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  1. miss you baby xoxo c:

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      i miss her more

  2. Ayy, it's my birthday.

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      happy birthday!!!

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      Happy birthday holmes!

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      hbd even doe its late luv

  3. CRrRrrRREEeeEPPp.

  4. .. Stauntons everywhere.

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      Disgusting family. Need to call in pest control

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      We're supposed to keep the extermination a secret for now....................

  5. .. Just casually creepin' on the forums. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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  6. I feel your loss. ;-;

  7. .. Is it only me that still has to go to school? ;-;

  8. Aaaand I'm sick again. ;-;

  9. When all of your friends are going to a party, but you decide to stay home and roleplay with Marina and the Diamonds playing in the background. <3

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      party > minecraft

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      heff, you're in the 3rd grade. only parties you go to are birthday's

    3. Dry Crackers

      Dry Crackers

      o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o. . . gonna say something?

  10. Can we all praise Nummy since she made this gorgeous bust of Lorin? I adoreee it!

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      *Jealousy itensifies*

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      You want a bust of Lorin too, Pheonix?

    3. PetrusRomanus
  11. Lorin Fournier née Barbanov/Carrion Basic Information Age: Twenty-six Gender: Female Race: Human Status: Alive Description Height: 1.78 meters Weight: 51.7 kg. Body Type: Lorin’s body frame may fool people due to its shape at first sight. Her frame is rather fragile, and weak. Due to her entire childhood spent in bed, she lost a good amount of weight during that time, which makes her seem slender and boney underneath her dress. Her hips seem very narrow and wide, as her waist would become slimmer towards the end. Though those are features that Lorin includes herself, when she makes an order at the local tailor shop. Her dress has hoops nearby her hips, to make them look narrow shaped. She usually wears an additional corset underneath her dress to slimmer her waist at the end. While she desires to have the perfect body shape like any other noblewoman would have, Lorin tries to re-shape her body by her dress. Eyes: Dark blue. Hair: Coal black . Skin: A fair/milky tone. Markings/Tattoos: None. Health: Lorin’s currently in a fragile, and frail state due her illness in the past. Personality: Lorin desired for the most in her life. She may come over rather arrogant for several people she has an encounter with, as she attempts to hide the egotism she can show towards people. While Lorin may act like that towards people beneath her standings, she does show her respect towards friend and family as she would’ve been blinded by the fact that she’s absolutely endless without her family at some points in her life. Whilst being a former princess, Lorin’s attitude grew larger by the simple title she has in front of her name, which eventually disappeared, since she can only be called a Lady now. Due her absence in her childhood, Lorin became neglected by most of her family. Many of the Carrions forgot that she was existent, as her twin brother, Karl, must’ve been seen as the only child of Aleksandr Carrion. Whilst trying to not disappoint her family, Lorin is usually seen in her room where she can waste all of her hours into her grand library. Lorin desired for many things in her life, as she can’t get enough of the things she already has. She may come over as a spoiled brat, when it’s the reality of Lorin’s life. Inventory: As Lorin travels around Oren, she’s most likely carrying a small dagger underneath her dress, as it would be barely noticeable. Life Style Alignment: Neutral Good Deity: The Creator Religion: Canonist Alliance/Nation/Home: Beauvais Job/Class: Baroness, Noblewoman, High class. Title(s): Lady Barbanov (Former title), Baroness of Beauvais, Baroness of the Ruhr Profession(s): None Special Skill(s): A decent enchanter and alchemist. She may draw in her free time as she wouldn’t be considered good at it. Flaw(s): Lorin has a rather short temper, as she can become furious at the little things in life. Biography Parents: Aleksandr Carrion (Father), Arabella Rovin (Mother) Siblings: Karl Barbanov (Twin brother) Children: Mari Fournier Extended Family: Charles Fournier (Spouse), Lorina Carrion (Aunt), Singuine The High Pontiff (Uncle), Otto Rovin (Uncle), Evelina Rovin (Cousin), Klara de Bar (Cousin), Anabelle Fournier (Sister-in-law), Napoleon Fournier (Brother-in-law), Catherine Fournier (Sister-in-law) Alexandria Barbanov née Horen (Sister-in-law), Natalia Barbanov (Niece). Pet(s): Noni the cat. History: The bedchamber of Lady Rovin was filled with her handmaidens, whilst she was huffing on her own bed. Her water broke, and the her pregnancy came to an end. When they saw a head appear, they soon knew that it was a boy. The mother was filled with joy when she saw her youngling at the end of the bed, when it came to her great surprise that there was another child appearing shortly after the birth of her young boy. Lady Rovin had twins. Karl, and Lorin Carrion. Lorin got named after her great-grandmother, Lorin Chivay. Aleksandr was in joy when he discovered the grand news by one of his servants, as he noticed the three, including the mother, being gone before Aleksandr could’ve seen his very own children. Lorin’s mother brought both of the children to Aesterwald. Due some health reasons, Lorin’s mother died soon after when they arrived in Aesterwald. Uncle Otto found the younglings before anyone else, and claimed them to be his bastards for a long time. When Karl was rather healthy during his childhood, Lorin became incredibly ill by the time. She was barely capable to move, as she spend a large time in her bed. Many years has passed, when the Schism war occurred. Otto, and his ‘so to be called’ bastards fled to Karovia when the war happened. Karl discovered the true origin of his sister and himself, as the news came to a great shock for both of them.
  12. That moment when you keep getting kidnapped over and over. ;n;

    1. argonian


      ill sell you some armour

  13. -pats her face too-

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