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  1. Eyyy papi choose me ;)
  2. He's kinda an okay person, I guess. +1
  3. hotdog on roof


    1. Papa Liam

      Papa Liam



      Hotdog no bun

  4. +1 An awful person, probably an okay choice. ;) Idfk I'm not a gm or et or anything do you really think I'm a knowledgeable source of information to you? I mean, he typed his app and **** so he's probably a good candidate or smthng.
  5. Apparently I have to make a nice comment. +1
  6. You dun diddly accepted. Welcome to the Peregrin family.
  7. One of the better filthy bigguns +1
  8. He doesn't know how to spell Butter correctly :/ +1
  9. "We're teaming noobs! We're teaming noobs!"- 11 yr old Cooliomafia

  10. "A lot of my teachers tell me that I should grow up to be a bus driver."- Pando

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Taketheshot


      "Mr Pando, why is the bus so slow?" "SHUT UP TIMMY ILL FUCKIN PVP YOU!"

    3. Bubby


      Come on, get with the times, it's defender default now. Timmy gets to choose!

    4. Butterpotato02