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  1. I refuse to work with him. +1
  2. "Filthy creatures, the lot of them. Terrible company and awful attitudes. Not a pious or honorable bone in any of them anymore like Krug wished them to be. No honor in them at all. Shame on these vile beasts. Demanding that all come... When they win something they start, perhaps the realm will listen." A man retorts from in front of his homestead before tending back to his crops. ((Love you all <3 sadly my character is stubborn and needs a good smacking. Best wishes with the event!))
  3. Damn son is that from Duck Dynasty?

  4. Love this guy and all his work he did on the ET. Put him back on or else! +1
  5. A wonderful read as usual Leo, also when can I play one of these: https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/JOW1vdzKFIhdFOqx9hxoaCxBav4O377yfb5B55NuEkPGQ7XgSAeYSRKXu_oTEjTceswugkm2BavpgWtpbfZbu4D9RB3w7JBpZA51CkoMHyFsmgec0gfYBSShlwszHzlvGnTycMhG
  6. APPLICATION: [OOC] Username: _Sug Skype name: PM me Holmes Timezone: EST [IC] Name: Seff Beaumont Race: Seventian Why do you desire to join?: To Serve and Protect my land. Do you agree to PK if RP is done appropriately and well?: Of Course!
  7. I was talking about both but aye.
  8. The Undead was my best experience.
  9. @Thomas Because he and I rp mexicans together from time to time. Ily brotha
  10. Not sure if I already +1'd it but I'm too lazy to go through and look but Vege is a great bloke and I believe he'd serve well on the team. +1
  11. Astral Projection Patron Magic Please