARTICLE III - Defensive The signatories guarantee the independence and sovereignty of one another. The signatories agree to support and defend one another to the full extent of their military, economic and political capacity, in the case wherein any nation or paramilitary polity attacks, intends to attack, or declares war upon a signatory. ARTICLE IV - Embassies The signatories agree to host embassies in their respective capitals. Any resident of these embassies shall be considered an official ambassador and representative of their state. ARTICLE V - Violations In the case wherein either signatory is found by the other to be in violation of this pact, all articles shall remain in effect, while the signatories search for diplomatic resolutions according to the articles of this document. ARTICLE VI - Renewal This treaty shall expire after fifty years, in 1836. It may be renewed by mutual consent of both signatories. ARTICLE VII - Peerage All current peers of the Kingdom of Haense upon the signing of this document shall have the choice to be guaranteed that peerage, and revoked of their Imperial Peerage. Signed, Anne I, by the grace of GOD Holy Orenian Empress, forever August, Queen of Renatus, Curon, Salvus and Seventis, Defender of the Faith, Princess of Malinor, Duchess of Adria, Novellen and Lorraine, Baroness of Renzfeld, Protector of the Heartlanders, Highlanders and Farfolk, etcetera. Joseph II, by the grace of GOD Holy Orenian Emperor, forever August, King of Renatus, Curon, Salvus, and Seventis, Defender of the Faith, Prince of Malinor, Duke of Adria, Novellen and Lorraine, Baron of Renzfeld, Protector of the Heartlanders, Highlanders, and Farfolk, etcetera His Royal Majesty, King Josef of Hanseti and Ruska, Grand Hetman of the Army, Prince of Dules, Ulgaard, Lahy, Sorbesborg and Slesvik, Duke of Carnatia and Vidaus, Margrave of Rothswald, Count of Graiswald, Karikhov, Baranya, Kvasz, Kavat, Karovia, Kovachgrad, Torun, Turov, Alban, Markev, Reza and Kaunas, Baron of Rytsburg, Venzia, Esenstadt, Krepost and Kralta, Lord of the Westfolk, Protector of the Highlanders, etcetera.
  5. Edict of Separation 11th of Harren’s Folley, 1786 Throughout our country’s four hundred years of history, we find ourselves still making decisions unlike any of our ancestors before us. Every sovereign guides us down a new pattern across the Tapestry of Man, threads left behind us like the worn paths of a traveler. It is most curious to me to find myself here. This country - our holy empire - was united after decades of disjointed rule, a mad emperor, and the cruelties of civil war. The men and women who had witnessed those years had come to know the same truth that every soul of Humanity discovers with an absence of an empire: chaos, isolation, and loneliness. The return of Oren, such ideals rekindled by Joseph of Marna, rebirthed the feelings of Oneness, of unity, and trust in ourselves bound us together. One Empire, One people, and One vision, would have us march proudly, chin raised high, as we walked in the path of God. Yet that one vision became so blurred that I may never know where the first signs of division started. Differences in style became differences in culture, which turned into disagreements of government and legislation. The threads that once were woven in unison now grew to be tugged and snarled, as we entangled ourselves in grudges, stubbornness, and animosity. It should be said that I am the granddaughter of a Haeseni princess, Karenina Barbanov, and it was an interest of mine throughout my life to indulge and experience Haense’s centuries of culture, language and achievements. Historical recountings of Peter I standing with his people before John III to swear his loyalty and restore Haense as a kingdom, Pontiff Everard IV’s strength to stand as Humanity’s protector as regent, Marius II’s relentless efforts to stand with an emperor for the sake of his country and the brotherhood of man, and Terrence May’s decades dedicated to shaping our shared nation as a founding father. It is these great men, and their accomplishments that impacted and defined my perception of Haeseni triumph. Given the reluctance to fully engage in the Empire's systems, the Aulic government has made it evident to me and my administration there is a wish for Haeseni autonomy. Thus there are few mutual benefits to our current arrangement, given the refusal from the monarchy and Aulic government to contribute to that shared country, whether that be militarily, economically or legislatively. Penning this missive saddens me greatly. If we could only invest together as we intended, in good faith, in our shared institutions and infrastructure, we could have achieved unprecedented heights for our people. In contrast to the aforementioned Haeseni of yore, who sought to work towards mutually beneficial aims for the good of the brotherhood of all humanity, I have been made aware that the formal stance of the royal government is that the Haeseni people are forced, against their will, to participate in free and fair representation in the Imperial Diet. Such ill sentiment is so unhealthy for our country, and so wrong-headed, particularly given the historical disenfranchisement of the Haeseni people by the Pertinaxi regime of my predecessors, and it cannot continue. We are a country of laws and of civic participation. The deadlock brought forth by the Haenseni government, in their efforts to preserve an identity that was never intended to be harmed, has hampered innovation not just in Haense, but throughout our entire empire. The idea that a group of aristocrats would vote to reject the supremacy of the Imperial Diet - in which they themselves are fairly represented - to legislate on any issue concerning them, is untenable to me, and for me to turn a blind eye to this would be incompatible with my role as defender of the Orenian constitution. For the sake of the greater good, I have no other choice. In treating our realm as if it were not a commonwealth of man, but instead an alliance or union of individual states, it defies the very notion of a national purpose. The laws that the representatives of the people write, and the government that executes them, must be designed to shape the benefit, and future, of the whole. When private good triumphs against the common good, there is no national spirit in these few. There exists a certain divergence between the national interest of the Empire and the royal interests of Haense, that has grown to the point that makes it impossible to ignore. This clash of direction and ideals has manifested the very thing the Empire exists to oppose- a weakened and ineffectual Humanity. So long as this rejection of our systems remains, our government cannot properly function for the remainder of our subjects. In order to properly govern our brotherhood of Man, Their Imperial Majesties henceforth dissolve any oaths of fealty and homage owed to the Imperial Crown by the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, release them from the Holy Orenian Empire, its legal structures, institutions, obligations and boons, and shall consider them an independent country. It is a mutual misfortune that the Aulic government was so opposed to integrating fully with our shared institutions of unity and representation, and the people of Haense will henceforth lose the opportunity to benefit from the cumulative potential of all our peoples in only the way an Empire can provide. Our administration is still welcoming of the opportunity to work with the Aulic government in good graces, but this is simply the only solution that will benefit both entities. ISSUED AND PROCLAIMED, Anne I, by the grace of GOD Holy Orenian Empress, forever August, Queen of Renatus, Curon, Salvus and Seventis, Defender of the Faith, Princess of Malinor, Duchess of Adria, Novellen and Lorraine, Baroness of Renzfeld, Protector of the Heartlanders, Highlanders and Farfolk, etcetera. Joseph II, by the grace of GOD Holy Orenian Emperor, forever August, King of Renatus, Curon, Salvus, and Seventis, Defender of the Faith, Prince of Malinor, Duke of Adria, Novellen and Lorraine, Baron of Renzfeld, Protector of the Heartlanders, Highlanders, and Farfolk, etcetera
  6. The Coronation of Anne I & Joseph II 12th of Godfrey’s Triumph, 1785 The Holy Orenian Empire has endured momentous change over the past century. Our country has grown from the broken remnants of the troubles, forward into a thriving cultural center. Under the guidance of our most Holy GOD, the Empire and her people have surpassed the boundaries set by our forefathers, bringing forth a never before witnessed era of unparalleled prosperity and progress. It is in the sentiment of such progress that the heir of His Imperial Majesty the late Peter III, Her Imperial Majesty the Empress Anne I, is granted her born right to rule beside her husband The Duke of Helena. May Oren Rejoice! For Their Imperial Majesties stand by the will of GOD! LONG MAY THEY REIGN CORONATION TIMETABLE Weapons and foul play will not be tolerated. I. THE DENOMINATION CEREMONY Wherein Their Imperial Majesties will be anointed and besprinkled with the holy oils, taking their Imperial names whereunder they will serve God and Man in delivering the Empire to greatness. II. THE EXHIBITION OF THE CROWN AND SCEPTER Wherein the Horen crowning devices will be transferred to Their Imperial Majesties, and the Imperial Crown will be settled on the head of each, whereunder they will serve God and Man in delivering the Empire to greatness. III. THE MAJESTIES ADDRESS Wherein Their Imperial Majesties shall both deliver an address to the denizens of the Holy Empire, encompassing the hope and prosperity of their GOD given reign. IN NOMINE DEI, HER IMPERIAL MAJESTY Anne I, by the grace of GOD Holy Orenian Empress, forever August, Queen of Renatus, Curon, Salvus and Seventis, Defender of the Faith, Princess of Malinor, Duchess of Adria, Novellen and Lorraine, Baroness of Renzfeld, Protector of the Heartlanders, Highlanders and Farfolk, etcetera. ((Sunday, 3 PM EST))
  7. The Imperial Funeral 6th of Sigismund’s End. 1784 Surrounded by his family, Peter III passed quietly in his bed on the 14th of the Sun’s Smile, 1784 at the age of 75. We mourn for our Emperor, the like of whom may never grace this world again. By his firm and loving hand, he led our nation through the Troubles, and it was his vision and tenacity that allowed us to emerge not only unscathed, but better than we had been before. While His Imperial Majesty’s death brings sorrow to his Empire, great men such as he can never truly pass from this world, for they live on through their accomplishments. We honor his death, but celebrate his life. As such, it is only fitting that the funeral shall serve not only as a final goodbye, but also a commemoration, a grand affair befitting the life of the longest ruling Emperor that Oren has ever known. First, Empress Anne, Arch-Chancellor Jonah Elendil-Stahl, and General de Nurem shall honor the late Emperor with speeches in the Basilica, and soon after the people of the Empire are invited to come together to join the Imperial State Army in a parade. From the Basilica of Helena to the streets of Owynsburg, the coffin of the Emperor, borne by his faithful, shall make a last tour of his realm. It is then, at the Pontiff’s Holy Palatinate, His Holiness James II shall deliver his final service for our Emperor. At the Mausoleum in Owynsburg, His Imperial Majesty will be laid to a permanent rest, in the land of Kaedrin where he spent his youth. The family and friends of the Emperor will be given the opportunity to say a few final words, before the crypt is closed. May we honor and celebrate the life of His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Peter III. God save the Emperor. ((6:30 EST, Friday))
  8. Dissolution of the 18th Imperial Diet 14th of Harren’s Folley, 1784 Her Imperial Majesty does see fit to dissolve the eighteenth Imperial Diet, running from 1780 through to 1784 subsequent to the elections of 1780. With this dissolution, Her Imperial Majesty commands the members of the eighteenth Imperial Diet to return home to their constituents until such time as the assembly is summoned to sit again. The nineteenth Imperial Diet shall be summoned by Her Imperial Majesty at a time later in the new year of 1785. Until such time as national elections for that assembly’s lower house are called, Her Imperial Majesty does see fit to declare a time of national mourning for His Imperial Majesty, with all political and legislative activity to be temporarily suspended. Signed and Issued, Anne I, by the grace of GOD Holy Orenian Empress, forever August, Queen of Renatus, Curon, Salvus and Seventis, Defender of the Faith, Princess of Malinor, Duchess of Adria, Novellen and Lorraine, Baroness of Renzfeld, Protector of the Heartlanders, Highlanders and Farfolk, etcetera.
  9. Long live the Empress.

  10. THE EMPIRE’S INQUISITION Formed in late 1779 after the passing of the Inferi Act, the Inquisition’s purpose is to properly combat the Inferi threat, therefore allowing for an efficient structure for the many pieces of the Empire to work together seamlessly and maintain solid footing and ensure a common goal. The Inquisitor-General, who holds that office on an ad hoc basis, stands as the head of the Empire’s Inquisition with executive authority granted by the Imperial Diet, and directs all policies pertaining to the Empire’s place in the Inferi Crusade with the prerogative of the Crown. As of current, the Inquisitor-General is the Princess Imperial, Anne Augusta. The Inquisition provides a platform for the close collaboration of government and the armies of the Empire. With such a collaboration, we provide the strongest defense for our Empire and the realm of Arcas against the Inferi threat, as well as ensuring that information on the Inferi makes it across every corner of the Empire, and to each and every one of her citizens. I. With the cooperation of the Empire’s armies, territory defense will be granted to those affected by the hostile forces. This may extend beyond Imperial vassals, with an emphasis on a collective resistance. II. Stipend of 300 minas for every ballista built to defend the empire, which may also be used to aid outside nations. III. Assigned scouts will be delegated and responsible for the recording of new intelligence. The information collected is to be sent back to the Inquisition, for dissemination as necessary. TO THE CITIZENRY: Above all else, avoid the Inferi, and avoid attacking them outright. The demons are confirmed to have the ability to use our resources to adapt, to learn from their attackers, and to go as far as to harvest the corpses and souls of the dead, growing in power. Demons are intelligent and are capable of exploiting Descendants in order to make deals. They may promise knowledge, or some boon of worth, but it always comes with a price too great to pay. Do not consort with Inferi. Korvassa as a continent has become the foothold of The Inferi in our world, and as such, citizens should avoid travelling here unless explicitly told otherwise by the proper authorities. Malflame is a demonic fire the Inferi weaponize against the descendants, which has the ability to affect the victim in supernatural ways beyond just that of a burn. To avoid such harm, be sure to equip yourself with a face-covering if you are ever in an altercation against a demon. INVOLVE YOURSELF: Consider joining your local branch of the army to have a more hands-on influence in defending the empire, such as the ISA and HRA Be aware and spread the word: Inform friends and family of all public knowledge related to this crisis to avoid finding yourself in dangerous situations. Be willing to listen to the orders of military officials in times of crisis. Contribute supplies to your local military base, and assist in projects that pertain to the defense of your cities. Ultimately, it remains critical all intelligence is being conveyed directly to the Inquisition, until the Inferi scourge is defeated, and it is every man’s responsibility to ensure their discoveries are reported.
  11. ”God bless General DeNurem,” Anne Augusta said to herself, grinning at the poster as it caught her attention.
  12. The War Summit of 1779 In the past year, our Holy Empire has achieved a tenuous armistice with the Kingdom of Sutica, as His Holiness, our Vicar, has called on the Empire to refocus our armies on the encroaching demonic forces. Recently, the Empire experienced its first large battle against these demons in Korvassa, resulting in Orenian casualties and, by consequence, strengthening our infernal enemies. The crown recognizes that it must regroup, and prepare our long term strategy as part of the multinational resistance to the evil spreading throughout the land. For the purpose of coordinating a political, economic, and military response to the invasion, the Crown summons a War Summit, composed of the following individuals and entities, to prepare our response to the threat, and discuss how the Empire will approach the oncoming invasion. The Imperial Cabinet The Aulic Council The Royal Cabinet of the Kaedreni Commonwealth The High Command of the Imperial State Army The High Command of the Haense Royal Army The Officer Corp of the Imperial State Navy Her Royal Majesty, Queen-Mother Viktoria Barbanov His Excellency, the Lord Palatine of Haense, Konstantin Wick The Imperial Diet ((Thursday, 6PM EST in the Novellen Palace)) Signed, Her Imperial Highness, Princess Anne Augusta
  13. A letter is soon sent back to the desolate hell-hole in which such a missive spawned from-- and for good measure, throughout the Empire. ”It is with great confusion, it appears, that such claims of illegitimacy are made at all. Perhaps it is the Inferi hell-fire that rattles the minds of these make-believe bastards of my son, Persus. May this letter serve as a means to end this “absence of a living legitimate issue.” For just as Persus is my son, so is his elder brother, His Imperial Majesty, Peter III. To claim foul-play is preposterous; only had a wild magician swapped infants in the womb, would such be possible. For your own sakes, I pray you are only but pretenders, for such accusations are unfathomably embarrassing.” Signed, Empress-Dowager Karenina of Alban, widow to His Imperial Majesty Antonius I
  14. A SUMMER DEBUTANTE THE COMING-OF-AGE FOR HIH, PRINCESS JULIETTE OF HELENA TO THE DENIZENS OF OREN, The Imperial Crown does wish to formally extend an invitation to all citizens of the empire, asking that you do join us in the celebration of Her Imperial Highness, Princess Juliette Caroline’s name day. Upon their sixteenth birthday, it is custom for the Princesses of the Novellen to be debuted in the grandiose fashion of a debutante ball. The ball shall be centred around the theme of SUMMER, as is keeping to the seasonal trends and wishes of HIH. We do ask that all attendees endeavour to dress appropriately to the theme. As part of the celebrations, there shall also be an opportunity to enter one’s ensemble into a formal competition for BEST DRESSED. We ask that if you wish to do so, you pen a letter of registration. ((please reply to this post)) The winning lady of the dress competition shall garner the title of the ‘Lady of Summer’. There shall be music and refreshments provided to all attendees. SIGNED HIH The Princess Imperial, Anne Augusta HIH Princess Elizabeth of Helena FRIDAY 26TH 6PM EST
  15. Anne Augusta cries when she realizes she wasn’t invited : (
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