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  1. Y'know what? I'm gonna say it. It's time to shelve humans.

    Edited by Butterpotato02
    1. Potatatoes


      they're too op. If you don't like the character line you have you can just nuke them without consequence of losing a magic which you spent half of a f***ing year tiering up in.

    2. EpicHalflingMan


      I stand by this.

  2. The Ballot: ((MC Name: Josie_Exotic )) Name: Onelia Peregrin Vote for Elder: Burt Hassenfort (x) Onelia Peregrin (x) Kerraline Goodbarrel (x) Cyris Collingwood () ((Dunno if I'm supposed to vote because I'm a candidate but HERE.))
  3. lol why are y'all changing halfling lore without playing halflings?  I'm not out here changing high elf lore please stay in your lane 

    1. NotEvilAtAll


      finna change human lore and make 'em all 2 feet tall now if this is how the server works now

  4. ^A picture of Spoons staying organized with their Toast-It notes. Spoons is the crouton because croutons are nommy. Pros: -Can eat in handfulls -Excellent snack for the financial struggle -Cronchy -The only part of a salad worth eating Cons: -Will kidnap your family for no reason
  5. ^You bread my mind Mason! Here's a portrait I made of you. Mason is cornbread and you cannot tell me otherwise. Pros: -Corny -Easy to make -Tastes pretty good Cons: -Corny -Can be hard to swallow ^I'm on a roll with these bread puns, Dev. Here's your yearbook photo! Dev embodies the croissant because croissants are magical and so is Dev! Pros: -May contain chocolate! -Light and fluffy! -Will make you seem ~fancy~ Cons: -A lil flaky but it's okay -Expensive
  6. ^A real photo of Latte that I took yeast-erday. Latte embodies turtle bread because turtles are cute and bread is cute! Pros: -Loved by all -Smol -Thoughtful af Cons: -Hard to eat because I don't want to kill lil turtles -Beady eyes that will stare into the depths of your soul ^A picture of Shoalstone getting popped by a boar. Butter luck next time! Shoalstone embodies the belgian waffle which I have now classified as a bread! Pros: -Sweet and fluffy! -Easily customizable and ~very~ interesting -PRETTY -Better th
  7. ^A real picture of Sunny thinking my bread puns have grown stale. Sunny embodies cheesy breadsticks because I vibe with cheesy breadsticks! Pros: -Business on the outside, party on the inside -Kinda cheesy -Very satifsying Cons: -Sold at Pizza Hut -Incapable of loving the lactose intolerant
  8. ^Here is a picture of RogueChaotic rising to the occasion. RogueChaotic got biscotti because I said so! Pros: -May contain chocolate! -~Fancy~ -Offered in a wide variety of different styles/flavors! Cons: -Hard to bite into sometimes -Could potentially kill somebody with a nut allergy
  9. ^A photo of Frill at their latest child crustody hearing post-divorce. Frill embodies the communion wafer! Pros: -A symbol of religion, sometimes -Jesus skin -Skinny legend Cons: -Caution: May ruin fun for the girls and gays!
  10. ^A picture of AccioRed; a legend in the baking. AccioRed embodies anpan because of their cute aesthetic and gooey, red insides! Pros: -Sweet on the inside! -Adorable! -You can pretend the red bean paste is the blood of your enemies! -Unique! Cons: -Probably hard to make
  11. ^A pic of Calzium thinking my bread puns are crumby. Calzium represents fruitcake because they show up around the holidays for no reason! Pros: -Probably can be sweet -Is a silly goose -Fruity! Cons: -The grocery store versions can be dry
  12. ^Larry staying up past his breadtime. The Shortoak embodies shortbread due to his creativity and neat aesthetic! Pros: -Tasty -Has the aesthetic of hot cocoa and warm blankets on a cold winter night -Beloved by grandmas everywhere Cons: -Short -Hard to find
  13. ^A portrait of CrownedLime being berry comfy. CrownedLime embodies French toast because I said so! Pros: -Simple recipe! French toast gets straight to the point! -Very fashionable! French toast can have many different toppings; it's wardrobe is extensive -Can be very sweet Cons: -May be soggy if prepared incorrectly
  14. ^Ah butter post ah picture o' Fakenotic str8 vibing. Fakenotic embodies lefse because of his chaotic energy and sugary exterior! (!Warning: Another childhood favorite!) Pros: -You can either throw a bunch of sugar stuff on it or you could eat it with lutefisk! Two VASTLY different tastes. The chaos is real. -Literally adorable and sweet if you want it to be -Available to eat in bulk Cons: -Can be hard to find, depending on where you live -Weirdly flat
  15. ^A photo of CREU7k procrastinating their finals! CREU7k embodies arepas because of their ability to enhance your breakfast! Pros: -Versatile; arepas can be incorporated into a variety of meal choices! -No nuts! Yes, I stalked your forum page to make this. Feel attacked. -Always there to comfort you when you're feeling down! Cons: - For some reason, the best arepa can only be made by a 90 year old grandmother.
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